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  1. Nat'l Security Blasphemy against Islam.....
  2. Nat'l Security Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination
  3. Int'l Issues Petro Dollar Going the Way of the Dodo Bird as China Begins Selling Oil Using Yuan
  4. Legal Occupy Protester Accused Of Bank Robbery For Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sign
  5. General Politics GOP Establishment tells Mitt - Be Bold like Bush! Whaaaat?????
  6. General Politics This time Japan gets it!!! What the GOP never will.
  7. General Politics Finally! Finally at least 1 republican who I'm forced to agree with.
  8. General Politics 1992: Israeli member of parliament Netanyahu predicts Iran 3 to 5 yrs nuclear
  9. General Politics Well Misson Accomplished - Netanyahu just threw Romney under the bus
  10. Obama Obama’s foreign policy of reconciliation lies in tatters
  11. Poop Jennifer Granholm is curvy and curvacious.
  12. Obama Iranian Regime Threatens to Sue Obama
  13. U.S. Issues Anyone know of this man Terrance Williams on death row?
  14. Int'l Issues Apologizing For America
  15. Int'l Issues Romney takes the discussion to China.
  16. U.S. Issues The Piss Stream Media's fictitious Romney narrative
  17. Economics Public Health Paternalism
  18. Obama Documents being burned as Lebanon joins the list of Obama Successes
  19. Economics Trending towards more robots in the future workforce.
  20. Nat'l Security Obama Administration...Do as I say, not as I do regarding Bin Laden raid
  21. Nat'l Security Libyan Official: We Warned Obama Admin that this would happen
  22. Elections Romney's Chances In November
  23. Elections Romney: 47% of Americans are victims
  24. U.S. Issues This guy gets it ! Too bad all of Americans do not!
  25. Elections At the National Conventions, the Words They Used
  26. Obama Funniest thing I've seen in a long time!
  27. Obama What is the commander in chief gonna do now?
  28. Elections Fighter jets in Democratic convention’s military montage were Turkish, not American
  29. Nat'l Security This movie thing
  30. Elections Romney campaign finger-pointing aims at strategist Stuart Stevens
  31. General Politics He Built It - Romney's House of Cards Reputation
  32. Int'l Issues Raise your hand if you're surprised: Romney trashes the two-state solution in Israel.
  33. General Politics Intrade has Obama at 68% sure win. We have historic campaign collapse
  34. Religion Protester dies after American flag burning goes awry
  35. General Politics National Tracking Polls: Romney +6 in Last Week
  36. General Politics Deficit: Things that drive me insane
  37. General Politics Romney said. "I think people would like to be paying taxes."
  38. Elections Professor makes class sign “Vote for Obama” pledge
  39. Education The crazy world of libdom on campus
  40. U.S. Issues KATT WILLIAMS: Insult Mexicans Coming Over To America NSFW
  41. Religion Iran Cleric Pummeled by ‘Badly Covered’ Woman After Warning
  42. Obama Tax penalty to hit nearly 6M uninsured people
  43. Obama Who is attacking Iran's nuclear program?
  44. Int'l Issues Power supply to Iran's 2 nuclear plants blowed up
  45. U.S. Issues Should the Fed Gov have to follow orders they give others?
  46. U.S. Issues My first show on blogtalk
  47. Elections Peter Boyles-Jack Cashill discuss the 47 % video tape was edited/ BO's SSN #
  48. General Politics et tu, Tim???
  49. General Politics Republicans love veterans
  50. General Politics Unless you are a millionaire, Romney plans on raising your taxes
  51. Poop Free speech?
  52. Environment Chemtrails in KC?
  53. U.S. Issues The REAL Story of the 47% "Moochers"
  54. Religion America becoming more like Europe? I WISH!
  55. Nat'l Security The US military suspends joint operations with Afghan soldiers.
  56. Elections The House of Reps may be up for grabs in November.
  57. Obama Univision grills Oblamo
  58. Elections 3 illegals charged with voter fraud
  59. Elections I found a great article on polling before 2010 midterms
  60. Elections Gallup has it all tied up
  61. Economics Bernanke about to kneecap Americans (again)
  62. Elections Elizabeth Warrned Lied About Being Native American
  63. U.S. Issues Remember when Cleaver had a brain? It seems to be missing...
  64. Nat'l Security Maybe the Muslims can leave us alone now and hate France instead. Haters Gonna Hate..
  65. Economics Damn good read: peernig inside the Treasury's 2008-09 bailouts.
  66. Obama Another day, another Obama gaffe
  67. Elections Unemployment rates rise in some election swing states
  68. Elections Romney goes above and beyond by releasing 2011 tax returns and 20 years of tax data
  69. U.S. Issues Romney's Effective Tax Rate in 2011: 14%
  70. General Politics Romney: It's a complement to be called "The Grandfather Of Obamacare"
  71. Economics Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
  72. General Politics AARP LOVES SOME PAUL RYAN
  73. Nat'l Security The cyber war counter attack by Iran begins on Citi, BOA and JP Morgan Chase
  74. General Politics Rudolph The Red State Reindeer
  75. Obama I made up my mind....
  76. Misc Some humor
  77. Poop Rush Limbaugh Has A Small Penis, Blames Feminists
  78. Obama 2016 Obama's America full movie
  79. General Politics This is just sad.
  80. Elections Ringleader's First Filtered Poll Analysis Of 2012: O (49.99%), R (48.32%)
  81. U.S. Issues How do we end the class warfare with regard to taxes?
  82. Economics Uncertainty
  83. Economics The drumbeat for Hillary 2016 is picking up.
  84. Int'l Issues Libyans marching on Islamist extremists.
  85. Obama Permanent Spin around Libya attack
  86. Obama Cult like behavior
  87. Nat'l Security Houston officer kills double amputee in wheelchair
  88. U.S. Issues Suicide rate up at least 15%
  89. Economics The Graph That Should Accompany Every Article About Millennials and Economics
  90. General Politics Just saw my first Obama non-attack ad
  91. General Politics Kristol: Obama turned around Bush's financial meltdown
  92. Media Anybody watching 60 minutes?
  93. Obama Besides Frank Marshall Davis, the real men behind Obama...
  94. Obama On again, off again.
  95. Poop Palin err I mean Romney Wonders Why Airplane Windows Don't Open
  96. Obama Peter Boyles-Jack Cashill talks about the Percy Sutton/Monsour videos
  97. Education Obama's Quietest Reform
  98. Elections SNL on the undecided voter
  99. General Politics Chris Matthews: Black People Thank Me For Using The Race Card
  100. Nat'l Security From the Imams of Kansas City....
  101. Nat'l Security The United States Embraces Terror
  102. Obama Complaints Mount Against Michelle Obama’s New Lunch Menu
  103. Elections Howard Stern exposes idiot American voters
  104. Education Mitt Romney on Problems with Airplanes
  105. Economics The Fallacy of Redistribution
  106. Obama Moonbats care so much
  107. Economics Chart Of The Day: Entitlements Or Growth
  108. Obama Hillary urges Global Tax the Rich.
  109. Elections Voting laws may deter 10 million Hispanics, report says
  110. General Politics Understanding Romney's Tax Return
  111. General Politics Is the Filibuster Constitutional?
  112. Obama Dnt cry for my vagina
  113. U.S. Issues Manufacture export jobs set to surge? 5 million new jobs in 10 years.
  114. Economics Proof our economy is kicking ass
  115. Elections Paging Conservatives: The 2012 Republican POTUS Candidates
  116. Nat'l Security Are the Iranians Cyberattacking Again?
  117. U.S. Issues St. Louis Residents Used as Cold War Labs Rats
  118. Education History Trivia Question: 40 acres and a mule
  119. Nat'l Security Morality vs. Practical Reality. Where do you draw the line?
  120. U.S. Issues Dnt cry for me Egypt
  121. Media Frontline
  122. Elections Why I'm Struggling with the Idea of Voting for Romney
  123. Media What did Pat say?
  124. Elections Why you shouldn't vote for Obama
  125. Obama Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone
  126. Environment Congressional Research Office: Carbon tax would halve the deficit.
  127. Elections Dick Morris believes that at this point, Romney has the advantage
  128. U.S. Issues Illegal's Taking Jobs People Want/obama's ICE Failing
  129. U.S. Issues Obama's record. A snapshot of facts
  130. Obama SEIU Paid Protesters at Romney Cleveland Ohio Rally
  131. Nat'l Security American drones are inefficient, terrorize civilians, and create more terrorists.
  132. Obama say what again
  133. General Politics Mitt Romney will win this election in a landslide...
  134. General Politics The Essex Show
  135. Economics Welp, this is weird. We found 400,000 more jobs.
  136. Economics Outside the box stimulus idea. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  137. Elections Samuel L. Jackson: Wake the F*ck Up! Obama ad
  138. OBAMA PHONE!!!!!
  139. Int'l Issues 2009 oil spike caused by drunken futures trading
  140. Elections What makes you a Democrat?
  141. Obama Obama Providing Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood $450Mil
  142. Elections Will the Libertarian Candidate get any facetime during the debates?
  143. Int'l Issues The Beginning is Near
  144. U.S. Issues RNC's Acorn? RNC Fires Firm Over Florida Questions
  145. General Politics What does your beer say about your politics?
  146. Poop Ice Cream Jihad!
  147. Int'l Issues New York Rabbis Honor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  148. Elections Doing your Urkel impression again, Mr. President?
  149. General Politics More Obama slight of hand when it comes to the election
  150. General Politics Dems in all they're glory
  151. Nat'l Security "No daylight between the United States and Israel."
  152. Obama I guess there are still some people who appreciate Obama's leadership.
  153. Elections Will Romney lose the election because hes too rich?
  154. Economics Obama's uncomfortable relationship with the financing industry.
  155. Media Pat Caddell: Press Has Become ‘Threat to Democracy’ and ‘Enemy of the American People
  156. Media This is absolute bullshit
  157. General Politics Birk/Kluwe Gay Marriage Debate
  158. U.S. Issues Two Sponsors Pull Out From Debates Over Exclusion Of Gary Johnson
  159. U.S. Issues Obama's waiver for DREAMers would stay put under Romney.
  160. Elections Breaking: Judge halts Pa.'s tough new voter ID requirement.
  161. Education Westboro church attendee seeks seat on Kansas education board
  162. Nat'l Security So I'm noticing that lately the conservative talk radio pundits have been focusing...
  163. U.S. Issues US Obituary
  164. Nat'l Security US Border Patrol Agent Shot, Killed In Arizona
  165. Media Low gas prices!!!
  166. Obama The Wheels Are Falling Off Of Obamacare
  167. Economics Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened
  168. Economics Top five worst Obama tax hikes on small business
  169. Media Watch the debates on C-SPAN.
  170. Environment F*CK Monsanto and the GMO Industry.
  171. General Politics Video surfaces of Obama in 2007 suggesting racism slowed aid to post-Katrina
  172. Education Mistakes were made . . .
  173. Elections Biden gaffes...so blame Bush!
  174. General Politics Todd Akin: Still legally retarded re abortion
  175. Obama Sure would have been a good time to have a gun
  176. Elections Presidential Debate Drinking Game
  177. Int'l Issues Meanwhile...Iran is falling to sh*t
  178. U.S. Issues who won the presidential debate?
  179. General Politics Does Obama really want the presidency anymore?
  180. Elections "The Smirk" AKA Destroyed by facts
  181. Obama After taking debate lumps, Obama calls Romney a phony
  182. Obama Michael Moore suggests Obama distracted by ‘loud boom’ at debate
  183. U.S. Issues The Essex Show
  184. General Politics Obama getting overseas money“blockbuster donor scandal”
  185. Economics Obama's October surprise !!!!
  186. Media Fox News: Fair and Balanced?
  187. The Official Obama Excuse Thread
  188. Elections Debate Bounce
  189. General Politics Best Political Cartoons
  190. Obama This is pretty amazing. Criticize Romney's debate performance? Really
  191. Parents defend Polish Priest who gets kids to lick whipped cream off his knee
  192. Education Peter Boyles- H.W.Brands - Grant had to win and Lee had to not lose....
  194. Economics Is "Buying American" a Redistribution of Wealth?
  195. Poop Congressional "scientist" notes that evolution is from the "pit of hell"
  196. U.S. Issues Presidential second terms
  197. Obama Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?
  198. Obama DNC. Team Big Bird
  199. Obama Get ready for Chicago rules. WSJ
  200. Nat'l Security Journalistic Honesty. Rare and should be rewarded
  201. Media Could this be you Donger?
  202. Religion Arkansas Legislative Candidate seeks death penalty for children like the Bible says
  203. Elections Twitter explodes after black actress Stacy dash endorses Romney
  204. Obama The Obama touch sinks another business.
  206. Nat'l Security Police: "Enter Detroit At Your Own Risk"
  207. Obama Peter Boyles-Don Wilkie's column and interview-"We've been duped"
  208. Taliban shoot 14 year old Pakistani peace protester
  209. Int'l Issues Putin calls out Mccain
  210. U.S. Issues New Study of Splenda Reveals Shocking Information About Potential Harmful Effects
  211. Elections You can have this instead of the current Liar in Chief
  212. Elections Poll: Obama lead in Michigan dwindles
  213. Obama Plant that got $150M in taxpayer money to make Volt batteries furloughs workers
  214. General Politics ***OFFICIAL VP DEBATE THREAD***
  215. Obama Libya fiasco expands
  216. Misc Kid Rock...comes out for Romney
  217. General Politics Obama to Big Bird......**** you
  218. General Politics Why We Fight
  219. Obama "I'm afraid of the President..."
  220. Obama World’s Richest Man Gets Richer Supplying ‘Obamaphones’ to Poor
  221. U.S. Issues Application for ND oil refinery approved, would be first built in US in 30 years
  222. Obama No Protest Outside Libya Consulate Before Attack
  223. U.S. Issues Universal Health Care Case Study
  224. Obama Obamas strategy breaking down badly
  225. Elections Obama election staffers have no problem with vote early and vote often.
  226. Elections Obama still holds the edge in the swing states...
  227. Religion Now, security chief at US embassy in Yemen assassinated
  228. U.S. Issues Florida governor accidentally gives out PHONE SEX number instead of meningitis hotlin
  229. Elections Not ONE Thread
  230. Poop Google Search
  231. Religion Pollster David Paleologos: Obama Can't Win North Carolina, Virginia Or Florida
  232. Elections Which talking heads channels do you watch before and after the debates?
  233. Elections Who Won the Vice President Debate??
  234. U.S. Issues New essex show
  235. Economics Consumer confidence hits a 5 year high.
  236. General Politics It's time we return to the Free Market
  237. U.S. Issues Kid rock and Sean Penn say can't we all just get along
  238. Nat'l Security White House moves to insulate Biden, Obama on Libya security question
  239. Environment Climate Change - SOLVED!!!
  240. Elections What If There Were No Swing States?
  241. Elections Biden Lied...Obama cried.
  242. Nat'l Security Secret Service agent found drunk in street after Obama visit, Miami police say
  243. General Politics A New Ad From The Republicans
  244. Obama Peter Boyles-Obama's Muslim Ring-"There is no god but Allah"
  245. Obama Peter Boyles-Ed Klein and his book "The Amateur" Part II
  246. Obama Peter Boyles-Joel Gilbert "Dreams from my real father" part III-700k copies sent....
  247. Obama Montage Footage on Obama's professed Muslim Faith
  248. General Politics If anyone is interested
  249. Education Race Based Education Standards
  250. General Politics What Is Obama's Agenda For Second Term?