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  1. Computers I've been a naughty pirate...
  2. Video Games What are some good Metroid-like games?
  3. Movies and TV Silent Night Deadly Night remake due out next week
  4. Music Weird Al's Zappa Tribute
  5. Electronics Cell Phone Insurance
  6. Movies and TV Are there variations of widescreen DVD?
  7. Movies and TV Life of Pi
  8. Movies and TV Star Trek Into Darkness plot revealed
  9. Computers Halp, I'm facing laptop hardware issues
  10. Electronics Damn Iphone 4
  11. Movies and TV Pacific Rim
  12. Music Cover Tunes
  13. Computers New Itunes
  14. Movies and TV 'Under the Dome" coming to CBS summer '13
  15. Movies and TV the absolute worse show you admit to watching or following
  16. Computers PC to TV Streaming - Wireless
  17. Music Entry Level Electronic Drum Kit
  18. Computers Installed new SSD and now can't Windows loader to boot - Help PLEASE!
  19. Video Games New Super Mario Bros. U
  20. Music Deep Purple vs Lil Wayne
  21. Electronics Adding Aux Port to stock car stereo
  22. Music She's Back........
  23. Computers Budget Gaming/Business Computer
  24. Music RIP Dave Brubeck
  25. Music Snow Tha Product
  26. Music NPR's 100 Fav Song of 2012
  27. Misc Virginia woman sued for $750,000 over her 1-star Yelp! review
  28. Electronics "Unbreakable" screens for phones and tablets...
  29. Video Games Planetside 2
  30. Movies and TV USA Network picks up WWII sci-fi pilot "Horizon"
  31. Movies and TV Denzel Washington is The Equalizer
  32. Movies and TV Anyone know how to get laptop DVI out to 2560x1440?
  33. Computers Decent PC speakers, minimal installation/space
  34. Movies and TV Oblivion
  35. Electronics Help with kids electronics...
  36. Movies and TV What TV shows do you watch religiously?
  37. Books Books that ****ed you up
  38. Computers windows 7 virus alert
  39. Movies and TV More Sci Fi - After Earth
  40. Computers Sharing Large .wav Files From iPhones
  41. Misc Losing my Sprint discount....
  42. Movies and TV After Earth
  43. Movies and TV The Lone Ranger trailer
  44. Music Direckshun's Favorite Music, 2012
  45. Movies and TV Suspect zero
  46. Movies and TV Star Trek: Has anyone else ever seen this re-edit of Star Trek V into a tv episode?
  47. Movies and TV No more loud commercials
  48. Computers Get BSOD every few days
  49. Video Games FAR CRY 3!!
  50. Movies and TV Zombie Ass
  51. Misc Wanted: Interesting Chiefs merch
  52. Movies and TV Modern Monster Movies
  53. Movies and TV Man of Steel.
  54. Music Reaper's Favorite Albums of 2012
  55. Misc Legend of Zelda: Pot Smasher
  56. Movies and TV Just picked this bad boy up
  57. Music The Piano Guys
  58. Computers Any Linux users here?
  59. Movies and TV ‘Twilight Zone’ Series Reboot For CBS TV Studios
  60. Computers GIFs won't move
  61. Computers Facebook Will Let People You Don't Know Message Your Inbox For $1
  62. Movies and TV Tom Hardy as Max in Fury Road: Mad Max 4
  63. Movies and TV IN TOO DEEP
  64. Music Jingle Bell Rock...Literally!
  65. Movies and TV WTF Syfy
  66. Movies and TV What TV do you have and why?
  67. Electronics Screen protector issue with phones
  68. Movies and TV Firefly marathon on Science Channel
  69. Movies and TV Fringe marathon Christmas Day 8am Science channel.
  70. Movies and TV Best way to go about selling Blu-Rays / DVDs?
  71. Electronics Netflix outage
  72. Computers Solid State Hardrives
  73. Movies and TV columbia house--for DVD's
  74. Movies and TV Django Unchained
  75. Electronics From Apple to Android
  76. Computers Looking for Software to Record
  77. Electronics Inside Endeavour
  78. Video Games What game are you playing now?
  79. Electronics Need a Camcorder
  80. Electronics 30'' 2560x1600 monitor
  81. Music Wma Player
  82. Electronics Chiefs font type?
  83. Movies and TV The Americans on FX
  84. Video Games XBox Live Gold Subscription
  85. Electronics i need a more battery efficient way to browse this forum
  86. Movies and TV Clone Wars 100th episode
  87. Music The Blues
  88. Movies and TV World War Z
  89. Books the amazing (superior) spider-man
  90. Movies and TV Duck Dynasty
  91. Movies and TV Quadrophenia on BBC America
  92. Computers Combine PDF Files
  93. Computers Adobe releases several legacy programs for free (PS, illustrator, etc.)
  94. Movies and TV Guillermo del Toro Talks Dark Universe, His DC Comics Supernatural Heroes Movie
  95. Movies and TV The best TV show of the last 10-12 years that OTW58 hasn't seen...
  96. Computers Shopping for a new computer
  97. Movies and TV Best Sci-Fi Movies of the last 5 Years
  98. Computers Laptop shopping
  99. Music Professional Sound Engineers....
  100. Computers Signature size
  101. Other Games Monopoly to replace a game piece
  102. Movies and TV Christopher Nolan's next: 'Interstellar'
  103. Movies and TV oscar nominations
  104. Music Cello Impossible!
  105. Computers Hard Drive Imaging
  106. Computers Picture it?
  107. Video Games Please help by visiting my YT channel!
  108. Movies and TV The Joe Schmo Show
  109. Movies and TV Best way to convert DVDs from different zones
  110. Movies and TV Uncle Ed is dead
  111. Movies and TV 42
  112. Movies and TV A good day to Die Hard
  113. Movies and TV Banshee
  114. Movies and TV Your Top 5 All-Time Memorable Movie Scenes
  115. Movies and TV Finding Bigfoot
  116. Computers Cheap Laptop needed
  117. Movies and TV Need help finding old UPS commercial....
  118. Movies and TV New Netflix Additions
  119. Computers FireFox Mobile OS
  120. Misc Facebook's Graph Search is Bad Ass.
  121. Music Black Sabbath and Ozzy back in studio
  122. Electronics How do you embed a video clip?
  123. Computers Signature help
  124. Movies and TV K..you all helped on the embed video...now vids and pics from camera
  125. Movies and TV test
  126. Movies and TV Spring Breakers
  127. Movies and TV "Legit" New series from FX.
  128. Movies and TV The Complete Arnold List/An Exhaustive Ranking of All 29 Schwarzengger Starring Roles
  129. Movies and TV Ray Donovan - new Showtime series
  130. Movies and TV Question :Downsizing a video to send by email?
  131. Computers Wikipedia launches "WikiVoyage"
  132. Misc Tapatalk HD
  133. Movies and TV Spielberg and Hanks' next HBO miniseries - "Masters of the Air"
  134. Other Games Poker Players! Help!
  135. Electronics Reading online newspapers w/ printed newspaper format
  136. Movies and TV Awkward interview with Tommy Lee Jones
  137. Movies and TV Sundance: Guerrilla indie flick shot at Disney World without Disney permission
  138. ChiefsPlanet Start Date in Media Center
  139. Movies and TV Continuum
  140. Movies and TV The Following
  141. Music Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess Interview/Podcast
  142. Movies and TV Olympus Has Fallen
  143. Music G.O.A.T. and your M.O.M - Quack like a duck
  144. Computers How hard is it to replace a fan for a laptop?
  145. Movies and TV Patrice O'Neal was great
  146. Movies and TV Indie Film: Manhattan
  147. Computers E-machines t6216 driver trouble
  148. Video Games The Secret World: Lovecraft influenced Free to Play MMO
  149. Movies and TV face off
  150. Computers New Computer Build
  151. Movies and TV Inside Llewyn Davis
  152. Movies and TV Vikings!
  153. Movies and TV The Iceman trailer
  154. Electronics Unlocking your smartphone will be illegal
  155. Music Another new discovery
  156. Music Extremely Uncomfortable Band Pictures
  157. Electronics Cell phone help!
  158. Computers smartphone/mobile icons 😂 add-on for full browsers?
  159. Poop trying out my new phone
  160. Computers Excel Question
  161. Video Games Aliens: Colonial Marines
  162. Music Gangnam Style Flipbook Style
  163. Video Games Dead Space 3
  164. Movies and TV Do No Harm - NBC
  165. Movies and TV OK, this may be my most off the wall question ever
  166. Movies and TV Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites
  167. Movies and TV Animation: DC's Superman Unbound
  168. Movies and TV Netflix: House of Cards
  169. Electronics Headphones
  170. Electronics 3-D TV's
  171. Computers Repair Windows 7 startup drive in another win 7 machine?
  172. Movies and TV Bunk Moreland, Attorney at Law
  173. Electronics Sony to announce PS4 Feb. 20th??
  174. Video Games Surgeon Simulator 2013
  175. Music The History of Wooing Men...in music!
  176. Music Merle Haggard's Impressions
  177. Electronics MASSIVE iPhone 5 battery drain while in standby
  178. Movies and TV The Following w Kevin Bacon
  179. Movies and TV Fast and Furious 6
  180. Computers E-mail
  181. Music Today's Old Fart Rock n Roll News
  182. Music Happy 65th Birthay Nigel Tufnel!
  183. Music Sound City
  184. Movies and TV Chris Pratt Lands GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Lead
  185. Movies and TV Fox Reloading ‘Hitman’ With Paul Walker As Bald Barcoded Assassin Agent 47
  186. Movies and TV Monty Python re-unites for sci-fi comedy ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! Holy smoke!
  187. Electronics YouTube Channel Subscriptions
  188. Video Games The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  189. Video Games Anyone want to buy my PS3 bundle?
  190. Movies and TV J.J. Abrams, Gabe Newell in talks for game and Half-Life or Portal film
  191. Music Drum Solo!
  192. Movies and TV How is Spartacus S3?
  193. Movies and TV Ellie Kemper Set To Star In NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Brenda Forever
  194. LED TV Owners...need advice, please
  195. Movies and TV Dark Skies looks terrifying
  196. Movies and TV To Cordcutters: What is your setup?
  197. Computers Any PowerShell gurus out there?
  198. Computers Windows Imaging Software
  199. Movies and TV Bears Can Really Mess Up a Photoshoot!
  200. Movies and TV The Mindy Project
  201. Movies and TV Best Theme Song
  202. Movies and TV The question old enough to drive by now
  203. Movies and TV Spider by Nash Edgerton: VICE Shorts
  204. Music Looking for royalty free music.
  205. Movies and TV FBI Employees Download Pirated Movies and TV-Shows
  206. Electronics Recommend HDMI-to-SVIdeo convertor
  207. Music Dupe.. oops!
  208. Movies and TV 3D LED TV or plasma 3d?
  209. Movies and TV DISH "Hopper" with Sling now available
  210. Music What's the weirdest shit you listen to?
  211. Movies and TV (Dead) John Goodman on Fallon
  212. Electronics Calibrate TV
  213. Movies and TV Zero Hour
  214. Music Assmazing..Bottom Percussion..Possibly NSFW
  215. Electronics Handheld camcorder advice?
  216. Movies and TV Fuck this guy. He makes me feel stupid.
  217. Video Games New XBox 720 to kill off second hand games?
  218. Video Games Bungie Destiny
  219. Computers Malware Removal
  220. Movies and TV best TV death scene
  221. Video Games Drox Operative (Diamond in the rough) Review
  222. Computers Got a computer problem
  223. Movies and TV Svengoolie -- Does anyone watch this?
  224. Music SNL Music Acts
  225. Video Games Guild Wars 2
  226. Movies and TV Castle
  227. Music RUSH - Sprint Center Aug. 4
  228. Computers Microsoft Bullies Users Into Office 365 Services
  229. Computers Buddies Comp is laggy/slow
  230. Music Heath McNease might be the best rapper on earth right now...
  231. Music Neil Young is cool
  232. Music This is kinda cool...
  233. Misc Scariest power stare ever?
  234. Music Need some guitar playing advice...
  235. Video Games DayZ
  236. Music Help! The Holy Sh!t I Forgot All About That Thread
  237. Movies and TV Persons of Interest
  238. Electronics iPhone 5/Twitter App
  239. Video Games Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch
  240. Movies and TV The Grudge Match, Stallone and De Niro
  241. Computers Trouble connecting TV to laptop via HDMI
  242. Electronics Google Voice- porting landline
  243. Misc Internet Providers To Crack Down On Pirates
  244. Music Stone Temple Pilots fire lead singer
  245. Music Guitar Center Sessions
  246. Movies and TV The Conjuring trailer
  247. Movies and TV Gary Oldman Leads Human Resistance In ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’
  248. Movies and TV NBCs Hannibal trailer
  249. Video Games What Should My Next Game Be
  250. Electronics Half Of $1B Apple Awarded From Samsung Invalidated