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  1. Misc Another reason to use online pharm. Obots hanging out at Drug Store
  2. Misc Shamanism...anyone have experience
  3. Nat'l Security Got Drones? FBI Does...
  4. U.S. Issues Survival Book...pretty good read
  5. Nat'l Security German president says whistleblowers like Snowden merit respect
  6. U.S. Issues Father of SEAL Team Member Claims His Son Was Set Up
  7. U.S. Issues Cop who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students seeks workers comp
  8. Legal Zero for hero: Judge snubs man hurt stopping 'Butcher of Brighton Beach'
  9. Media Strange news:Hacker Barnaby Jack dies in San Francisco aged 35
  10. Religion Street Corner Preacher has his amplification equipment seized
  11. Obama So. How are things going in Egypt?
  12. Religion The Rise of the Christian Left in America
  13. Economics Burger flippers want $15/hour
  14. Media Hillary and Al Sharpton
  15. Int'l Issues Washington Insanity....
  16. Economics Overstock CEO berates Steve Cohen in NYT ad...
  17. Obama Sheila Jackson Lee May Head Department of Homeland Security
  18. General Politics Fox News’ Lauren Green Doesn’t Understand Religious Scholarship
  19. Nat'l Security Military judge finds Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy
  20. U.S. Issues DEA Leaves Man In Cell for 4 Days Without Any Food Or Water
  21. Economics With priorities like this, is it any wonder that our national debt is completely and-
  22. Education A One Percenter Who Is A True Saint
  23. Nat'l Security Texas students "hijack" superyacht with GPS-spoofing luggage
  24. Obama Obama is coming for our guns...
  25. Religion Why people laugh at people who cram their beliefs on others
  26. Economics For you anti-corporate Obama lovers...
  27. Religion Al Pic of the day
  28. Nat'l Security Homeland Insecurity.
  29. Obama Let it roll. This will be the biggest disaster ever
  30. Obama Turn the race card....no one cares
  31. Economics Hiding Economic Depression With Spin
  32. Nat'l Security White House Extremely 'Disappointed' Russia Gave Snowden Asylum
  33. General Politics Who do you respect more as a leader?
  34. Obama Obama's Phony Scandal Benghazi is about to blow up
  35. Nat'l Security This should make Obama happy
  36. U.S. Issues CNN Reports CIA Engaged in Massive Intimidation Campaign to Keep Benghazi a Secret
  37. Legal Florida Judge Rejects "Stand Your Ground" Defense; Abused Wife Is Given 20 Years in J
  38. Economics Instant 3% increase in GDP... number manipulation...
  39. Nat'l Security From chicken shit to chicken salad: the post-sequester military.
  40. U.S. Issues Risking a budget shutdown or debt ceiling collapse to defund Obamacare is stupid.
  41. General Politics Not even the Republican House can pass any post-sequester funding bills.
  42. Nat'l Security NSA director Keith Alexander defends surveillance tactics in speech to hackers
  43. Nat'l Security Totally ****ed up. Kerry. Obama. Hillary.
  44. Obama ObamaCare only applies to the little people....
  45. General Politics The face of the GOP's stereotypical "welfare queens"
  46. General Politics Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights
  47. U.S. Issues Single payer would cover everyone, and save $2 trillion over 10 years.
  48. Religion And you thought the country was broke?
  49. Obama 20 years later, Tawana Brawley has turned back on the past (rape hoax)
  50. Nat'l Security Coming soon from the TSA.......Anal Probes!!!!
  51. Media DC or Media Center...guess i'll go DC. Feds seek oversight of iTunes
  52. Nat'l Security Remember when Obama said spying was for terrorism only?
  53. Economics China’s Debt Surge Pressures Xi-Li to Avert Lost Decade
  54. U.S. Issues Libertarian Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post
  55. General Politics Obama waives full cost of Obamacare policies for Congress and staffers
  56. Nat'l Security Peace and freedom minded Whistleblower exposes US ability to snoop on al Qaeda leader
  57. Nat'l Security Respect nonwomen who have abortions
  58. Obama Keith Ellison Confirms: All of Our Money Belongs to Bureaucrats
  59. Obama Egypt: Obama to Meet With Muslim Brotherhood
  60. U.S. Issues Use of languages other than English in the U.S. on the rise: Census
  61. Religion Mysterious Priest Performs Miracle At Site Of Mercedes Crash
  62. General Politics Between $40-600K spent to investigate NASA Viking video
  63. U.S. Issues Most Obamacare/Exchanges are live now. Get your quote
  64. Legal The Federal Judge Song
  65. U.S. Issues NRA Wants 18-Year Olds To Buy Handguns
  66. U.S. Issues Ex Border Patrol Agents Warn: US Politicians Helping Cartel
  67. General Politics Georgia GOP: Paula Deen > MLK
  68. General Politics Colorado Politicians Get "Invisible" License Plates
  69. Poop Sean Hannity fired from Fox News
  70. Environment What the Frack? Kids Gagged in PA Fracking Settlement
  71. General Politics Why I own a gun
  72. Economics The guy/gal on corner holding a sign..
  73. U.S. Issues Christie spends $4.7M in Sandy relief funds on psuedo-campaign ads for himself
  74. General Politics Oprah and France 2.0
  75. Media It's not propaganda. No, really.
  76. Obama Reid says Obamacare just a step toward single-payer
  77. Economics US Companies Thrive as US Workers Fall Behind
  78. Nat'l Security Graham and McCain. Failures and embarrassing
  79. Religion Religious weirdos have to be rescued at sea
  80. Nat'l Security Missouri State fair openly threatens the President.
  81. Religion Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, study finds
  82. Obama Democrat Manual: How To Lie About Gun Control
  83. Nat'l Security 100 Million Obama Bucks flushed down the green drain
  84. Nat'l Security Obammy picks Clapper to investigate...Clapper
  85. Poop Man in Conceal Carry Class Shot by Instructor
  86. Misc Dying Man Denied Health Coverage Over Missing 26 Cents
  87. General Politics Obamacare Circus Continues...out of pocket max delayed
  88. Religion Religious People Are Less Intelligent Than...
  89. Obama Rodeo Clown Discovers Whether America Is Still Free
  90. Poop Bigoted A-Holes Make the BEST BBQ!!
  91. Obama We Can’t Wait … To Nominate Another Lobbyist
  92. Legal Georgia teen denied life-saving heart transplant due to ‘non-compliance’
  93. General Politics George Will on point
  94. General Politics Mr. Goodcents Subs drops offensive "Mr." from it's title
  95. Education Mis-gendering a person/nonperson is a bad thing
  96. Education California Becomes First to Pass Historic Transgender Law
  97. Obama Bangs are out. Damn.
  98. Media "He deserved it. Everyone knows you dont wave at a cop"-DC
  99. U.S. Issues NC Republican party war against young voters
  100. Local Councilman Brooks. Preacher Peter Pictures?
  101. Nat'l Security Clown Issue escalates to Hate Crime.
  102. Int'l Issues Iranian Chick Too Hot To Serve
  103. Elections Chris Durp Christie: We are not a debating society
  104. U.S. Issues Area 51 CIA The CIA Has Finally Confirmed That Area 51 Exists
  105. Misc So. How are things going for humanity?
  106. Economics Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality is Not Genetic
  107. Nat'l Security How do you deal with all the stress?
  108. Nat'l Security Even Left NBC sees the fail in Obama/Hillary Egypt policy
  109. Nat'l Security ObamaCare not a good deal if you are poor....
  110. Education Kansas School Celebrates Islam. How 'bout that?
  111. U.S. Issues We're Bored.... Let's kill that guy
  112. Obama Obama's newest change.....Egypt may go under the bus for running the Brotherhood off.
  113. U.S. Issues Lavabit email service abruptly shut down citing government interference
  114. Int'l Issues Canadian Cop faces 2nd Degree murder charges
  115. Economics Powerful message for Black democrats. All Democrats.
  116. Obama Free trips to Africa!
  117. Local 150 Years Ago Today....
  118. Economics UPS DRopping Spouses From Insurance Coverage, Cites "Obamacare"
  119. U.S. Issues United States is raising a nation of savages
  120. Int'l Issues Emergency Meeting of UN Sec Council as Syria kills @ 1000 incl children with Sarin
  121. General Politics 79 year old shoots intruder - escaped inmate
  122. Obama DHS: The Moonbattery gets stronger
  123. Obama The fundamental transformation's path of destruction marches forward!
  124. Misc Bradley Manning - OK, wasn't expecting that
  125. U.S. Issues Black Teens beat WWII Veteran to Death
  126. Economics The End Game memo
  127. Int'l Issues Buddhist/Muslim Violence In Sri Lanka
  128. General Politics Tabled for future deletion
  129. U.S. Issues Paula Deen shoots Trayvon Martin in new Law and Order episode
  130. General Politics Tom Coburn mulling impeachment
  131. Religion Welcome to the Age of Denial
  132. Obama Whats the timing on Cruise Missiles?
  133. U.S. Issues Dead souls of a cultural revolution
  134. Obama Teachers side with pedophile over molested student (of course)
  135. Obama Rodeo Obama in Texas
  136. U.S. Issues Regular Guy to Receive Medal of Honor Tomorrow
  137. Nat'l Security NSA Bugged UN. Finally good news
  138. Int'l Issues CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran
  139. U.S. Issues 8 Year Old Executes His 87 Year Old Babysitter
  140. Obama A Truly Great Phony
  141. Religion Christians are the new black (s)
  142. Obama No Country For Young Men
  143. ChiefsPlanet Are you, as a cracker, afraid of black people?
  144. Nat'l Security Iran sets Obammy straight. Dont mess with Syria bitch.
  145. Obama Obama: ObamaCare will be cheaper than your cell phone bill
  146. Nat'l Security Blitzing the shit out of Syria is not about regime change....OK
  147. Int'l Issues DOes the congress need to declare war before military action in Syria?
  148. Nat'l Security Cashing in
  149. Nat'l Security Freedom of Religion vs. Terrorism in NYC
  150. Obama Time to ban all video games!
  151. Nat'l Security Fort Hood Murdering scumbag to die. Not soon enough
  152. Economics Bank CEO admits to using bailout money to buy luxury condo in Florida
  153. Obama Obama's "bringing trickle back" (Yeah!)
  154. Media Gotta love Kim yung littlefatguy
  155. Obama Oh hell. Assad may NOT have been involved? Really?
  156. Education Some Syrian RPG Fun..Boom!
  157. Environment Board of Directors
  158. Obama Obama Administration"couldn’t organize a three car funeral"
  159. Media Do whats right for your kids....Bad. Bad bad people.
  160. Environment Man claims voices in his head urged him to kidnap girl in Wentzville
  161. Obama Obama allies < Bush allies
  162. U.S. Issues Confused about the Middle East?
  163. Nat'l Security Obama chats it up with Magic Johnson. Skips congressional call
  164. Nat'l Security Its as good as on go and the button pushed
  165. U.S. Issues Mom Orders Son: Beat the Gay Out of Your Brother
  166. U.S. Issues I Love Irony....
  167. General Politics Prison Bitch has a radio show?
  168. Int'l Issues US weighs "limited & narrow" action against Syria
  169. Obama Why I haven't been posting
  170. Int'l Issues Ok, so now what? Should/will Congress authorize force?
  171. Obama Berkeley health plan denies coverage for rioting!
  172. Nat'l Security Assclown Sunday News Guest Kerry
  173. Int'l Issues Not to be outdone, Claire steps on her dick with the Vegans
  174. Int'l Issues Dunkin’ Donuts Ad in Thailand Causes Uproar
  175. Int'l Issues My life as a Somali warlord hostage
  176. U.S. Issues The History of Labor Day
  177. Religion Georgia Pastor Wants to Bring Back Slavery!
  178. Poop Sheriff's firing could spark second America Revolution
  179. Education Texas Approves Renaming Slave Trade As “Atlantic Triangular Trade”
  180. U.S. Issues DEA is spying on you too.
  181. General Politics Alaska Mayor Survives Brutal Assassination Attempt
  182. General Politics The Twelve Rules For Being A Liberal
  183. Obama Obama trying to backtrack on his "Red Line" statement??
  184. Legal Ariel Castro Failed By System
  185. Elections Hillary, Hillary!
  186. Elections Australian Federal Election: Don't Be A Fucking Idiot This Saturday
  187. Int'l Issues Obama's Syrian Allies Bombard Christian Village
  188. Obama Obama's Economy Hits His Voters Hardest
  189. Int'l Issues Come Read About The Allies Hussein Wishes To Cultivate
  190. General Politics Weiner: "You are not my judge."
  191. Poop It's a house of shit.
  192. Religion Atheist Suicide Bomber Kills 18 Agnostics
  193. Int'l Issues Obama Russia speech to press
  194. Int'l Issues Iranians making threats against the US and The First Family
  195. U.S. Issues Ghetto Tracker App: Helps the Rich Avoid the Poor
  196. Poop Bruce Springsteen kidnapped?
  197. Nat'l Security Saudi Arabia, Qatar 'bribing' US congressmen to approve war on Syria
  198. Religion Fred Phelps' Finds His Neighbors Are a Drag
  199. Int'l Issues The smorgasbord of Syria options. Which do you favor?
  200. U.S. Issues Iowa Allows Gun Permits to Blind People
  201. Int'l Issues Germans: Syria chemical weapons attack not ordered by Assad
  202. Legal Military pay raise cut by King
  203. Nat'l Security Liar sent to lie again!!!
  204. Nat'l Security Secretary of State is a bought and paid for pig
  205. Misc Retired Marine loses $200K home over $134 tax lien
  206. Media George Zimmerman has been taken into police custody after a domestic inciden
  207. Obama Tally in Illinois grant-fraud probe so far: 13 charged, $16M embezzled
  208. Obama The Economic Stagnation Named ‘Recovery’
  209. Religion Eight-year-old Yemeni Child Dies At Hands Of Forty-year-old Husband On Wedding Night
  210. U.S. Issues Prediction: Putin wins the next Nobel Peace Prize
  211. Education Cosmo
  212. Obama Barry: 2 dozen scandals and counting
  213. Nat'l Security Scumbag kerry changes spin again
  214. Nat'l Security The World's view of Putin vs. Obama administration foreign policy
  215. Obama Obama's speech on Syria
  216. U.S. Issues Speaking of bombing... Obama's speech a snoozer
  217. Obama Just more of Barry covering up his origins.....
  218. Legal Colorado John Morse RECALLED
  219. Media Paul Harvey 1965
  220. Media Paul Harvey 1965
  222. Obama What Putin just did to Barry via Hollywood !!
  223. Obama Barry is a disgrace
  224. Obama Flies on crap
  225. Obama 2 million bikers head to D.C. to honor 9/11 victims
  226. Obama Where are all the moonbats?
  227. U.S. Issues New poll finds up to 78% of Republicans shifting toward Libertarianism
  228. Obama Lois Lerner's Own Words
  229. Obama SECCESSION!
  230. Religion ****The OFFICIAL Prison Bitch hates Gays Thread****
  231. Legal Meanwhile, Verizon angles for Internet dominance...
  232. Obama Looks like the chemical weapons are going home
  233. U.S. Issues lol Obama: Texas gun mfg makes LEGAL belt-fed machine gun
  234. Media Some of Omaha's finest thugs
  235. U.S. Issues If Breaking Bad were based in the UK
  236. ChiefsPlanet DC feuds and moderation
  237. Education Poll: Do you like KC Native?
  238. Elections Rand Paul, 2016 Republican front-runner
  239. Environment Earth Gains A Record Amount Of Sea Ice In 2013
  240. Economics Why isn't Mexico beating us?
  241. Int'l Issues Obama blames Congress on Syria
  242. Obama Redistribution still a goal. Obama wants your money to give to slackers
  243. Nat'l Security Biden should be muzzled
  244. U.S. Issues Obama backed rebels Beheading Christians
  245. Nat'l Security Why did the CIA let a crazed al-Qaeda mob kill America's ambassador?
  246. Nat'l Security Four Women Harassed By Aggressive Police Officer For Open-Carrying In Missouri
  247. Poop Obama to visit Kansas City on Friday
  248. U.S. Issues Teen Savagely Rapes 93-Year-Old Grandmother In Her Indiana Home
  249. Nat'l Security Naval yard shooting
  250. Environment Climate Alarmists respond