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  1. U.S. Issues ‘Obamacare’ to hit smokers with huge penalties
  2. Economics Squatter Occupies Bank Of America-Owned $2.5 Million Boca Raton Mansion, Hilarity Ens
  3. Nat'l Security Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?
  4. General Politics Communist Party USA backs Obama gun grab & calls Second Amendment obsolete
  5. U.S. Issues Reagan's America vs. Obama's America, how we have changed
  6. General Politics So, you say you aren't just a party line type of person?
  7. Legal AZ House of Reps Introduce Bill To Require Loyalty Oath To Graduate High School
  8. U.S. Issues The liberal west coast? One of them ain't giving up their guns.
  9. Poop Obama not sure if he'd let his son play football
  10. Legal Comprehensive immigation reform on its way, McCain again involved.
  11. Int'l Issues This year we could face our greatest security challenge/threat since WWII.
  12. General Politics "The GOP is dead!" - say what????
  13. General Politics GOP/conservativism's political stance simply boils down to the Obama Litmus Test.
  14. Obama Barack Obama: 'I go shooting all the time'
  15. Legal Obama's NLRB "recess" appointments invalid
  16. Economics How Washington DC is BOOMING with your tax dollars
  17. General Politics I'm socially ________ and fiscally ________. (fill in the blanks)
  18. Economics Fiscal times: Government spending is *not* out of control.
  19. U.S. Issues Milwauke Sheriff says 911 not your best option
  20. General Politics How's that stimulus doing?
  21. Education Liberal Democrats
  22. General Politics DHS places and order for 7k select-fire rifles for personal defense
  23. Economics Remember those huge bonuses in the wake of the bailouts?
  24. Nat'l Security Guantanamo will remain open for business.
  25. General Politics Boy Scouts may lift ban on gays
  26. Nat'l Security Find You Way To The Green Card!
  27. Obama Is it time to start banning assault kitties?
  28. U.S. Issues So it's assualt weapons that are the problem, huh?
  29. U.S. Issues Should we ban public nudity?
  30. General Politics California Dems now going after grandfathered guns and want to further tax ammunition
  31. U.S. Issues Police Department Rewards Officer Caught By An Online Pedophile Sting With Full Retir
  32. General Politics Myths and Truths about Libertarianism
  33. U.S. Issues Sheriff owns Piers Morgan and Milwaukee Mayor
  34. U.S. Issues PSA: Your employer may share your salary, and Equifax might sell that data
  35. Economics Why haven't oil prices dropped like a rock?
  36. General Politics Cosmo/Direkshun your valentines card is here.
  37. Obama Obama's Jobs Council Shutting Down Thursday
  38. General Politics The answer to gun violence is not more guns... it is a pair of scissors - via the DHS
  39. General Politics Unions Want Taxpayer Bailout From Obamacare
  40. ****Chiefsplanet's Official School Shooting Thread****
  41. Obama When in doubt.....BAN EVERYTHING!!!
  42. Economics 150 different ways to make Medicare solvent.
  43. Int'l Issues UN Human Rights Council: Israel in violation of law, is approaching apartheid status.
  44. U.S. Issues Fresh of inauguration, Obama shutters jobs council
  45. General Politics Why do people like Chris Christie?
  46. General Politics Muslims are flat out INSANE
  47. U.S. Issues Newtown Calls for Armed School Officers
  48. U.S. Issues IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family
  49. Int'l Issues Suicide bomber attacks US Embassy in Turkey.
  50. Economics Some employment/economic numbers from the last month/quarter/year.
  51. U.S. Issues The Kansas City Royals made the NRA Enemies list!
  52. General Politics Wyoming House Votes YES on Firearms Protection Act 46-13
  53. General Politics Hillary Clinton resigns as Secretary of State
  54. U.S. Issues Survey: Pysicians reducing their hours/access
  55. U.S. Issues Here’s What Your $97 Million Drug War in Central America Actually Bought
  56. Obama The High Cost of Obama’s America
  57. Obama White House warns: don't photoshop Obama shooting pic
  58. Misc Man shot dead after pulling into wrong driveway
  59. Economics How would Americans strengthen social security?
  60. Education In celebration of Black History Month!
  61. Obama Never miss a photo op
  62. Obama Compton Residents Stage Rally In Response To Recent Hate Crime
  63. Obama ChiCongo more dangerous than Afghanistan
  64. Sandy Hook Conspiracy
  65. Economics State taxes tell us why some in the GOP fight hard for a "FAIR tax."
  66. Int'l Issues Saudi Cleric Beats 5-Year-Old Daughter To Death, Receives Light Sentence
  67. U.S. Issues Do you want the Government involved in your 401K?
  68. U.S. Issues Jesse Jackson, Another Committed Communist
  69. Environment Even the UN is questioning "man made" climate change.
  70. Int'l Issues G. Edward Griffin ‒ The Capitalist Conspiracy
  71. Obama Obama 2.0: Smarter, tougher -- but wiser?
  72. U.S. Issues Martin Luther King Jr. High School coach shoots attackers
  73. Economics Beware 'Credit Supernova' Looming Ahead : Gross
  74. General Politics Karl Rove declares war on the Tea Party?
  75. U.S. Issues FCC ready to propose an effort towards a nationwide WiFi free-for-all.
  76. Nat'l Security Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
  77. Int'l Issues Patreus & Clinton pushed for US intervention in Syria. Obama nixed it.
  78. U.S. Issues Someone Just Leaked Obama's Rules for Assassinating American Citizens
  79. Elections Democrats ready to begin the push for voting reform.
  80. Nat'l Security Open Society releases huge report on secret detention & torture rendition.
  81. U.S. Issues Krugman on VAT and End of Life
  82. Int'l Issues Pakistan Planning "Osama-Land" Amusement Park
  83. Int'l Issues North Korea ‘dream’ video shows U.S. city under missile attack
  85. Economics The Budget
  86. U.S. Issues The Science and Politics of Cancer, G. Edward Griffin (2005)
  87. Economics The deficit continues to fall. Unemployment continues to stagnate
  88. U.S. Issues Court: NYTimes's Request for New York City Gun Owners Violates Law
  89. General Politics The Donald Is Suing Bill Maher
  91. Legal Jon Stewart Rips HSBC: 'Bank Wankers Too Big To Jail'
  92. U.S. Issues USPS to end Saturday mail
  93. U.S. Issues Anonymous hacks Federal Reserve
  94. U.S. Issues female gun rights activist - takes a stand
  95. Economics Virginia wants its own currency.
  96. U.S. Issues Hmmm, limit size of magazine or clip?
  97. U.S. Issues Calif. Law Would Force Gun Owners to Buy Insurance
  98. U.S. Issues ObamaCare: Rotten to the core
  99. Obama Has any other president faced the public disagreement Obama has?
  100. U.S. Issues Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley presses lawmakers for handgun licenses for residents
  101. U.S. Issues Drone scrutiny ratchets up
  102. General Politics Gun thread... need the wise & well though out opinions of the people of DC
  103. Media The Most Trusted Name In News
  104. Economics Break up the too-big-to-fail banks?
  105. Nat'l Security DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition
  106. General Politics Gun owners - follow up to the poll on safes being required
  107. U.S. Issues CBO Is Increasingly Skeptical About ObamaCare
  108. General Politics New gun laws and the idiots who support them
  109. General Politics Why is the GOP so popular?
  110. Pilot and 9/11 conspiracist goes crazy
  111. Obama Obama says he will focus on 'job creation'
  112. Religion Muslim 9/11 Hate-Crime Victim Seeks To Save His Attacker
  113. General Politics Bush Family Emails Hacked
  114. Nat'l Security Poll: Republicans think video games are a "bigger threat to safety" than guns.
  115. U.S. Issues California goes full out bonkers on Gun Control
  116. Economics The Uncertainties of Particular State Incentives to Business
  117. Environment Obama responsibile for global warming
  118. U.S. Issues Mike Huckabee blames school massacre on godlessness
  119. Elections Nominate your candidate for Chiefs DC president here.
  120. Economics The Fed bought more US debt than was available.
  121. Religion Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church
  122. Economics What makes DC a cesspool?
  123. U.S. Issues Everything that is right and wrong about immigration debate in one link.
  124. U.S. Issues Dcon may be banned
  125. U.S. Issues The new high speed rail map that's been floating around recently
  126. U.S. Issues Neurosurgeon Lectures Obama On Obamacare
  127. Religion Pope Benedict XVI to Retire
  128. Environment CNN Anchor: Is an asteroid falling from sky "an effect of global warming?"
  129. Nat'l Security The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden... Is Screwed
  130. U.S. Issues Impatient with Congress, Obama mulls more executive action in 2nd term.
  131. ChiefsPlanet Nominate your candidate for DC pope here
  132. ChiefsPlanet Your Chance To Change The DC Forum For The Better
  133. Nat'l Security North Dakota Sgt Wins CMH
  134. Obama Why is there no Dorner thread?
  135. U.S. Issues DoD with another milestone: extends benefits to gay partners.
  136. Elections Ok bothers, sisters, friends and comrades, the election is upon us~
  137. Elections Marco Rubio re-writes response to SOTU
  138. U.S. Issues Would you turn in your firearms??
  139. General Politics North Korea setting off Nukes?
  140. General Politics Direckshun's Splooge-O-Rama (a.k.a. the State of the Union Thread)
  141. Legal The quiet Republican struggle against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  142. Environment For people who live around/have traveled to U.S.-Mexican border
  143. Economics The GOP's Obama Litmus Test, Vol. II
  144. General Politics Crimes NY finds less offensive than owning an empty 30rd magazine (D class Felony)
  145. Economics my healthcare soapbox
  146. U.S. Issues LMAO, Steny Hoyer still blaming Bush!
  147. Nat'l Security What if Newtown was an Al-Qaeda operation? What changes?
  148. Economics Obama wants to raise minimum wage to NINE DOLLARS AN HOUR
  149. General Politics **** The Official TEA Party Response Thread****
  150. U.S. Issues Something We Can Be Proud Of
  151. General Politics Rubio not ready for the spotlight...
  152. U.S. Issues How would you cut Medicare?
  153. General Politics The Obama legacy – it doesn’t look promising
  154. General Politics Gun grabbing hits the heartland. Missouri House Bill 545
  155. Nat'l Security Obama's cybersecurity executive order: What you need to know
  156. Economics Freakonomics podcast about How to think about guns
  157. U.S. Issues Is the Executive too Powerful?
  158. U.S. Issues 1 dead, 1 injured after fighting with hammers
  159. Economics The austerity policies of the past two years is threatening a double-dip recession.
  160. Elections Why are Republicans resisting renewal of the Voting Rights Act?
  161. Obama So God made a liberal
  162. Obama Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms
  163. Economics Republicans preparing the first filibuster of a DefSec nominee in American history.
  164. U.S. Issues Kill anyone you want; law has been abandoned in America
  165. General Politics Gun control
  166. General Politics Do you support the outright ban of "assault" rifles?
  167. Economics It’s Time For Name That Insolvent Banking System!
  168. U.S. Issues Pelosi: Congressional pay cut undermines dignity of the job
  169. U.S. Issues Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhu
  170. Elections New developments have changed this election. You will now anonymously elect a King~
  171. Misc Do you support the outright banning of bans?
  172. U.S. Issues Steve Cohen, D-Tenn Nutcase
  173. U.S. Issues A little something for the nutjobs - all that ammo
  174. Religion Pope Benedict Seeking Immunity?
  175. Obama A liberal gun owners point of view
  176. General Politics Obama Is Wrong: Gerrymandering Isn't to Blame for the GOP Fever
  177. General Politics Sen. Elizabeth Warren Asks The Most Obvious Question Ever (re: Banking Regs)
  178. U.S. Issues Politician moves to make ‘vulgar Photoshopping’ illegal
  179. General Politics Your tax dollars being used to attack the Tea Party?
  180. U.S. Issues Fugitive gunman Chris Dorner told hostage couple: I just want to clear my name
  181. Education Professor Bans Students From Using Fox News As A Source
  182. Obama Obama's taking separate vacations.....
  183. Elections LOL Jeb Bush ays he would strive to be LBJ
  184. U.S. Issues USA Today leaks Obama's backup immigration plan if the Senate fails to pass a bill
  185. U.S. Issues Gun Article (OpEd) From Jewish Press
  186. Media NBC news report on rise of women's gun ownership
  187. Nat'l Security The House to discuss the threat of asteroids.
  188. General Politics On Obamacare, sequester and taxes: predictions revisited
  189. Education Missouri: the newest front for "intelligent design" peddling.
  190. U.S. Issues Gun control (more like ammo control) and how it affects the job market.
  191. Elections Fawzia Koofi
  192. U.S. Issues Why Beef Is Becoming More Like Chicken
  193. Local Nothing says "I'm a mouth-breather" quite like being a Republican in Kansas
  194. Environment Obama is now COMING FOR YOUR BRAIN.
  195. Education Universal pre-K for American children: why are we not doing this?
  196. Int'l Issues President Barack Obama: Enemy of Israel
  197. U.S. Issues I'd say he pretty much nailed it
  198. Economics The problem with conservativism in 2013.
  199. Economics Federal Gov has a surplus in Jan., Budget deficit cut in half from last Jan. deficit.
  200. Elections Obama started WWII among other hatefull acts.
  201. ChiefsPlanet **** THE FILTER
  202. Nat'l Security Ya know, the Chinese really aren't our friends...
  203. Nat'l Security Take guns away from women but give some tips...Colorado
  204. Religion Tim Tebow supports gay-hating pastor
  205. General Politics Missouri Gun Rights Jumps the Shark
  206. Religion Obama the Boogey Man: Christianity is Mental Illness!
  207. Obama Poll Worker Melowese Richardson Apparently Cast Six Votes for Obama
  208. U.S. Issues Joe Biden; Gun Control Moron
  209. Nat'l Security Homeland Security Buying Targets of Women and Children for Target Practice
  210. Economics Biofuels are wiping out the Midwest's grasslands.
  211. Elections Some Tea Party Republicans start to make some moves to repeal the 17th amendment.
  212. Economics This is the type of tax evasion/avoidance, that needs to be stopped.
  213. Legal Guess the Charges
  214. Education The Exhaustion of the American Teacher
  215. General Politics Droves of Republican commentators begging the GOP to come back to sanity.
  216. Nat'l Security NASA Allegedly Leaking Classified Weapon Technologies to CHINA
  217. U.S. Issues Direckshun & The Dems in full out "scare tactics" mode
  218. Economics Who owns our debt? China is less than 10%.
  219. Nat'l Security Virginia USA Imam preaching violent Jihad
  220. General Politics Woodward: Obama moved the goal posts in sequester deal
  221. General Politics GOP - has a huge demographic edge?
  222. Obama Leaked DOJ gun policy memo
  223. Obama GOP lawmaker: Obama using fake Twitter messages in fight over gun control
  224. Poop Inauguration 2013: A Bad Lip Reading
  225. Obama The First Lady is presenting awards for movies and offending idiots
  226. Obama Odd Article Involving Veterans And Comeptency RE: Guns, ETC.
  227. U.S. Issues Doomsday: March 1, 2013...mark your calendars
  228. Obama Obama Selling Access to White House for $500,000
  229. U.S. Issues Historical Fiction of Spielberg's Lincoln Movie
  230. Economics We Spent $52 Billion On Our Pets Last Year
  231. U.S. Issues Martin Scorcese et. al did their homework for "Gangs of New York"
  232. U.S. Issues Hollywood Commie to teach good citizenship
  233. U.S. Issues Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense
  234. Media Alex Jones interviews Michael Savage
  235. Legal City Wants Power to "Disarm Individuals" During Crisis
  236. Environment I dnt care for venison either/YUK!
  237. Int'l Issues Hillary > Cassel > Kerry
  238. U.S. Issues Homeland Security official resigns after release of illegal immigrants
  239. Elections Battleground Texas. Effort to turn Texas blue
  240. Economics Online Poker is now officially legal in Nevada!
  241. General Politics Obama regime threatens Woodward for sequester reporting
  242. Economics Sequester and Dow Jones
  243. General Politics More solid, and illegal, advice from VP Joe Biden - Just fire through the door!
  244. Int'l Issues Tunisian Ex-Jihadist Tells Tunisian TV Why he Stopped Fighting Alongside the Syrian R
  245. Religion Vatican March Madness
  246. Environment Lawrence Solomon: Not easy being green
  247. Legal CBS NEWS: 'Let's Give Up On The Constitution'
  248. Economics Interest rates. WTF? Why are we getting almost free money?
  249. Poop Colorado Goes Full Retard On Shotguns
  250. U.S. Issues What do you do when they come for your guns. Do you Fight ?