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  1. Obama A Doctor's Declaration of Independence
  2. Economics Zombies once destroyed Japan’s economy—now they’re infecting China’s
  3. Nat'l Security Kerry drooling moron that he is backs off...
  4. Legal Oklahoma inmate dies after execution is botched
  5. Economics Paul Krugman to be paid $225k for speech on "Income Inequality"
  6. General Politics Spin Machines in Full On Gear. Dems told to avoid word "Recovery"
  7. Obama Post-ABC News poll shows Democrats at risk as Obama’s approval rating fall
  8. Media Was Sterling a Victim in This Story Too?
  9. Nat'l Security Obamas guy caught by Pakis. Another Muslim victimized. Shame
  10. Economics Obamacare drove consumer spending saving us from a negative GDP
  11. Obama Why Benghazi should matter to every American
  12. General Politics Another Racist Republican
  13. U.S. Issues Blowback
  14. Obama Dude - that was like two years ago!
  15. Education Progressive Professor Urges White Male Students to Commit Suicide During Class
  16. Nat'l Security St Joe will be a safe place:Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle
  17. Int'l Issues Fish Bigots
  18. Environment Global Warming is Good???
  19. U.S. Issues County In Virginia To Consider Regulating Group Assembly In Private Homes
  20. U.S. Issues Constitutional Convention
  21. Nat'l Security 200 Nigerian School Girls kidnapped...WTF??
  22. Elections Tea Party loses primary in NC
  23. Elections Meanshile, the IRS scandal is heating up...
  24. U.S. Issues The Hate Map
  25. General Politics Hillary fought to keep Boko Haram off terror list
  26. Obama 10% of tea party donors audited by IRS?
  27. General Politics Robots win the minimum wage debate...
  28. Legal White House Tells Public Schools To Enroll Illegals Despite Lack Of Age Or Address Ev
  29. Religion Sharia hits home in Beverly Hills
  30. Misc #bringbackourgirls
  31. Misc Henry "The Nose" Waxman wants hearing on Redskins
  32. Economics Should the minimum wage be raised to $20/hr?
  33. U.S. Issues Public Defender lays down some serious words.
  34. U.S. Issues Obama Went Over Niagara Falls in a Canoe! The Public Reacts Without Thinking..
  35. General Politics I guess the gay mafia is for real
  36. Poop Mitch McConnell, old white dick
  37. Economics About That Labor Force Participation Rate . . .
  38. Economics The great deceiver: The Federal Reserve
  39. Elections Prescription for tea party to win...
  40. Economics 3 ways America should be more like Canada
  41. Obama Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts
  42. Nat'l Security Another one of those "WTF do they need those for?" Moments
  43. General Politics Idaho Debate Awesomeness
  44. General Politics The ‘Blame Bush’ Era May Be at an End
  45. Poop A liberal group is fundraising off of fundraising off Benghazi
  46. Religion ACTUAL Religious Persecution happening
  47. Obama NH police commissioner asked to resign after calling Obama the n word
  48. General Politics How the 1% give back to society. The untold story.
  49. General Politics Operation American Spring!
  50. Environment The inconvenient truth about climate change and Obama’s policies
  51. U.S. Issues The Success of the Tea Party sweeps through the US
  52. U.S. Issues How is wealth in the country distributed?
  53. Nat'l Security Stem Cells Discovery Will Allow Gay Men to Create Eggs for Surrogate Birth
  54. Religion Because Oklahoma
  55. Int'l Issues US strikes back swiftly
  56. U.S. Issues You can blame student debt for America’s inequality and shrinking middle class
  57. U.S. Issues How dumb do you have to be to turn 30k of debt into 130k of debt?
  58. Economics Legal marijuana created thousands of jobs in Colorado
  59. Obama Five years in and Obama still can't throw a Baseball
  60. Nat'l Security Lavabit Shutdown
  61. Economics The safety net has shrunk over the past 20 years.
  62. Nat'l Security FBI Can't Find Qualified Non-Stoner Cyber Experts!
  63. Environment Have you heard about the North Carolina Fracking Bill?
  64. Obama Obama and the VA
  65. Economics Russia China ink 400 Billion Gas Deal while bypassing the USD
  66. Economics Enron-style Price Gouging is Making a Comeback
  67. Economics Let's make sure more veterans have insurance.
  68. General Politics What's better since the Democrats took power in 2008?
  69. Int'l Issues Great Metaphor for US Foreign Relations
  70. Int'l Issues Anyone Following The Situation In The Thailand?
  71. College student kills 7. Video before the shooting.
  72. Nat'l Security White House exposed top US spy in Afganistan
  73. Obama Casual Marijuana Use Linked to Brain Changes in Young Adults
  74. Environment West Antarctic Glacier Loss Appears Unstoppable
  75. Economics GOP seeks election edge with Benghazi, IRS probes
  76. Int'l Issues 2014 Bilderberg Attendees List Revealed.
  77. Legal Probably the worst Human Rights violation in history
  78. Economics Comcast’s Army of Lobbyists Continues to Raise Ethical Concerns
  79. Nat'l Security Obama has no time for stupid reporters
  80. U.S. Issues Median CEO Pay Crosses $10 Million For First Time
  81. Poop Logical Fallacies that Should Exist
  82. Economics Technology and the minimum wage
  83. Poop How Gay Marriage will change traditional marriage
  84. Elections Awesome political ad
  85. U.S. Issues Hold On - Obamacare's About to Get Even Worse
  86. Obama Obama administration struggles to provide benefits to new flood of illegals
  87. U.S. Issues Ft. Smith Cop Loses His Freakin' Mind
  88. U.S. Issues Hillary's Campaign Theme
  89. ChiefsPlanet Hey ForeverChiefs58, you are a coward
  90. U.S. Issues A Green Beret Has Some Words About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Comparison Of Tweets To War
  91. Obama Countries with which relations have improved under Obama
  92. Obama #1 Scapegoat Resigns
  93. General Politics Jay Carney resigns
  94. Misc We Drove a Car While It Was Being Hacked
  95. U.S. Issues Vandal Purposefully Desecrates 31 Veterans Graves!
  96. Legal House Votes To Stop Medical Marijuana Raids
  97. Obama Five Ways Liberal Race Hustling is Bad for America
  98. General Politics Colorado baker to stop making wedding cakes after losing discrimination case
  99. Environment Data need not be accurate or even real in Climate Change World
  100. Int'l Issues The Holocaust is a hoax
  101. Nat'l Security USA now negotiates with terrorists
  102. General Politics The Case for Reparations
  103. Obama Lawsuit against IRS by pro-Israel group moves foward
  104. Legal DOJ accused of targeting gun industry with 'Choke Point' program
  105. U.S. Issues 93 years ago: The Tulsa Race Riot
  106. Obama Parents of officer killed searching for Bergdahl lash out at "cover-up"
  107. U.S. Issues Seattle approves $15 minimum wage
  108. Nat'l Security The mad rush to free Bergdahl driven by Polls
  109. Obama Who Wrote Susan Rice's Talking Points This Time?
  110. General Politics So the RNC is visiting KC...
  111. Obama Iran's ayatollah mocks American inaction on nukes
  112. Obama Poll: Bush more competent than Obama
  113. Int'l Issues Boko having more fun. We need a red line.
  114. U.S. Issues U.S. reconstitutes group to fight homegrown extremists...
  115. Obama Speculation Builds on Michelle Obama Senate Run
  116. Environment Scientist confesses he made up polar bear population estimates
  117. U.S. Issues Central American countries are exporting their poor......to the US
  118. Obama The Nicotin fiend chews gum thru entire D-Day ceromony
  119. Obama Message....wont sell, Mr President
  120. A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Morons
  121. U.S. Issues NFL fans: they're white, male, conservative
  122. Religion OUTRAGE! Cop fired for refusing to be gay
  123. Int'l Issues Obama at D Day ceremony is chewing gum (French outraged!!!)
  124. U.S. Issues Remember a week or two ago Obama Names a Chunck of New Mexico a National Monument?
  125. Education Texas GOP endorses 'reparative therapy' for gays
  126. Environment Scott City Kansas
  127. Education An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy
  128. Obama More patients flocking to ERs under Obamacare
  129. General Politics Obama Promised to Do 4 Big Things As President. Now He’s Done Them All.
  130. Economics We've now reached pre-2008 job levels, but the recovery isn't complete.
  131. General Politics The GOP *may* have just bribed a Democrat to resign, to fight Obamacare.
  132. U.S. Issues Supreme Court rules against homeowners in toxic water case
  133. Obama wtf was he thinking?
  134. Environment Cap and trade has had no major suppression of growth for any state that's tried it.
  135. U.S. Issues Waltons: How to Game The Foundation System
  136. U.S. Issues Sign of the Times: Bulletproof Blankies for Elementary School Kids
  137. Obama And now, back to real issues. VA gets worse
  138. Int'l Issues 2nd largest city in Iraq controlled by ISIS. Army Fled
  139. Obama White House shifts blame to Hagel for terrorist swap
  140. Elections Did anyone see Hillary Clintons interview on ABC?
  141. Obama Time for another hashtag
  142. Economics Waffle House Trys to Screw Waitress Out of $1000 Tip
  143. Int'l Issues Documentary: Egypt's lost power
  144. Elections Eric Cantor is in trouble
  145. U.S. Issues FDA may destroy America's real cheese industry
  146. Religion Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Supports Stoning Gay People to Death
  147. Legal Support for the death penalty is falling.
  148. U.S. Issues Is This is the Care we will get under ObamaCare??.
  149. Nat'l Security Release of Taliban detainees shows Obama has power to close Gitmo.
  150. U.S. Issues What is the American dream?
  151. Obama Can hookers & drug dealers save the "Obama-conomy"?
  152. Obama Rand Paul comes out for amnesty
  153. Obama Obama's gift
  154. Economics Jobs are opening up like crazy, but companies aren't really hiring.
  155. Nat'l Security Painful to listen to Obama
  156. Obama Reality continues to set in. CNN poll shows how far Obama has fallen
  157. U.S. Issues Libertarians
  158. Obama Why is our government silent ? Sick and so wrong
  159. U.S. Issues Obama admin tells local cops to keep cell phone surveillance secret
  160. Obama Their 9/11 Role
  161. General Politics Pew: the more liberal one is, the more accepting of compromise they become.
  162. Nat'l Security Kerry recites poetry while Obama golfs and the Middle east burns
  163. Int'l Issues Saddam Hussein Was Right - US war in Iraq has led to the “mother of all battles"
  164. Economics Crony Capitalism
  165. General Politics I dont even
  166. U.S. Issues Lies my President told me
  167. Obama The Bear has Cabin Fever
  168. Obama Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq...
  169. U.S. Issues The country is fucked
  170. Legal SCOTUS Watch June 2014
  171. Economics Bet this one hard.
  172. Obama An 18 on the scorecard for Dear Leader
  174. Obama Thousands to Be Questioned on Eligibility for Health Insurance Subsidies
  175. U.S. Issues Five Missing Johnsons
  176. Nat'l Security $6 gasoline ?
  177. Economics The Stock Market is being Propped Up by Central Banks.
  178. Obama US nabs suspect in Benghazi Attacks
  179. U.S. Issues Obamas Abandoned kids
  180. Nat'l Security We are in good hands…...
  181. Int'l Issues Cheney: Obama has been so wrong about so much in Iraq
  182. Nat'l Security If Only Dick Cheney Had Listened To This Iraq War Critic...
  183. Obama Al Queda implements common-sense gun control measures
  184. Obama Al Queda attacks Iraq's largest oil refinery
  185. Obama Shocking: Obamacare subsidies exceeding cost projections
  186. Economics Does GM need another bail out?
  187. U.S. Issues You're Scaring the Tourists!
  188. General Politics President Clooney?
  189. U.S. Issues Obama thinks Wookie should be paid ?
  190. Obama New lows for the Obama
  191. Elections Will Jeb Bush be Rand Paul's Runningmate?
  192. Obama How Obama picked the Muslim Brotherhood to be his buds
  193. General Politics Glenn Beck Predicted ISIS in 2011 and was laughed at...
  194. Misc A majority of Americans support euthanasia.
  195. Economics Young adults are faring better under the ACA: healthier, with more health savings.
  196. U.S. Issues Glen Beck nails it right here...
  197. U.S. Issues Examining what kind of president Hillary would be
  198. U.S. Issues Rand Paul: America Shouldn't Choose Sides in Iraq's Civil War
  199. Nat'l Security Iran Nuclear Talks Produce Possible Framework for Deal
  201. Obama Is It Time for a Special Prosecutor for IRS scandal?
  202. Obama Obama and Pelosi megadonor bud....sounds like a swell dude
  203. Obama Inside the Clinton / Obama feud
  204. General Politics Let's Get Rid of Offensive Things
  205. U.S. Issues Hillaryland starting to leak on Benghazi; Blaming Obama
  206. Environment The scandal of fiddled global warming data
  207. U.S. Issues Cheney basically wants us to open a WWII like offensive in the Middle East...
  208. Religion Atheists called upon to explain their "injury" over WTC cross
  209. Religion Ted Cruz’s Father evolution is a communist trick aimed at converting people atheists
  210. Misc Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice. Couple of questions...
  211. Nat'l Security U.S. missile defense system hits target in key test
  212. U.S. Issues How are Obama and the IRS getting away with a blatant coverup?
  213. Environment Oklahoma Will Charge Customers Who Install Their Own Solar Panels
  214. Economics Bridges Crumble as Muni Rates at Least Since ’60s Ignored
  215. Economics Some gloomy predictions about the ACA are not working out.
  216. Obama Most positively rated living presidents
  217. Legal As it turns out, it's constitutional for the EPA to do their job.
  218. Nat'l Security "Path to Citizenship"
  219. Misc Dr. Oz hilariously destroyed for supplement nonsense
  220. Poop Charlie Rangel caught littering
  221. Nat'l Security Obama administration finally releases memo justifying killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.
  222. Economics Economic opportunity at a five-decade low.
  223. U.S. Issues Press takes scrutiny for non-existant coverage of actual scandal
  224. U.S. Issues John Boehner May Sue Obama Over Use Of Executive Actions
  225. Elections Looks like Democrats are going to steal the election for Cochran
  226. U.S. Issues David Brat Ousts Libertarian As Campaign Manager for Cantor Operative
  227. Obama Old people playing Twister, looking miserable
  228. Obama VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better
  229. Legal SCOTUS: Police must have a warrant to look at your cell phone
  230. Obama IRS admits leaking conservative group's donor list
  231. Int'l Issues Oh North Korea you're so silly
  232. Economics States blocking Medicaid expansion: successfully denying health insurance to the poor
  233. General Politics House Republicans to Sue Obama
  234. General Politics Hillary and being broke
  235. Legal I'm just going to park this right here...
  236. U.S. Issues What a GOP Senate Would Mean for Obamacare
  237. Legal OBama loses on recess appointments case
  238. Religion Who Would Jesus Shoot?
  239. Local Battle over same-sex marriages in St. Louis headed to court
  240. U.S. Issues 'Merica today! ( Warning-controversial pov)
  241. Poop Coulter: Any growing interest in soccer a sign of nation's moral decay
  242. Obama Obama Suffers 12th Unanimous Defeat at Supreme Court
  243. Obama Iraq a disaster of Obama's making
  244. Obama Hillary deal with Huma to keep her Weiner out of sight
  245. Economics Memo: From Nick Hanauer To: My Fellow Zillionaires
  246. General Politics The real reason Democrats push global warming. Campaign money
  247. Economics The Truth about the "US Economy" - there isn't one.
  248. Economics 75% of conservatives say the poor "have it easy."
  249. Int'l Issues 100% of declared chemical weapons have been removed from Syria.
  250. Nat'l Security Obama request to Congress: help me train 'moderate' rebels.