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  2. Int'l Issues Rodman wants Obama to call Kim Jong Un
  3. Int'l Issues The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking
  4. Environment Tax Bicyclists For Exhaling CO2 When They Ride, Says Wash. Rep
  5. Nat'l Security DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks
  6. Int'l Issues Bill Gates & Vaccine Programmes – Dump The “Mistakes” – Vulnerable Vaccine Injured Si
  7. U.S. Issues NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP
  8. General Politics Ouch-Obama chooses the Jew hating Egyptian over American children
  9. Obama Feds keep hiring with sequesters in place: 400 jobs posted on first day back
  10. U.S. Issues Your guns in exchange for surgery
  11. Obama Griffin: Email Shows Obama Administration’s Pain-Inflicting Plan
  12. U.S. Issues Montana House Votes to Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention, 98-0
  13. Poop Well By
  14. U.S. Issues Holder: Drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil are legal
  15. Economics Worst Socialist/Commie evah
  16. General Politics Obama Mentor Dead from Cancer
  17. Economics Does your perception of wealth distribution accurately reflect reality?
  18. Obama Obama the douche-bag.
  19. Obama Obama caught in another "Sequester" lie
  20. Obama Obama administration struggles to illustrate pain from sequester
  21. Int'l Issues Over $8B of the Money You Spent Rebuilding Iraq Was Wasted Outright
  22. Obama Rand Paul filibusters Brennan nomination for CIA director
  23. Nat'l Security Number Of Radical Anti-Government Groups ‘Reached An All-Time High’ In 2012, Report F
  24. Local Missouri Government caught sending Private Data on Gun Owners
  25. Nat'l Security North Korea says it will launch nuclear attack on America
  26. General Politics Busted - Rabid Pro Gun BAN Politician is a fucking criminal
  27. U.S. Issues Florida bill would require anger management courses for bullet buyers
  28. Nat'l Security Bin Laden spokesman captured by USA
  29. U.S. Issues Feinstein: All Veterans Have PTSD, Shouldn’t Own “Assault” Rifles
  30. U.S. Issues Chris Hedges: Update On Anti-NDAA Lawsuit Vs. Obama
  31. Education Nearly 80% of recent NYC high school grads can't read
  32. U.S. Issues Top DHS checkpoint refusals
  33. Obama Is it time we ban Doctors??
  34. U.S. Issues New leader of the GOP: Rand Paul
  35. Int'l Issues Nobel Committee Asks Obama “Nicely” To Return Peace Prize
  36. U.S. Issues Only in California: Councilman proposes email tax to fund postal service
  37. U.S. Issues WTF? Feds: Ind. mom, Natisha Hillard sold baby to Christopher Bour for child pornogra
  38. Int'l Issues If a United States city is nuked this morning
  39. Economics Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are killing us
  40. U.S. Issues Government cuts tuition assistance to soldiers... Congress gets a pay bonus
  41. U.S. Issues Gabby Gifford's Husband CAUGHT buying AR-15!
  42. General Politics High School Student Reporter Destroys State Senator
  43. Obama MoS Diary: Adele lands her biggest ever gig at Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party
  44. Local Kansas working on law to require Doctors to tell patients abortion causes cancer
  45. Obama Christian family facing deportation for homeschooling
  46. Legal Judge strikes down NYC's big soda ban
  47. Elections Ashley Judd will run against Mitch McConnell in 2014
  48. Obama Obama poll numbers plummeting
  49. Religion Apparently, The Vatican Owns A Big Gay Bathhouse
  50. Religion Evangelical church accused of ignoring sexual abuse, “pedophilia ring”
  51. Religion We have a Pope!
  52. U.S. Issues Senator: 'I'm Sensing A Greater Friendliness At The TSA'
  53. Obama Obama: I Didn't Cancel W.H. Tours, Secret Service and Congress to Blame
  54. Nat'l Security Patteeu, you have got to see this!!
  55. U.S. Issues DRONE FREE: Jon Stewart On Rand Paul
  56. Media Oh Gabby
  57. Int'l Issues 5 Of Piers Morgan’s Ex-Colleagues At The Mirror Have Now Been Arrested In Phone Hacki
  58. U.S. Issues Lost Ron Paul Tape
  59. Int'l Issues North Korea propaganda video
  60. Nat'l Security U.S. to beef up missile defense against North Korea, Iran
  61. General Politics And...Then Rand Paul Did Something Foolish
  62. U.S. Issues My Lai Massacre 45 years ago today
  63. U.S. Issues Drone spotted over Austin
  64. Media Direckshun,you have got to see this!!
  65. Religion History Channel's Satan Looks A Lot Like Barack Obama
  66. General Politics Tapes Reveal LBJ Knew But Never Spoke Out About Nixon's 'Treason'
  67. Nat'l Security Outlaw GunSmithing - Going Mobile
  68. Religion Take the Catholic Quiz!
  69. Local Brownback seeks pension reform advice from Nobel prize winning Wall Street bailee
  70. Economics The Great Cyprus bank robbery
  71. Int'l Issues Invasion of Iraq 10 years later: Good move or mistake
  72. Media Bill Maher complains that his taxes are too high
  73. U.S. Issues TJ's Gonna Get Boofed
  74. General Politics Assault Weapons Ban Dropped From Senate Bill
  75. General Politics Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) Is A Piece Of Shit
  76. Legal These people need to be strung up
  77. U.S. Issues Dad's photo of son with .22 on facebook brings the cops wearing tactical gear
  78. U.S. Issues Double-amputee Marine humiliated by TSA
  79. U.S. Issues Judge Napolitano: Lies The Government Told You
  80. General Politics Nonprofit buys house across from Westboro Baptist Church, paints it in rainbows
  81. U.S. Issues Elizabeth Warren thinks minimum wage should be $22/hour
  82. U.S. Issues For those of you who rejoice in History Channel's Satan/Obama equivalency,...
  83. U.S. Issues Tomas Young, wounded KC Iraq War vet, is ready to die on his own terms
  84. Obama Time to start banning high capacity salt weapons!
  85. Proud Time To Be A Cowering Sack Of Sh*t
  86. Economics Corporate Welfare. Employees taxes go directly to employers.
  87. Int'l Issues The North Korea "three-day war"
  88. General Politics Sue Ann Slams the Hamm!
  89. U.S. Issues Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters!
  90. Nat'l Security DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition
  91. U.S. Issues "Conservative" Republicans for Taxing the Internet
  92. U.S. Issues Is discriminating against someone because of their sexual orientation wrong?
  93. Legal Copyright Lobby: The Public Has 'No Place In Policy Discussions'
  94. Obama Obamacare in English?
  95. Legal Should Genetic Data Be "Copyrighted" By The Individual Or Their Descendants?
  96. General Politics North Dakota bans "fetal heartbeat" abortion
  97. Misc You just cant make this shit up
  98. U.S. Issues 3D printed guns
  99. Obama The missing debate on gun control
  100. U.S. Issues Google In Your Glasses?
  101. Religion Creationist offers $10K to prove Bible wrong
  102. Economics New York, where your tax money goes to Burger King workers
  103. Poop Should the US deport law-abiding families?
  104. General Politics Joe Biden's Paris Hotel Cost $585,000 For One-Night Vice Presidential Stay
  105. U.S. Issues New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies
  106. U.S. Issues Gas jumps .10 the day before Easter weekend starts
  107. Nat'l Security My conspiracy theory regarding North Korea.
  108. U.S. Issues Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law After Promising GMO Labeling in 2007
  109. U.S. Issues He Should Have Called It a "Hoo-Ha"
  110. Economics Prime Health Purchases Providence/St. John Hospitals
  111. Religion Phelps # 2 of Westboro Baptist gets totally owned.
  112. Obama Question about Gay Marriage
  113. U.S. Issues North Korea Declares War on the US
  114. Religion Chatting Up Fred's Klan
  115. Would you let your daughter date a black guy?
  116. Economics Georgia looking to eliminate income tax (LA and SC too)
  117. Nat'l Security Al-Qaeda's 22 tips for dodging drone attacks: the list in full
  118. U.S. Issues Bitter Scalia Leaves U.S.
  119. Int'l Issues IMF Proposes $1.40 a Gallon Gas Tax on US Drivers
  120. U.S. Issues Texas DA, wife killed 2 months after deputy's slaying
  121. Obama A moment in the bat shit crazy world of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  122. U.S. Issues Colorado to seek Death Penalty against Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes
  123. Obama Nelson tells Obama....HA HA!
  124. Int'l Issues North Korea's Latest Threat: It Will Restart Nuclear Reactor
  125. Elections Any other local elections today?
  126. Poop Incest Marriage?
  127. U.S. Issues NRA "school safety" plan calls for trained, armed school staff
  128. Environment New Discovery: NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere
  129. General Politics Beverly Hall, 34 others indicted in Atlanta schools cheating scandal
  130. Obama Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit
  131. U.S. Issues U.S. sees highest poverty spike since the 1960s...
  132. U.S. Issues You’ll work 5 extra days for Uncle Sam this year
  133. U.S. Issues How bout that? No more illegal aliens!
  134. Obama Obama is a wonderful human being
  135. U.S. Issues Progs
  136. U.S. Issues Co-Dem...Possibly dumbest person ever elected???
  137. Religion Cross-dressing, drug dealing ‘Monsignor Meth’ pleads guilty to drug charge, faces 11
  138. Environment Arkansas Oil Spill?
  139. Int'l Issues 10 Ways Products Are Designed To Fail
  140. Education New York Post: Cop Killer Tabbed as Professor by Columbia
  141. Legal Eric Holder Gets Busy: Enron's Skilling May Be Released From Prison Over A Decade Ear
  142. Int'l Issues Former US UN envoy says any missile launch by North Korea would be 'suicide'
  143. Economics Happy Friday I found out I am a racist the other day.
  144. U.S. Issues First Integrated (kinda) Prom in Wilcox Cty, GA
  145. Poop Health Conspiracy
  146. Poop Why has bacon and ammo become so popular
  147. Environment Carbon offsets trade prone to shady scams
  148. U.S. Issues A Colorado Sheriff Responds To President Obama
  149. Int'l Issues Have fun with this pic
  150. Int'l Issues Kim, eat a snickers
  151. U.S. Issues One drug to rule them all! Scientists find treatment to kill EVERY kind of CANCER...
  152. Nat'l Security DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage
  153. Poop Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children
  154. 60 Minutes right now
  155. U.S. Issues Police Tie Up Tourist And Kill Him With Pepper Spray
  156. U.S. Issues McCain/Schumer don't understand why anybody would filibuster Senate Gun Control Bill
  157. Media RIP Margret.. Britain, Iron Lady Dies
  158. General Politics Interesting stat on public shootings
  159. Int'l Issues South Korea Still Paying The Price For Embracing Internet Explorer A Decade Ago
  160. Legal People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the 2nd Amend
  161. U.S. Issues Your Kids Belong to the Collective
  163. Economics AUSTRALIA moves out of the USD
  164. Nat'l Security North Korea to 'launch missile TOMORROW' after warning foreigners to evacuate South
  165. U.S. Issues Takes on Westboro Baptist Church, GAy Rights and Occupy WallStreet
  166. U.S. Issues Brad Paisley+LL Cool J Accidental Racist song. Bad publicity stunt or heartfelt?
  167. ChiefsPlanet Renunciation of bet with sportsshrink/chiefsshrink
  168. U.S. Issues It's "Next year this time" Mr. Nugent. Time to man up.
  169. Int'l Issues The Real Face of Liberalism
  170. U.S. Issues 14 hurt in stabbing spree in Texas
  171. U.S. Issues 2 year old shoots his mother
  172. Int'l Issues Canada Ready to Impose Sanctions on the U.S.
  173. U.S. Issues 4 year old shoots 6 year old
  174. U.S. Issues 4 year old shoots and kills women
  175. Poop 2-year-old stabbed to death, father arrested
  176. Obama Watch the "Sequester Soul Show" live from the cash stricken White House!!!
  177. General Politics EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency By Josep
  178. U.S. Issues Gun Policy & Law Enforcement: Survey Results
  179. Religion What is the quickest way to kill a school voucher bill?
  180. Elections PETA starts "Got Zits?" campaign in Kansas City
  181. General Politics Obama's Budget Submitted to Congress
  182. U.S. Issues I'm going to Amsterdam for a few days.
  183. Legal Justin Johnsen, Brooklyn Cyclist, Received $1,200 Bill For Damage To NYPD Car That Hi
  184. U.S. Issues Senator Toomey Betrays Gun Owners
  185. Obama Obama calls for cigarette tax hike of 94 cents a pack
  186. Economics Conservatives find Government does help them earn money
  187. Education Racist USC professor caught on video tape
  188. Obama In chicago the criminals have guns and the citizens???
  189. Obama Time to carve out 'Ball Free' zones around school
  190. U.S. Issues Nebraska Furniture Mart gets gun control
  191. Local MO Highway Patrol gives up names of CCW holders
  192. U.S. Issues Pro-gun celebrities
  193. Legal DOJ Wants More for Prisons Than U.S. Security
  194. U.S. Issues Pentagon: North Korea can probably launch a nuclear missile
  195. Obama Sebelius Tries To Blame GOP For Coming ObamaCare Failures
  196. General Politics Kansas! Gile drops 'n'-word at meeting
  197. Legal 15 years for cutting off a beard?!
  198. General Politics Five Hard Changes Conservatives Need to Make
  199. Obama Obama budget caps individual retirement accounts at $3 million
  200. U.S. Issues Who is Ted Nugent?
  201. Media Donald Kaul/AKA Frankie
  202. Int'l Issues U.S. tells N.Korea new missile launch would be "huge mistake"
  203. Economics Banning Chain Stores - Should A City Do It?
  204. Nat'l Security People Think Obama Found WMD's In Iraq
  205. Local I love happy endings
  206. Legal More young lives senselessly lost
  207. Obama Abortionist Kermit Gosnell and Obama’s Silence
  208. U.S. Issues What era do Democrats look back to as the "Golden Age"?
  209. U.S. Issues Two explosions heard at Boston Marathon finish line.
  210. Economics Calling all gold bugs...
  211. Obama Why did Obama not call the Boston bombings an act of terrorism?
  212. Obama Obama to visit KU
  213. Int'l Issues Black Hawk Down near DMZ
  214. Education Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Everman store Read more: http://www.myfo
  215. Economics Role Reversal: GOP Blasts Obama Plan to Sell TVA
  216. U.S. Issues Let me hear your rage over these gun control ads
  217. Environment Oh no Henny Penny! Here is a REASONABLE report concerning climate change!
  218. Nat'l Security Walid Shoebat says Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi has ties to Al Qaeda
  219. Legal The House I Live In
  220. Economics That's not a mundane detail, Michael
  221. Int'l Issues Obama says he doesn't believe North Korea has nuclear missile
  222. U.S. Issues Boston suspects?
  223. General Politics Kansas Governor Brownback signs 2nd Amendment Protection Act into law
  224. Misc New Zealand legalizes gay marriage
  225. U.S. Issues Claire McCaskill: If Boston bombings are terrorism, why not Sandy Hook?
  226. U.S. Issues Expanded background checks for gun sales fails in Senate
  227. Obama Rand Paul hurts Obama's Feelings
  228. U.S. Issues Huge Explosion at Waco Fertilizer Plant
  229. U.S. Issues Stevieray taken into custody?
  230. Nat'l Security U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11, Review Concludes
  231. Nat'l Security Package addressed to sheriff could have caused 'major explosion'
  232. Nat'l Security How the government turned five stoner misfits into the world's most hapless terrorist
  233. U.S. Issues Will the Boston bombers be hired by Columbia University?
  234. Nat'l Security CISPA passes. Fuck your internet freedoms.
  235. U.S. Issues Ron Paul launches libertarian think tank
  236. Nat'l Security For those wanting the Hi-Cap Magazine ban
  237. Obama Additional Executive Actions' for Guns
  238. Obama change
  239. Nat'l Security 2 guys shut down a city
  240. Nat'l Security Suspected Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Appears to Be Obama Fan
  241. Poop Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage
  242. Economics California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes, Approves $24 Mil For Illegal Gun Seizure
  243. U.S. Issues Ok, which one of you is Arkansas State Representative Nate Bell (R)?
  244. Nat'l Security Video Shows Home Searches By Boston Police Were NOT Voluntary
  245. Education ACLU to Kansas school district: Cancel creationist assemblies about Dinosaurs
  246. Nat'l Security Arrest John Kerry, Obama and leading NeoCons under NDAA
  247. Nat'l Security Mass. Police: Bomb Suspects Didn't Have Gun Permit
  248. U.S. Issues 250 rounds fired at Boat suspect
  249. Int'l Issues Canadian police: 2 arrested in al Qaeda-supported terror plot
  250. Misc Livestream: stop with the videos