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  1. Movies and TV American Idol 2010: "Lookin Like A Fool Wit Ya Pants On Da Ground!"
  2. Movies and TV Let The Right One In
  3. Computers Yahoo! Or Google?
  4. Computers Computer Problem. Please Help
  5. Misc Amazon is trying to tell me something
  6. Electronics If you are looking for a 55-inch HDTV, your search has ended
  7. Electronics Panasonic Plasma ? Good buy or not
  8. Movies and TV Coco does porno
  9. Pictures Mr. Doggity's Kid Brother
  10. Music Sac's Top Ten Albums of 2009
  11. Video Games Mass Effect PC - $5
  12. Video Games Gamefly
  13. Video Games Gamefly
  14. Video Games Gamefly
  15. Video Games Gamefly
  16. Poop Gamefly
  17. Music NSFW probably... Johnny Cash and Dancing Bikini Cheerleaders
  18. Video Games Gamefly
  19. Computers Illustrator Alternatives
  20. Music I need some good chill music
  21. Music Any good music recommendations?
  22. Movies and TV Young Frankenstien
  23. Movies and TV Professional TV calibration
  24. Movies and TV Possibly the best thing ever posted on the Planet
  25. Electronics Recording telephone conversations
  26. Music Hey GoChiefs, Wanna Make $100?
  27. Movies and TV Marc Webb to direct 'Spider-Man' reboot
  28. Computers Calling all computer gurus
  29. Movies and TV Hulu friends list?
  30. Movies and TV I gotta feeling
  31. Video Games What are you loving on the Wii?
  32. Movies and TV Kick Some Past Red Band Trailer (NSFW)
  33. Computers I give up
  34. Movies and TV Archer is on FX right now...
  35. Computers Ninite - Download/Install Multiple Programs Quickly
  36. Computers How do you use torrents?
  37. Computers Dream Weaver help
  38. Movies and TV Caprica
  39. Computers Help please
  40. Misc Anyone else having problem with Woot.com today?
  41. Music Rausch's rant of the week...
  42. Movies and TV Chiefsplanet recommend a movie for me
  43. Music Sac's Best of 2009 Playlist
  44. Computers Anyone ever had a malicious program ryvysysguard.exe try to run on your computer?
  45. Video Games PS3 hacked
  46. Movies and TV 'Zombieland' duo to pen Deadpool
  47. Computers Exchange 2007? Any Experts?
  48. Movies and TV SAG awards on two channels?
  49. Music Pants on the Ground
  50. Computers SLAG's 2010 Linux Converts Thread
  51. Movies and TV Legion?
  52. Computers Snyone know how to get rid of Internet Security 2010
  53. Movies and TV Prince of Persia Movie Trailer
  54. Electronics Any Headphone Audiophiles here?
  55. Electronics Help With DVD-R/Players ARGH!!!
  56. Music Is Nino Rota's Romeo and Juliet Love Theme . . .
  57. Computers Any autodesk Maya experts here ?
  58. Video Games MAG - PS3 Thread
  59. Electronics New Apple Tablet
  60. Books Calling Kindle Users
  61. Music Cochella Music Festival 2010
  62. Electronics BUY MY STUFF!!
  63. Books The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  64. Movies and TV Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps trailer
  65. Movies and TV is it okay...
  66. Music Philippine Prison Inmates: Dancing to "They Don't Care About Us."
  67. Video Games Is anyone...
  68. Video Games X-COM complete pack $2 on Steam this weekend
  69. Movies and TV Avatar/pocahontas mashups
  70. Electronics iPod Touch speakers
  71. Electronics Any tinkerer/nerds out there?
  72. Misc This is a super cool commercial. Gear-head related. (Ferrari)
  73. Movies and TV Creating/watching ripped movies on XBOX 360?
  74. Computers Internext explorer 8
  75. Computers XP Network; Win 7 Laptop
  76. Movies and TV Excalibur to be re-made?
  77. Movies and TV Can anybody make Blu Ray DVDs?
  78. Movies and TV Skins
  79. Music Animals As Leaders
  80. Computers Torrenting PS3 or XBox Games
  81. Video Games You're on a desert island for life. What 3 games do you bring?
  82. Music Name Fake Album Titles to bands
  83. Movies and TV What movies deserve better remakes?
  84. Music Rebirth- Lil Wayne
  85. Electronics My latest creation: Mobile Local Social
  86. Movies and TV France honors actors Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor
  87. Video Games The Future of Sony Playstation
  88. Movies and TV 2010 Oscars
  89. Music Music video's
  90. Movies and TV A singing 'American Psycho' planned for the stage
  91. Computers Computer Hardware guys
  92. Computers gaming controller...
  93. Video Games Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  94. Music Wakarusa Full Lineup Announced
  95. Video Games Battlefield: BC2
  96. Video Games Fallout: New Vegas
  97. Electronics Yamaha Subwoofers
  98. Misc Capture Cards?
  99. Music Kid Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of Day
  100. Computers Most ghettoriffic computer repair I have ever made
  101. Electronics 52" Sony Bravia 1080P LCD - $1000
  102. Movies and TV which tv?
  103. Video Games Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
  104. Electronics BlackBerry Storm2
  105. Music Paper Tongues, "Ride To California"
  106. Computers Ampache
  107. ChiefsPlanet question?????
  108. Music Steppenwolf Appreciation Thread
  109. Video Games Best. Video. Game. Controller. EVER?
  110. Video Games You can win $1 Million if you throw a perfect game in MLB 2K10
  111. Electronics Sprint HTC Hero
  112. Computers My new ASUS Computer....
  113. Movies and TV Anyone watch Undercover Boss?
  114. Movies and TV This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
  115. Computers My budget gaming PC build
  116. Movies and TV Ivan Drago sings Elvis Presley
  117. Electronics What drives me nuts...
  118. Video Games Video to Stills(video caps) software
  119. Music Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe 2
  120. Electronics Good deal for 300Mbps N router on Newegg
  121. Video Games Steam wants your money (Total war package)
  122. Electronics help with getting back onlline
  123. Movies and TV Deadlist Catch Captain dies
  124. Video Games Madden Noob Questions
  125. Music Coheed & Cambria - The Broken
  126. Computers Cisco VPN Client
  127. Movies and TV Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
  128. Music NY Philharmonic
  129. Movies and TV Edge of Darkness?
  130. Computers My Computer Build
  131. Video Games Best PC RTS and FPS?
  132. Computers FaceBook error
  133. Movies and TV The Lightning Thief
  134. Misc Stomp
  135. Movies and TV Spanx - is there a law?
  136. Video Games Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun & Expansion goes freeware
  137. Computers Upgrading DVD drive in a laptop to Blu-Ray
  138. Movies and TV Olathe AMC 30 Theater
  139. Computers WTF is this error
  140. Electronics video editing help
  141. Movies and TV Funny or Die Presents (HBO Preview)
  142. Movies and TV Dish Network
  143. Electronics Windows 7 Phone
  144. Movies and TV Puttin' on the RITZ!
  145. Music Some HOT Rap Songs for your Enjoyment
  146. Computers Dual Display Question
  147. Music Warpaint
  148. Music Ring Tones
  149. Movies and TV The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
  150. Computers Ok, who has the best down and dirty deals on computer monitors?
  151. Music Days Of The New Appreciation Thread
  152. Video Games Bass Pro Shop: The Strike
  153. Computers Wordcamp Participants?
  154. Movies and TV George Lucas Directing Drastic "Red Tails" Reshoots??
  155. Music Anyone ever heard of Booker T & The MG's?
  156. Computers Wiring help needed (Ethernet crappola)
  157. Computers Civ 5 announced.
  158. Books Should I keep or return my newly acquired Barnes & Noble nook?
  159. Movies and TV OMFG...."Black Dynamite"
  160. Computers Very nice laptop on Woot today!
  161. Music Teddy Bear Picnic is Freaking Me Out
  162. Electronics IPOD Touch Doesn't have a radio tuner? WTF??!!
  163. Video Games XBOX 360 technical/setup question
  164. Video Games Whats the best golf game for Xbox 360?
  165. Computers FLV Codec
  166. Movies and TV Who watches Axmen?
  167. Computers Making files private ? Encrypting ?
  168. Movies and TV Hot Tub Time Machine
  169. Computers Windows7: OEM vs. Full Retail
  170. Video Games xbox 360
  171. Movies and TV Ghost Hunters?
  172. Electronics Best GPS system for around $100
  173. Video Games Heavy Rain
  174. Computers Ethernet controller install problems
  175. Movies and TV Alma (Short Film)
  176. Computers How to set up old laptop as a wireless access point to stream Netflix?
  177. Movies and TV Famke Janssen Wood
  178. Misc Tom Petty Summer Tour
  179. Computers Video playback/encoding issues after video card upgrade...
  180. Electronics iPod touch question
  181. Computers Looking for a new desktop....
  182. Computers New to Windows 7.... (64-bit)
  183. Computers Omegle.com
  184. Movies and TV Movies that donít get respect??
  185. Music Folk/Singer/Songwriter thread....
  186. Music DT's Portnoy recording with Avenged Sevenfold
  187. Music Need a guitar player in the Springville area.
  188. Music Dennis DeYoung
  189. Movies and TV LOST Fans: Q&A Tonight! Ask Your Questions NOW!!!!!
  190. Movies and TV Top Ten Quentin Tarantino Movie Characters
  191. Computers Wireless Router Help
  192. Computers How often do you run windows update?
  193. Misc Telescopes
  194. Misc Topeka aims to become Google Internet test site
  195. Electronics Anyone have or use a PDA or EDA device
  196. Computers Mac Mini: Anyone have experience with one?
  197. Video Games Alright, who found it?
  198. Music Pavement Reunion Tour, KC date - 9/11
  199. Movies and TV What does the top of your netflix queue look like?
  200. Video Games Xbox 360 250 GB HDD $129
  201. Video Games Final Fantasy XIII
  202. Computers SERIOUS Virus - Help!!!!!!!!
  203. Movies and TV Movies you onced loved but not so much anymore
  204. Music OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" video: Better than "Treadmills"?
  205. Video Games Star Trek Online
  206. Movies and TV Whats your favorite Bond movie?
  207. Music God Of War: Blood and Metal
  208. Movies and TV Why "The Goonies" is bullshit
  209. Video Games Broken 360
  210. Movies and TV Gilligan's Island: The Movie
  211. Movies and TV Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?!
  212. Computers Security Alert - Vulnerability in Internet Explorer
  213. Movies and TV Parenthood
  214. Computers Anyone good with Adobe After Effects?
  215. Electronics Flex your shit / list all the awesome electronics you own
  216. Video Games Halo Reach Beta trailer shows jet packs, assassinations
  217. Computers Steam coming to Mac?
  218. Movies and TV Metro PCS Commericials??
  219. Computers Cheap used but GOOD computers and servers
  220. Electronics Let me hear your home printer suggestions
  221. Computers Anyone here carry a 17" laptop?
  222. Video Games Halo Reach
  223. Music Focus - Hocus Pocus
  224. Movies and TV Gimme some B-Roll!!
  225. Electronics Microsoft's Courier
  226. Video Games Portal 2 - Confirmed: Holiday 2010
  227. Movies and TV Police Academy......Reboot!
  228. Video Games Play backup games on XBOX 360 without mod chip?
  229. Movies and TV Dr. Horrible
  230. Music MOTHER@#$%ing Slayer
  231. Electronics iPod Touch vs Zune HD
  232. Computers First experience with a lap top comp., need some tips.
  233. Electronics Chiefsplanet runners - best set-up for iPod headphones?
  234. Movies and TV Andy Griffith's Date on TVland
  235. Movies and TV Sandra Bullock Shows Up to Claim 'Worst Actress' Razzie Award
  236. Movies and TV What do you think of the new Ricola ad?
  237. Movies and TV Planet Hulk the animated movie
  238. Pictures Personal use - Video editing software
  239. Video Games MLB10: The Show
  240. Movies and TV Dr Who fans?
  241. Computers Flame. A Cool Painting Program.
  242. Video Games Star Wars: Republic at War (Empire at War Mod)
  243. Misc Everybody SING!!!
  244. Video Games ****official GOD OF WAR III thread****
  245. Music Crystal Bowersox on American Idol
  246. Electronics New Phone: Palm Pre or HTC Hero
  247. Music An off shoot of the Kia Superbowl commercial
  248. Movies and TV Second Trailer of Iron Man 2
  249. Electronics Wireless Access Points
  250. Electronics Worldwide PS3 Shortage