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  1. Ooops, US Troops, Kick Mucho Ass
  2. German Pope brings Reform to Church
  3. Prop 200 Screening Out Illegal Voters
  4. Differing brain response found in homosexual, heterosexual men
  5. Nut Job: EP III Revenge of the Sith is a Bush Bashing Flick...
  6. Judge blocks Oil for food docs from Congress
  7. Some Questions on Iraq
  8. Appeals court sides with Cheney on energy task force disclosure
  9. Hum, gay hating bigots private affairs...
  10. Small Government Watch: States Balk At National ID Card Plan
  11. Morality in War...
  12. UN to the rescue! Morgan Freeman wins cybersquatting appeal through UN arbitrators
  13. Jim Lampley? I knew he was annoying, but wow...an ELWNJ
  14. Walter E. Williams: How to not be poor
  15. LOL, they're afraid a planned execution will cause suicides on death row?
  16. Media Matters vs Media Research Center (A Battle Royal)
  17. DC Hypothetical
  18. Rumsfeld: Base closings will save $48 billion
  19. Justification for using torture?
  20. Federal Judge strikes down Nebraska gay marriage ban
  21. CIA drone said to kill al-Qaida operative
  22. Holy cow. Did this really happen?
  23. Start a War, No Money Down!
  24. STL Post-Dispatch: MUST maintain "a reliably Democratic or liberal view of issues"
  25. Zarqawi reported 'Seriously Wounded'
  26. Oops. False Newsweek reporting leads to 16 dead in Afghanistan
  27. Kansas looks at redefining science
  28. Social Security - Investment plan : solution
  29. Priest denies gay supporters communion
  30. Can the libbies remind me again why we should trust the corrupt azz UN?
  31. jihadists fighting amongst themselves?
  32. Alright-Court Lets Wine Lovers to Buy Out-Of-State
  33. Whoa, another news story that won't get much TV play
  34. Maybe you'll comment here...Racist Mexican President?
  35. Miichael Isikoff, Newsweek article writer is on the hot seat
  36. Grenade near Bush 'was live'
  37. still trying to find some way to shut the nudie bars down
  38. Hum, Newsweek was not the 1st to report flushed Korans...
  39. Hum...Newsweek was not the first to report Koran 'abuse'
  40. Question for Democrats
  41. Republicans seek to "interpret" the constitution via Congress, not courts.
  42. Coulter on Newsweek
  43. Mega Ooops: The ICRC told Pentagon of Koran abuse in 2002/03
  44. You make the Caption..
  45. King County admits falsifying election documents..
  46. My issue with the Newsweek story...
  47. Saudis want to limit Nuclear Inspections
  48. New Moveon Ad: Effective or Not?
  49. One of the funniest political cartoons I've seen in a long time
  50. Why is ok for us to torture and kill innocent people?
  51. Korea creates custom stem cells/speeds up process
  52. Kudos to the Bush Administration...
  53. So this is what the anti-recruiting people are whining about?
  54. Here's an example why Islam is a POS religion
  55. Bush promises to veto new stem cell research bill
  56. Stem Cell Research, a partisan stance?
  57. Iraqi Insurgent Sniper Training
  58. I'm drunk, where's jaz?
  59. Well, after reading both threads on Stem cell research...
  60. Michael Savage's "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"
  61. If you voted for Bush your a neocon bastard
  62. Unbelievable....this kid deserves to be executed if found guilty...
  63. Police: Church sex abuse case may involve 24 children
  64. Tillman's Parents Are Critical Of Army
  65. NY Sex Offenders Get Viagra From Medicaid
  66. and now for your political joke of the day!
  67. Tent City Revisited
  68. Pennsylvania Man Wants to Blow Up U.S.
  69. Poor Harry Reid...
  70. Get ready to be outraged! NBC wants to honor dead troops by reading their names!
  71. Tillman's parents rip Army in separate interviews
  72. RWNJs whining over Senate compromise, feel betrayed.
  73. Would Roosevelt be labeled a liar and deceiptful today?
  74. House passes stem cell research bills
  75. Does this guy look uncomfortable or what?
  76. Congress continuing to interfere in sports
  77. Case Could Freeze Sperm Donation
  78. Do you think Bush is going publicly retract their false outrage?
  79. Proposed: The Drug-Free/Corruption-Free Justice Act
  80. What a dumbass...
  81. Russ (KCWolfman)
  82. Har har har
  83. Murder Charges Against Marine Dropped
  84. Four TN lawmakers arrested in FBI bribery sting
  85. Here's one for you MeMe on LWNJ Judges
  86. LWNJ and the Judges they promote. For MEME
  87. I just had an idea regarding the war on terror...
  88. DeLay officially a candyass
  89. 15 DETAINEES inappropriately treated the Koran
  90. Report: Japanese WW2 Soldiers Found Alive in Jungle
  91. JMM on Bush's Newsweek/Koran fiasco
  92. Rut-Roh! Poll shows majority of Americans are ready to vote for Clinton...
  93. Let's make sure there's a woman in the WH
  94. True Judicial Activism...
  95. Fox News' little "slip"...
  96. OOOps, WH 'rethinking' its failed Iraq/WOT strategy
  97. Anyone else see the McCain movie on A&E?
  98. Ooops - Uh Oh
  99. Wow. Terrorist bombs mosque, angry mob burns down KFC in response.
  100. Judge Sends Guilty to Church, Not Jail
  101. Deepthroat revealed?!?!?!
  102. Runaway Bride Will Pay For Search Costs
  103. Boomer vs. KaWEAKa for starting MLB
  104. Euro Finally Dips....
  105. Poll: Does going to Mars make sense?
  106. God Hates the United States...
  107. The French and the Dutch Rock!
  108. going after violent video games
  109. .
  110. Deepthroat: Hero or Villain?
  111. Oopps ... Howard Dean's Raised Voice Isn't Raising Cash
  112. Dean on election day hours
  113. Dean/Edwards pushing for Election Day as National Holiday
  114. WMD's that 'didn't exist' are now "missing?"
  115. anyone else have a spouse/gf/bf with opposit view?
  116. More quality Dean
  117. Pentagon: Quran kicked, stepped on, pissed on
  118. Washington Governers election contest trial has concluded
  119. Here's a Fox news story I take issue with.
  120. Democrats fundraising problems... A Howard Dean thing, or a Mood of the Base thing?
  121. SC: Feds can ban "medicinal" marijuana
  122. Why did the FBI release the "Runaway Bride" tapes?
  123. Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Ready to Join Iraqi National Army
  124. Interesting piece of fantasy.
  125. Well, that was a big waste of political time...
  126. The Bizaro World
  127. Citigroup: UPS Lost Data on 3.9M Customers
  128. Kerry finally releases college grades
  129. Advances may make stem cell morality moot
  130. New us symbol
  131. It's time the government looked to pot for it's benefits, not just it's downsides...
  132. Patriot Act to be Renewed AND Expanded??
  133. Dean defends remarks about GOP: "pretty much a white, Christian party."
  134. Feds Charge Father, Son With al-Qaida Link
  135. Do Republicans still = Less Government?
  136. MOVEON.ORG Protest Goes Awry After Targeting Wrong Congressman...
  137. This is astounding..
  138. The "official" Dean Just Injured His Own Party Thread
  139. One Of Every Seven People In U.S. Is Hispanic
  140. The truth about Hillary (book)
  141. Bush: Patriot Act Helped to Nab Terrorists
  142. Nice, the Iraqi's are expanding their National Assembly to add more Sunni's.
  143. Repubs being hypocrites on values or Dems? You decide
  144. Marines allegedly beat US Contractors?
  145. ACLU: Patriotic Organization or "Communist" Organization
  146. Bible gets workout in stem-cell debate
  147. Poll: What should we do with Gitmo?
  148. OMG one in every Seven Americans a German!!!
  149. Swift vets claim Bill raped Hillary to conceive Chelsea...
  150. Newsflash: Global Warming is Real
  151. Military solution doubted in Iraq
  152. Downing Street II: "Little Though" given to US postwar plan
  153. Immigration Reform May Push Tancredo Into Presidential Race
  154. Europe turmoil as treaty collapses
  155. The "official" would Slayer get injured at His Own Party Thread
  156. Get da Bushies! Aaaaaayaaaaaagghhhh!
  157. Marines are at it again............
  158. Dear God: Please kill Fred Phelps.
  159. Why did 1/4 of all Republican Senators refuse to sign the anti-lynching bill?
  160. WTF is going on back home ?!?!
  161. spinoff - Kerry administration
  162. Vote on flag desecration may be 'cliffhanger'
  163. Ks Board Edu Member: Darwin’s theory of evolution "fairy tale ... impossible"
  164. Oil-for-food memo raises questions for Annan
  165. Wow, Fox grows a set.
  166. Schiavo autopsy found no signs of trama
  167. Court: Growing hallucinogenic mushrooms not illegal in New Mexico
  168. Durbin compares our troops to Nazis, KGB, Pol Pot ect.....
  169. Religious Right to Jointly Interview 2008 Republican Nominees
  170. Are there too many people in the world?
  171. Senior Zarqawi Aide Nabbed in Mosul
  172. US lawmakers press for Iraq withdrawal plan
  173. Downing Strret Memo Hearings on CSPAN
  174. Hill's campaign off to a GREAT start
  175. Iraqi soldiers rescue an Australian hostage
  176. Why is the media hoping for the housing market to go bust?
  177. OMG... Jeb won't let go of Sciavo!!!
  178. American's dislike the French
  179. Why is the media hoping for California to fall into the ocean?
  180. Question for Those That Supported Our Invasion of Iraq
  181. House votes to cut UN funding
  182. I broke the golden rule. Total shame rains upon me. (Long)
  183. What would be the best "interrotune"
  184. Security Breach May Put 40 Million Credit Card Holders at Risk
  185. Coldplay's Chris Martin thinks Tony Blair is BRILLIANT!
  186. Some International Views on American that I Examined
  187. " The White House is completely disconnected from reality,"
  188. “Stop the Activist Sebelius Court.”
  189. Biden to seek Democratic nomination
  190. Iran/Iraq War II?
  191. Condi Rice caught lying to public about Iraq on national TV...
  192. Ha! Someone is angry...
  193. And if things weren't already complicated enough on the Stem Cell front...
  194. Interview with Wesley Clark
  195. Clinton: 'Close or clean up' Gitmo
  196. ROFL...Democrats Hold Mock Impeachment Hearings Over Iraq War
  197. CIA chief has 'excellent idea' where bin Laden is (long)
  198. democratic process moving forward in lebanon?
  199. Foreign Aid We Could All Agree On?
  200. Saddam yearns for days of The Gipper and gives advice on women
  201. Gallup Poll: The Chimp is losing support bigtime...
  202. Is this true? Somebody more informed than me please explain
  203. $60 a barrel! Now its getting scary.
  204. California Employees - Nearly 2000 make over 132k
  205. Is this not crooked?
  206. Did anyone else see Nightline tonight?
  207. Florida Democratic party faces $900,000 shortage and an IRS lien
  208. CIA report on Iraqi insurgency.....
  209. House Approves Flag-Burning Amendment
  210. Michael Shaivo last dig at the family
  211. Southern Baptists End 8-Year Disney Boycott
  212. Nancy Polosi idiot. Dems wonder why they lost post 9-11.
  213. Dangerous Marijuana Criminals Nabbed In Sweep
  214. Sweet Lord, welcome to the United Serfdom of America
  215. Ex-Klansman gets 60 years for 1964 slayings of civil rights workers
  216. eminent domain wins in supreme court
  217. Religious bias at academy
  218. Rove bitchslapps that left again.
  219. SC messes up again, this time it's the left.
  220. Here They Go Again: Top Dem Compares Iraq War To "6 Million Jews Being Killed"
  221. Marcus: In Defense of Referencing Hitler
  222. Kermit/Big Bird set to tell deadbeat muppets to quit whining and get a job
  223. The Bible tells me so...
  224. Conservatives trying to be tough on courts
  225. Sunday Beer Sales Takes Hit
  226. Mom Charged In Fatal Pit Bull Attack On Boy
  227. FCC's Broadcast Flag Overturned
  228. Why are so many people freaking out over Tom Cruise stance against psychiatric drugs?
  229. "US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo and Iraq, Afghanistan..."
  230. Eff you Fred Phelps!
  231. Scary step backwards in Iran.
  232. "the administration is "shortchanging veterans."
  233. Washington Times: China rapidly building up for a possible Taiwan attack
  234. Planting the seeds of the next war?
  235. Bush Admin needs new continuity consultant
  236. Did Billy Graham just endorse Hillary for President?!?
  237. Cheney vs. Rumsfeld - "Last Throes" vs. 10 More Years of War
  238. Supreme Court comes down against 10 Commandment displays...
  239. Poll: More dems say outsourcing should be top foreign policy goal than Al Queda
  240. New York Times covers up for Bush
  241. Did you see that Ronald Reagan was voted "The Greatest American" of all time?
  242. Tom Davis (R) believes MLB is in huge trouble...
  243. Who said this?
  244. Shocking: Supreme Court rules in favor of big corporations again
  245. Fox editorial regarding the "quagmire" in Iraq
  246. The George Bush Address to the Nation Thread...
  247. Private Developer looking to Governmentally acquire Supreme Souter's land!
  248. Moscow Reaches Out To Iran...
  249. Festering POS Churchill speaks approvingly of soldiers 'fragging' officers
  250. Help Barry Goldwater Speech