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  1. Music Kiss Him Goodbye
  2. Music Ryan Adams does a metal show
  3. Movies and TV No Beavis and Butthead thread?
  4. Video Games Batman: Arkham City (PS3) for $45
  5. Electronics WiFi Booster for me TV
  6. Poop Hard Drive prices are skyrocketing
  7. Movies and TV Will Apple iTV finally break the cable TV business model?
  8. Computers HP TOUCHPAD for $150 Round 2 (sort of)
  9. Movies and TV The Hobbit
  10. Electronics Satellite clocks
  11. Electronics Hard Drive Shortage Coming Soon
  12. Movies and TV Closest thing to Deadwood?
  13. Movies and TV AMC's latest: Hell on Wheels
  14. Video Games PLANETEERS! Win $10,000 by sitting still at your computer (Uncharted 3 contest)
  15. Movies and TV The next 007 movie
  16. Electronics ****Official 2011 Black Friday Wish List Thread****
  17. Electronics Off Topic. Another cell phone thread.
  18. Electronics External TV Tuner card
  19. Movies and TV Revenge on ABC
  20. ChiefsPlanet I think this is a Craigslist scam, what do you think?
  21. Music Help me find download of this song
  22. Electronics Help me get out of the stone age
  23. Movies and TV Hot Girls With Lightsabers
  24. Computers Laptops ideas for a 10 year old
  25. Music What Can You Do With 288,000 Jelly Beans?
  26. Music Steven Wilson in concert
  27. Computers Possible PC Build
  28. Misc Looking for Microsoft IT guys...
  29. Electronics Headphones
  30. Movies and TV J Edgar
  31. Video Games World Gaming Executives network's 20 greatest games of all time
  32. Computers Kingston 128GB SSD $128 AR FS
  33. Video Games World War 3 Poll- MW3 vs BF3
  34. Computers Want to learn to code? Codecademy
  35. Poop Dinner in Pleasantville
  36. Music Banger Film's Metal Evolution on VH1
  37. Video Games Xbox 360: Buying NCAA Football 12 and MLB 2K11
  38. Computers Friend burned dvd but I can't watch
  39. Computers HELP ME!!!!! HEEEEELLLLLLP MEEEEEE!!! (Computer retard alert)
  40. Movies and TV Legendary's 'Godzilla' Remake to Be Written By Max Borenstein
  41. Computers Best $400 laptop?
  42. Movies and TV Gold Rush: Season 2
  43. Computers New computer build
  44. Electronics Need help with my 360
  45. Movies and TV Vizio TV
  46. Computers i5-2500k
  47. Computers Keylogger
  48. Electronics LG Thrill wont connect to PC
  49. Video Games Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  50. Video Games Initial impressions of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (some spoilers)
  51. Computers PC Help
  52. Electronics Anyone Getting A Kindle Fire?
  53. Music Please vote for ZepSinger in the Queen Extravaganza
  54. Computers TED talk: 6th grade iPhone App Developer
  55. Music iTunes / Amazon Music question
  56. Pictures Simple Photo Morphing?
  57. Video Games Head Coach 06
  58. Computers Can someone help me with my Task Manager?
  59. Electronics ipod touch--what size should I get
  60. Computers Is this any good?
  61. Electronics flat screen question...
  62. Electronics Black Friday ads
  63. Movies and TV Road to Perdition
  64. Movies and TV Luck
  65. Electronics Which Plasma TV?
  66. Video Games 1st Person Tetris
  67. Electronics Iphone question here.
  68. Electronics Shelf Stereo with HD Radio?
  69. Video Games Fall Out: New Vegas (PS3) - $8
  70. Video Games Steam Autumn Sale
  71. Music Here: Try this on for size
  72. Electronics Chiefs or even Chiefsplanet Android boot animation
  73. Video Games Battlefield 3 $29.99 BestBuy.com right now (PS3 and XBOX only)
  74. Movies and TV LCD tv - odd picture appearance
  75. Movies and TV "Walking in an Orgy Wonderland" WTF?
  76. Computers Drive Question
  77. Electronics does anyone hear play ps3 games on a 3d tv?
  78. Movies and TV The Starz original series "Boss"
  79. Electronics Anyone need a projector?
  80. Computers Wireless Router Questions?
  81. Computers Torrent Program?
  82. Movies and TV Ken Watanabe Offered The Colonel in Akira
  83. Trailer for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel leaked
  84. Misc Cyber Monday deals...
  85. Computers M$ office 2010 starter free offline download legit
  86. Electronics Apple kicks ass
  87. Other Games Board Game Fans?
  88. Electronics Tapatalk and CP issues?
  89. Movies and TV Batman retiring.
  90. Computers Portable hard drive advice
  91. Computers AMD backing out of the CPU market?
  92. Music Under-appreciated songs from big artists
  93. Electronics Amazon free app of the day
  94. Movies and TV Alice Eve Grabs Lead in 'Star Trek 2'
  95. Movies and TV Daniel-Day Lewis as Abe Lincoln
  96. Electronics BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps
  97. Music Mac Lethal Kills "Cooking Pancakes"
  98. Computers Edimax Wireless LAN card not exist.
  99. Books My first successful NaNoWriMo
  100. Movies and TV Probably useless bit of memorialization
  101. Electronics Anyone have bad experiences with EA Android apps?
  102. Movies and TV DAVE'S OLD PORN
  103. Music World's Angriest Guitar Player
  104. Electronics Has anyone bought a Directv Nomad yet? How is it?
  105. Movies and TV Operators are Standing By!
  106. Computers Is Flash Player Causing IE to crash?
  107. Music The " Rocksmith " thread!
  108. Movies and TV Kevin Pollack as Christopher Walken
  109. Video Games Terraria
  110. Movies and TV Hell on Wheels
  111. Pictures 50 Unexplainable Black and White Photos
  112. Movies and TV Mythbusters fires cannonball through residential neighborhood
  113. Movies and TV The Three Stooges trailer 2012
  114. Misc Move over FML,OMG,Epic Fail here's "Damn You Auto Correct.com"
  115. Electronics Onlive for tablets has arrived
  116. Electronics Galaxy Nexus
  117. Movies and TV Starship Troopers Remake Is in the Works
  118. Music burning CD library using iTunes
  119. Computers Couple of questions
  120. Electronics HELP INTERNET BROKE
  121. Movies and TV Google Fiber and leaving TWC
  122. Movies and TV ESPN 30 for 30 "The Marinovich Project"
  123. Movies and TV Call me Fitz
  124. Movies and TV Fans of Good TV and Good Literature
  125. Video Games Next Command in Conquer developed by Bioware.
  126. Computers You have downloaded..
  127. Movies and TV HBO's Original Series Luck
  128. Video Games The Last of Us (PS3 Exclusive)
  129. Movies and TV Would you sue over this....
  130. Movies and TV G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  131. Computers VIM Syntax Highlighting
  132. Movies and TV George Takei:Shatner and Fisher Should Focus on a Common Enemy
  133. Music Bandcamp goes Metal
  134. Electronics Sub woofer question
  135. Movies and TV Louis CK : Live at the Beacon Theater
  136. Video Games Google employees Lan Party House
  137. Computers i have the worst luck with computers...
  138. Computers Music Tags
  139. Movies and TV Rock of Ages trailer
  140. Video Games Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  141. Music Your favorite bands that never made it big
  142. Computers I think my laptop battery just quit
  143. Music Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  144. Music Reaper's Favorite Albums of 2011
  145. Video Games Where's a good place to get video game gift certificates?
  146. Computers HDMI Cables- Why so cheap now?
  147. Video Games 2011 STEAM HOLIDAY SALE
  148. Movies and TV More James Bond news
  149. Computers anybody in kc area who fixes pc's?
  150. Movies and TV Harrison Ford is Colonel Graff in ENDER'S GAME
  151. Movies and TV Recorded programs on DVR to computer
  152. Computers Help - Unbrick a Acer A500
  153. Electronics Anyone ever install windows 7 on an imac?
  154. Movies and TV Yo Gabba Gabba
  155. Music Rudolph, You Don't Have to Put On The Red Light
  156. Electronics Sirius XM
  157. Video Games XBOX360 Recommendations for Kids 6 & 10?
  158. Video Games Halo 4
  159. Video Games Do Not Buy Avenger-N Controllers
  160. Movies and TV OK - my turn to play the 'tard [no offense, please]
  161. Movies and TV Snow White and the Huntsman
  162. Computers Why Windows 8 Tablets Will Surprise Everyone
  163. Electronics Verizon to start charging “convenience fees”?
  164. Music The Outhouse (Lawrence)
  165. Music Just discovered that Alice released a Nightmare 2
  166. Movies and TV UFC 141
  167. Computers Found Great Mini Keyboard/Mouse for my HTPC!
  168. Music Escala or Bond?
  169. Video Games Need a PS3 repaired.
  170. Electronics Roku Box?
  171. Movies and TV Brad Pitt & World War Z
  172. Music Useful Graph for Bar Bands
  173. Misc "Our Favorite Things That Go Boom!"
  174. Electronics lets play a game!!!
  175. Music Van Halen - Sprint Center - May 22nd
  176. Music Sprint Center Dumps Ticketmaster...
  177. Movies and TV Academy Awards commercial 2012
  178. Movies and TV Might be a stretch, but did anyone watch 20/20 last night?
  179. Computers Another stupid computer question...
  180. Movies and TV Leverage Commercial (w/ special guest star)
  181. Video Games ***UPDATED PSN THREAD***
  182. Movies and TV House of Lies (Showtime)
  183. Movies and TV The Firm
  184. Music Any Dubstep listeners?
  185. Electronics gochiefs or buck
  186. Computers Dreamweaver help
  187. Music Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi diagnosed with cancer
  188. Electronics Phone advice needed...
  189. Electronics Another Phone Advice Thread (Sprint)
  190. Misc Spotify
  191. Music New Van Halen Single "Tattoo"
  192. Electronics Blu-ray player recommendations?
  193. Movies and TV Goon movie trailer
  194. Video Games Battlefield 3 Online Pass. PS3!
  195. Video Games A little trick, PS3 users.
  196. Music Bucketheadland
  197. Electronics Interesting article about the potential demise of Best Buy
  198. Movies and TV Netflix caves on Warner Bros. 56-day rental delay
  199. Other Games Anyone Know Minecraft? How To Get Mods?
  200. Computers Where do you shop for your computers?
  201. Movies and TV Paradise Lost 3: Complete Story of the West Memphis 3
  202. Electronics Samsung Smart Window
  203. Music Ethical Question...
  204. Misc Haylp! Tracking someone's address down.
  205. Movies and TV Spielberg talks about upcoming projects he's involved in
  206. Movies and TV Alcatraz
  207. Movies and TV Anthony Bourdain: The Layover
  208. Movies and TV Showtimes House Of Lies
  209. Music Drunk Sing-a-long Jams.
  210. Music FWIW, My band has some tunes to check out
  211. Video Games Xbox 720 vs PlayStation 4: Whats in Store?
  212. Video Games NBA Jams - On Fire Edition
  213. Books Hypothetically speaking,
  214. Music Top 10 Maiden Albums
  215. Computers Computer Desk/Furniture
  216. Movies and TV Franklin Delano Roosevelt: American Badass
  217. Movies and TV 'Survivor: One World': New cast and new twists revealed!
  218. Computers Bridging the gap between PC and console?
  219. Electronics DirecTV with AT&T U-Verse Internet
  220. Electronics Gaming Headsets, PS3/XBOX/PC
  221. Computers 1and1, website hosting/design
  222. Video Games For those of you in your 40's.........CONTRA 4!
  223. Electronics Tech nerds living with non-tech family
  224. Movies and TV "Crowd Sourced" Star wars Uncut
  225. Electronics External speakers needed for TV...
  226. Poop Niners in Paris
  227. Video Games Resident Evil 6
  228. Video Games (PS3) NBA 2K12, Needs help with Creating a Team!
  229. Movies and TV See the actors - guess the movie
  230. Movies and TV Starwars uncut awesome project
  231. Do we have any audio equipment repair people here?
  232. Music spin off from drunk songs: Bump & Grind songs for valintines or hump along songs.
  233. Video Games SSX
  234. Movies and TV Finding Bigfoot
  235. Electronics Anyone know where to find a...
  236. Video Games -- Happy Wheels - NSF (violence)
  237. Computers Motherboard Battery
  238. Electronics Need some TV purchasing advice from the CP Braintrust
  239. Movies and TV CLINT!
  240. Computers Adding RAM, help please?
  241. Movies and TV Touch (Keifer Southerland)
  242. Movies and TV What's up with television programming
  243. Movies and TV I'm confused now, how did Doc become Wyatt?!
  244. Computers Laptop advice
  245. Electronics Thought SOPA Was Bad? 10 Reasons to Oppose ACTA
  246. Misc LED Light Bulb Advice
  247. Movies and TV An Idiot Abroad
  248. ChiefsPlanet Cable vs. Satellite vs. your options suggestions, opinions needed
  249. Computers It's me with a another dumbass question regarding computers
  250. Computers Free movie editing software???