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  1. Movies and TV Amish: Out of Order
  2. Music Cool Short Film: Hip Hop History
  3. Video Games Elder Scrolls MMO Announced
  4. Movies and TV Hulu shifting to model where subscribers must prove they also subscribe to pay-cable
  5. Computers Outlook 2003 help
  6. Computers Windows 8 has no free DVD playback
  7. Music Looking for a decent turntable
  8. Computers Upgrade my modem/router, now netflix not streaming well.
  9. Movies and TV Black Widow getting her own movie.
  10. Movies and TV Blockbuster Online just sent me a burned movie
  11. Movies and TV Best Recent British TV Dramas
  12. Computers Videos Won't Work On My Home Computer
  13. Movies and TV Ben Afflecks latest directorial effort "Argo" trailer
  14. Electronics PC DVR question
  15. Video Games tera online
  16. Movies and TV NBC cans 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Rec
  17. Music Jack White: Blunderbuss
  18. Music Afroman
  19. Movies and TV Will Ferrell on SNL as Host Tonight
  20. Computers Small Business Network - Anti-Virus Software
  21. Movies and TV Revolution - NBC
  22. Movies and TV What do you know about ReelzChannel's new series XIII?
  23. Video Games World of Tanks
  24. Movies and TV Fox midseason 2012/13: The Following
  25. Music Dream Theater at The Starlight June 28
  26. Music Dr. Joe Walsh, PhD!
  27. Music ****Official ChiefsPlanet Now Playing Thread 5: The Empire Strikes Back****
  28. Electronics Cell phones and international travel
  29. Movies and TV The Campaign
  30. Video Games this guy is ready to game
  31. Movies and TV The CW: New Green Arrow TV Show ( with new actor)
  33. Movies and TV Longmire
  34. Movies and TV CSI Miami cancelled
  35. Video Games SyFy - Defiance - TV Show / MMO Shooter
  36. Movies and TV ABC Fall 2012: The Last Resort
  37. Movies and TV CBS Fall 2012: Vegas
  38. Movies and TV Sound system halp.
  39. Movies and TV History Channel: Hatfield and McCoys
  40. Music Bonamassa on Letterman tonight 5-21-12
  41. Movies and TV Anchorman 2
  42. Movies and TV This looks good:
  43. Music SCOTS at Knucklehead's Friday Night
  44. Electronics Home Theater Systems
  45. Electronics Would you buy this tablet?
  46. Movies and TV Cannes: Robert Rodriguez Talks Sequels Director on Sin City 2 and Machete Kills
  47. Movies and TV Tom Cruise attached to MGM's 'Magnificent Seven'
  48. Video Games Mortal Kombat 20th Anniversary
  49. Music Hey Jude Flow Chart
  50. Video Games MS/Motorola pissing match could result in halt of 360 sales in US
  51. Electronics How do you know which data package to choose for your iPad 3?
  52. Movies and TV Animal Planet: Mermaids
  53. Movies and TV AMC Sold!
  54. Music The entire Kid A album.... in 8-bit
  55. Movies and TV Gary Oldman signs up for RoboCop
  56. Computers Kinect for PC
  57. Movies and TV Top 10 lost horror films
  58. Movies and TV Common Law
  59. Music Some songs play, some songs won't on my burned CD
  60. Computers John Malkovich's I-Phone Tells Him a Joke
  61. Electronics Facebook smartphone?
  62. Computers Wireless Issues
  63. Movies and TV Anyone watching The Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel?
  64. Video Games Madden 2013
  65. Computers Anybody have recommendations for portable 500 GB hard drives?
  66. Poop .
  67. Electronics Different wifi problem
  68. Video Games The best PC Indie Bundle ever?
  69. Electronics media center PC or 360?
  70. Movies and TV Star Trek TNG in movie theaters
  71. Movies and TV HD upgrade with DirectTV, they want $344!
  72. Movies and TV Iron Man 3
  73. Movies and TV *****The Bourne Legacy!!!*****
  74. Video Games ***E3 2012 Discussion***
  75. Computers Help needed - need to reload Windows Firewall
  76. ChiefsPlanet I'm Stanzi Maniac! Stanzi Mania!
  77. Movies and TV AMC's new slate of shows
  78. Computers anybody got a setup file for the not-newest version of firefox
  79. Video Games Wireless 360 controller Q
  80. Movies and TV Red Dawn Remake--WTF?
  81. Video Games Watch Dogs
  82. Movies and TV Ricky Gervais' Derek
  83. Movies and TV Should Theaters Collect Cell Phones From Customers Before Movies Begin
  84. Movies and TV Where do you rent your NEW RELEASE movies from?
  85. Movies and TV Alamo Drafthouse coming to KC!
  86. Music Mister Rogers Auto Tuned!
  87. Movies and TV Justice League hopes to follow the Avengers success
  88. Music Music snobs help! Get in here!
  89. Movies and TV Live footage from Return of the Jedi set
  90. Movies and TV Robert Zemeckis "Flight" trailer
  91. Computers my pc is cursed...
  92. Movies and TV Disney's Wreck-it Ralph (with real video game characters)
  93. Music John 5
  94. Video Games Possibly the best Spider-Man game ever releasing 6/26
  95. Electronics pick a wireless router for me
  96. Music Welp, the Offspring are done.
  97. Electronics Wall Street Journal goes full retard
  98. Movies and TV Charlie Sheen new show Anger Management
  99. Computers Which is the better laptop deal?
  100. Movies and TV Ted-Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane
  101. Music Bottle Rockets from St. Louis tonight at Knuckleheads!
  102. Video Games Company of Heroes 2
  103. Movies and TV Paramount Shuts Down 'Ninja Turtles' Reboot
  104. Movies and TV 'Rock of Ages'- whos going?
  105. Computers Google Chrome Extension
  106. Electronics I won a Kindle Fire in a drawing at an industry convention....
  107. Movies and TV Falling Skies! tonight.
  108. Movies and TV Summer shows - what are you watching?
  109. Movies and TV Whats on TV Sunday Nights right now?
  110. Electronics iphone library sync to itunes on new computer?
  111. Computers Microsoft to Unveil 7-inch Xbox Surface Tablet
  112. Movies and TV "Shocking" Sequel To 'Wanted Features a "Great Twist"
  113. Movies and TV Recommend something on Netflix for me.
  114. Music MIssouri Chainsaw Grassacre at CrossroadsKC
  115. Electronics Need a used or refurbished Sprint Smartphone
  116. Video Games Games I'm Considering Buying
  117. Computers Taking media files from a site
  118. Electronics Help! Bluetooth headphones advice needed.
  119. Music The First Mixer - DJ Cross Fader!
  120. Movies and TV Monsters University
  121. Music Moog: Free MiniMoog 5 Plug-in Today Only
  122. Computers Music Sync Issue with ITunes
  123. Music Joe Walsh
  124. Movies and TV Total Recall
  125. Music July 12 - Your ISP starts monitoring your downloads
  126. Movies and TV Monsters INC 2 Trailer
  127. Movies and TV Monster Magnet
  128. Music Music
  129. Movies and TV The Great Escape
  130. Video Games [Steam] All Deus Ex titles - 75% off this weekend
  131. Pictures Linking from Yahoo Images?
  132. Computers So my wife decided to use my laptop....
  133. Movies and TV New Pixar movie "Brave"
  134. Movies and TV Louis CK gets it
  135. Movies and TV Newsroom. Anyone watching?
  136. Computers ravvid.com
  137. Music Who's going to Dream Theater (w/Crimson ProjeKct) tomorrow night?
  138. Music I Love Little Girls...
  139. Movies and TV Batman The Animated Series
  140. Movies and TV Magic Mike
  141. Music Soundkicker- Pandora for unsigned & Indie arits
  142. Movies and TV The Dude is back - Big Lebowski 2
  143. Movies and TV LOUIE - Season 3 Premiere - Thursday 6/28
  144. Movies and TV New Looper Trailer
  145. Movies and TV Drop Dead Fred
  146. Movies and TV Weeds (new season) airs 7/1/12
  147. Movies and TV Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split
  148. Movies and TV Shatner Goes Commando at LAX
  149. Video Games Anyone up for a game of 2011 Madden on 360?
  150. Movies and TV Savages
  151. Music I would like to present: Kat Edmonson
  152. Movies and TV Trailer: Tom Cruise IS "Jack Reacher"
  153. Computers Flash not working in firefox
  154. Music Amazon 99cent albums - July 3 only
  155. Music Airborne w/Lemmy
  156. Video Games The last of us *ps3*
  157. Music Buzz Under the Stars - Aug 8th concert
  158. Music Spotify vs. Pandora
  159. Movies and TV Flight
  160. Computers 27" 2560x1440 IPS monitor for $300
  161. Music BBC Punk Britannia
  162. Books Read a book, win a Delorean
  163. Video Games NCAA football ps3 online dynasty
  164. Video Games Ouya - Android-based Game Console
  165. Music Echo/skipping through computer into headphones
  166. Movies and TV America's Got Talent should end
  167. Music Exposing Metal Bands (satanic illuminati)
  168. Movies and TV Shows that got axed and renewed for the season
  169. Electronics **** YES!!! Just won an iPAD3.
  170. Movies and TV The Man With The Iron Fists Official Red Band Trailer
  171. Computers Add tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer
  172. Movies and TV FOX to reboot Fantastic 4 and Daredevil
  173. Video Games Steam Summer Sale 2012
  174. Electronics Google delays launch of Internet project
  175. Music I've decided that the most annoying song in the world is....
  176. Computers Website Design Software - Recommendations?
  177. New Wizard of OZ trailer is out
  178. Music So I Bought a New Car...
  179. Video Games Video Game Pickup Lines - Get Her Number!
  180. Video Games A $100 game console called Ouya is smashing records on Kickstarter (Video)
  181. Movies and TV Christopher Nolan fans...
  182. Movies and TV It's really a show about nothing with Jerry Seinfeld
  183. Movies and TV Michael Fassbender will star and produce 'Assassin's Creed'
  184. Video Games 160-inch behemoth wraparound display
  185. Video Games Rank the Zelda games
  186. Computers Tumblr questions
  187. Music What the hell,c'mon music peeps
  188. Movies and TV Jeff Bridges admits 'Iron Man' had no script
  189. Movies and TV OK, American Idol fans, what now?
  190. Electronics Android Tablet Apps
  191. Computers I Tunes question
  192. Movies and TV Marvel unviels their next four projects
  193. Movies and TV A Short Film on YouTube featuring Thomas Jane and Ron Pearlman
  194. Electronics Next Gen Kindle Fire
  195. Music Check out these lyrics. (Hopsin)
  196. Computers Harvard science guys pull off room-temp quantum computing with home-grown gems
  197. Movies and TV The Dark Knight Rises *Spoilers* Thread
  198. Movies and TV There's Always Money in the Banana Stand
  199. Computers Graphic card driver - 37 GB????
  200. Music Is this chick a good singer?
  201. Video Games Medal of Honor: Warfighter
  202. Electronics Need help finding a cable... or adaptor...
  203. Music Question for guitarists and band members
  204. Computers Is this A Good Laptop For My Kid?
  205. Movies and TV The Animated Series: Beware of The Batman Teaser Trailer
  206. Computers What Is The First Thing(s) You Should Do When You Get a New Computer?
  207. Movies and TV America demanded, TLC provided: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  208. Other Games Magic: The Gathering
  209. Electronics Stereo Receiver Issue (DLNA?)
  210. Movies and TV ‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Titled ‘Days of Future Past’?
  211. Movies and TV 6 minute long "Cloud Atlas" trailer. New Wachowski Bros.
  212. Movies and TV "Flight" (Washington).
  213. Electronics Being Forced to Mobile Versions of Websites.
  214. Music Bruce Springsteen @ Sprint Center Nov. 17th.
  215. Computers Laptop purchase advise
  216. Movies and TV 'Cloud Atlas' Tom Hanks, Halle Berry
  217. Misc twitter feed for TC thread
  218. Movies and TV Oz The Great and Powerful
  219. Music Snoop Lion, Rastafarian
  220. Movies and TV The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Animated Movie Trailer
  221. Computers Trouble connecting to Lynksys Router with Macbook/Windows 7
  222. Electronics Verizon Can No Longer Charger For Tethering
  223. Movies and TV Is there a way to copy media to a flash drive?
  224. Music Come out and rock with the old farts sometime
  225. Movies and TV Killing Them Softly Trailer
  226. Video Games Wolfenstein!
  227. Movies and TV Mad Men...is it really any good?
  228. Movies and TV Paul
  229. Movies and TV The Roast of Roseanne Barr
  230. Movies and TV Zero Dark Thirty (Navy SEAL Team 6)
  231. Computers Wireless network help needed.
  232. Movies and TV RUROUNI KENSHIN
  233. Movies and TV Replayability.
  234. Movies and TV The Tommy Westphall Universe Theorem
  235. Music Randy Travis: Naked DWI in North Texas?
  236. Movies and TV Voiding a DirecTV contract
  238. Video Games NCAA 13 Conf USA Dynasty Xbox 360
  239. Electronics Ok GEEKS.. check my thread in the main forum about my new phone app...
  240. Music Organizing Music Files
  241. Music Uproar Music Festival
  242. Video Games Just bought a PS3
  243. Electronics Apple overhauling its 30 pin connector
  244. Video Games Sleeping Dogs
  245. Books Looking for a old, old science fiction story
  246. Electronics Otterbox Defender
  247. Misc Autotuned Julia Child FTW
  248. Movies and TV "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" one week IMAX release
  249. Movies and TV Your Favorite Anchorman quotes or scene.
  250. Movies and TV ParaNorman