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  1. Int'l Issues Police in Iceland Kill A Guy....
  2. Nat'l Security Obamas comments today
  3. U.S. Issues The Shocking Truth on Who Wrote Obamacare
  4. General Politics Dumbasses support stuff they dont even understand
  5. Environment Enroll? Do i have to pay ?
  6. Legal If you got on and think you got insurance ....
  7. General Politics Left Nut Democrat wants to raise gas tax 15 cents
  8. Int'l Issues Debate On Video: Child Brides In The Muslim World
  9. General Politics House Judiciary Committee Discusses Impeachment
  10. General Politics Why The GOP Is Freaking Out About Obamacare
  11. Nat'l Security Young folks learn fast
  12. U.S. Issues Small business gets Thanksgiving Rape
  13. U.S. Issues sexist metro ad in DC
  14. Nat'l Security Cleaver is a fool. WTF is he trying to say?
  15. Obama Low-Information Leadership
  16. U.S. Issues Welfare & Government assistance reform. What does yours look like?
  17. Obama “I couldn’t believe what I was being told,”....
  18. Int'l Issues Stephen Hawking talks about public Vs private healthcare
  19. U.S. Issues Millenials and the issues they face
  20. U.S. Issues Insurance Scam; How Private Insurance Companies Are Using Obamacare Fears To Rip Peop
  21. Int'l Issues Mandela Dead
  22. Religion Hispanics jumping off the Good Ship Obama
  23. U.S. Issues Angola outlaws Islam
  24. Education You are Covered...
  25. Obama Medicaid folks may be out in the cold too
  26. Obama Obama to Millennials: You will love ObamaCare like you Love paying Soc Security...
  27. Obama Does anyone know what Harry is saying?
  28. Int'l Issues US aims to stay in Afghanistan for heroin
  29. U.S. Issues Congress: Not Too Busy to Hear Vital Testimony on Space Aliens
  30. U.S. Issues Who will build the Roads? Not the government
  31. Religion Senator Mark Pryor: The Bible Is My Compass, Vote For Me
  32. Int'l Issues Dick Cheney Branded Mandela a Terrorist
  33. Nat'l Security Interesting…what if docs don't come to play?
  34. Education U.S. Measles Cases Triple In 2013
  35. Environment Al Gore’s ‘polarbeargate’ scientist forced to retire
  36. Nat'l Security How much damage can he inflict? Allies have to wonder
  37. Nat'l Security Government Whistleblowers to Edward Snowden: Don’t Come Home
  38. Obama Pearl Harbor. Im trying to find Obama's Statement for today?
  39. Economics Make coverage worse or pay the ObamaTax
  40. Obama Obamas folk must be this stupid
  41. Poop I was almost a mod~
  42. Obama ObamaCare is a Racist Term
  43. Obama Truth Haunts Obama. MSM is reporting more of the Lies
  44. Int'l Issues Uncle Jang is a Kicked Out of the Party Animal!
  45. Nat'l Security Seymour Hersh Alleges Obama Administration Lied on Syria Gas Attack
  46. Nat'l Security The Guy Running One of the World's Largest Mercenary Armies Thinks He's a Sexy Badass
  47. Environment Strange Haunting Sounds Emitting from One World Trade Building
  48. Obama Another ObamaCare Lie: Protecting Those With Pre-Existing Conditions Read More At In
  49. Religion RIP Paul Crouch
  50. Obama Monday so time to change direction again...
  51. Nat'l Security Been a While since we had a Really Super TSA story
  52. Economics U.S government lost us 10 billion in the GM Deal
  53. Nat'l Security Volunteer Fire Departments may be Obama's next Victim
  54. Environment A psychologist finally diagnoses Jay Cosmo
  55. U.S. Issues Creepy Teacher Finally Fired After Nearly a Decade of Calling Middle School Girls ...
  56. Obama Bet the Wookie had words after this
  57. Economics Comparing Private Job Creation Now & Then . . .
  59. Nat'l Security These polls just wont stop. Must be rigged
  60. Elections Hillary. Will she lose again?
  61. Economics Do you think we have a crisis with income equality and/or economic mobility?
  62. General Politics Get your Herman Cain Comic Book!
  63. Economics The Most Important Economic Stories of 2013—in 42 Graphs
  64. U.S. Issues Ho Ho Ho!
  65. U.S. Issues Undoing the Sequester Is a Step Backward
  66. Legal Bad Case of Affluenza in Texas
  67. Obama When NBC Reports Negatives on Obama..
  68. Environment Cooking with Splenda found to release cancer-causing dioxins in food
  69. Religion Oklahoma Satanists Want To Donate Monument Next To State Ten Commandments Display
  70. U.S. Issues ObamaCare Art in the Hood
  71. Obama John Gisler won't be a guest at the State of the Union...
  72. General Politics New Zealand Customs confiscates a man's electronic devices and demands passwords
  73. Religion Sun God Worship and Christianity
  74. Nat'l Security U.S. seeks spy edge with stealth drone
  75. U.S. Issues Obama’s tardy epiphany about government’s flaws
  76. U.S. Issues Understanding Poverty
  77. Economics Understanding Prosperity
  78. Misc AirForce FlashMob Music Performance
  79. Economics Unemployment for working men and women
  80. Obama The Ted Cruz Option is almost there…another ObamaCare Delay!!
  81. U.S. Issues Texas Lt Governor: We Shut Down the Border Ourselves
  82. Obama Anyone had any luck on the healthcare.gov site?
  83. Obama Hey, those who pay taxes…$58 million more pissed away
  84. Obama Obama. Does he recognize the truth?
  85. U.S. Issues An interesting hole in evolutionary theory (as we understand it)
  86. Religion U.S. judge orders landmark California cross taken down
  87. General Politics Secret Service Agent Spills Secret: You've been sold out
  88. General Politics W, Bubba and Barry Chillin' on AF One
  89. Obama This is the insanity of Government doing "business"
  90. Obama Obama wins 'Lie of the Year' award
  91. Obama Obots to work!
  92. Misc Christmas Decorations
  93. Obama Progressive Elite getting ObamaCared
  94. U.S. Issues Are you proud of your country
  95. Obama Saturday night ObamaCare update
  96. Religion Al Gore predicts the North Pole will be ice-free in 5 years
  97. Obama How the west was lost by the selfie president
  98. Obama Insurance Companies dealing with ObamaCare White House Lies
  99. U.S. Issues Media Works To Keep Mass Shooters’ Profiles Secret
  100. U.S. Issues Educated people with 2+ daughters more likely to be conservative
  101. Poop How do you define balls?
  102. Obama An objective look about the ObamaCare
  103. Media Sedalia 'Person of the year' award
  104. Economics Conservatives Have No Idea What To Do About Recessions Read more: http://www.busines
  105. ChiefsPlanet Where is frazod?
  106. Nat'l Security Oh Paaaaat -Judge says NSA spying ‘almost Orwellian,’ likely unconstitutional
  107. General Politics Schumer: Veterans Should Take a Pay Cut But Congress Should Not
  108. Economics Sundown at the Permabear Alamo
  109. Economics Accidental Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion
  110. U.S. Issues John Judge The Reagan shooting
  111. General Politics Thread of Collossal Democrat Stupidity
  112. Religion Religious Affiliation/Participation By County/State/Region Article From The WP
  113. Obama The Year Of Disappointing The Liberal Base: Obama, 2013
  114. U.S. Issues Medical bills underlie 60 percent of U.S. bankrupts:
  116. ChiefsPlanet Is the Miserable Users list an appropriate form of mod discipline on CP?
  117. General Politics Internet the cause of our moral problems
  118. Religion Merry Christmas to you all
  119. Nat'l Security If U.S. ever goes to war with China...
  120. Environment Thought Control Cops Still On The Offensive: Reddit Bans Climate Change Skeptics
  121. U.S. Issues What Would RealisticallyHappen If a Nuke Was Detonated?
  122. Nat'l Security Snowden offers help to Brazil in exchange for asylum
  123. Misc Can’t keep your doctor? This poor guy can’t even keep his seeing eye dog!
  124. Nat'l Security President's panel on NSA recommends...
  125. Environment EPA Climate Policy Expert Sentenced To 32 Months For Fraud
  126. Obama Backlash over new ObamaCare exemptions
  127. Obama Obama 2014 to be a "year of action"
  128. U.S. Issues Police Ask Drivers for DNA at Random Stops?
  129. U.S. Issues Obama continues to erode confidence
  130. Misc Going to Africa, Hope I don't get AIDS
  131. Obama In keeping with the weather
  132. Media Megyn Kelly: "Every Significant Historical Figure Has Been White."
  133. Religion War on Xmas extends to new levels of Atheist hatred
  134. Obama ObamaDeath Panels move forward
  135. Obama Bad Security and If your Info is hacked, HHS doesn't have to report it
  136. Obama Obama now "Depressing". Ouch
  137. Nat'l Security Cop Who Raided The Wrong House Tells Homeowner "You're Lucky I Didn't F--king Shoot Y
  138. U.S. Issues Drug Bust Finds 1200 Packets Of Heroin Labeled "OBAMA CARE"
  139. Obama Obamacare Approval Rating Plummets To Record Low, 35%…CNN even
  140. Obama A New way to characterize "Lie"
  141. Religion Question for conservatives on this forum
  142. Obama While you worked, or didn't, and while the country is in the shitter...
  143. Obama The ignorant are easily mislead by Obama
  144. Misc True or False?
  145. Obama Health Law Seen as Obama's Biggest Achievement, Failure
  146. U.S. Issues Moral Dilemma: Wife is brain dead but pregnant
  147. U.S. Issues All I want for Christmas
  148. U.S. Issues Ho Ho Ho! - Veterans Hospital Forbids Children's Christmas Cards
  149. ChiefsPlanet Merry Christmas
  150. Int'l Issues Atheists, Work With Us for Peace, Pope Says on Christmas
  151. Nat'l Security Edward Snowden's Christmas Message
  152. Nat'l Security It will go down as the ObamaEffect
  153. U.S. Issues Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization
  154. Obama Fewer Obots staying in the camp. Depression spreads
  155. U.S. Issues Jesse Jackson takes on Duck Dynasty. Surprised?
  156. General Politics Poll: Big gain for Republican Party
  157. ChiefsPlanet We need more interesting threads in here.
  158. General Politics Dodd-Frank looming in January
  159. U.S. Issues Replacing ObamaCare . The next big step for Washington
  160. General Politics Democrats choose to fund illegal tax refunds instead of military pensions
  161. Environment Ray Stevens The Global Warming Song
  162. U.S. Issues Ron Paul: Obamacare ‘A Conspiracy Of Stupidity’
  163. U.S. Issues Should Congress extend Unemployment Benefits?
  164. U.S. Issues No shit question
  165. Economics Should unemployment recipients do community service?
  166. Religion Social workers take obese children from parents in UK
  167. Economics McDonald's McResource Problem: Even Good Advice Can't Make Up for Low Wages
  168. Economics Specialists vs. Generalists
  169. General Politics We need more less interesting threads
  170. Religion Science ship stuck in Antarctic ice
  171. Education Political divide over evolution is growing, new Pew survey shows
  172. General Politics The Biblical Money Code
  173. U.S. Issues Bloomberg Leaves Office Today, Protected By Firearms
  174. Economics Here’s why wages are really so low today
  175. Economics Income Inequality, the big spin, and Obama's Next Big Lie
  176. Nat'l Security Lech Walesa: Obama Has Failed
  177. Obama Fiat to acquire Chrysler; Chrysler bailout actually a Fiat bailout
  178. Obama Fas and Furious: Another of Obamas guns shows up
  179. U.S. Issues Here's the number of people who've lost their coverage due to the ACA.
  180. Media The conservative media does not support Christian values.
  181. U.S. Issues How many people with ObamaCare will be turned away from Hospital?
  182. Misc Let's lighten the mood a little around here
  183. Economics This ObamaCare thing. Hard to figure.
  184. Religion Priest's position on age of the universe
  185. U.S. Issues Obama to Americans: You don't deserve to be free.
  186. Int'l Issues Al Queda takes Fallujah
  187. Economics Too bad Jay Nixon is such a dumbshit and didnt try to get Magpul here
  188. U.S. Issues Pot Legalization by age bracket
  189. Nat'l Security Question for dc
  190. Obama Comparisons.
  191. General Politics Does Your Choice Of Booze Reveal Your Politics?
  192. Media Recommended Reading
  193. Poop Politics Of Wine & Liquor Brands
  194. Religion Sweet Satan statue for Oklahoma
  195. Nat'l Security Army Takes On Its Own Toxic Leaders
  196. Obama In Illinois, concealed carry applications outpace Obamacare
  197. Economics Today's Temple of Moneychangers
  198. Obama Robert Gates….telling on Obama?
  199. Religion Potheads Using Food Stamps in Colorado
  200. Economics 10 Reasons the Gold Bugs Lost Their Shirts
  201. Elections Hillary 'Scandal surrounds her'
  202. General Politics Chris Christie - rut roh
  203. Environment The right way to fight the drug war
  204. Obama Obama announces more freebies.
  205. Int'l Issues Obama Whipped AlQeada. Mission Accomplished Moment has passed.
  206. Obama How will they turn this around?
  207. U.S. Issues Schools need to cut some slack to minorities who behave badly
  208. U.S. Issues Outlook dims for jobless benefits
  209. Nat'l Security Lib Governor Melts Down . ObamaCare!!!Forward!!
  210. U.S. Issues No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
  211. Environment Fracking. Serious stuff
  212. Environment Don't Drink the Water
  213. General Politics Christie's choice: Be seen as a crook or a schnook?
  214. Misc Things you will find in shop down south~
  215. General Politics Christie
  216. General Politics Out of curiosity, how do you view yourself politically?
  217. General Politics Msnbc Panel Mocks Mitt Romney’s Adopted Black Grandchild
  218. Misc Frank Turek, Answering Hawking and his The Grand Design
  219. Obama Success Obama style
  220. Media If you wonder why some Liberals are borderline insane...
  221. Economics Climate Change Causes us to have more Hookers
  222. Religion It Ain't Easy Bein' Jeezy!
  223. U.S. Issues Trade In Your Guns!
  224. Environment Rush Limbaugh more admired than Hillary "Cankells" Clinton
  225. Legal Billboard Advocating Jury Nullification Concerns Local Prosecutors
  226. General Politics Hillary Clinton created list of traitors
  227. Obama Obamacare's insurance bailout and 2016's coming premium hikes
  228. Legal Fullerton Police Officers beat schizophrenic man to death found Not Guilty
  229. General Politics War on Women Thread
  230. Obama HHS piles on more lies
  231. General Politics Politicians Reading Hate Tweets
  232. Local Grandview Mayor Resigns
  233. Int'l Issues Fred Phelps is Nigerian? Who Knew?
  234. Media Old Jim Beam done broke my heart~
  235. U.S. Issues Republicans defund ACORN for the 12th time since it no longer exists.
  236. Nat'l Security Man tries to ship the F-35 engineering documents to Iran
  237. Religion Judge Says OK to Marriage Equality in Oklahoma
  238. General Politics Ron Paul - Predictions in Due Time (bring on the haters)
  239. Economics First time since 2011 a $1 trillion dollar appropriations bill
  240. Int'l Issues Do You Like Maps?
  241. Obama Obama "I'll act with or without Congress"
  242. General Politics GOP mulls 32 candidates for president in 2016--so far
  243. Obama Senior UK defense advisor: Obama clueless
  244. U.S. Issues Data: Ted Cruz Most Efficient Senator, Ron Wyden and Rand Paul Most Effective
  245. Guns In America
  246. Obama Why would you oppose registration if you've done nothing wrong?
  247. Obama Surprise: Obama pleads ignorance on NSA surveillance
  248. Poop Dianne Feinstein spots drone inches from face
  249. Elections Oklahama Senator "Dr. NO" Checking Out Early
  250. General Politics ABC News:50 things to do for Michelle's birthday