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  1. Electronics Plasma vs LCD?
  2. Video Games Good Old Games(GoG.com) sympathizes with furloughed workers, offers free games
  3. Music Possibly the Worst Guitar Solo Ever Publicly Performed?
  4. Computers How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus
  5. Movies and TV Canceled: We Are Men
  6. Music Remember Vixen? Bad news... Jan
  7. Computers Google Chrome not responding
  8. Movies and TV 10 funniest airplane parodies - Pilots & Flight Attendants
  9. Computers Need help with strange pc issue
  10. Movies and TV -- The Other 130 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
  11. Music A song inspired by ChiefsPlanet
  12. Computers quicken installation question
  13. Poop 5 of the Weirdest Apps in the World
  14. Poop The scariest/weirdist stuff on the internet.
  15. Computers The retaliation begins: Google profiles get Schmidt-faced
  16. Electronics Phone Repair
  17. Electronics Buying a Digital Camera
  18. Music So I built some subwoofers
  19. Computers purchased downloads
  20. Movies and TV Trailer for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel
  21. Music Happy Birthday Chuck Berry
  22. Movies and TV Mike Meyers... "Yeah, Baby...."
  23. Electronics Burning videos to a DVD ? Need some help here.
  24. Electronics Ringones
  25. Video Games Clicking Bad (Like Cookie Clicker, but Meth)
  26. Music I think I need to see the doctor - The Iron Maidens
  27. Movies and TV LNMCBS: Which SciFi shows deserve a reboot?
  28. Video Games Star Citizen
  29. Computers mobile app for chiefsplanet?
  30. Movies and TV MDBS: Rebooting Sliders
  31. Video Games Last of us......or GTA?
  32. Video Games Batman: Arkham Origins
  33. Favorite T-Pain song
  34. GI JOE episodio favorito
  35. Movies and TV Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich Will Lead Expendabelles
  36. Movies and TV Another zombie show: The Returned
  37. Electronics missing contacts on iphone
  38. Movies and TV Alien Anthology on bluray. 6 discs. $20
  39. ChiefsPlanet Weird Hamas quote stuff
  40. Movies and TV I didn't know they were related... or married.
  41. Movies and TV Official waste of space but I have to document thread
  42. Video Games 11 things we learned from Valve’s latest Steam Machine PR push
  43. Movies and TV Hostages
  44. Movies and TV History Channel to remake "Roots"
  45. Music Just switched to Note III
  46. Music Happy Birthday Art Garfunkel!
  47. Movies and TV Michael J Fox show
  48. Movies and TV Beetlejuice2
  49. Video Games What? No "Call of Duty Ghosts" thread?
  50. Movies and TV Raid 2 trailer
  51. Movies and TV Paging Sarah Connor: Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson to Test for 'Terminator' Reboot
  52. Movies and TV Terminator Anthology Blu-ray 19.99
  53. Computers Mechanical Keyboards
  54. Movies and TV ***Now you see me***
  55. Video Games Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft
  56. Video Games Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor
  57. Video Games Fallout 4?
  58. Movies and TV Andy Kaufman is alive and well...
  59. Movies and TV CBS-Intelligence Is a lot like Chuck.
  60. Video Games Humble Bundle WB Collection
  61. Poop No 2013 Black Friday thread?
  62. Computers Just got Comcast broadband and...
  63. Computers Can't watch videos on NFL.com
  64. Electronics Apple to Android help!!
  65. Movies and TV Noah (2014)
  66. Computers Before I take my desktop for repair...
  67. Electronics FreedomPop
  68. Movies and TV It's a Wonderful Life ... to get a SEQUEL!?!?!
  69. Music Selling old vinyl records
  70. Video Games Beyond: Two Souls
  71. Electronics New cell phone battery?
  72. Movies and TV Monty Python Getting Back Together Again!
  73. Video Games Thinking about selling my PS3
  74. Movies and TV Schwarzenegger....Sabotage trailer
  75. Electronics Coin - Credit Card Consolidation
  76. Video Games The Stanley Parable
  77. Movies and TV Amazon....Betas
  78. Video Games ****Official Pc vs Console thread****
  79. Computers Help building my first gaming rig
  80. Movies and TV Casting changes
  81. Electronics Panasonic Plasmas?
  82. Movies and TV Warner considering blu-ray remaster of B5
  83. Music Real Life School Of Rock? (Aaron Okeefe)
  84. Computers Desktop Computers
  85. Electronics Anyone have a 3DS xl?
  86. Movies and TV Frank Darabont's "Mob City"
  87. Video Games Steam black friday sales
  88. Video Games **** Official PS4 Discussion Thread ****
  89. Computers Crazy Long Start Up Time
  90. Computers ****Official PC and Steam Thread****
  91. Video Games Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  92. Video Games **** The Official XBox One Discussion Thread ****
  93. Video Games Pokemon X or Y anyone?
  94. Computers Ok iPad help
  95. Movies and TV Same old question(again) LCD vs LED
  96. Video Games WtF is Risk of Rain...
  97. Computers WTF -- Tumblr question.
  98. Computers So going to Germany soon...laptop stuff
  99. Movies and TV AMC 2014: Turn
  100. Electronics Selling a pair of speakers
  101. Video Games Alan Wake
  102. Movies and TV Anybody looking for a new TV?
  103. Video Games WTF is Defiance...
  104. Books The comic book market is over saturated
  105. Computers Transfering Applications from Mac-Mac
  106. Computers need chrome help
  107. Movies and TV Disney takes control of Indiana Jones franchise
  108. Computers Nvidia bundle
  109. ChiefsPlanet P**** in KC tonight
  110. Movies and TV Scandal, is it worth watching?
  111. Movies and TV A Young Bruce Wayne Will Be Featured on Batman TV Series Gotham
  112. Video Games Path of Exile
  113. Video Games Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
  114. Movies and TV Anyone Watching the Discovery Channel tonight?
  115. Computers Favorite Vine Videos
  116. Movies and TV Bad Words ( Jason Bateman)
  117. Movies and TV Jupiter Ascending
  118. Computers Network Speeds
  119. Computers Mac Iphoto Issues
  120. Music Suggestions for high school appropriate warm up music
  121. Movies and TV HBO Go
  122. Movies and TV Edge of Tomorrow
  123. Music The Ramones Wanna Pie Chart
  124. Computers LAPTOP: Log on issues, can anybody help here ?
  125. Movies and TV The Legend of Hercules
  126. Movies and TV A Fantastic Fear Of Everything (2014)
  127. Movies and TV Help With A Movie.
  128. Electronics Kindle Fire Shopping Help
  129. Movies and TV Disney and the Indiana Jones Franchise
  130. Movies and TV Interstellar Trailer - Christopher Nolan
  131. Movies and TV 22 Jump Street
  132. Electronics Livescribe Smartpens. Anyone Used Them?
  133. Movies and TV Lone Survivor
  134. Movies and TV PlayOn Browser Extension
  135. Movies and TV Welcome to Yesterday
  136. Video Games Zelda - Hyrule Warriors announced
  137. Electronics Landline Alternatives
  138. Video Games PS Vita
  139. Video Games Nintendo 3DS XL?
  140. Movies and TV Transcendence (2014)
  141. Movies and TV Saturday Morning Humbug - Reboot news
  142. Movies and TV Gift Idea for that SW nerd on your list
  143. Video Games WTF Is... : Droid Assault ?
  144. Movies and TV SNL 12/21/13, Jimmy Fallon
  145. Music ***2013 Edition of Reaper's Favorite Albums of the Year***
  146. Electronics Jynxbox Android HD/XBMC questions.
  147. Movies and TV Streaming
  148. Music Shit I Liked This Year
  149. Music The Worst Music Review Ever
  150. Movies and TV Million Dollar Arm
  151. Electronics Soundbars?
  152. Electronics Top 3 Apps for phone/tablet
  153. Computers pc question
  154. Computers Computer help (boots for a few secs. and then nothing)
  155. Music Spotify. Anyone subscribe?
  156. Movies and TV HBO's Getting On
  157. Electronics Generic Cables and Apple?
  158. Music PIPS!
  159. Computers Routers for HD Streaming
  160. Movies and TV Green Acres est l'endroit qu'il vous faut!
  161. Electronics Dell Venue 8 Pro Review - Full Blown Windows 8.1 Tablet
  162. Movies and TV *The NEW Movies Thread*
  163. Movies and TV 2013: Great Moments in Electronic Journalism
  164. Movies and TV 65 Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies to Watch Out for in 2014
  165. Music NY Musical: "The Fartiste!"
  166. Movies and TV Justified
  167. Movies and TV Whats Your Favorite Chromecast App...
  168. Video Games Game Development in KC?
  169. Computers MacBook Pro or PC for work?
  170. Electronics Best phone/plan for a family member
  171. Books Audio Books
  172. Movies and TV Anyone else watch Chicago PD premier tonight
  173. Movies and TV Ninja Turtles Spoof (Hilarious)
  174. Movies and TV I, Frankenstein.
  175. Movies and TV 2 Guns
  176. Movies and TV Tony Soprano's House Google Maps
  177. Movies and TV Boba Fett
  178. Movies and TV Gerard Butler in Talks for 'Point Break' Remake
  179. Music They're baaaaack
  180. Music CP Musicians?
  181. Movies and TV What "Classic" Movies Have You Never Seen?
  182. Movies and TV The Curse of Oak Island
  183. Movies and TV XBMC and DVD Ripping
  184. Electronics Google Buys Nest
  185. Movies and TV A Haunted House 2 (2014)
  186. Electronics Tivo Premiere - is it worth it
  187. Movies and TV Bought 9 movies for the collection last night
  188. Music Rockfest 2013 on AXS TV.
  189. Music What if KISS worked at Wal-Mart?
  190. Electronics Verizon
  191. Movies and TV Considering getting HBO
  192. Electronics Android Gbox Midnight MX2
  193. Movies and TV Showtime: Penny Dreadful
  194. Movies and TV Blu-Ray.com
  195. Music Top 5 Billy Gibbons Guitar Solos
  196. Movies and TV New ''Fargo'' series coming to FX- starring Saul Goodman, Slingblade, & Watson
  197. Computers Parental Controls.
  198. Music Gorillaz
  199. Movies and TV Her
  200. Computers God Fuck You, Biostar
  201. Music Bands you wish everyone else knew about.
  202. Movies and TV Son of Batman Trailer
  203. Movies and TV The Following
  204. Movies and TV CBS: Extant
  205. Movies and TV Resurrection ABC
  206. Misc Phish fans rallying behind Seahawks
  207. Movies and TV Avengers Confidential Black Widow And Punisher Trailer
  208. Computers Firefox v27.0
  209. Movies and TV Television WTF?
  210. Electronics anybody old tube technology hobbyists here?
  211. Movies and TV The Dumb and Dumber sequel is really happening
  212. Movies and TV Austin Powers 4
  213. Computers Free Video Editing Software Hitfilm2
  214. Music Happy Birthday Steve Perry!
  215. Video Games March Madness (College Hoops) Mod for NBA 2K14
  216. Movies and TV LA street cred
  217. Other Games Need some help with getting things done apps
  218. Movies and TV ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot Signs Three-Picture Deal with Warner Bros.
  219. Electronics Asus Transformer Book Duet
  220. Computers Music file transfer help needed badly
  221. Music Megadeth > Metallica
  222. Video Games Microsoft buys GOW franchise
  223. Music What 3 artists?
  224. Computers laptop is this any good
  225. Computers Google buys a brain
  226. Music One thing struck early on at the Grammys
  227. Music Trent Reznor Gives a Big Heartfelt Fuck You to the Grammy Awards
  228. Movies and TV Zero Theorem - Directed by Terry Gilliam
  229. Computers outlook express mail settings
  230. Computers *****The Official PC Gaming Thread*****
  231. Movies and TV A Million Ways To Die In The West
  232. Video Games Troubleshooting: XBox Lasers and Rates of Failure
  233. Electronics Hamas' Electronic Bullfuck Failure of the Week
  234. Movies and TV Seinfeld One off?
  235. Movies and TV Looks Like The New Conan Is A Go
  236. Movies and TV Bad Words Trailer
  237. Movies and TV Hannibal Season 2 trailer
  238. Music Shattered Knee: My Newly Started Music Blog
  239. Movies and TV Olathe 30 closed today for private event
  240. Music Molitoth's Music Repository
  241. Music Any CP guitar players use Line 6?
  242. Movies and TV X-Men: Days of Future Past
  243. Movies and TV Paraphrase the Catchphrase - Inspired by Hollywood Game Night
  244. Music Home Studio - Home Audio Recording
  245. Music Anybody have a preferred site for guitar tabs?
  246. Computers HP Pavilion Fan Error
  247. Electronics AV Receiver
  248. Movies and TV The Lego Movie
  249. Video Games Evolve (PC/PS4/XBox One - Fall 2014)
  250. Movies and TV Black Sails on Starz