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  1. Dear Seattle Public schools, ...
  2. Federal Judge refuses to have Terry Shiaivo's feeding tube reinserted
  3. Terry Shiaivo. I'm not sure how I feel about all of it.
  4. Terry Schiavo Timeline
  5. Adding fuel to the flame
  6. The Daily Show on Terri Shiavo
  7. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals panel: Appeal to Reconnected Tube Denied
  8. Just think, 150 years ago we were as tough as Iraqis are today...
  9. Capitol bill aims to control ‘leftist’ profs
  10. 85 militants killed in U.S. raid in Iraq
  11. Full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Denies En Banc Review
  12. PVS? Dumbass Didn't Know He Wasn't Able to Recover - From KC Star
  13. So, we are comfortable with Judges making life and death decisions?
  14. Now, this is REAly funny!
  15. U.S. Supreme Court rejects Schiavo parents' appeal
  16. Hugely ironic twist in Schiavo case
  17. Irony
  18. This supports my theory about Terri Schiavo:
  19. Terry Schiavo as Jesus Christ
  20. Where was the Legislature and Governor of SD?
  21. Bush On the Wrong Side Again
  22. "This isn't the personal family tragedy it should be — it's a national reality show"
  23. America by the Numbers - No. 1?
  24. Has anyone heard of this movie?
  25. So what happens when the US dollar completely tanks?
  26. Another Judges Says NO to Schiavo
  27. "The Shiavo feeding tube will soon be removed from the Cable TV News Networks."
  28. Lawyers: Why is Scalia Wrong? Seriously.
  29. USA TODAY: How the Schiavo Case Came To Be (Interesting For Those Who Care)
  30. Families of patients at TS's hospice growing tired of it all
  31. Iraq's insurgents ‘seek exit strategy'
  32. This kid's parents should be f**king ashamed
  33. Is it just me or are sex offenders killing their victim faster?
  34. Corporate President Bush hits a new low in polls!
  35. US Army won't prosecute 17 soldiers
  36. President's W's Easter Message
  37. Conservatives Steamed by New Starbucks Cups
  38. Florida Showdown between state and local police narrowly averted over Schiavo?
  39. All the Terry Schiavo protestors at the Hospice should be proud of themselves...
  40. Those Wacky Extremeists
  41. JMM on Shiavo...
  42. Schiavo protesters trying to ruin the sanctity of marriage!
  43. Happy Easter
  44. Denver Chief's avatar
  45. Great article about political bias in journalism. Each regular DC poster should read.
  46. DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads
  47. Schindler's Lawyers Can't Seem to Keep it Straight
  48. Quick someone pass a constitutional amendment!!!
  49. Student activists say marijuana safer than alcohol, push for referendum
  50. Schaivo denied final communion & Catholic burial by her "loving" husband.
  51. Watched "Supersize me" this weekend
  52. Maybe we could trade Randall Terry's life for Terri Schiavo's
  53. Blair in Hot Water if ICC rules Iraq War "Illegal"
  54. massive earthquake in indonesia...
  55. Boy’s limbs reattached after freak accident
  56. A Question for the Religious Folk
  57. Time to overturn Roe v. Wade?
  58. Terri Shiavo died last night!!!
  59. Woman suing Wendi's over finger chili...do you consider this lawsuit frivolous?
  60. Husband and parents both agree to autopsy
  61. Do we really need a minimum wage?
  62. Jackass, er, Johnnie Cochran DEAD!
  63. Wow. This is going to be interesting....
  64. You decide for Denverchief
  65. Colorado Court Bars Execution Because Jurors Consulted Bible
  66. College Profs WAAYY Liberal...duh!
  67. Congress on removing feeding tubes without documentation:
  68. Coulter at KU
  69. Washington Supreme Court and the estate tax
  70. GOP is political arm of religious right.
  71. If your mother was in the same condition as Terry Shiavo what would you do?
  72. Anyone care about the Pope?
  73. Terri Schiavo dead.
  74. Schiavo dead...
  75. Schiavo feeding tube just removed
  76. U.S. Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter in Court-Martial
  77. AA Turns 1. HBO Documentary sounds decent.
  78. U.S. Intelligence 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq
  79. John Spring for Mayor
  80. Michael Jackson
  81. OMFG. New South Park Episope Summary
  82. Hanoi Jane finally apologizes sort of.........
  83. This sums up the whole argument
  84. Delay Calls For Impeachment Of Judges In Schiavo Case?
  85. Recommended Reading: American Soldier, by General Tommy Franks
  86. A thread devoid of Terri Schiavo
  87. Christianity a religion, Islam is more, it's a "way of life"
  88. Berger Admits He Used Scissors To Cut Up Clinton Terror Response Docs
  89. More good Iraq news...Sunni clerics urge followers to join police and army.
  90. Praying for the pope
  91. Pope is Dead
  92. Need any more proof that Terri Schiavos parents are nutjobs?
  93. FBI Finds Explosives in Nichols' Old Home
  94. Pope NOT dead
  95. Don't trash talk the pope or you'll burn in fiery pits of hell
  96. Do you believe the Pope is going to Heaven or Hell?
  97. "Curveball"
  98. NBC says Pope's legacy one of divisiveness..over GAYS.
  99. Insurgents attack Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison
  100. Excellent blog on Iraq by soldier.
  101. Tying together a couple of discussions of recent vintage
  102. Ann blasts one out of the park.
  103. Catholics (and others): what kind of a pope do we need?
  104. Kids in school today are going to be a bunch of worthless pu**ies.
  105. Minuteman Project nabs first illegals before it even officially begins
  106. Top Taliban Commander surrenders in Helmand
  107. the insurgency in afghanistan
  108. Soldier killed in Iraq receives Medal of Honor
  109. History of Gov't Waste on Coast2Coast tonight.
  110. Bush now calling pitbulls weapons of mass destruction? WTF
  111. Repubs want to clean up cable
  112. Gay Marriage vs. Cousin Marriage: Different?
  113. Illegal Immigrants Contribute to Social Security (!)
  114. Read 'em and Weep Libertarians
  115. ABC News: Peter Jennings Has Lung Cancer
  116. Wow... San Francisco politicians going after blogs...
  117. DeLay Strikes Again (More Potential Ethics Problems)
  118. Another "allegedly fake" document?
  119. A bit of news.
  120. "Make My Day" Law now goes anywhere
  121. That was the wrong ballot to "misplace"
  122. Saddam Sees Kurd Elected As President
  123. This year's pork barrel winners.
  124. Was Jesus Black?
  125. More Josh Marshall on the Shaivo Case...
  126. Evolutionists Boycott Kansas Hearings.
  127. If you were president...
  128. Republican Mullahs quote Stalin's death threat with approval
  129. Al-Qaida sought nuke, IAEA chief says
  130. China to India: "Let's join forces on IT"
  131. And the schizm begins...
  132. iraqi president predicts U.S. exit in two years
  133. An education plan that we should all be able to agree on
  134. Would a Pope from Africa result in..........
  135. Kerry's Latest Reason For Losing...
  136. How are these guys different from the Taliban?
  137. Unitarian Jihad takes over...
  138. Politics: Bush's Energy Plan—Start Talking
  139. SURPRISE!
  140. Migrant Workers (illegals)...keep em or boot em?
  141. Did Kerry Blow An Undercover CIA Agent's Cover Yesterday?
  142. Some Statistics on Democrats Blocking Judicial Nominees Via Filibuster
  143. Your all Sheep.
  144. Rep. Ron Paul's latest: "Theology, Not Politics"
  145. The Pope murdered/suicide?
  146. Wal-Mart Goes Green
  147. "Global Cooling" scare: Newsweek, 4-28-1975
  148. This in on the FRONT page of the paper? Racism in bars??
  149. Ok, let's take a roll call and see who's left on the Planet
  150. DeAHoleLay Apologizes, But Then Reaffirms that He Doesn't Understand Our Constitution
  151. UPI: Chirac Tells French That 'No' Vote On EU Constitution Benefits U.S.
  152. Kofi Annan Blames the Oil-For-Food Scandal On...the US and Britain!
  153. Oregon court voids same-sex marriage licenses
  154. RINGLEADER & DRUDGE falsely reported Kerry "blowing" cover?
  155. Is it humor? Is it politics? Is it too soon? It's The Onion.
  156. DIJA has gone down 900 points in six weeks.
  157. Delay does this bad, dem does it ok......
  158. Dean Says Dems Will Make Schiavo Case An Election Issue
  159. LOL...Whitehouse kills terrorism report instead of trying to fudge the numbers again
  160. hr1440
  161. Gun control: Yes or no?
  162. You Judge: Amazing Media Bias Or Ignorance Of the Facts At (Not Surprisingly) CBS
  163. Here's an interesting perspective on the filibuster war
  164. Iraq car bomb kills American anti-war activist.
  165. Ted Nugent to Fellow NRAers: Get Hardcore
  166. Death Penalty
  167. Will someone please stick a gas rag down Anne Coulter's throat...
  168. Bush caught lying again...
  169. Interview with Brian Schweitzer, DNC gov of Montana
  170. New Pope Selected
  171. Bush to Sign Rewrite of Bankruptcy Code
  172. petition to make the RIAA sue president Bush??
  173. False Rape Claim Hurts Real Victims
  174. KC Man Arrested For Spitting On Jane Fonda... LOL
  175. Tom Delay's political feeding tube needs removed.........
  176. House OK's ANWR drilling.
  177. RWNJ's planning to bring down American Democracy as we know it...
  178. Article - "We are the generation of debt"
  179. Soros Foundation Given $30 Million by US Government
  180. New Missouri Cell Phone Only Tax...
  181. The gayest thing I've ever seen a president do...
  182. After all this time, I still hate Elvis Costello.
  183. Thomas Jefferson did he go to hell?
  184. Final Report: No WMDS in Iraq...Bush to be impeached
  185. Would a person be justified in saying...
  186. Partial Birth Abortion...
  187. Is W. Trying to Tell Us Something?
  188. Bush to unveil new energy proposals
  190. Why Do Dems Fear Voluntary Private Social Security Accounts
  191. Center for Gender Equity makes some more equal than others
  192. Republicans to Stem Their Bleeding on DeLay's Ethics Issues
  193. new law ... 3 years in jail per movie for copiers
  194. The most ridiculously skewed article I have ever read
  195. har har har remember Project school yard?
  196. Tenet says he regrets 'slam dunk' comment
  197. Parental consent abortion bill goes to Senate.
  198. Chalabi named Interim Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Oil for Iraq
  199. "Freeze the media day"
  200. FCC jacking with HDTV signal?
  201. Could the White House Press Corps be a little more biased?
  202. Emanuel Cleaver: Kids Can't Get Pierced, But Abortions are OK Without Parent Consent
  203. So am I the only one pissed about the new Socialist Insecurity means testing?
  204. Schwarzenegger praises Minuteman
  205. Indiana passes daylight-saving time bill
  206. Colorado Agrees To Pay Kansas $34.7 Million
  207. Maher punts on income tax issue - reinforces my thesis
  208. Republicans care about Iraq thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much
  209. Mission Accomplished: the 2nd anniversary...
  210. Federal Government Receipts and Expenditures
  211. Ray Allen..
  212. DeLay's Going to be Hung Out to Dry?
  213. RoHS, what do you know about it?
  214. Cooperation is a One Way Street
  215. Apparently some of our fellow right-wingers were born without a sense of humor
  216. Annan seeks Iranian restraint, U.S.-Russian nuclear cutbacks
  217. N.Korea tests new missile.
  218. Italy hits back over agent's death
  219. Chirac fights for EU 'yes' vote
  220. Iran and UK in row over airport
  221. Greed...
  222. Fla. Judge OKs Abortion for 13-Year-Old
  223. Letter recovered in Iraq hints at low insurgent morale
  224. Maher cleared
  225. Ahh-nold impersonator too good
  226. oops...Hillary fundraising is being exposed
  227. #3 Al Qaeda leader captured
  228. Poll:Now that the #3 AQ leader is captured...is torture an option?
  229. Paper: Army knew cause of Tillman's death early
  230. Another Israeli Spy Caught in US
  231. Judges - Is it Perception, or is it Fact?
  232. Texas to Cheerleads -- No Shakin' It...
  233. Homeland Security Won't Report to Congress, So House Whacks Their Budget by $500M
  234. Coulter gets heckled....again.
  235. Murdered girl in KC identified
  236. Fed bans gays from donating sperm
  237. What a real town meeting should be like
  238. Terror Suspect Gets Invitation To Have Dinner With President
  239. Bush, Blair Re-Elected, But LWNJs Persist...
  240. Proof that We were Duped into War?
  241. Church tax exempt question????
  242. Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy
  243. Interesting Series on NPR
  244. This lib wants to destroy Socialist Insecurity...
  245. Is there a "Media Matters" for the right?
  246. The Fog of War
  247. Holy Church of the Chiefs Planet
  248. Give Hagel some credit
  249. Detroit Ponders Fast-Food Tax
  250. Ooops, US Troops, Kick Mucho Ass