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  1. Movies and TV Movies so bad you couldn't even finish them
  2. Movies and TV Ladies and Gentlemen, American Dreamers
  3. Music Kanye's "Yeezus" leaks
  4. Computers Google's "Project Loon"
  5. Video Games I am selling my astro a40 2013 headset for $145.00
  6. Video Games Battle.net issue
  7. Movies and TV Only God Forgives
  8. Computers Anyone have an Ipad with retina display?
  9. Movies and TV The Internship
  10. Movies and TV The Heat official trailer
  11. Movies and TV The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
  12. Movies and TV The World's End
  13. Movies and TV Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
  14. Video Games Super weird guy at e3 idunno
  15. Video Games PC Torchlight free through tomorrow
  16. Movies and TV The Lego Movie
  17. Music Another Talented Kid thread.
  18. Video Games The Simpsons: Tapped Out {Free - Android}
  19. Video Games Report: Microsoft to remove DRM/Always Online for the Xbox1
  20. Electronics Apple TV
  21. Music Your Interpretations and/or Questions to Song Lyrics
  22. Video Games Playstation Plus question
  23. Computers Looking for a new computer for my boss
  24. Movies and TV Metallica: Through the Never
  25. Movies and TV Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye to his Mom
  26. Movies and TV "Jobs" (Steve Jobs) Movie Trailer
  27. Music Athlete-Musician Comparisons
  28. Video Games Best Game Music Ever
  29. Movies and TV Throw the weekend away - it's eff yeah, behind the scenes
  30. Movies and TV Arnold Schwarzenegger Boards Zombie Drama ‘Maggie’
  31. Movies and TV More than Me.
  32. Movies and TV NBC: Crossing Lines
  33. ChiefsPlanet Daredevil Nik Wallenda attempts to cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, live only o
  34. Video Games Die in a fire, Gamestop.
  35. Movies and TV Whodunnit? On ABC Sunday nights
  36. Movies and TV Chad Vader "Day Shift Manager"
  37. Video Games New info on Valve's Steambox
  38. Books Richard Matheson dead..
  39. Video Games If you have Origin games...
  40. Movies and TV Independence Day 2 announced
  41. Movies and TV Ridley Scott's The Counselor
  42. Computers Biting the dust
  43. Video Games FPS PAC MAN
  44. Movies and TV Escape Plan Trailer
  45. Movies and TV 'Captain Planet and the Planeteers' Movie in the Works From Sony
  46. Movies and TV Terminator Reboot Set For 2015
  47. Video Games PS3 console
  48. Movies and TV Comedy Bang Bang TV Show
  49. Poop Duck Dynasty
  50. Video Games NFL Blitz funny moments...
  51. Movies and TV Low Winter Sun - AMC
  52. Computers 'LAN party tax' hits Swedish gamers
  53. Music Music for a funeral...
  54. Movies and TV Can you name the movie with most Oscar WINNERS to date?
  55. Computers The iOS7 Thread
  56. Movies and TV Jen Aniston plays a stripper
  57. Movies and TV Drunk History Coming to Comedy Central
  58. Video Games Final Fantasy VII on Steam
  59. Video Games Dota 2
  60. Computers Seagate GoFlex Drive on a Mac
  61. Other Games Clash of Clans
  62. Computers I need some online storage options
  63. Movies and TV 2 Guns
  64. Video Games Deadfall Adventures
  65. Music Pixies - New song
  66. Video Games NCAA Football 2014
  67. Movies and TV Curse of Chucky trailer
  68. Video Games Grand Theft Auto V Trailer
  69. Music Randy Travis is Critically Ill
  70. Video Games Next Generation EA Games to Cost $80????
  71. Video Games I found my favorite game of alltime, need help.
  72. Music Roots, Folk, and Bluegrass Lovers: Festival Announcement
  73. Poop Grown Ups 2
  74. Movies and TV Out Of The Furnace Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Christian Bale
  75. Movies and TV Filth Official International Red Band Trailer #2 (2013)
  76. Movies and TV SHARKNADO
  77. Video Games Steam summer sale 2013
  78. Movies and TV Orange is the New Black - Netflix Streaming TV
  79. Movies and TV Friday The 13th-Crystal Lake Memories The Complete
  80. Music Lollapalooza 2013
  81. Computers Looking for Microsoft Office 2010 for Home & Business
  82. Music Goo Goo Dolls/Matchbox Twenty
  83. Movies and TV Fallout: Nukabreak (Fan made short film)
  84. Music Even at 65 the old man still rocks
  85. Electronics Time again for a new phone
  86. Movies and TV Old movies that bring back nostalgic memories
  87. Video Games Anyone remember Archon?
  88. Movies and TV Oldboy(2013)
  89. Movies and TV Because this needed to happen... Beetlejuice 2 and a Gremlins re-boot
  90. Movies and TV Your top movies based on "real life" people?
  91. Electronics No contract cell plans that let you keep your phone
  92. Movies and TV Anyone own an LG TV?
  93. Electronics Best to-do list app?
  94. Books If you like to read my mrs has co-authored a true story
  95. Video Games Firefly Online Game
  96. Movies and TV JIMP - Calvin and Hobbes Documentary
  97. Movies and TV Does Anyone Remember A Movie Called Lifeforce?
  98. Video Games Uncharted series
  99. Movies and TV Superman/Batman movie coming in 2015
  100. Movies and TV SyFy 2014: Helix
  101. Movies and TV Help Please: What Movie Is The From?
  102. Movies and TV Classic Pryor,anyone remember this movie
  103. Movies and TV Creed - A Rocky Balboa spinoff, Stallone to co-star
  104. Computers Google introduces Chromecast - 35 bucks?!?
  105. Video Games Colonization
  106. Computers Ubuntu Edge - Awesome
  107. Movies and TV 47 Ronin (2013)
  108. Video Games Planetside 2 - (PC) Free to Play MASSIVE Multiplayer Shooter - Beginners Guide
  109. Computers Vegas this week
  110. Misc Rhex the Parkour Robot
  111. Video Games Good deal for sunday ticket/Madden
  112. Music Need a little help
  113. Electronics Portable Battery Chargers
  114. Music Gonna sound retarded here...
  115. Movies and TV No more Ziva - Cote de Pablo leaving NCIS
  116. Movies and TV Who Needs a Job in Springfield, MO???
  117. Movies and TV The Counselor - AWESOME
  118. Books Just got a new Kindle reader
  119. Computers Router issue-At&t uverse internet
  120. Movies and TV American Hustle
  121. Video Games EverQuest Next Reveal Coming Friday
  122. Movies and TV Honest Trailers
  123. Computers Outlook.com SMTP Settings?
  124. Video Games EQnext
  125. Music JAWGABOYZ anyone else heard of them?
  126. Computers Learning Basic Blackjack Strategy
  127. Movies and TV Here comes the Sons....
  128. Movies and TV Name Movies that Should Never Be Remade
  129. Movies and TV Movies THAT should be remade or deserve a sequel
  130. Video Games Warframe
  131. Movies and TV Spike Jonze movie with Joaquin Phoenix
  132. Movies and TV BBCA: Broadchurch
  133. Electronics low bass buzzing, even after speaker replacement?
  134. Movies and TV DTV Bill
  135. Movies and TV The Monuments Men
  136. Computers PROPLUS.MSI?
  137. Computers Problems connecting laptop to TV
  138. Movies and TV Hollywood Game Night
  139. Computers Windows RT tablet?
  140. Electronics Samsung 8000 series LED TV - Too sharp?
  141. Electronics Suggestions on new TV
  142. Music Do you like "blues" music?
  143. Electronics swapping a drive into another laptop
  144. Movies and TV Mob City on TNT
  145. Video Games Ducktales Remastered
  146. Video Games Madden 25 Demo Out Today
  147. Music Peanuts Spewing Smiths Lyrics
  148. Music Movies using music... Has it changed how you've heard a song?
  149. Video Games I have 1 steam key for Burnout Paradise (the ultimate box)... who wants it?
  150. Video Games Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor Origin codes
  151. Video Games Civ5 - Brave New World
  152. Movies and TV Unearthed - a few minutes behind the scenes of Jerry Lewis' most painful secret
  153. Music Slow Ass Jolene
  154. Music Game: Blouses!
  155. Movies and TV Stranger - A J.J. Abrams project
  156. Video Games Chrono Jigga - Jay-Z/Chrono Trigger mashup
  157. Electronics iPhone contacts question
  158. Music Anyone local ever build any sub boxes?
  159. Misc NYC B&A
  160. Electronics Lego Minstorms EV3
  161. Music New Gaga
  162. Video Games Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Opening Cinematic
  163. Electronics Setting up my son's iPod Touch
  164. Movies and TV The White Queen on Starz
  165. Computers God Hates Me
  166. Computers My new build
  167. Electronics Need some help here
  168. Movies and TV Babylon 5 sneak peak from 20 years ago
  169. Movies and TV Ben Affleck is the new Batman
  170. Movies and TV Ben Affleck to be the new Batman
  171. Music My new music project
  172. Misc Morning Cup of Crack-Laced Joe - trailing Sabine Schmitz
  173. Video Games 1 STEAM key to give away... Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
  174. Movies and TV Asian Star Tony Jaa Joins 'Fast and Furious 7'
  175. Movies and TV Survivor Blood and Water
  176. Video Games Batman Game
  177. Music Eminem to release Marshall Mathers LP 2
  178. Video Games Madden 25 Release tonight
  179. Movies and TV Has anyone ever seen a movie called "Audition"?
  180. Movies and TV Marty in Kia Commercial?
  181. Music New Music from me (djent style)
  182. Movies and TV School of Rock 10 Year Reunion
  183. Video Games Final Fantasy XIV
  184. Video Games Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
  185. Movies and TV Roast of James Franco on Comedy Central
  186. Music Springfield's own Hessian Crucible \../
  187. Movies and TV "The Neighbors" Trailer
  188. Video Games Watch Dogs
  189. Music Mike Oliver Everett, the Eels, and Quantum Physics
  190. Video Games Europa Universalis 4
  191. Movies and TV New Trailer: American Hustle (2013)
  192. Movies and TV HBO: True Detective
  193. Computers The Pirate Bay
  194. Video Games TMNT: Out of the Shadows
  195. Movies and TV Greatest TV Scenes?
  196. Video Games Cookie Clicker
  197. Computers Are there still good free anti-virus programs...
  198. Movies and TV IT'S NOT PORN!
  199. Misc iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, or Samsung S4
  200. Movies and TV What are your Great/Bad Movie Theater Experiences?
  201. Electronics Ok thinking of buying a new phone...need help
  202. Electronics Car Stereo / Speaker Install
  203. Movies and TV Bad Milo
  204. Movies and TV J.K Rowling (Harry Potter author) making a movie set in the Wizarding World
  205. Movies and TV Short story movies to watch right here in this thread
  206. Movies and TV Having Sex With Olivia Munn
  207. Electronics Dolby Goes....Quietly
  208. Movies and TV Monty Python's Holy Grail....Modern Treatment
  209. Movies and TV Key and Peele: Season 3
  210. Music Music Game
  211. Music Vegetables are People Too!
  212. Music New Dream Theater
  213. Movies and TV AMC readies "Walking Dead" spinoff series
  214. Misc Art Bell on Sirius Radio now
  215. Computers can't delete program
  216. Movies and TV Fox: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  217. Movies and TV Concussion (Maggie Siff,Robin Weigert) NSFW
  218. Computers Need Printer help/recommendations.
  219. Electronics CyanogenMod grows up
  220. Music What's the Fox Say?
  221. ChiefsPlanet It looks like a giant jelly fish out in outerspace
  222. Video Games Cookie Clicker
  223. Books Invisible Man Banned
  224. Electronics LG G2 - wow I love this phone!
  225. Movies and TV The Blacklist
  226. Movies and TV Brooklyn 9-9
  227. Computers Need reasonable internet speeds in country
  228. Movies and TV Deadliest Catch
  229. Movies and TV Fox - Gotham (Pre Batman)
  230. Music Wireless 2.1 speakers?
  231. Video Games Wii U
  232. Computers Secret 3G Radio in Every Intel vPro CPU Could Steal Your Ideas at Any Time
  233. Video Games EA Sports settles suits, thousands of players eligible for money
  234. Movies and TV Samuel L. Jackson Is Having a Bad Day
  235. Video Games I need steam friends!
  236. Misc Making Col Sanders BLEED!
  237. Movies and TV Rush
  238. Computers What web browser you use & Why ?
  239. Video Games ***Official GTA 5 ONLINE THREAD***
  240. Video Games PS3 help
  241. Video Games Planetary Annihilation (Supreme Commander guys)
  242. Movies and TV The Simpsons Plan to Kill!
  243. Music Sleigh Bells
  244. Movies and TV Casey Kasem Being Held Hostage By Wife?
  245. Video Games NBA Jam was rigged.
  246. Movies and TV Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2013)
  247. Computers Cheap computer combos
  248. Movies and TV Better Call Saul
  250. Electronics iPhone 4 quit