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  1. Economics The 'Long Run' Is Here: Let's Bury John Maynard Keynes
  2. Nat'l Security What is wrong with you dems/libs?
  3. Economics The economy is improving, and will continue to improve.
  4. Economics Sandy's economic damage: 30-50 billion.
  5. General Politics Summary of Election Bets?
  6. Elections The Marijuana Legalization Watch Thread
  7. Elections My votes
  8. Elections The top 5 reasons to re-elect Obama
  9. Obama Hmmmmm....dont let em see you sweat Obots
  10. General Politics $1.89 then, now $3.89
  11. U.S. Issues Cabelas may close.....in Cook County...because? Taxes
  12. General Politics Post your EC Map. Go on the Record. Win money for charity.
  13. Elections Still Undecided about MO Senate race...
  14. Legal WTF is wrong with people?
  15. Elections *****OFFICIAL 2012 U.S. GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS*****
  16. Elections Obama campaign expecting influx of Romney votes tomorrow?
  17. U.S. Issues The "I Voted" thread
  18. Elections Voting: A Moral Virtue
  19. Elections People Who Don't Vote
  20. Elections Election Day Mitt Romney Compilation
  21. U.S. Issues Whole Foods Organics...product of China lolz
  22. Int'l Issues The un-discussed issue this election cycle: drones.
  23. Poop Official CP 2012 Presidential Election Poll
  24. General Politics United States Gerrymandering, Visualized
  25. Elections Judge Reinstates Repub Election Officials in PA
  26. Elections Dear America, Please Don't Fall for This Shit Again
  27. Elections I'm getting ready to hop in my Camaro to go vote.
  28. Elections Is It Illegal To Facebook, Tweet, Instagram or CP Your Vote?
  29. Elections Machine turns vote for Obama into one for Romney
  30. Elections Chicago Source Tells Author Brad Thor: Obama Campaign Planning to Call Early Victory
  31. Elections Romney Supporters / DC Conservatives
  32. Local Todd Akins
  33. Elections SPANKED
  34. Elections Chiefsshrink (sportsshrink)
  35. Poop Donald Trump is funny
  36. Elections Will Romney run and win the nomination in 2016?
  37. U.S. Issues ***OFFICIAL*** My guy won but dont feel the need to gloat thread.
  38. U.S. Issues Entrenched - Republicans make gains in the house...
  39. U.S. Issues Election 2012: 6 Ways The Winner Will Destroy America
  40. General Politics Three things I learned in our local elections.
  41. Elections ***OFFICIAL*** My guy didn't even run in 2012 thread
  42. U.S. Issues U mad?
  43. U.S. Issues Get Ready!
  44. U.S. Issues Who said nullification didn't exist or ever happen?
  45. Obama The Obama Recovery
  46. General Politics "Who is John Galt?"
  47. Elections Why is there an Electoral College
  48. U.S. Issues Puerto Rico wants to become 51st State
  49. U.S. Issues Marijuana Legalized in Colorado and Washington
  50. Elections GOP, 2012: Angry White Men and Their Women
  51. General Politics A "Pay For Performance" Congress
  52. General Politics Christie vs. Romney
  53. U.S. Issues Supreme Court
  54. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney sings his concession speech!
  55. Elections Gary Johnson pulled in 1.1 million votes
  56. Obama Carbon Tax anyone?
  57. U.S. Issues Market reacts to Obama win by plunging 300 points
  58. Environment NOAA Confirms Hurricane Sandy Was Not A Result Of Ocean Global Warming, nor CO2
  59. Elections GOP in Deep Trouble, Ron Paul Looking Good
  60. Elections Southern Hicks protest Obama's re-election @ Ole Miss
  61. Media Beck: Sometimes God Really Sucks
  62. U.S. Issues Boehner Extends Olive Branch on 'Fiscal Cliff'
  63. Elections 2012 Pollster report card
  64. U.S. Issues Man uses IDs from dead people to collect millions from IRS
  65. U.S. Issues WWdD?
  66. General Politics Herman Cain calls for Third Party
  67. Economics How will Obama make the country worse in 4 years?
  68. General Politics Would you ever move to another country because of election results?
  69. Media The Conservative Media Is Lying To You
  70. Poop Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential Debate
  71. Elections Money
  72. U.S. Issues $20 Trillion: Over or Under
  73. Obama How to Get Free Stuff From the Government
  74. Economics Enjoy Paying More Taxes
  75. General Politics Foxnewsing Teapeople: Time to face facts & work with us
  76. Nat'l Security Pentagon: Iran fires on U.S. drone
  77. U.S. Issues Rany Jazayerli (chiefs fan and royals blogger) with the BOOM
  78. Elections Colbert's Cold Open Last Night
  79. Elections NS: Romney would have had to win the popular vote by 3 percent to win the EC
  80. General Politics Bloomberg bans food donations
  81. Elections Romney wasn't lying
  82. U.S. Issues Did Bill Kristol cost Romney the Election?
  83. Elections Anybody Believe this?
  84. General Politics Sad white people who liked Romney
  85. Obama Great photo gallery
  86. Obama fox fails again...
  87. General Politics Conservative implosion following election...
  88. Obama Obama puts on a show and cries for the camera
  89. Int'l Issues Obama set to visit Burma within a month.
  90. U.S. Issues The official list of shit the President has to deal with right away.
  91. Elections How Mitt says "Thank You"
  92. U.S. Issues Phenomenal write-up of how the second term could play out.
  93. Economics A tax hike for the wealthy won't kill growth.
  94. Nat'l Security CIA Director David Petraeus stepping down...
  95. Elections Some humor - Romney Concession Speech Song...
  96. Elections LOL @ Fox News
  97. U.S. Issues Universal health care includes taxpayer paid....
  98. Obama Epitah
  99. Elections 1980, revisited
  100. U.S. Issues Obama Green Lights UN Gun Grab Hours after Election
  101. Elections Arizona's Senate race may have been called too early
  102. U.S. Issues Texas to withdraw from the United States of America
  103. General Politics Obama wins Florida ......... finally.
  104. U.S. Issues This is a classic. FEMA closes office due to weather
  105. Elections America voted the House GOP out. Gerrymandering kept them in.
  106. Obama Obama hard at work
  107. U.S. Issues **OFFICIAL** Illegal Immigration Reform Thread.
  108. Poop A tale of two Jacksons
  109. Economics Karl Rove and Super PACs
  110. General Politics Would Hillary Clinton be the most prepared Presidential candidate ever?
  111. U.S. Issues Three million open jobs in U.S., but who's qualified?
  113. U.S. Issues Mika Brzezinski Cant Explain Why Liberals Support Drone Strikes, But Oppose Waterboar
  114. Economics The World Business Model
  115. Economics Five Possible Fiscal Cliff Outcomes
  116. Int'l Issues Syria Opposition Sign Unity Deal
  117. Int'l Issues End of a Crude Alliance Between U.S. and the Middle East?
  118. U.S. Issues IEA says US soon to become world's biggest oil producer. Very soon.
  119. Poop Republicans and Limbaugh-ites: Come shed your yummy tears here!
  120. General Politics The GOP's media cocoon
  121. General Politics The Bush Presidency
  122. Elections Losing over 800 Friends...
  123. Environment Republicans shifting towards climate change legislation.
  124. U.S. Issues The Lookout Secession petitions filed in 20 states
  125. Obama Wife ran husband over......
  126. Economics Strikes dont always work.
  127. Nat'l Security The real outrage in the Petraeus scandal? The surveillance state.
  128. Int'l Issues November 29: The UN will vote to recognize Palestine as a "state."
  129. U.S. Issues The "Turnaways": What happens to women denied abortions?
  130. Economics Mitt Romney Economic Adviser Calls For Raising Taxes On The Rich, Contradicting Entir
  132. Economics Taxes cost over 1100 jobs thanks to ObamaCare
  133. Obama Classic Obama double-speak
  134. Elections A week later Romney is still a douchebag
  135. U.S. Issues Is Texas Gone Yet?
  136. U.S. Issues Mapping Racist Tweets in Response to President Obama's Re-election
  137. Economics Postal Service posts record $16 billion loss for 2012
  138. Economics Fallout from ObamaCare
  139. Int'l Issues The War on Cellphones Has Begun!!!!
  140. Obama Obama's Offer to Resolve 'Cliff' Is ĎSuckerís Game'
  141. U.S. Issues Alex Jones Calls for American Revolution 2.0 w/ Ron Paul as President of the Republic
  142. Obama And people actually support this sort of waste
  143. Int'l Issues Liberated Iraq calls on Arab states to use oil as 'weapon' against U.S.
  144. ChiefsPlanet Racial Slurs
  145. Economics Fiscal cliff:What are you willing to sacrifce as an individual?
  146. Obama Georgia Runs Out of Food Stamps!
  147. Economics Our Potential For Economic Recovery Has Shrunk
  148. Obama BREAKING: The president knew the truth about Benghazi
  149. Obama Our Obama Generation
  150. General Politics The Liberal Gloat
  151. Misc Zach is on the clock .....
  152. Obama I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GOTTA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!
  153. U.S. Issues The ACHIEVE Act: the GOP's "softer" DREAM Act
  154. Economics A Very Simple Plan To Avoid the Fiscal "Cliff"
  155. Economics Liberals on the board: Why is this guy wrong?
  156. Economics Warren Buffets solution to the permanently fix the deficit.
  157. U.S. Issues Government Website For Immigrants: Come To America And Take Advantage Of Our Free Stu
  158. U.S. Issues illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates
  159. Legal Elderly couple removed from longtime home
  160. General Politics Marco Rubio, Republican Savior?
  161. U.S. Issues UN to Obama Regime: Punish Washington and Colorado for Undermining Global Drug War
  162. Environment We're on pace to warm the planet by 4 degrees by 2100.
  163. Obama Obama gives $6 Billion for Sustainable Energy. Only its in Asia
  164. Elections The final votes from Nov. 6th are coming. And Romney ends up with......
  165. U.S. Issues Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Mitt
  166. Economics U.S. Deficit Shrinking At Fastest Pace Since WWII
  167. General Politics The GOP Doesnít Have a Libertarian Problem
  168. U.S. Issues Raising the retirement age of social security.
  169. Religion Notice how many gods you reject.
  170. Obama Democratic proposed gun ban list
  171. Int'l Issues Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood goes down dictatorship path.
  172. U.S. Issues Free market addressing the healthcare situation...
  173. Int'l Issues Michael Totten: The Next War
  174. Nat'l Security Obama administration pushed for "drone rulebook" during the election.
  175. Economics The market having the last say
  176. Poop Jamie Foxx: Obama is our lord and savior
  177. General Politics What would you expect for $174,000 (Base Pay)
  178. Elections FL Republicans admit it was never about voter fraud
  179. General Politics Filibuster Reform Is Upon Us
  180. Int'l Issues So why does Israel prevent Gaza exports?
  181. Obama Obama plays politics with Christmas ?
  182. Nat'l Security AP Exclusive: Graph suggests Iran working on bomb
  183. Media How can the Left media get away with crap like this?
  184. Elections 2016: Let's all be premature assholes.
  185. Int'l Issues Arab Spring 2.0: Protesters Who Booted Mubarak Now Targeting Morsi
  186. Economics Under the table jobs
  187. General Politics Chicago at its best
  188. U.S. Issues Deleware a bigger tax dodge than Grand Cayans
  189. Economics The Truth about Dishonesty
  190. General Politics Have you ever played Chicken?
  191. Obama Pravda: America makes huge mistake electing Communist Obama
  192. U.S. Issues Lame Duck Obama Invites Gridlock
  193. General Politics 53% of Democrats just loooove this - Gallup
  194. Obama So what is Obama's plan on the fiscal cliff?
  195. Economics Why are corporations doing so well as the economy struggles?
  197. Int'l Issues Syria's opposition will use U.S.-provided tech to circumvent an Internet shutdown.
  198. U.S. Issues A look at the new "center" as Senate votes to bar indefinite detention
  199. Int'l Issues Syria preparing chemical weapons
  200. General Politics So it has been a little since I have tuned into batshit crazy radio
  201. U.S. Issues Who's the Biggest Welfare Queen? Wal-Mart!
  202. U.S. Issues Boehner preparing to capitulate to Obama; Removes conservatives from key budget posts
  203. Media Funny Alex Jones rant on Al Gore
  204. Int'l Issues Iran claims it has captured another US drone
  205. Int'l Issues Why are Republicans voting down a UN disabilities treaty?
  206. Nat'l Security Zero Dark Thirty (Bin Laden movie) getting serious heat as Oscar contender
  207. U.S. Issues Two Tea Party Repubs Kicked off the Finance Committee
  208. Misc Dont write a check with your mouth your ass cannot cash
  209. Elections Your 21st century Republican Party, in one poll.
  210. Media Fox News is corrupt.
  211. Elections Why the GOP is at a distinct disadvantage in the 2016 POTUS race:
  212. Obama Obama Consults with MSNBC Hosts Sharpton, Maddow on Tax Rates
  213. U.S. Issues Ted Nugent, the "Compassionate Conservative"
  214. Harvard - Gun control is counter productive
  215. Obama Obamacare architect leaves White House for pharmaceutical industry job
  216. Economics Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out!
  217. Education The Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline
  218. General Politics Alex Jones is a complete and total Nutjob fearmonger
  219. Nat'l Security Sorority a bastion of Racism.
  220. Environment Faces behind Global Warming Crisis
  221. Int'l Issues NATO ambassador jumps to his death seconds after laughing and joking with diplomat co
  222. U.S. Issues Judge Napolitano: Police Push for Law Requiring Your Text Messages to Be Saved for 2
  223. Economics Internat'l, multi-decade study: cuts really hurt growth, taxing more barely so.
  224. Environment Doctor Says Genetically Modified Wheat a Perfect, Chronic Poison
  225. Elections DeMint fixing to make a presidential run?
  226. General Politics Mitch McConnell Just Filibustered Himself
  227. Economics Should the debt ceiling be eliminated?
  228. U.S. Issues "I worked in Katrina and Katrina was run better than Sandy" FEMA first responder
  229. Religion Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point
  230. Economics Liberals Use Wacko Ed Asner for Their Ads
  231. Economics Unemployment Falls to 7.7%
  232. Obama It has begun...
  233. General Politics Govt explained...
  234. Economics The Direckshun Grand Bargain
  235. Economics The Direckshun Grand Bargain
  236. Economics President Reverses Himself and Takes Corp. Money
  237. U.S. Issues SCOTUS to take on allowing Gays to marry. What say you?
  238. Religion True Meaning of Christmas....
  239. General Politics Pearl Harborís role in a historic Supreme Court decision
  240. Elections Big Money Is Ruining Elections
  241. Economics A123-spent at least $132 million of its $249 million stimulus package sold to China
  242. Legal Senate Filibuster Targeted By House Democrats, Dream Act Activists In Federal Lawsuit
  243. General Politics Raising Medicare's age limit.
  244. General Politics Democrats then and now...
  245. Economics Apple to move some production back to US. Gimmick?
  246. Economics Move Over, Michigan, China Is The World's Next Rust Belt
  248. U.S. Issues White House weighing action against the pro-pot states.
  249. Int'l Issues Obama administration policy regarding Israel.
  250. U.S. Issues Administration to make a Obamacare-esque push for immigration reform in 2013.