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  1. U.S. Issues Senate Democrats Scurry off the Sinking Obamacare Ship Vote Themselves Eexempt
  2. Obama Larry Summers out.
  3. ChiefsPlanet I've had it with banyon blaming me for the board being a cesspool
  4. U.S. Issues Government exposes hip-hop conspiracy
  5. Nat'l Security GOP can't win Latinos due to NRA
  6. U.S. Issues AR15 Shotgun??? It's the latest craze!!!
  7. Nat'l Security Obama so weak even Libya tells hi to go fuck himself
  8. U.S. Issues Duch End the Welfare State - Enters the era of the "Participation Society"
  9. Obama More people die from fisting than from Rifles...
  10. U.S. Issues KU Professor hopes NRA kids get killed next
  11. Int'l Issues Expect more of this as the fight in Syria drags on.
  12. Environment Colorado Delegates Pull an Oklahoma....
  13. U.S. Issues Opt Out of Obamacare: Get a Beer Coozie!
  14. Nat'l Security ObamaCare goodness continues
  15. Obama Global Warming. Babs Boxer. Other fools. Read up...
  16. Obama Yet another mass shooting
  17. U.S. Issues How Rand Paul will create a new generation of Black Republicans
  18. U.S. Issues Congress At Its Finest....
  19. U.S. Issues USA Almost Nuked Itself in 1961!
  20. General Politics What America Has Become
  21. Obama Would banning assualt weapons have prevented the shootings in Kenya?
  22. Int'l Issues Sexual Jihad
  23. Obama President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdown
  24. Nat'l Security Nothing left to cut. Pelosi.
  25. Int'l Issues The Secret American Subculture of Putin-Worshippers
  26. U.S. Issues The House Republicans' budget includes cost savings brought about by Obamacare
  27. Elections Interesting Intrade info - "One Big Trader Lost Millions Betting on Romney"
  28. Obama Glad I don't live in NY....
  29. U.S. Issues Ted Cruz kicking off the long fight to repeal Obamacare
  30. Obama What's next? Suspended for playing COD?
  31. Nat'l Security Aaron Alexis background check contractors change "shot out tires" to "deflated tires"
  32. Int'l Issues Brazil's Rousseff Blasts NSA Spying Program During Speech At United Nations
  33. U.S. Issues The Double Absurdity of Ted Cruz's 'Filibuster'
  34. Economics Bend Over and Cough: Some Insurance Rates to Quadruple with Obama's "Good Deal" on He
  35. General Politics The most important moment of the Ted Cruz filibuster...
  36. General Politics Ted Cruz, colossal a-hole
  37. General Politics Simple Question, Will Ted Cruz Be Able to Run for President in 2016?
  38. U.S. Issues Boehner says he will not pass a clean bill from Reid
  39. U.S. Issues Hey, where'd I leave my 9MM????
  40. Nat'l Security FINALLY! Obama to secure Mexican border!
  41. General Politics Looting the Pension Funds
  42. Nat'l Security Osama Bin Laden raid exposed as a complete lie by Pakistani National TV
  43. Legal Teenager who worked at Goodwill charged with a felony after giving needy customers d
  44. U.S. Issues Boehner's Deal to Avoid a Shut Down
  45. Media Ventura/Cruz 2016!!!!
  46. Int'l Issues Duke Professor: White People Are Racist No Matter What
  47. Nat'l Security Fascist State!
  48. Obama Why do Dems hate the individuals of this country?
  49. Nat'l Security A New Obama Red Line
  50. Obama Dear Leader looks like a brat
  51. Obama Senate kills House spending bill
  52. U.S. Issues New Republican strategy to eliminate the CR and piecemeal the budget
  53. General Politics Moderate House Republicans may Revolt Tonight
  54. General Politics Dems are Broke
  55. General Politics For House Republicans, confrontation is safer than compromise
  56. U.S. Issues The Obamacare Song
  57. General Politics USDA is so poor it can afford a web site
  58. Media National Parks
  59. General Politics It is Open
  60. Obama Has anybody actually been affected by the shut down yet?
  61. Obama Oops: MSNBC Anchor Can’t Access Obamacare Exchange
  62. U.S. Issues US Government Shutdown: blame whoever spent all the money
  63. U.S. Issues Obama shifts $45 million for armed cops in schools — a la NRA
  64. Legal Fresh DOJ Loss In ‘Fast and Furious' Documents Fight
  65. Religion Syria's refugee brides:'My daughter is willing to sacrifice herself for her family'
  66. Obama Anyone know the answer
  67. U.S. Issues Veterans break past World War II Memorial barricade
  68. U.S. Issues Recall Voting For The House And Senate
  69. U.S. Issues ObamaCare's Technology Mess
  70. General Politics The previous 17 shutdowns and why they happened
  71. U.S. Issues A US congressman actually posted this...
  72. U.S. Issues The ObamaCare fight is just beginning
  73. Obama Less Than 1% of Visitors to Connecticut Healthcare Exchange Signed Up
  74. Obama People need to understand we are closed
  75. Obama Harry Reid just went full Cassel
  76. U.S. Issues ThugTurd who was run over and paralyzed is seeking fundraiser donations
  77. Obama Bank money seized, DL suspended, lien placed on your home if you don't get Obamacare
  78. Environment Envion-nut breaks down in tears over Climate Report
  79. Obama Obama\Dems won't negotiate on CR or Debt Ceiling
  80. Obama BUSTED! SEIU Organizes Fake Protesters At WWII Memorial
  81. Economics 99 Percent: the Occupy Wall Street Film
  82. Obama 100 Unintended Consequences of "BarryCare" !!
  83. Obama Monuments and memorials remained open during previous shutdown
  84. General Politics Dems now the party of Big Business.....
  85. U.S. Issues America Is Outsourcing America!
  86. U.S. Issues Ben Stein on the Shutdown
  87. Obama Harry Reid blocks funding for veterans programs, national parks
  88. Nat'l Security Capital hill shots fired
  89. General Politics The affordable health care act is NOT affordable!
  90. General Politics Republicans starting to eat their own over gov't shutdown.
  91. General Politics Why the Health Care Law Scares the G.O.P.
  92. U.S. Issues Deep Web Seized by FBI, IRS, HSI & DEA
  93. Economics Should we default on the nation's debts over Obamacare?
  94. U.S. Issues How Less Than 5% Of The US Population Caused The Government To Shut Down Read more:
  95. Elections Iowa Senate Ethics Probe finds Ron Paul, Bachmann campaigns bribed IA st. senator
  96. Int'l Issues Gay Issues Web Site Reporting That Russia Caving To UN Pressure
  97. Nat'l Security Shutting down Mt Vernon
  98. Misc ******Official Gov't Shutdown Petty Bitching Thread*****
  99. General Politics The Republicans’ “Job-Killing Blackmail”
  100. Int'l Issues Damn It. Floppy African Titties. American Sisters Need To Show Some Solidarity
  101. Obama Obama’s claim that non-budget items have ‘never’ been attached to the debt ceiling
  103. Obama Chad the ACA shill proves how desperate Obama is
  104. General Politics Dems move to force Republicans to reopen the government
  105. Nat'l Security Shutdown update before the weekend
  106. Obama Fed Try To Close The Ocean Because Of Shutdown
  107. ChiefsPlanet Do you or did you ever change your mind?
  108. Nat'l Security NO Looking at Mt Rushmore!
  109. Religion Iran passes ‘pedophilia’ law to let men marry adopted girls
  110. Int'l Issues US Commando Raids Target Islamist Leaders In Africa
  111. Obama Obama Flaps His Lips About Redskins Name...
  112. U.S. Issues Why not ObamaCare?
  113. U.S. Issues If you were wondering why the Post Office is in trouble ...
  114. Nat'l Security Sunday feel good. Old folks forced out if home by Obama park thugs
  115. Environment IPCC Calls Off Planetary Emergency?
  116. U.S. Issues NYT reporter: Obama admin “most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever....
  117. U.S. Issues Congressman forces Park Ranger to apologize for issue stemming from shutdown
  118. Int'l Issues John Kerry ceding away US sovereignty to global corporations
  119. Nat'l Security 10 Years and 2.4 Trillion Later
  120. General Politics The strategy that will fix health care
  121. U.S. Issues Shutdown Drama: Goats are Furloughed, the Ocean is Closed, and Jackbooted Thugs Griml
  122. U.S. Issues A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning.
  123. Obama Don't look at Mount Rushmore
  124. Obama ATF tries to block Fast and Furious whistleblower's book
  125. U.S. Issues I Think This Covers It....
  126. General Politics Who Shut Down the Government?
  127. Economics On Investing: The Obamacare portfolio
  128. Legal Illegal Immgrants to be granted licenses to practice law in California
  129. U.S. Issues 60 minutes: Disability Fraud in the US
  130. Obama Obama chickens out and turns everything over to Reid
  131. General Politics 'Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen
  132. U.S. Issues You know that one guy who successfully signed up for Obamacare? He didn’t
  133. Legal Police Ticket Girl’s Pink Barbie Jeep For Blocking A Driveway
  134. Obama The cheap tricks of the game by Obama
  135. U.S. Issues "Retard Olympics" in PA Prison?
  136. General Politics So much for the republicans taking all the blame for the shutdown
  137. Obama Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on 'closed' National Mall
  138. U.S. Issues Prepare to shit yourself in anger - Suspension for Patriotic Decorations
  139. Elections More fun close to home...
  140. Economics ObamaCare strikes again....
  141. U.S. Issues Poll: Both sides agree - the other side should back down.
  142. U.S. Issues NBC Sports Bails On Gun Show Sponsorship
  143. General Politics Prediction on the gov't shutdown & debt limit increase.
  144. Nat'l Security Sooo....WTF happened to that whole Syria thing?
  145. U.S. Issues Restaurant Opens Depsite Shutdown
  146. Religion Snake Salvation
  147. Nat'l Security What part of government is shut down
  148. Obama Stewart to Sebelius on health care law “Am I a stupid man?”
  149. Economics So what's the plan to provide health insurance to the working poor?
  150. Obama Reid wants $1T debt hike to end of 2014
  151. U.S. Issues For those claiming it is the GOP to blame for a possible default...
  152. U.S. Issues Rand Paul is not real electronics savvy
  153. U.S. Issues Reid threatens 'nuclear option' on debt hike
  154. U.S. Issues 2013 Farm Bill
  155. General Politics What should we give House Republicans for raising the debt ceiling?
  156. Religion Pope Francis Supports Gay Marriage
  157. U.S. Issues Chelsea Manning rejects 'pacifist' label in first statement since sentencing
  158. U.S. Issues Government Shutdown Theater Shows World That Obama Is A Narcissistic Feminized Man Bi
  159. U.S. Issues How A Liberal Got Her Guns
  160. General Politics Factory Farms
  161. Elections Mike Ditka's Biggest Mistake
  162. Nat'l Security 8 congressional Dems arrested
  163. General Politics Those Lying Commie Bastards At Gallup!
  164. Obama Moody's offers different view on debt limit
  165. U.S. Issues Obama to Military – Will you FIRE on Americans?
  166. Obama Whitehouse linked to IRS scandal
  167. Economics Seattle toying with a $15/hr minimum wage...
  168. U.S. Issues James Woods: 'I Don't Expect to Work Again' in Hollywood
  169. U.S. Issues Report: Boehner to extend clean debt ceiling; Hold the line on Obamacare shutdown
  170. U.S. Issues Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress
  171. U.S. Issues Obama Buys Debt Ceiling Debacle - Rejects GOP Offer
  172. U.S. Issues NBC/WSJ poll: People blame the GOP more than they did during the 1995 shutdown
  173. Media Syrian Girl
  174. Obama Repubs Cave
  175. Religion Joseph Atwill Claims Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
  176. Internet Propaganda by Paid Shills
  177. Legal Gov. Brown Bans Lead Ammo In Hunting, Vetoes Other Gun Control Bills
  178. Obama Pat Roberts calls for Sebelius to quit
  179. U.S. Issues Ben Carson: Obamacare "worst thing" since slavery
  180. U.S. Issues Grand Canyon Closed
  181. Legal Gun-toting grandma grazes goon
  182. Poop Awesome, EBT down.
  183. Int'l Issues Pretend Activists Declare: You Can't (or can) Publically Kiss In Morroco!
  184. General Politics If you were to write the President a letter...
  185. Int'l Issues Red Cross Workers Kidnapped In Syria
  186. Obama Ezra Klein: Thus Far, Obamacare a ‘Big Failure’
  187. Obama Obamacare jobs do not require background checks
  188. U.S. Issues The “Average” EBT User May Not Be Who You’d Expect
  189. Local Former Chiefs cheerleader killed by Obama-son-lookalike
  190. Elections The (unintended) genious of the GOP debt ceiling "plan"
  191. Nat'l Security Union wants all Govies to get free utilities, gas, healthcare
  192. Economics GOP's chief debt negotiator invested in fund that will skyrocket by default
  193. Economics The deal
  194. Int'l Issues Nevermind lol
  195. Economics Stand Up Americans — Paul Craig Roberts
  196. Nat'l Security NSA Director Alexander Admits He Lied about Phone Surveillance Stopping 54 Terror Plo
  197. General Politics The End of the Reign of the Morons
  198. General Politics Ezra Klein: If Ted Cruz didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent him
  199. U.S. Issues For those that think the House Republicans don';t own the shutdown here...
  200. U.S. Issues Repeal and Replace...
  201. U.S. Issues Rank has its priviledges
  202. Education Who Approves Of Obamacare?
  203. Elections If Ted Cruz didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent him
  204. General Politics Is the Republican Party the thing of the past? Doom and Gloom
  205. U.S. Issues The Tea Party's Pyrrhic Victory
  206. U.S. Issues House Stenographer Seizes Microphone In Bizarre Rant
  207. General Politics When you think of Tea Party members you think of...
  208. Legal NBC is gutting the administration
  209. Economics If you need some idea on Insurance costs take a peek
  210. U.S. Issues U.S. Debt Bill is $123K Per Working American
  211. U.S. Issues We just flushed $24 BILLION. Does the Tea Party need to write the taxpayer a check?
  212. U.S. Issues Conservatives accuse McConnell of 'Kentucky kickback' for $2.9 BILLION pork earmark
  213. U.S. Issues Inside the Ring: Russia to test new missile
  214. U.S. Issues Obamacare now has DOOR-TO-DOOR SALESMEN to pitch this thing to people!!
  215. U.S. Issues Students’ right to wear American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo heads to federal appeal
  216. General Politics Ted Cruz Blames Senate GOP For 'Bombing Our Own Troops' In The House
  217. General Politics House Republicans Are Now Turning On Ted Cruz
  218. General Politics Sanity Caucus vs. Kamikaze Caucus: A Cheat Sheet for the GOP Civil War
  219. U.S. Issues Republican Civil War Erupts: Business Groups v. Tea Party
  220. Economics Tax Rates, Inequality, and US Deficits
  221. General Politics Great article about the futility of the Democrats...
  222. Obama 16 Things We Learned from the Government Shutdown
  223. Environment It's not global warming, it's climate change...
  224. Int'l Issues ObamaCare popularity on the rise again....
  225. U.S. Issues Tea party leader wants to file class action lawsuit against homosexuals
  226. U.S. Issues USA Army told Soldiers Christianity dangerous & false
  227. Int'l Issues Girl smuggled into Britain to have her 'organs harvested'
  228. Obama Obama asks top court not to take case on NSA cyber-snooping
  229. U.S. Issues NYPD cops confused Jolly Rancher candies for crystal meth: suit
  230. Memphis house fire leaves 3yo dead, Aunt just wants FOOD STAMP Card
  231. General Politics You know when it comes to politics, fuck Cheney
  232. Economics So when do democrats think our debt becomes a problem?
  233. U.S. Issues Ezra Klein: Democrats should admit they've lost on taxes
  234. U.S. Issues HealthCare.Gov Needs Five Million Code Lines Rewritten
  235. U.S. Issues Total insanity as furloughed government workers receive DOUBLE pay during time off
  236. Int'l Issues Prominent heart surgeon admits mainstream medicine's mistake, reveals true cause of h
  237. Nat'l Security Predict The Next Major Conspiracy
  238. General Politics The EPA and Environmental Laws SUCK!!!
  239. Religion The Next Burgeoning Literary Trend: Dinosaur Erotica
  240. Bank of America won't do business with Gun manufacturers
  241. Obama Canada's death panels
  242. Int'l Issues A Canadian Stoners Dream Location!
  243. General Politics Texas Republican Judge Switches Party, Denouncing GOP as Party of Bigots and Hate-Mon
  244. U.S. Issues New ammendmant?
  245. General Politics CNN Poll: 75% say most Republicans in Congress don't deserve re-election
  246. Economics The deficit hit its Mount Everest peak of $290 billion
  247. Economics Female Participation in Labor Force Matches 24-Year Low
  248. Religion Brunei Announces Tough New Code Of Islamic Law
  249. Legal Should Marijuana be Legalized?
  250. U.S. Issues It's about that time again...