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  1. ***Sigh***Morris, Horn, and Lockett
  2. Recommendations on a Small 4-Cylinder Car
  3. Opinions...
  4. NFT....Just curious..
  5. Who else is nervous for our defense but thinks Saunders will unload on offense.
  6. How can the so called experts stiil say we will finish dead last in the division?
  7. NFT: I have started training for my first marathon at 41. Any advice?
  8. More deception??
  9. NFBT: I'm thinking of running to the fridge....
  10. nft: Heres a question for you fathers of daughters
  11. Star update on Edwards
  12. NFL in HDTV...SWEET
  13. NFT: Have the Royals found a way out of KC?
  14. Green ranked 15th, Gannon 7th ?
  15. Sould the Chiefs look into Kevin Johnson?
  16. Update on replacement refs in NYJ vs. Philly...
  17. Vote for Chiefs MVP
  18. Vote for Chiefs' Rookie of the Year
  19. We need to boo Gannon.........
  20. FFL League #1 - Are Good WR's Enough to Keep Me in the Game?
  21. JD email
  22. KC Star Chiefs/Rams preview
  23. I'm a little worried, OK scared......
  24. How'd the replacements refs do last night?
  25. Dead Horse
  26. NFT: Current tunes
  27. DV speech at kickoff luncheon. This gave me goosebumps!!!
  28. My name for the new Offense: 2TEPPO
  29. From Baltimore Sun. In progress report from Ravens - Giants game
  30. ESPN's Superbowl darkhorses
  31. 4.5 hours until:
  32. No!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. PreSeason Observations
  34. Say hello to our #2 Qb...
  35. run the bum out of town on a rail!!!!
  36. Preseason first half numbers
  37. Most Important Stat
  38. Attention admin.
  39. Rams smaketh down! OH YEA!
  40. A couple of random observations
  41. I hate to say it, but Texas looks to be #1.
  42. Sports Illustrated Power Ranking. Chiefs 25th
  43. NFL Films Joe Delaney Special Finally Available
  44. Get use to it, Chief lose again...
  45. Please bring Back Ryan Helming!!!!
  46. What's the 53-man Roster going to be?
  47. Maa Tanuvasa Cut By Denver
  48. according to the Star
  49. Wonder if something's going on?
  50. This Really chaps my A$$. Lamar take a hint........
  51. Here we go -- today's cuts
  52. Chiefs Roster Breakdown
  53. Bubby Brister just released.....
  54. bummed about Horne
  55. I have a bad feeling we may get burned
  56. So! This means the RB depth chart is...
  57. I have a question (I'm pissed off, BTW)...
  58. WR Kevin Johnson
  59. Chiefs Trade For Germaine
  60. Ethelyn: Congrats! Mike made the team!
  61. Kevin Johnson is staying in Cleveland?
  62. What's the deal with Oregon State?
  63. Confirmation On Germaine Trade
  64. Which Chief LEAST Deserves To Have His Jersey Retired?
  65. Players KC should look into picking up
  66. It's official, Brister released!!!
  67. With Williams on PUP, and Martin cut, our new starting DT's are...
  68. Grbac is gone! Could we please not have to discuss him ever again?
  69. What will the key match ups be in the Raiders game?
  70. NFL Sunday Ticket.......
  71. Poll what to do with our remaining cap money
  72. Browns ink WR Tony Simmons....Is Kevin Johnson...
  73. New qb protection rule a mistake?
  74. Did anyone else notice....
  75. Important Question for all Football gamers
  76. Attn: 37Forever Foundation Members....
  77. Is this a good vehicle?...
  78. The simulated gambling thread.
  79. KC Star Bulletin Board
  80. New Online Record Established At 11:59 AM CST
  81. Bob Dole just LOVES the "Experts"
  82. Legalize weed NOW dammit!!
  83. Long thread of things that should be legalized
  84. Broncos #4 on Planet Power Ranking...
  85. What's Your pick on the Chiefs-Raiders game?
  86. 810 WHB Chiefs coverage today (9/4)
  87. The Star Link poll
  88. Why not Tanuvasa?
  89. Chiefs averaged 443 yds total offense vs Raiders in '00
  90. This game is BIG...
  91. T-Rich was on 810 about an hour ago
  92. Since Poole is out of the picture (at least for now)...
  93. Joe Germaine number 1
  94. Will Vermeil Change the Backfield a Day Before the Season Begins and...
  95. NFT: Suppan is 9 outs away from a no hitter...
  96. A Chiefs fan in hiding!
  97. Would we trade a first rounder for Justin Smith?
  98. Its party time!
  99. Snoop Changes number along with other Chiefs.
  100. Latest Vegas Line - Faiders by 3
  101. Week 1
  102. Chiefs Planet NFL Picks...
  103. Hey guys want a good laugh
  104. mad martz
  105. Heard on the radio today that we closed practice
  106. Pants...Hicks Got Released (Skip Hicks edit)
  107. Trent Green is an Iowanian!
  108. Where were the Chiefs?
  109. I Envy You Guys In KC....
  110. Just found this site. Go Chiefs
  111. Which do you most look forward to?
  112. Chiefs may bring Barndt, Tanuvasa in for FA visits
  113. Players Blown Away By Schemes At Practice
  114. KC Star: Ransom puts off business world by winning starting job
  115. Uuuhhhhh......
  116. An Open Invitation from a Donk
  117. WR Trivia.....
  118. Calling all Locals!
  119. America's team the Dallas Starheads are...
  120. Bad news for tech industry.
  121. You'd think with the #12 pick you could at least find a starter
  122. Anoyone ever do the standing room only thing?...
  123. Chiefs Game Favs?????
  124. Ref's turn down offer, scabs begin season
  125. Let's hope mother nature decides to cooperate this weekend...
  126. FF question...
  127. Jon Gruden: Jon Gruden Diary
  128. If headed to KC this weekend, beware...
  129. In my defense
  130. Carl Peterson show to debut tonight...
  131. Are You Pumpeddddd Uppppp????????
  132. Help !!! I need advice.
  133. Faiders Bring In McCullough
  134. Denver- NY Giants Monday nite
  135. Wouldn't ya know it.
  136. JOhn
  137. I know this is the wrong time of year to post this..........
  138. Tom Barndt update!
  139. NFT: anybody out there work in technology?
  140. Raiders Desperate...
  141. Heads up for members of TSN ChiefsPlanet Division
  142. Cutting Dt Martin Still Doesn't Make Sense
  143. Denver has got to be cheating:
  144. Bush just announced his economic plan.
  145. the weather doesn't look cooperative
  146. I'm back! What did I miss?
  147. I love the chiefies~!
  148. Who is the biggest
  149. what is the best barbeque place?
  150. what do you predict the score to be?
  151. Tonight @10 37 forever foundation on channel 4 in KC
  152. newbie
  153. Snoop loose in KC
  154. KC Star: Rice makes Raiders debut vs. Kansas City
  155. Chiefs-Raiders Game Preview
  156. are the raiders any good?
  157. Who will score the Chiefs' first TD this year?
  158. Favorite Chiefs Moment In History?
  159. FAIDERS @ KC......Time To Pick Your Score!!!
  160. Ok....time to come clean
  161. I will pay 50 dollars for a Chiefs
  162. More stories from the road
  163. Nascar tonight
  164. Who Is the Biggest Chiefs Fan?
  165. What a night!
  166. I just....can't....anymore!
  167. KC's DTs
  168. Yaaaaaaahooooooooo
  169. Admit it
  170. Anyone watch Elvis at all?
  171. Pay The Refs
  172. What's worse than three runs and out?
  173. Quit yer b!tching
  174. 27-24 Raiders: your thought on the Chiefs
  175. Who was the goat?
  176. Well, Denise and Johnny...
  177. Listen up you clowns...
  178. Special Teams Killed the Chiefs today.
  179. Todd Peterson
  180. Look Out Below- Chargers Beating the Hell out of Washington
  181. Opening day win sure feels good.. :)
  182. Any of you who are complaining after one game, Get off the band wagon and don't retur
  183. My take on the game...
  184. Wide right?
  185. Did Garner catch the ball?
  186. You wanted Greg Robinson, and this is what you get
  187. Chiefs shouldn't play another game this season
  188. The worst part of the game for me was.....
  189. Did the refs' performance change anyone's mind today?
  190. Your thoughts on the Vikings play......
  191. Clayton Article On The Refs
  192. Will The Real "chiefs Fans Stand Up??"
  193. SportingNews:ChiefsPlanet FFL results from week 1
  194. Running Game ??
  195. Green do's and dont's
  196. Knockout......!!!!!!!!
  197. Officiating 101 question.
  198. You've got to ask yourself a few questions about these new chiefs.
  199. I hate John Gruden!
  200. How Did Y'all like President Bush doing the Coin Toss?
  201. What a game
  202. To lighten the mood
  203. That last field goal by Janikowski...........
  204. Excuses, Excuses, Get over it, you lost!!!!
  205. Some positives to take from the game..
  206. Keep the replacement refs...
  207. Poll...Best/Worst Player, Biggest Surprise
  208. Trent Green's Post Game Press Conference
  209. NFBT - Don't kill convicted murders
  210. 37 Forever Foundation Speech: Saturday Night September 8, 2001
  211. Some thoughts...
  212. Anyone watching the Denver game?
  213. What is it with Easy Ed?
  214. Ffl.
  215. McCaffery broke his leg!
  216. You think he faked the end of his career, chief fans blow...
  217. Completely Devestated... :(
  218. World Trade Center Bombed!
  219. Its 9-11 any coincidence
  220. Bombing....continue talking.....
  221. Terrorism thread #3
  222. Prayer for Victims
  223. Symbolism: From Dates To Planes
  224. I live in NYC. Can't comprehend what's happening
  225. Please donate blood if you can!!
  226. How Does This Make You Feel?
  227. who thinks we won't do a dang thing?
  228. Riots/Hate Crimes?
  229. Terrorism thread #4
  230. Any Effect on Gas Prices in your area?
  231. American Terrorist Headed up Operation?
  232. Sunday's NFL Games
  233. Party in Palestine
  234. Kabul Afghanistan Under Attack
  235. Why is Bin Laden Still Alive?
  236. My brother was in the Pentagon building...
  237. Has anyone heard from........
  238. What did you think of W's address?
  239. New Policy for Americans
  240. recession and what to do to stop it
  241. chiefs game?
  242. 86% of those surveyed view attack as "Act of War"
  243. The crashed plane near Pittsburgh...
  244. Where were you ... what were you doing?
  245. Choosing sides...
  246. Things that will be different the next time you board a plane
  247. alt.prophecies.nostradamus ... creepy
  248. Terrorism is the Gnutella of Warfare
  249. how many people knew?
  250. Sheeh, whoda thunk that the one person with less class than Joey Butta****o....