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  1. Nat'l Security 11 Mystifying Things the Tsarnaev Brothers Did
  2. Misc Australian population to top 23 million tonight
  3. U.S. Issues Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bomb
  4. Nat'l Security Bill To Regulate Pressure Cookers Gaining Steam
  5. Legal Will Dzhokhar get the death penalty?
  6. U.S. Issues Bomb Detecting Dogs under Ruff Scrutiney
  7. Obama The Muslim World Hates the U.S. More Than Ever
  8. Religion 2nd Child of Pa. Couple Dies After Only Praying instead of Medicine
  9. U.S. Issues 8th grade student suspended, arrested over gun t-shirt
  10. General Politics I Oppose the Death Penalty in Principle and Here's Why
  11. Economics Welfare drug test bill passes NC Senate
  12. Elections More Australia news: Oz Priest: ‘I Saw Church Evidence Tampering’
  13. Poop Poll: George W. Bush's approval rating matches Obama's
  14. Education Professor told students to stomp on paper with Jesus's name on it
  15. U.S. Issues Asshat Republican Wants First Graders to Work for Food
  16. Nat'l Security Yadlin: Iranian nuclear program crossed 'red line'
  17. Local Missouri Senator's Voting To Defund Driver’s License Bureau
  18. How bad does it **** up traffic when the president is in town?
  19. Local Two Trashy Cops and an Honorable Sargent.
  20. Economics The Fugees Lauryn Hill: Im a good person, so i shouldnt have to pay taxes
  21. Int'l Issues Hagel: Evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria
  22. U.S. Issues Tennessee Republican Thinks Pressure Cooker Jokes Are Funny
  23. Int'l Issues Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
  24. Florida baby dies from whooping cough. Parents chose not to vaccinate
  25. Int'l Issues China-US Squabble: Beijing slams ‘woeful’ US human rights record
  26. U.S. Issues A way around it? Kosher Certification Program Bans All GMO Ingredients
  27. Misc NY police: Landing gear part found, is tied to 9/11
  28. General Politics In a first, Black voter turnout rate passes whites in 2012 election.
  29. Nat'l Security We're Building Tanks the US Army Doesn't Want!
  30. U.S. Issues Bill Maher slams Boston police
  31. Religion Army Email Labels Christian Ministries as “Domestic Hate Groups”
  32. Obama Daniel Day Lewis Plays Obama
  33. Obama Americans Fear Their Government More Than Terrorists
  34. Obama Black mob violence ignored AGAIN by piss stream media
  35. Legal Man arrested in rape of girl begs for DNA test, which later proves he's innocent.
  36. Education Incognito Sherriff's dept bursts into school, firing blanks to test readiness
  37. Education Elementary School Cafeteria Goes Vegetarian
  38. Obama The real reason for NYC's drop in crime
  39. Education FDA appeals making 'morning-after' pill available to all ages
  40. U.S. Issues Kentucky Five Year Old Hunter Bags a Two Year Old
  41. General Politics In search of the 28th amendment to the Constitution
  42. Obama Rabid Anti-Christian Bigot Mikey Weinstein Called in by Pentagon to Repress Christian
  43. U.S. Issues All up in David Petraeus snatch
  45. Economics Wall Street. Too big to fail, so too big to jail?
  46. Nat'l Security Jersey City Police Dept. Disciplines Officers for “Oath Keepers” Affiliation
  47. Int'l Issues More tests will take North Korea closer to nuclear missile, Pentagon says
  48. Education Liberal Student Fakes "Rape Threat" on Facebook
  49. Nat'l Security Holder takes on Kansas?
  50. Obama Obama blames Mexico's violence on U.S. Guns
  51. General Politics 12 year old girl shoots home intruder
  52. U.S. Issues Jesus Jihad! No more Islam in the US of A!
  53. Local Keep Stone Mountain carving a Confederate Memorial
  54. U.S. Issues A random gun control conspiracy theory
  55. General Politics Obama nominates subprime banking queen and $800M bundler as Commerce Secretary
  56. U.S. Issues Ben Bernanke: The guy fucking the middle class
  57. U.S. Issues Student charged with felony and expelled for forgetting unloaded shotgun in car
  58. Nat'l Security Detainee at Guantanamo explains his (and others') hunger strike.
  59. Nat'l Security Which do Republicans hate more: immigration reform, or Obama.
  60. U.S. Issues Just pics of Romney
  61. Education Federalism at its finest: Oklahoma proving that universal pre-K = desireable results.
  62. Environment San Jose State University Meteorology decides burning books they don’t agree with
  63. Int'l Issues Israel Reportedly Bombing Near Damascus (With Video of Attack)
  64. General Politics Racism in the Republican party
  65. General Politics The GOP`s war against education.
  66. Obama What group hates Obama the most ?
  67. Local How many DC Dwellers are in this list?
  68. General Politics Screw Cinco de Mayo
  69. Religion Bradford Muslims Rally To Save Synagogue From Closure
  70. U.S. Issues Founding Father of the American Leviathan State
  71. Obama Bengahzi ? Wh Knew, Who lied, who turned a blind eye and deaf ears ?
  72. General Politics To hell with your votes, sheeple. /Obama
  73. U.S. Issues Obama To Grads: Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny
  74. U.S. Issues Cuomo embezzling funds for political agenda?
  75. U.S. Issues CEO Makes $30 mill By Getting Fired
  76. Economics Senate Votes To Destroy Small Business
  77. U.S. Issues Iraq War Vet To Lead Armed March on DC July 4th ‘To Put Gov’t on Notice’
  78. Obama WTF? Lawmakers, aides seek Obamacare exemption while Individual policies to cost....
  79. U.S. Issues Gun control ads have Democrats worrying
  80. General Politics Gun violence down 49% since 1993 peak
  81. Economics Some Repubs Want To Limit Overtime Payment to Workers
  82. U.S. Issues Do you like foreigners criticizing America on guns?
  83. Elections Congrats Mark Sanford!
  84. Int'l Issues Will Sen. Ted Cruz ignite the next "birther" controversy?
  85. U.S. Issues Social Security is an entitlement?
  86. Elections Stephen Colbert doesn't like the reality of politics?!?!?!
  87. U.S. Issues Who Is the Highest Paid Federal Employee?
  88. Nat'l Security Eating Tacos, Drinking Tequila Is Offensive To Mexicans…
  89. General Politics IRS Admits it Targeted Conservative Groups
  90. Nat'l Security Baltimore Inmate Impregnates 4 Prison Guards
  91. U.S. Issues A Country founded by Geniuses and run by Idiots
  92. Local Triple Crown of Right Wing Porn!
  93. Obama Possess a toy gun....go to jail....
  94. Int'l Issues Iranian Elections - June 2013
  95. Media The Media. ABC, CBS & CNN. Spouses/Siblings of Exec's working for Obama
  96. Economics Enron Slimeball May Get Off the Hook Early
  97. U.S. Issues Seal Team 6 kicks ass again. They appreared and then they were gone.
  98. U.S. Issues MSNBC on IRS Scandal : THIS IS TYRANNY...
  99. Legal Monsanto success with court
  100. Obama Government taps AP reporters' phones.....illegally
  101. U.S. Issues Who Hates Who Where?
  102. Economics Liberty Hospital lays Off 129
  103. General Politics Feds want a 1 drink DUI
  104. Obama The day the Obama administration went all Nixon on us
  105. Obama ** Official Obama blames "????" thread **
  106. U.S. Issues Senate Dems Have as Much to Explain as the IRS
  107. Obama While Putting the Screws to Patriots, IRS’s Lois Lerner Granted Special Tax Status to
  108. General Politics Dems block bill condemning IRS
  109. U.S. Issues Police State America
  110. Obama Report: IRS employees ‘simply did what their bosses ordered’
  111. Obama The nine lies of IRS Obergruppenführer Lois Lerner
  112. Obama Benghazi Emails Directly Contradict White House Claims
  113. Obama Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei Holder Throws Underlings Under the Bus
  114. Obama Obama IRS Granted Nonprofit Status to Muslim Orgs
  115. Nat'l Security EPA to review claims of bias against conservatives amid fight over IRS
  116. Obama Men who are physically strong are more likely to take a right wing political stance
  117. Obama This Is No Ordinary Scandal
  118. Economics The Fed may end quantitative easing...
  119. U.S. Issues George Takei destroys gay marriage protestors
  120. U.S. Issues Police gunfire kills Hofstra University student, official says
  121. Obama IRS & Benghazi? "Irrelevant" when it comes to Obama's involvmenmt
  122. Obama Jon Stewart on the IRS\AP scandals
  123. Obama CBS's Schieffer on Benghazi
  124. Misc Measles surges in UK years after vaccine scare
  125. Education The psychology of Authority
  126. Obama DOJ labels Fox News Reporter Co-Conspirator
  127. U.S. Issues Back in January....
  128. Misc Homeowners beat up burglar in home invasion
  129. Obama The Hits just keep on rolling....
  130. Religion The gods of the 21st century
  131. Obama Tyranny is no longer lurking
  132. Obama Serial Liar
  133. Obama Top IRS official will invoke the Fifth Amendment in congressional hearing about tea p
  134. Obama The New Yorker....ouch
  135. U.S. Issues Why was there NO basement in that Oklahoma public school?
  136. U.S. Issues Colorado man opens fire on officer with AR-15 at traffic stop for no headlights
  137. Elections Recycled Weiner!
  138. Obama U.S. Attorney Investigating Fox News Donated to Obama
  139. Obama IRS's own internal probe ended in May 2012, six months before election Read more: ht
  140. Obama IRS's own internal probe ended in May 2012
  141. General Politics Muslim Men hack english soldier to death on TV
  142. Obama Obama will address killing more Americans than Boston terrorist tomorrow
  143. Economics Tesla Motors fully repays $465 million federal loan nine years early
  144. Obama The Road to...........
  145. U.S. Issues Barack Obama The Case for Impeachment
  146. U.S. Issues 'Put Your Face in the Dirt' Woman With 357 Magnum Confronts Man Trying to Break Into
  147. Obama Shulman contacted by 132 (!) congressmen...
  148. Economics Let Them Eat Cake!
  149. Obama Constituents link IRS audits to Mitt Romney donations
  150. Local KC woman shoots would be robber
  151. U.S. Issues Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay boys
  152. Obama Obamacare is imploding
  153. Poop Oklahoma Truthers Think Obama Used Anti-Scandal Weather Magic to create the tornado
  154. Obama Obama scandals trending on twitter
  155. General Politics Does welfare cause terrorism?
  156. General Politics News Corp tied to massive phone tapping scheme 32 journalists arrested
  157. Economics Can we start throwing the bankers in jail?
  158. Religion Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics
  160. U.S. Issues Monsanto Wins Fight to Take Away State Food Labeling Rights
  161. Nat'l Security $4Billion. To the Palestinians. Good Grief.
  162. Obama Obama prom picture
  163. Obama Queers,Cocaine, Benghazi & Obama
  164. U.S. Issues Obamacare adds 122,000 diagnostic codes to medical bureaucracy...
  165. Obama Blois Lois going to jail?
  166. Obama Massachusetts audit finds dead welfare recipients collecting millions of dollars
  167. U.S. Issues Police Confiscate Vet’s Rifle, Charge Him For Firing Warning Shot At Wanted Felon Try
  168. Obama Quick review
  169. General Politics Republicans Lie More: Study
  170. Nat'l Security Privacy a looming issue as drone regulation loosens
  171. Religion Buddhists Waging "Holy War" Against Muslims
  172. ChiefsPlanet Reports: Ricin-laced letters threaten gun violence
  173. Obama Obamacare hitting home...
  174. Legal Justice Dept is out of control
  175. Obama IRS’s Shulman had more public White House visits than any Cabinet member Read more:
  176. General Politics Republican: Guns Are a Gift From God!
  177. Elections Jesse Ventura for POTUS
  178. Religion Muslim genocide of Christians and Jews
  179. U.S. Issues Texas widow vows to spare others her IRS ordeal
  180. Obama The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House
  181. Religion Catholic Church at war with itself
  182. Religion Obama Proclaims June Gay Pride Month…
  183. U.S. Issues Truck Driver Nearly Beaten to Death By Police For Not Signing Traffic Ticket
  184. Obama Barry's EEOC enforcing Sharia law
  185. U.S. Issues Another Shotgun Wedding for the Palin Family
  186. Obama IRS employee a member of anti-Tea Party Facebook group
  187. Obama Democrats' New Argument: It's A Good Thing That Obamacare Doubles Individual Health I
  188. General Politics The Lausenberg Dilemma
  189. General Politics Replacing Holder
  190. Misc Bilderberg 2013 Attendee List
  191. U.S. Issues Cop Fired After Dash Cam Video shows him Running Over Man for Not Wearing Seat Belt
  192. Meet the girl Jason Collins strung along 8 years
  193. U.S. Issues Monsanto sued by Kansas wheat farmer over release of unapproved GMO wheat in Oregon
  194. Obama Susan Rice D-Liar, getting promoted
  195. Obama And so, Obama's day.....
  196. U.S. Issues Texas: It's Like a Whole 'Nuther Country!
  197. ChiefsPlanet Guns, the Great Equalizer: 10 Year Old Boy Trades Fire With Home Invaders
  198. Legal report - LAPD Clears LAPD Christopher Dorner's firing
  199. Education To improve today’s concrete, do as the Romans did
  200. Nat'l Security NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
  201. Obama Had a meeting today at work on insurance...
  202. Nat'l Security Another IRS Biggie who likes to go hang out at the White House...
  203. Nat'l Security House defunds Obamas Dream Act Executive Order
  204. U.S. Issues Tennessee Man Has 22 Kids by 14 Different Women
  205. Economics IRS: Bureaucratic Blunder or Political Profiling
  206. Obama Verizon is nothing, meet PRISM
  207. General Politics Ouch - NY Times says Obama has lost all credibility on transparency/accountability
  208. Obama The worm has turned...
  209. General Politics MSNBC' Bashir - IRS scandal just a racist attack by Republicans on Obama
  210. U.S. Issues Rand Paul to Introduce Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013
  211. Economics The Spite Club
  212. U.S. Issues eight-colorado-counties-want-to-leave-the-state/
  213. General Politics Kansas, gun control, and your tax money
  214. U.S. Issues IRS to close
  215. Nat'l Security Congressional Dems feeling Heat
  216. Int'l Issues CNN does a segment on the Bilderberg Group...
  217. Nat'l Security Patriot Act Abuse by Obama?
  218. Nat'l Security Airport in Kabul under a major attack
  219. General Politics 1984 versus Brave New World
  220. Obama Eric Snowden: Greatest American Hero Ever?
  221. Obama China and the US Are at Nuclear War in Afghanistan
  222. Nat'l Security Ouch...Hillary is gonna be mad!
  223. Nat'l Security Clapper. For Gods Sakes.
  224. Obama The president is for gun control accept when arming terrorist
  225. Media They're here.
  226. Obama Waters: Obama Campaign Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individual
  227. Nat'l Security This wont end well....
  228. Nat'l Security Rubio can bag it along with FatChristie
  229. Nat'l Security How bad is this idea? Move Syrians to USA.
  230. Nat'l Security Clapper...more fun with Jim
  231. Nat'l Security Obama's FBI.....No one is safe?
  232. Obama Lib heads are exploding.....
  233. Obama The Obama Surveillance Revelations Are Pushing Liberals Over the Edge
  234. Legal ACLU sues over NSA phone records program
  235. Media Betraying the country that has betrayed you..
  236. Obama Biden 2006: nsa can't do these kind of things
  237. Obama Proof that universal background checks work
  238. Misc Animal Cruelty
  239. Nat'l Security The Take on Snowdon beginning to clarify
  240. U.S. Issues Is it More Treasonous to Violate the Constitution or to Expose Those Violations?
  241. General Politics Rand Paul, amnesty's latest cheerleader
  242. Education The label "Neocon" has lost all meaning
  243. U.S. Issues Would you let a transgender girl to use a public school girl bathroom?
  244. General Politics Can we all agree on one thing?
  245. Education An education on the 4th amendment
  246. Nat'l Security Some things you may have overlooked or didn't know about recent news
  247. Int'l Issues EU justice chief seeks answers on U.S. data spying
  248. Obama Paybacks are Hell. Fema turns down rest of $ for Texas Blast town
  249. Int'l Issues Armed Carjacker meets Armed Citizen
  250. Nat'l Security Safe from Government spying: Mosques