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  1. Int'l Issues LA gangbangers fighting for Assad in Syria
  2. Obama Another $1.8Billion. Just to run a website. For a year
  3. Elections Ugh like herpes the Bushs keep returning to politics
  4. Obama Michelle's China trip coming up
  5. U.S. Issues Rick Ross Says Illuminati Allegations "A Compliment" In Rolling Stone Interview
  6. Int'l Issues Putin nominated for Nobel Peace prize
  7. U.S. Issues Transgender student assuaulted in bathroom ....
  8. U.S. Issues Libertarian Synthesis Message from a Canadian...
  9. Poop The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics
  10. Nat'l Security Kissinger: How the Ukraine Crisis Ends
  11. Poop Biggest Wanker
  12. Nat'l Security Obama Declares Ukraine Crisis an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ to National Security
  13. Nat'l Security Ukraine takes focus off of Iran. Obama happy
  14. General Politics Another Obamacare delay
  15. Elections New Poll reveals least popular US Senator
  16. U.S. Issues Democrat accused of beating his wife
  17. Economics Big Company CEOs Just Aren't Worth What We Pay Them
  18. Nat'l Security What President are you?
  19. Int'l Issues Putin is a Butt Plug!
  20. Obama Obama Can't Spell "Respect"
  21. Nat'l Security Russia? Iran? National Security? Naaa Lurch goes ClimateChange Goofy
  22. Nat'l Security Biden and Obama are where?
  23. Nat'l Security Crimean Ballot worded rather strange
  24. Elections Truth in Media "End Partisanship"
  25. Nat'l Security Palin delivers some good shots. Leftist media and moon bats are setting their hair af
  26. U.S. Issues Georgia Becomes First State in History to Pass the Convention of States Application
  27. U.S. Issues Edward Snowden Live from Russia
  28. Int'l Issues The real reason Jay Leno was fired....the Jokes make this worthy of a listen.
  29. U.S. Issues What if Democrats held an all night filibuster on climage change and nobody cared?
  30. General Politics POS RINO Mitch McConnell in NY Slimes piece right..
  31. Environment Dems to hold "all-nighter" on Climate Change??
  32. Education WWI Explained as a Bar Fight
  33. U.S. Issues Obama gets desperate; goes on Between Two Ferns
  34. Poop Russians call for U.S. World Cup ban
  35. U.S. Issues Feinstein accuses CIA of spying on Senate computers
  36. Int'l Issues Al Jazeera: Iran & Palestinian group behind Lockerbie bombing
  37. U.S. Issues David Jolly (R) defeats Alex Sink (D) in special election
  38. Environment Climate Change Poll 2014
  39. U.S. Issues Charlie Rangel: The epitome of ingorance establishment Democrats
  40. U.S. Issues Boob Costas comes out of the (political) closet
  41. Religion Syracuse man confesses to murdering 3-year-old son: 'I wanted to kill the Satan'
  42. Obama Is this a sign its close to being over?
  43. Nat'l Security Sheila Jackson Lee. Special sort of Stupid
  44. Religion Jesus, What a Heist!!
  45. U.S. Issues Why Leftists can't govern
  46. Nat'l Security When will Sebelius quit or be gutted by her boss?
  47. Media Free of the CBS chains of bondage
  48. Nat'l Security Has Harry Reid slipped a cog? WTF Harry....do your job!
  49. General Politics Paul Ryan: blacks are dumb and lazy... I MEAN OOPS
  50. Nat'l Security Harry Reid: Kochs behind Ukraine Standoff
  51. Int'l Issues John Kerry: Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine
  52. Nat'l Security Crazy Harry Keeps on going...Kock on his old addled brain
  53. Obama Any wonder why this is falling on its ass....
  54. Nat'l Security Iran Sanctions, maybe yes? No!! Yes!!
  55. Obama Houston dad shoots, kills boy found inside daughter’s bedroom
  56. Misc How To Measure Your Choices - Ravi Zacharias
  57. U.S. Issues Jon Stewart flattens Fox News’ Eric Bolling for trying to ‘school’ him on shaming
  58. Int'l Issues Todays message from Kerry.
  59. Environment Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property
  60. Int'l Issues Russia says intercepted US drone over Crimea: arms group
  61. U.S. Issues Free-Market Cheerleader Chris Christie Blocks Tesla Sales in New Jersey
  62. Int'l Issues "Illuminati Insider" Kevin Trudeau Sent to Prison For Exposing Them? Here's What REAL
  63. Nat'l Security Update on Ukraine Situation
  64. Religion Fred Phelps ex-communicated from Church, lies near death
  65. Nat'l Security McCain demands troops in Ukraine - throws massive tantrum @GOP
  66. Nat'l Security NSA does facebook man in the middle attacks to implant malware
  67. Religion Oklahoma TV station cuts reference to evolution from “Cosmos”
  68. Obama March Madness for Obamacare
  69. U.S. Issues Scott Brown's Second Act--as a Carpetbagger
  70. Obama Russian Deputy PM Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions
  71. Nat'l Security Putin responds out of mortal fear
  72. Int'l Issues Putin's TV Czar warns of turning US to radioactive dust.
  73. U.S. Issues GOP lawmaker: Businesses should be able to deny service to blacks
  74. Int'l Issues Kissinger speaks on Ukraine
  75. U.S. Issues Understanding Obama.
  76. Nat'l Security NSA records calls of an entire country. who records the US?
  77. General Politics US college professor demands imprisonment for climate-change deniers
  78. U.S. Issues So, Obamacare was going to LOWER insurance costs right?
  79. Int'l Issues Why Russia (& Putin) hates European/NATO encroachment
  80. Environment Start Wealth Redistribution, or the world will end.
  81. U.S. Issues If You Bring Hitler Into It....
  82. General Politics Meet Scott, the hipster Republican
  83. U.S. Issues Principal who told kids not to speak Spanish will lose job
  84. Int'l Issues Psychopaths, Sociopaths & War
  85. Nat'l Security A terrorist speaks.
  86. U.S. Issues Obama: The most successful Tea Party candidate of all time
  87. Elections Rand Paul gets standing ovation at Berkeley
  88. Economics Janet Yellen could be the economic saviour we've been waiting for..
  89. Local KC Zoo must be awesome
  90. U.S. Issues Navy database raising fears of domestic spying
  91. Economics "QE Was A Massive Gift Intended To Boost Wealth", Fed President Admits
  92. U.S. Issues Al Sharpton Gives Rand Paul a Gift
  93. Int'l Issues Iran is building a large-scale replica of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz
  94. General Politics Vice on HBO - Afghan Money Pit
  95. Media Drudge exposes the Majority Leftist Media's ignorance on BarryCare
  96. U.S. Issues New Report: Fortune 100 Companies Received $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare
  97. Nat'l Security So you don't think Edward Snowden is a traitor?
  98. U.S. Issues Wage-Fixing Cartel involving over 1 Million employees
  99. Environment Sea level rise slowing.
  100. U.S. Issues New research points to Nixon in My Lai cover-up attempt
  101. U.S. Issues Pew Poll has BAD NEWS for NeoCons: More Americans Oppose Interventions
  102. Economics Car Dealers feel socialized profits are their right
  103. U.S. Issues Bill Maher on the NCAA Tourney
  104. Religion Should Women remain silent in church?
  105. Nat'l Security Obama has backed himself into a corner over Ukraine
  106. Elections Dem's mad at the messenger
  107. Obama Barry to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs
  108. Nat'l Security What a nitwit Obama is.
  109. U.S. Issues 78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote
  110. Int'l Issues Is the EU Breaking Up?
  111. U.S. Issues Steny Hoyer. "Shuck and Jive"….nice
  112. U.S. Issues Michelle Malkin's Trip To The Pot Shop
  113. Nat'l Security Harry Reid, not attacking Koch today, instead its ObamaCare
  114. Int'l Issues All North Koreans Must Have The Same Haircut!
  115. U.S. Issues Should the Death Penalty be abolished?
  116. U.S. Issues "Free-Flow of Information Act of 2013"
  117. General Politics CA State Senator Yee Arrested By FBI
  118. General Politics Michele Bachmann: ‘Lawlessness’ on Obamacare
  119. Elections GOP Presidential Hopefuls Head to Vegas For Casino Billionaire/Jewish Support
  120. Economics Conservatives...So Wrong About Corporations
  121. Int'l Issues turkey leaders discuss faking terrorist attack
  122. Elections Ted Cruz "Yes We Can" video
  123. General Politics So I met Karl Rove today
  124. U.S. Issues Harry Reid flat out busted telling lies
  125. Nat'l Security Obama Administration Regulating Cow Farts
  126. Int'l Issues Western Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun — Paul Craig Roberts
  127. Legal Obamas story vs Putin and now the Pope
  128. U.S. Issues Bill Maher goes fishing with some race bait... and the results are awesome!
  129. Legal Texas family fights for euthanasia laws after daughter's death
  130. General Politics Advice on happiness from Charles Murray (beware of dog whistles)
  131. Religion Hypothetical...
  132. Nat'l Security Climate Change Effects far worse than ever imagined
  133. Religion So you think keeping women silent in church is bad?
  134. U.S. Issues Party of the rich: In Congress, it's the Democrats
  135. Int'l Issues U.S. could free Israeli spy in deal to save peace talks
  136. Religion California man swept out to sea during Sunday baptism
  137. Poop Fucking nightmare signing up for obamacare
  138. Obama Thanks, Obama
  139. Int'l Issues Gay activists throw feces at Christian protestors
  140. U.S. Issues The Supreme Court strikes down campaign donation limits
  141. Obama Government Motors Hires Lawyer Specializing in Disaster Payouts
  142. General Politics Uh Oh, Christie Said 'Occupied Territories'
  143. Legal Police pop plowed pistol packing priest posessing pot
  144. U.S. Issues Another Ft Hood Shooting?
  145. General Politics Ben Carson/Victimhood and the Black Community
  146. Nat'l Security Jensen we need you. Tell us agin this isn't so...
  148. Nat'l Security Cass Sunstein from the NSA Tweets Mark Dice Video by Mistake!
  149. Economics Would Walmart’s Prices Spike If They Paid Their Employees More? Short Answer: No.
  150. Legal Botch A Drug Raid? No Problem, Just Seal The Warrant, Citizen Complaint And Gag Order
  151. U.S. Issues Moran: Members Can’t Afford to Live Decently in D.C.
  152. U.S. Issues No wonder countries dont trust USAID
  153. Religion Pat Robertson: Buying stuff ‘by computer’ is the ‘Mark of the Beast’
  154. U.S. Issues Gay Agenda claims a new victim: Mozilla CEO
  155. Economics Idle cash piles up
  156. Economics Congressman: Members of Congress are underpaid
  157. Religion Free will
  158. Nat'l Security Obama predicts droughts.
  159. Education Wonder how out of control Schools are in KC?
  160. U.S. Issues Chicago’s newly armed residents send murder rate plummeting
  161. Local Adelson to get 2016 GOP Convention for Vegas (over KC?)
  162. Economics Do you follow Wall St. OUTSIDE of Politics?
  163. Education The good side of Queen Michelle's School lunch
  164. Religion Pastor tries atheism, loses jobs, gains $19,000
  165. Religion Noah's Ark discovery raises flood of questions
  166. Religion A Response to the New Atheists
  167. Religion Why are conservatives so afraid of subjective moral reasoning ?
  168. Religion Creationism vs Naturalism: Which side is science ?
  169. U.S. Issues More Evidence PETA is kinda Whack....
  170. Poop Captain Janeway Claims She Was Tricked Into Narrating Film Promoting Geocentrism
  171. U.S. Issues Mass stabbing at PA school -- injures 20
  172. U.S. Issues 'Obama Girl' repents-- Is she a Libertarian now?
  173. U.S. Issues Rancher: armed feds are surrounding my farm
  174. U.S. Issues Family values Congressman caught in affair
  175. Obama CPDC Conservatives
  176. Obama Taxpayer-Backed Electric Car Company suspending operations in the United States
  177. U.S. Issues Holder: We Want to Explore Gun Tracking Bracelets
  178. U.S. Issues Sebelius to resign!!
  179. General Politics Shoe thrown at heil Hillary
  180. Nat'l Security Trey Gowdy hands BloisLois her ass
  181. General Politics Mayor Sly James: Highway shootings part of living in urban USA
  182. General Politics St. Louis Post Dispatch Bitch Slaps Grover
  183. Nat'l Security The NSA Used Heartbleed to Spy on People for Years
  184. U.S. Issues Bob Marshall Reiterates Claim That Disabled Children Represent God's 'Vengeance'
  185. Misc 10 Reasons why Everyone thinks BEP, Taco, and Friends are Really Obnoxious
  186. General Politics the top ten questions to ask a liberal…
  187. Environment Global Warming: nobody cares. (except Democrats)
  188. U.S. Issues Oklahomans want to "Secdee!" from the Union
  189. Environment Is Al Sharpton a lifesize Bobblehead
  190. U.S. Issues Study: The U.S. Is an Oligarchy
  191. U.S. Issues IRS demands Ron Paul's list of donors... Ron Paul says no
  192. Religion Right wing pastor blames Obama for the Blood Moon
  193. U.S. Issues What GOP candidates of 2012 are deadbeats today?
  194. Education Who was shorter Napoleon or Nelson?
  195. Nat'l Security Iran cuts sensitive nuclear stockpile, key plant delayed: IAEA
  196. U.S. Issues Hillary Praises illegal Immigrant
  197. U.S. Issues Obama: 'The repeal debate is and should be over'
  198. ChiefsPlanet Bible Code Investing. Your chance to get Rich!
  199. Obama But first, let me take a selfie
  200. Media pedophilia in hollywood
  201. General Politics New polling: Hillary plunges while GOP surges
  202. Nat'l Security Good Friday Services
  203. Nat'l Security US Has A 'Secret Exception' To Reasonable Suspicion for The No Fly List
  204. U.S. Issues FBI treads murky waters pretending to be terrorists
  205. Obama No balls Obama punts on Keystone pipeline
  206. Economics Clinton bombshell: Bill killed minimum wage indexing so they wouldn't lose the issue
  207. Legal Man kills wife after eating marijuana edibles
  208. Environment Topeka Parents trying to Just say No to Wookie
  209. Legal Peoria mayor targets twitter parody account
  210. U.S. Issues West US leaders gather to talk about retaking state land from Feds
  211. Religion ISHTAR LIVES HERE?
  212. Int'l Issues The Red Line and the Rat Line
  213. U.S. Issues APNewsBreak: US weighs curbing deportations
  214. Religion The new rebel is a skeptic.
  215. U.S. Issues American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest
  216. U.S. Issues James Robison Prays For 'Miracle' Uniting Tea Party And Religious Right Activists
  217. General Politics Governor Jay Nixon Facing Impeachment
  218. U.S. Issues IRS Bonuses
  219. Local Open Carry legally in Kansas starting July 1st
  220. Environment Wood stoves and fireplaces are evil
  221. U.S. Issues Harry Reid's Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth
  222. U.S. Issues Cell phone kill switches and warantless searches
  223. U.S. Issues Jon Stewart Tears into Sean Hannity for Cliven Bundy Hypocrisy
  224. Obama Another Obama Administration Scandal? or is this phony too?
  225. U.S. Issues The Racism of the Progressive Left
  226. Obama Oregon moving to drop its Obamacare exchange...
  227. Education Meth is bad
  228. Int'l Issues "Students for Palestine" leaves eviction notices for Jewish NYU students
  229. Environment Global Warming Benefits?
  230. Obama No a good outlook if you are insured by Aetna
  231. Obama Old Red Line Obama back at it...
  232. U.S. Issues LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling making comments on black people
  233. Elections Rand Paul Raises Big Dollars From Small Donors
  234. Religion 13 Worst Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970
  235. Elections Bob Schieffer: Romney may consider 2016 run if Jeb Bush doesn’t
  236. Legal DOJ shutting down accounts of legal businesses
  237. Obama A Doctor's Declaration of Independence
  238. Economics Zombies once destroyed Japan’s economy—now they’re infecting China’s
  239. Nat'l Security Kerry drooling moron that he is backs off...
  240. Legal Oklahoma inmate dies after execution is botched
  241. Economics Paul Krugman to be paid $225k for speech on "Income Inequality"
  242. General Politics Spin Machines in Full On Gear. Dems told to avoid word "Recovery"
  243. Obama Post-ABC News poll shows Democrats at risk as Obama’s approval rating fall
  244. Media Was Sterling a Victim in This Story Too?
  245. Nat'l Security Obamas guy caught by Pakis. Another Muslim victimized. Shame
  246. Economics Obamacare drove consumer spending saving us from a negative GDP
  247. Obama Why Benghazi should matter to every American
  248. General Politics Another Racist Republican
  249. U.S. Issues Blowback
  250. Obama Dude - that was like two years ago!