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  1. Nat'l Security Dont Tread On Me Contributor Brandon Raub Arrested By FBI For Facebook Posts
  2. U.S. Issues Worst Congress Ever?
  3. Economics Skilled Work, Without the Worker
  4. Local PETA vs. the Kansas State Fair
  5. General Politics Iraq Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions
  6. Local Todd Akin: Victims of "legitimate rape" don't get pregnant
  7. Media News Week Obama has to go
  8. Economics People on public assistance commit majority of tax refund fraud, police say
  9. Obama Peter Boyles - Columbia Grad Wayne Allan Root discusses Obama
  10. Elections 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA
  11. Elections If I lived in South Dakota....
  12. Misc Gerald Molen, producer of "Schindler's List", produces "2016: Obama's America"
  13. Obama Peter Boyles - Joe Klein's book "Lethal Engagement" discusses...
  14. Obama Reminiscing about Hope and Change
  15. U.S. Issues Ben Stein Quote...just love this
  16. Elections Priebus: GOP platform 'not the platform of Mitt Romney'
  17. General Politics ObamaCare fighting Medicare fraud
  18. Int'l Issues Predict When Israel Strikes Iran
  19. U.S. Issues SIAP: "If I wanted America to fail"
  20. U.S. Issues Any of you NeoCons going to the convention?
  21. Nat'l Security Drones Coming To Police Forces
  22. Int'l Issues Isn't this ticket the least experienced on foreign policy/nat't security we've seen?
  23. Economics What tax rate do you think Romney should pay?
  24. Int'l Issues The Afghan Conflict: Americas Forgotten War
  25. Obama Peter Boyles - Joel Gilbert film "Dreams from my REAL Father"Part III discusses....
  26. Obama Obama loves you OIHO!
  27. Int'l Issues Iran's supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on West
  28. U.S. Issues You didn't do shit Republicans....lol
  29. Obama Caption this photo
  30. Local I've gotta give credit to Sam Brownback
  31. General Politics What would it take to sway your vote?
  32. Int'l Issues Syria Terrorists Being Paid $700 Per Head To Decapitate Government Soldiers
  33. Legal Robbed MF Global Clients Pursue Criminal Charges In All 50 States
  34. Economics "I assume Mitt Romney’s budget is a fantasy and it’s never going to happen."
  35. Economics The "Beveridge Curve" predicts unemployment to recover by 2014.
  36. Obama Peter Boyles - New Info about Barry's SSN #-Susan Daniels explains...
  37. Elections Al Gore Was Right...
  38. Elections Romney says US energy independence is achievable
  39. U.S. Issues Bad news Barack: Electoral College computer model that's correctly predicted presid
  40. Economics Obama policy could put solar 'poster boy' out of business
  41. General Politics Texas Judge goes full Sportsshrink
  42. U.S. Issues I think I'll Read This Book If It Gets Published
  43. Elections Figured out how these Lefties are keeping these poll numbers tight for OMarxist...
  44. Media Rock Center with Brian Williams Doing a Hatchet Job on Mormonism...
  45. Is fox news just stupid
  46. Economics Private Equity: A Government Sponsored Enterprise
  47. Elections Romney raising money from traditionally Democratic cities as he outpaces Obama’s fund
  48. Elections Romney has made gains in all 11 swing states over the past few weeks
  49. Obama President Infanticide
  50. U.S. Issues Washington, You're Fired!
  51. Poop Romney going all Trump
  52. Obama Hopey McChange Retrospective
  53. Obama Obama has millions of fake Twitter followers
  54. General Politics Romney Needs Approx 67.9% Of Undecideds Per Battleground State For Electoral Victory
  55. Didn't get to see the game..
  56. Economics Federal Reserve researchers find 1/3 of the unemployment rate is driven by...
  57. Environment The "Official" Hurricane Issac thread
  58. Elections Mitt Romney: Big Business ‘Doing Fine’ After Criticizing Obama for Similar Remark
  59. ChiefsPlanet KCNative's "context" excuse...
  60. U.S. Issues SPLC hijacks DOJ and DHS
  61. Education Kansas State Test Gains don't match ACT numbers...why not?
  62. Religion Creation Seminar 1 - Kent Hovind - Age of the Earth
  63. General Politics Ron Paul would have prevented 9/11
  64. Int'l Issues Wow, that's some bloody party!
  65. Elections Justice Dept. Monitoring Elections in AZ
  66. Nat'l Security TSA, DHS Order 1,400 Pounds of High Powered Explosives Set to Deliver August 31
  67. Environment The Shocking Second HIV Epidemic Among U.S. Gay Men
  68. Economics The Republican Platform, Leaked
  69. Obama This is Bob, and Bob is a racist !
  70. Economics Five Things Government Does Better Than You Do
  71. Elections Not Racist, But #1 With Racists
  72. Elections God Bless Pat Paulsen
  73. Elections ****Official RNC Thread****
  74. General Politics Survivor star Rupert Boneham apparently doesn't watch Royals baseball
  75. General Politics MSNBC cuts speeches made by minorities from RNC coverage
  76. Elections This pic from the RNC sums up what Romney et al plan on doing to America
  77. U.S. Issues Coal miners forced to attend Romney rally?
  78. Int'l Issues SEAL Book Says Bin Laden Was Unarmed, Killed Outside His Bedroom
  79. U.S. Issues Another gem from the Right's overlord.
  80. U.S. Issues GOP convention-goers throw nuts at black camerawoman: 'This is how we feed animals!'
  81. Obama President Obama - Ask Me Anything on Reddit
  82. General Politics What are Republicans?
  83. Media Alright, Which one of you just made it on The Daily Show???
  84. Elections The ideological differences between Barkey and Romney
  85. U.S. Issues Cows genetically modified to improve flavour
  86. Elections Ryan carves up Barkey
  87. Nat'l Security Iran doubles underground nuclear capacity -UN agency
  88. Nat'l Security Armed bystander stops stabbing outside school
  89. Environment Fuck Earth!
  90. Economics Barack Obama Is Driving Americans Away From Liberalism
  91. Elections The Unseen Class War That Could Decide The Presidential Election
  92. Elections Obama versus Romney, circa 1979
  93. Elections Who do you side with?
  94. General Politics The Fraud of Family Values
  95. General Politics Sportsshrink arrested for threatening to murder liberal girlfriend
  96. Religion Why people laugh at Creationists
  98. Elections "this election is about your future, not his" -Marco Rubio
  99. Economics EPA Funnels American Taxpayer Money to Communist Chinese
  100. Elections Paul Ryan Lied About Being Good At Marathons
  101. General Politics Poll: Was Clint Eastwood's Speech A Positive or Negative For Romney?
  102. Elections Calling your shot, who will win the Election?
  103. General Politics Politifact: Pants on Fire
  104. Legal "Green Light Special"
  105. Elections The Laughable Democratic Response to Paul Ryan
  106. Nat'l Security Ga. murder case uncovers terror plot
  107. General Politics How many here did not watch the RNC?
  108. Elections Speaking of voting - Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
  110. Elections ROn Paul Might Run 3rd Party
  111. U.S. Issues Anybody heard from Mikey 23545?
  112. Elections Third party candidates hurt the opponent farthest from them
  113. Obama With landmark lawsuit, Barack Obama pushed banks to give subprime loans to Chicago’s
  114. Elections Group says it found 30,000 dead North Carolinians registered to vote
  115. U.S. Issues Try this election quiz and see where you stand and who you should support
  116. General Politics You Betcha America is better off than 4 years ago
  117. Elections Why in the hell should anyone vote for Obama?
  118. Religion Democrats require photo ID to enter convention
  119. Elections ****Official DNC Thread****
  120. Economics Labor Day, Income & The Middle Class
  121. Int'l Issues Everything You Think You Know About China Is Wrong
  122. U.S. Issues Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser
  123. Obama The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 15 percent of all blacks were unemployed
  124. General Politics So who will be the GOP's Chief Buffoon in 2016?
  125. ChiefsPlanet The conversation discourse in D.C. should be better.
  126. Misc Judge Orders Prisoner be Provided With Sex Change at Taxpayer's Expense
  127. U.S. Issues Hospital Overcharge Really Stings
  128. U.S. Issues DNC Video: "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To"
  129. Elections If Romney wins, who would the Dems trot out in 2016?
  130. U.S. Issues Definition of a Hero?
  131. General Politics Obama and Michelle Lost Their Law Licenses
  132. U.S. Issues New vlogcast
  133. General Politics Romney still hollow on abortion as he's ever been.
  134. Economics Those Welfare Reforms? Congress-bound.
  135. General Politics Shocking Number - 85.5 Percent!!
  136. Elections Hackers claim to have Romney's tax returns.
  137. U.S. Issues Dear dems
  138. General Politics Democratics amend platform to include God, despite delegates negative reaction
  139. General Politics Op-How much will big dog Clinton ignore his own legacy tonight?
  140. General Politics Debbie Wasserman Schultz is bat shit nuts
  141. Obama About 86 million
  142. U.S. Issues Cover of National Review's Convention Issue
  143. Elections Clinton: Wow
  144. Economics The Romney Tax Plan
  145. Elections "The Beave": Rev Cleaver Goes Revivalist at DNC
  146. U.S. Issues Report: US health care system wastes $750B a year
  147. General Politics Frogs hopping out of the wheelbarrow all over the country
  148. General Politics Boyfriend
  149. Obama Caption this pic
  150. General Politics Why are republican Governors screwing the private sector in their states?
  151. General Politics Peter Schiff: "Tax Or Ban 100% of Profits? Make Them Pay".
  152. Economics Because of Dodd Frank, Big Banks might not have to break up.
  153. Economics How Do You Grow the Economy From the Middle Out
  154. U.S. Issues I know, this is another Bush legacy, Food stamp enrollment hits all time high
  155. Economics Unemployment Down! ...but for the wrong reasons
  156. Obama Mr. Scam Man
  157. Elections I'm pretty sure this is actually the most important election in my lifetime.
  158. U.S. Issues Interesting article about the battle against public employee unions in California
  159. Obama The hypocrisy on the Auto Bailouts
  160. General Politics GOP hates American freedoms
  161. General Politics Moonbat John Lewis is at it again
  162. Economics Why should we give tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas?
  163. Elections A Nation of Sandra Flukes
  164. General Politics Obama Puts Alinsky Rule 5 On Full Display
  165. General Politics Former GOP Senator's blistering attack on House republicans-RESIGN FOR SAKE OF NATION
  166. General Politics Proposal to name Sewage Plant after Bush, what kind of building should bear Romney's
  167. U.S. Issues Serious question about Abortion and Gay Marriage
  168. Economics Zuckerman: Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look
  169. General Politics You?/Me?/We? built what now?!?!?
  170. General Politics Obama Gets 4-7 Point Bounce From Convention
  171. General Politics January 3rd, 2007
  172. Economics Housing arsonist portrayed by DNC propagandists as rescueing fireman
  173. General Politics The Grover Norquist Blackmail pledge - America's Cancer destroying GOP Brains
  174. Obama Obama Chicago Thugs are Thugging the Polls as.....
  175. Education The future... may be women.
  176. Education Chicago Bled Dry by Striking Teachers’ Unions
  177. Education What exactly would good teacher reform look like?
  178. Economics A pretty detailed assessment of the Recovery Act's success.
  179. Misc Insight: GM's Volt - The ugly math of low sales, high costs
  180. Obama Obama: Three Proud Words!
  181. General Politics Romney killed Bin Laden
  182. Poop Stay Classy Republicans
  183. Elections My favorite thing of this election so far...
  184. Nat'l Security Florida's voter purge to locate voter purge...
  185. Religion Republicans went full GENIUS!
  186. Media Jon Stewart DNC Acceptance and Inclusion
  187. Nat'l Security First military study out on DADT repeal's effect on military.
  188. Elections Go on record: how would you interpret an Obama victory in Nov? A Romney victory?
  189. Poop W didn't care about Osama
  190. Int'l Issues Protesters storm U.S. Embassy in Cairo
  191. Obama Obama Hits New Low: Stop Eating Dinner, Send Me The Money Instead...
  192. U.S. Issues Wells Fargo Loses ALL Of Family’s Possessions After Wrongfully Foreclosing On Same
  193. Economics Nothing ever changes...
  194. Obama White House Rejects Netanyahu’s Request To Meet With Obama…
  195. Int'l Issues China's VP set to take the reigns -- but has completely vanished.
  196. Media Fox News to actually air correction on graphic that butchered the truth.
  197. U.S. Issues Addelson to recieve $2 Billion tax cut if Romney is elected. $100 million well spent?
  198. Obama Israeli Science Website: Obama BC Forged !
  199. Nat'l Security The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 ~ Paul Craig Roberts
  200. Nat'l Security US Ambassador in Libya Killed
  201. Obama Obama Re-Election Nat'l Co-Chair Frederico Pena a Vulture Capitalist...
  202. Economics So the AIG bailout worked?
  203. General Politics RINOS Republicans and the Tea Party
  204. General Politics US: Torture and Rendition to Gaddafi’s Libya
  205. U.S. Issues The essex Show 13
  206. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles-Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch comments on U.S.Embassy attack in Libya
  207. U.S. Issues Romney likes some aspects of socialist Obamacare, doesn't like paying for it
  208. Obama With enemies like this?
  209. Int'l Issues Clinging to guns and religion
  210. General Politics Those Muslims are barbarians!
  211. Nat'l Security Now they're going crazy in Yemen
  212. General Politics Time to politely tell Israel and Netanyahu to go home and shut up
  213. Do you support changing Columbus Day to Explorers Day?
  214. General Politics Esquire asking the tough questions.
  215. Economics QE to Infinity
  216. Elections 3 Electoral College Members May Pass On Romney
  217. General Politics Who is the bigger Wimp Romney or Ryan?
  218. General Politics NYC ban of humongus soft drinks victory over fatdom
  219. Nat'l Security Mlitary and Diplomatic Report: US Strikes on Iran Would Risk Major War
  220. Int'l Issues If Iran were attacked, what would her response be?
  221. General Politics Romney abandons prayer for fallen diplomats to keep speaking
  222. Religion The Onion mocks every faith NSFW NSFW NSFW
  223. General Politics Kansas considers removing Obama from ballot
  224. General Politics Romney to Receive Intelligence Briefings
  225. General Politics Iran jails people for being Christian
  226. Poop Ok this is funny
  227. Economics Job startups, worse now than during the recession, even.
  228. Elections Do presidential debates matter?
  229. General Politics Romney inspires Ohio State students by telling them to start sandwich shop
  230. General Politics Do you stand by Romney statement he stands by whatever it was he said?
  231. General Politics Who should play Romney in a movie, Gene Hackman or Herman Munster?
  232. Nat'l Security So this is the movie that started all the riots
  233. General Politics Romney's debate prep, should he read My Pet Goat?
  234. U.S. Issues Romey says an average middle class income is $200,000 - $250,000 true or not?
  235. Media Reporters caught on hot mike planning their questions on Romney's "tone"
  236. General Politics How many deaths will Netanyahu call for tomorrow on Meet the Press?
  237. Elections What Citizens United Has Brought
  238. Nat'l Security Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile
  239. Nat'l Security Name That Statement! America's newest, hippest gameshow.
  240. U.S. Issues Not So Fast, Scott Walker...
  241. Nat'l Security Blasphemy against Islam.....
  242. Nat'l Security Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination
  243. Int'l Issues Petro Dollar Going the Way of the Dodo Bird as China Begins Selling Oil Using Yuan
  244. Legal Occupy Protester Accused Of Bank Robbery For Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sign
  245. General Politics GOP Establishment tells Mitt - Be Bold like Bush! Whaaaat?????
  246. General Politics This time Japan gets it!!! What the GOP never will.
  247. General Politics Finally! Finally at least 1 republican who I'm forced to agree with.
  248. General Politics 1992: Israeli member of parliament Netanyahu predicts Iran 3 to 5 yrs nuclear
  249. General Politics Well Misson Accomplished - Netanyahu just threw Romney under the bus
  250. Obama Obama’s foreign policy of reconciliation lies in tatters