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  1. Movies and TV Ralph Macchio is now the same age that Pat Morita was in Karate Kid
  2. Movies and TV Odd Thomas
  3. Movies and TV The Bible
  4. Movies and TV Vikings! History Channel Sunday 10pmEST
  5. Music Prince is a Dick
  6. Video Games Game Consoles Are Already Dead — And Developers Know It
  7. Music The Doors: 1968 Hollywood Bowl
  8. Video Games SimCity
  9. Video Games ps3 problem
  10. Music Won't Goat Fooled Again!
  11. Movies and TV Mila Kunis is delightful
  12. Music Stevie Ray Vaughan W/ Albert King
  13. Music Awkward Band and Musician Photos
  14. Electronics Considering Sprint for new phone
  15. Video Games Tomb Raider - 2013
  16. Electronics I Am Groover McToober
  17. Music Totally Fucking Bad Songs
  18. Movies and TV Hangover III trailer
  19. Music Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "My Oh My"
  20. Movies and TV iTunes FairPlay DRM removal question.
  21. Electronics Windows 7 question for the masses
  22. Music History of the Eagles Doc on Showtime
  23. Other Games Settlers of Catan for PC/MAC
  24. Music Walk Off The Earth - R.E.V.O.
  25. Video Games MLB The Show 2013
  26. Movies and TV Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis Close Deals for 'Horrible Bosses 2
  27. Music Billy Joel is NOT a Dick!
  28. Misc Archival Rebel Yells
  29. Poop Tom Hanks is sort of a dick, but in a funny way!
  30. Movies and TV Kick Ass 2
  31. Movies and TV Contract-Free IPTV Service
  32. Music My All Time Favorite Blue Blood: Foster MacKenzie III
  33. Electronics Anybody watching Samsung Galaxy S4 launch?
  34. Movies and TV A good friend's new miniseries: Rectify
  35. Movies and TV Television curating the lexicon
  36. Movies and TV Christian Bale considering Moses Role
  37. Misc DaneMcCloud Troll at large.
  38. Music Shit I'm Listening To
  39. Computers What do you use for your browser homepage?
  40. Movies and TV Joel Silver, Studio Canal To Reboot John Carpenter’s ‘Escape From New York’
  41. Music Michelle Shocked Turns into Fred Phelps!
  42. Movies and TV Bates Motel A&E
  43. Movies and TV Nielsen rating system is dead
  44. Movies and TV Impractical Jokers on truTV
  45. Movies and TV Old school Gangsta Rap thread.
  46. Music Papa Roach
  47. Video Games Favorite Artist and Song from Video game?
  48. Electronics T.V. Wall mounts
  49. Video Games Might and Magic X : Legacy
  50. Electronics Microsoft Releases Law Enforcement Disclosure Report On Cloud Data
  51. Movies and TV Robert Redford In Talks To Star In ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’
  52. Movies and TV Riddick III trailer
  53. Video Games The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
  54. Movies and TV Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  55. Music KanRockSas
  56. Computers How to stop YouTube sucking
  57. Movies and TV Louis CK
  58. Movies and TV DEFIANCE
  59. Video Games Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  60. Movies and TV White House Down trailer
  61. Misc T-Mobile Drops Long-Term Contracts and Phone Subsidies
  62. Movies and TV The Wolverine trailer
  63. Video Games Battlefield 4
  64. Music Starlight August 18th
  65. Movies and TV Independence Day 2 is coming!
  66. Video Games Chinese Gamer Has Spent The Past 6 Years In An Internet Cafe
  67. Movies and TV Finally a reason to watch Fox Soccer Channel
  68. Music Les-Miserables-inspired hip-hop?
  69. Music LL and EVH
  70. Video Games Activision shows off next gen engine.
  71. Movies and TV The "other" White House attack movie
  72. Music Miley Cyrus - Jolene cover
  73. Movies and TV Uncredited actors
  74. Movies and TV This is the end
  75. Electronics Need some help
  76. Movies and TV This Is The End (2013) Movie
  77. Movies and TV Warners Bros. Archive instant
  78. Music **Official Strange Music Inc Thread**
  79. Video Games NCAA 14 First Looks at some improvements.
  80. Movies and TV Cinemax Orders Contract Killer Drama Pilot Based On Max Allan Collins’ ‘Quarry’ Books
  81. Movies and TV The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  82. Movies and TV The purge trailer
  83. Music Behind The Music Remastered Pantera - Salute to Dimebag Darrell
  84. Music The Daft Punk Thread
  85. Computers Anyone an Earthlink subscriber?
  86. Movies and TV Ninja Turtles
  87. Movies and TV Need advice on cutting cable cost.
  88. Electronics MLB.tv on Roku?
  89. Video Games Anyone play Dead Island?
  90. Video Games Batman: Arkham Origins
  91. Movies and TV Elysium trailer
  92. Video Games what game have you logged the most hours on?
  93. Music Iron Maiden Coming to KC on 9-7-13
  94. Video Games Official MLB 2K13 The Show looking for Preowned for Vita
  95. Movies and TV ]Alcon Sets Ericson Core To Helm ‘Point Break’ Remake
  96. Movies and TV Harrison Ford in town today
  97. Movies and TV Simpsons are Breaking Bad....
  98. Movies and TV Y'after these messages!
  99. Movies and TV Looks like SyFy might be getting serious about SciFi
  100. Video Games MMO Players and Games
  101. Electronics Best iPod + Dock combo?
  102. Music He's Baaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk......
  103. Movies and TV The 80's: The decade that made us
  104. Movies and TV Stand-up
  105. Video Games Proudest Video Game Achievement
  106. ChiefsPlanet Derrick Thomas Autographs + other collectibles
  107. Movies and TV Defiance
  108. Video Games Playstation 4 price and Xbox 720 is announced
  109. Music Jimmy Fallon as the Lizard King
  110. Music Daft Punk's new single: Get Lucky
  111. Music Record Store Day - 4/20/13
  112. Movies and TV RIPD Trailer
  113. Movies and TV Starz' Da Vinci's Demons
  114. Movies and TV In the immortal words of Pam
  115. Music Alabama Shakes
  116. Music RUSH - Unforgettable RRHoF Acceptance Speech
  117. Music Flaming Lips - The Terror(Album)
  118. Movies and TV Lunopolis
  119. Video Games *** Indie Game Thread***
  120. Pictures Need The Planet's Help/Stolen phone and Mayhem
  121. Movies and TV Thor: The Dark World
  122. Movies and TV Resident Evil Films
  123. Computers Any one else having trouble with Bing?
  124. Electronics Amazon developing its own set top box
  125. Video Games Star Citizen
  126. Music Heart Winning
  127. Poop KCChiefs.com videos won't play
  128. Music What is the best Music Review site?
  129. Music The A=432hz tuning phenomina
  130. Music More Music (My New Band)
  131. Other Games How good are you at touch typing?
  132. Movies and TV Cool Stuff About Denzel Washington
  133. Music Guitar Hero with one string...
  134. Music Piano
  135. Music Stageside Live- CBS.com/AT&T. Live music online.
  136. Movies and TV Loiter Squad
  137. Electronics Hedy Lamarr Helped Invent WiFi & Bluetooth
  138. Movies and TV Maron - new IFC series - free episode preview
  139. Music RIP Jeff Hanneman/Slayer
  140. Movies and TV The Beach Boys With Lobotomies....
  141. Other Games Robotech RPG Tactics
  142. Electronics If you are in the market for a larger size TV...
  143. Movies and TV Favorite non-scripted television shows
  144. Movies and TV Ender's Game
  145. Movies and TV Ray Harryhausen, 92 years young has passed
  146. Computers Facebook issues
  147. Movies and TV More SciFi Coming Our Way
  148. Electronics Android Phone + Car Stereo
  149. Video Games Wolfenstein: The New Order
  150. Movies and TV Captain Phillips trailer (Somali Pirates movie)
  151. Computers These new Tablet Laptop hybrids
  152. Video Games Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger
  153. Electronics Phones
  154. Movies and TV Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity"
  155. Movies and TV The Great Gatsby sucks
  156. Video Games World of Tanks
  157. Video Games Anyone playing Neverwinter?
  158. Music Who's Your Favorite Mangled Band Name?
  159. Video Games This might be the greatest zombie game ever made
  160. Movies and TV Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D....this fall on ABC
  161. Computers 3770K
  162. Electronics iPhone 4 just took a bath
  163. Computers Selling my used cpu/mobo/ram combo
  164. Computers 802.11ac routers
  165. Movies and TV The World's End
  166. Video Games MMO: Any of you play Eve?
  167. Movies and TV 24 is coming back to Fox, for at least one more season
  168. Movies and TV "Official" 24 Season 9 Live Another Day thread
  169. Movies and TV Elementary on CBS
  170. Movies and TV Fox Fall 2013: Almost Human
  171. Movies and TV Fox Fall 2013: Sleepy Hollow
  172. Movies and TV NBC Fall 2013: The Blacklist
  173. Movies and TV NBC Fall 2013: Dracula
  174. Movies and TV NBC Fall 2013: Ironside
  175. Movies and TV NBC Midseason 2013: Crossbones
  176. Movies and TV So any new shows on NBC or Fox coming?
  177. Movies and TV From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series
  178. Movies and TV FX: The Bridge
  179. Video Games EA Getting Rid of Online Passes
  180. Video Games Marvel Heroes ARPG
  181. Computers Google is revamping Maps
  182. Electronics Need a new home theater system
  183. Movies and TV Jay and Silent Bob are on a Groovy Tour
  184. Movies and TV The Expendables 3
  185. Movies and TV CBS Fall 2013: Intelligence
  186. Movies and TV Whos your favorite Star Trek" Captain?
  187. Video Games Batman: Arkham Origins Official Teaser
  188. Movies and TV The Michael J. Fox Show
  189. Computers Reddit
  190. Movies and TV Avengers 2
  191. Video Games New Wolfenstein game
  192. Movies and TV Star Wars: Rebels
  193. Video Games Madden 25
  194. Movies and TV Rank your most and least favorite characters on "The Office".
  195. Movies and TV Steven Spielberg to Produce Live-Action HALO TV Series
  196. Movies and TV Only God Forgives
  197. Movies and TV Don Jon Trailer
  198. Music Teenaged Girl; Looks Bored; SHREDS Van Halen!
  199. Video Games Don't Starve: Underground
  200. Movies and TV "We're The Millers" Redband trailer... a/k/a "Jennifer Aniston is still bangin' hot"
  201. Movies and TV Grimm
  202. Movies and TV Rapturepalooza
  203. Music Lars Rosenberg: Swedish Guitar God
  204. Pictures Post a panorama of your workplace
  205. Movies and TV The Kings of Summer
  206. Movies and TV Anchorman 2
  207. Movies and TV Hangover 3
  208. Video Games Mechwarrior Online
  209. Music I challenge you to be in a bad mood after watching this music video
  210. Video Games nope
  211. Music Indie Dance
  212. Computers Ultraviolet Code Exchange?
  213. Movies and TV Fright Night Original Film
  214. Computers Time Warner Cable Problems
  215. Movies and TV What's the Best Year in Movies?
  216. Movies and TV BBCA: In the Flesh
  217. Video Games Fight Night Champion?
  218. Movies and TV Machete Kills
  219. Movies and TV James Lipton: Paris Pimp!
  220. Movies and TV Two and a Half Men needs to just die already
  221. Movies and TV Woman Wins $1 Million Prize on "Wheel of Fortune"
  222. Video Games The Last of Us
  223. Music Jolly - The Audio Guide to Happiness
  224. Music Lou Reed has Liver Transplant
  225. Movies and TV 21 Actors who almost got the part
  226. Music Joshua Kennedy - Spawned Hope (hip-hop)
  227. Video Games State of Decay(Xbox 360)
  228. Music 5 1/2 Examples of Experimental Music Notation
  229. Movies and TV Into The Wormhole w/Morgan Freeman
  230. Movies and TV Insidious 2 trailer
  231. Movies and TV Graceland on USA
  232. Music Most Epic Music
  233. Video Games Grim Dawn (Diablo Style)
  234. Movies and TV Orphan Black - opinion
  235. Movies and TV Movies that you are surprised got Green-lighted
  236. Video Games Nerd's take on new Xbox1
  237. Movies and TV Adam Scott's Greatest Event in Television History
  238. Video Games E3 2013
  239. Music List your favorite movie soundtracks
  240. Video Games Star Wars: Battlefront 3
  241. Electronics Google acquires Waze
  242. Computers Adobe Connect 9
  243. Music Instrumental Rock/Metal Guitar
  244. Movies and TV Happy Birthday Jim Neighbors!
  245. Books Queen Anne's Revenge!
  246. Movies and TV 300: Rise of an Empire
  247. Movies and TV Man Of Tai Chi Trailer
  248. Music Interesting cover of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean
  249. Music Nine Inch Nails New Album, "Hesitation Marks" Available on 9/3/13
  250. Electronics Does Directv give the Nomad - Geniego for free?