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  1. Environment Yak shit contributes to Climate Change
  2. Legal Sandy Hook Families Sue Bushmaster International
  3. Economics Russia's currency is collapsing
  4. U.S. Issues The 100 most influential people in American history
  5. Poop And you thought all the good crazy was already taken
  6. Int'l Issues Taliban slaughters school children in Pakistan
  7. Obama Afghanistan Mired in War as US Combat Command Ends
  8. Legal Why Gun-Control Advocates Lie about Guns
  9. Nat'l Security Iran’s President Pledges to Face Down Forces Opposing a Nuclear Deal
  10. Misc Carrie Underwood - Do You Hear What I Hear?
  11. U.S. Issues Police shoot and kill a young black man in Topeka
  12. Legal Obama's Immigration actions ruled unconstitutional
  13. General Politics KKK Cops
  14. Elections Jeb Bush Running For President
  15. U.S. Issues It's funny when Jon Stewart does it...
  16. General Politics And Epic Fail Worthy of DC
  17. Obama Racsm and Race Baiting continues from the top
  18. Nat'l Security Cuba. Good Idea? Bad Idea?
  19. Misc Temptations - Silent Night
  20. Media Christmas Songs and Videos...post 'em here
  21. ChiefsPlanet In keeping with the weather expected tonight
  22. ChiefsPlanet Who can forget the great Freddy Fender?
  23. Economics The Federal Reserve consists of mealy-mouthed sycophants
  24. Nat'l Security He just can't help it...
  25. Religion Linus's Christmas Monologue
  26. Media The Last Great Murrow Boy Passes Away
  27. U.S. Issues What states are the worst at
  28. Legal Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado in Supreme Court over Marijuana
  29. ChiefsPlanet Good King Wenceslas, The Irish Rovers
  30. Obama DOJ to Obama: "You Lie!"
  31. Int'l Issues "I wanna go home!!" ~ an ISIS foreign fighter
  32. Int'l Issues IAF jacks some terrorist jaw!
  33. Media Merry Christmas From The Family - Robert Earl Keen
  34. U.S. Issues Two cops assassinated.... I blame the left
  35. U.S. Issues Merry Christmas California style
  36. Religion Cherish Your Religious Freedoms
  37. U.S. Issues Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Police Aren’t Under Attack. Institutionalized Racism Is.
  38. U.S. Issues NY Times Calls for Bush and Cheney to be Prosecuted for Torture
  39. Nat'l Security My Special Christmas Present to the CP DC 2nd Amendment Crowd
  40. Obama Korea. Sony. Obama. Kim
  41. Nat'l Security North Korea experiencing major cyber attack
  42. Obama "Gay marriage and the death of freedom"
  43. Misc Taking a break
  44. U.S. Issues This can't be real - Steal your parents gun and take to school to give to your teache
  45. Poop Thanks Obama, Economy grows at 5%, no wars, gas plummeting
  46. ChiefsPlanet Here we come a wassailing!!
  47. Obama Only in America.
  48. General Politics Rank the US Presidents (in my lifetime)
  49. Int'l Issues CIA tortured German it mistook for a terrorist
  50. Good Morning, St. Louis. Armed teenager shot in Berkeley by police officer.
  51. Education The Oak Ridge Boys - Hallelujah Chorus
  52. ChiefsPlanet Merry Christmas
  53. ChiefsPlanet The story of Christmas
  54. Nat'l Security Great work by CUNY Newspaper. War against Cops?
  55. ChiefsPlanet Amazing night
  56. ChiefsPlanet Christmas Time is Here!!
  57. Obama Princess Obama
  58. U.S. Issues What if.....
  59. General Politics GW Bush Warmongering vs. Clinton Warmongering
  60. Environment Michael Brown memorial destroyed overnight
  61. U.S. Issues DeBlasio almost missed the wake. Scumball
  62. Int'l Issues AirAsia flight QZ8501 from Indonesia to Singapore missing
  63. General Politics I was taught to be racist for my own protection
  64. Legal Woman in body armor shoots at people aims gun at police. Lives?
  65. U.S. Issues Google Maps Show Detroit's Rapid Decline
  66. Nat'l Security Oh the sweet Irony....
  67. U.S. Issues He should have stayed in his squad car
  68. U.S. Issues Americans overwhelmingly support body cameras for law enforcement
  69. Obama Obamas golf buddy
  70. U.S. Issues A Christmas Message for the MNPD from Chief Steve Anderson
  71. U.S. Issues The most admired man and woman in 2014 are...
  72. General Politics New R Senators want to eliminate food stamps
  73. U.S. Issues The Only way to control cost is deny treatment...
  74. General Politics NYPD Virtual Work Stoppage
  75. Legal Airlines suing the 22-year-old kid
  76. Misc Woman shot and killed by her own 2 year old son
  77. Poop Woobenson and Lorcen.....kids going bad
  78. Int'l Issues Inside Obama’s Secret Outreach to Russia
  79. Nat'l Security Project Blue Light...show your thanks to our Police
  80. Nat'l Security Kerry Tweets of 2014
  81. Obama Deported 33 times?
  82. Poop delete
  83. Obama Obamacare tax surprise looming
  84. U.S. Issues Hard to imagine, such special people gone
  85. Religion New Zealand bar manager held in Burma over ‘Buddha’ drinks promotion
  86. U.S. Issues Black Panthers To “Build Up Army” To Kill Cops In 2015
  87. Religion Well this looks like a fun group.
  88. Nat'l Security Another slap at those bad cows we eat
  89. Education Rich Dems. Hate the rich...or maybe not...
  90. U.S. Issues Mike Huckabee quits show to consider presidential ambitions
  91. U.S. Issues Asheville lowers educational standards for police
  92. Misc DUI Checkpoints. Doors locked, windows up, no talking.
  93. Legal Baltimore Police Whistleblower Sues Department
  94. Obama Sharyl Attkisson sues Obama administration for hacking/surveillance
  95. Economics Oil prices drop below $50 per barrel
  96. Poop Sarah Palin's Word-Salad Response to PETA: 'At Least Trig Didn't Eat the Dog'
  97. U.S. Issues 2 more cops shot in NYC - Bronx
  98. Economics Educate me on Uber and Lyft
  99. Legal Awwww....Rand Paul makes a new friend!
  100. Obama Harvard bitten by the Obamacare monster it helped spawn.
  101. Religion Terrorists attack Paris magazine office
  102. Nat'l Security Inspector General: Drones on border should be scrapped
  103. Int'l Issues After disappearing 43 students, Cartels now shooting priests in the face
  104. General Politics Kirby Delauter, Who Didn't Want His Name In A News Story, Is Now A Story
  105. Legal Stupid cop shoots at dog, kills woman instead.
  106. Obama Gruber, abortion, and 'Freakonomics'
  107. U.S. Issues Senator Barbara Boxer Is Retiring
  108. U.S. Issues Police Protester Tries Out Use of Force Scenarios With Cops
  109. General Politics Political Crisis "Porn"
  110. Nat'l Security Free College!!! THANKS OBAMA
  111. U.S. Issues Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax
  112. U.S. Issues Charles Krauthammer calls for $1 per gallon gas tax increase
  113. 4 victims from Shawnee shooting scene
  114. Int'l Issues Egypt's President Calls For A 'Revolution' In Islam
  115. U.S. Issues Feds seek to charge Petraeus for classified leaks
  116. Elections Mitt!
  117. Nat'l Security Yemen
  118. Nat'l Security Anonymous issues threats to "destroy terrorists"
  119. Nat'l Security omg! pot makes man commit terror in france!
  120. Nat'l Security Does USA have any No-go Zone?
  121. U.S. Issues Racist White Cop Spotted in Lenexa, Ks!!!
  122. Obama Did Cuba pull a fast one on Obama?
  123. Media NOMORE commercials
  124. General Politics Bill Maher: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Support Attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’
  125. Int'l Issues Some at Al Jazeera pissed at global support for slain French journalists
  126. Religion Nice shooting, Wahhabi
  127. Religion Flashback: Charlie Hebo mag (Sept 12 1996)
  128. Obama Global leaders march in Paris
  129. Poop Health dept fight.. 2 girls get STD from same guy
  130. U.S. Issues Democrats to propose middle-class tax cut
  131. Int'l Issues Okay so, was Charlie Hebdo a "false flag" operation?
  132. Religion Boko Haram massacres 2,000 in Nigeria
  133. Int'l Issues BREAKING: ISIS Hacks U.S. Central Command Twitter Account - Claim to have hacked Pent
  134. Nat'l Security DiFi....Sleeper Cells in US?
  135. Int'l Issues Xinjiang Province Bans Burqa For Muslim Women
  136. U.S. Issues Obama proposes a good idea forcing companies to notify customers they've been hacked
  137. Int'l Issues The Muslims have control of much of England
  138. U.S. Issues Colorado is flush with marijuana cash...
  139. Poop This Should Go Well: Westboro Baptist Church Says It’s Going To Iraq To Protest ISIS
  140. U.S. Issues Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam tells Muslims to "Fuck off" if you don't like freedom on tv
  141. Obama Britain First
  142. Economics Roger Altman: Oil collapse like $200B stimulus
  143. Religion Jihadists and Supporters Take to Social Media to Praise Attack on Charlie Hebdo
  144. Religion London Imam explains the Paris terrorist attack
  145. Elections Poor Rand Paul
  146. Nat'l Security Charlie and Barak. Clash of Facts
  147. Legal SWAT team saves the day
  148. Nat'l Security PC Insanity has no limit.
  149. Int'l Issues European Jews are asking for the right bear arms
  150. Obama US announces transfer of 5 Gitmo detainees; 4 to Oman, 1 to Estonia
  151. U.S. Issues Why Drugs Cost So Much
  152. U.S. Issues Texas Hits the Panic Button!
  153. U.S. Issues GOP - Party of Obama
  154. U.S. Issues George Soros funded Ferguson protests
  155. Int'l Issues France "No Go Zone" turns out to be a discrediting lie for Fox
  156. Obama White House says net neutrality legislation not needed
  157. Nat'l Security Kerry to give France a Hug
  158. Legal Civil Forfeiture Laws Being Checked By US AG
  159. Nat'l Security Terror plan was to kill Belgian police on the streets, in stations.
  160. Economics When you lose $150 million in one day you get fired...
  161. Education "When are you gonna stop playing games with God?"
  162. Poop Bill Maher calls out Liberals for Bullying and anti-free speech
  163. General Politics SOTU set up
  164. Poop Poll: Over 80% Of Respondents Approve Mandatory Labeling Of Foods Containing DNA
  165. U.S. Issues Twisted priorities?
  166. Economics Have Obama lost the middle class?
  167. Obama How Has Obama done in past SOTU Addresses?
  168. Obama Obama coming to KU
  169. Int'l Issues Isis thugs hold two Japanese hostage
  170. Obama Obama to have Illegal as guest at SOTU
  171. General Politics Should the SOTU be held at the White House without Congress?
  172. U.S. Issues 'I'm Sorry': Mom Recounts Moment 5-Year-Old Shot and Killed Baby
  173. Legal Complaint: Baker Refused To Write Anti-Gay Words On Cake
  174. Obama Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  175. Nat'l Security Netanyahu to address congress.
  176. Education Will Vanderbilt cave?
  177. U.S. Issues Hot topic for the 1 percent at Davos: Inequality
  178. Obama Obama Tax Hike on College Savings Plans Breaks Middle Class Tax Pledge
  179. U.S. Issues Justice Dept. to Recommend No Civil Rights Charges in Ferguson Shooting
  180. Local Kansas proposes permitless Conceal Carry of firearms
  181. Legal Thanks Obama!
  182. Media Comedy Central's pending conundrum
  183. Economics Obama has the magic touch still
  184. U.S. Issues Mike Huckabee: ‘God’s blessing’ will make me president to stop ‘secular theocracy'
  185. Religion My Husband's Not Gay
  186. Economics Hail to the States: President Obama takes credit for growth stoked largely by red sta
  187. Poop White House ran by children
  188. U.S. Issues BLACK DUDE....GUN!!!! WAL-MART!!!
  189. Religion Abu Bakr loves a winner - and he will not tolerate a loser.
  190. Religion Mother outraged after spotting ‘satanic’ symbol in school bus brake lights
  191. General Politics Harry Reid with losing power
  192. U.S. Issues Kansas City Libertarian Activist Confesses To Child Molestation According To Facebook
  193. U.S. Issues This is what happened to Kelly Thomas
  194. Nat'l Security YouTube Obama
  195. Poop People are genuinely nuts.
  196. General Politics Homophobes as hidden homosexuals
  197. Religion Beware !!
  198. U.S. Issues No doubt the cops will be blamed...
  199. General Politics Whats the read on Walker?
  200. The non-political American Sniper thread
  201. Int'l Issues The Doomsday Clock
  202. Elections The Donald Broadsides Mitt and Jeb and breaks both hulls...
  203. U.S. Issues I don't want to live on this planet anymore
  204. Obama Yemen successes!!!!!
  205. Legal African Amrerican shooting ranges using police photos for target practice
  206. General Politics Daddy issues: Are Ron Paul’s hard-core stands a problem for son’s presidential bid?
  207. Environment Yellowstone River Slimed with Oil.... again
  208. Environment Flashback eb, 2014:The End of Snow?
  209. Local Grover Norquist attacks Brownback's tax proposals
  210. Elections Dems will hold the Senate
  211. Nat'l Security Hey Big Brother: DEA Spying On Your Car
  212. Elections Democalypse 2016 - Fox News Correspondent Auditions
  213. Economics Forbes: IBM to layoff 100,000 employees next week
  214. Religion Christian Fundamentalist Pastor Manning Praises ‘Wisdom’ And ‘Integrity’ Of ISIS Kill
  215. General Politics Welfare in the state of Washington.
  216. U.S. Issues One State is Almost Entirely Responsible for All Net Job Growth Since 2007
  217. General Politics Republicans responsible for lower unemployment rates, not Obama
  218. General Politics Michelle Obama Gives Zero ****s About What the Saudis Wanted Her To Wear
  219. Obama White House pressuring Army to whitewash Bergdahl fiasco
  220. General Politics is cp mainstream?
  221. U.S. Issues Oklahomos!
  222. U.S. Issues I Don't Like Mondays....
  223. Poop Video: Seattle Police Jail Elderly Military Veteran for Walking in Seattle W golfclub
  224. Religion Remember everyone, it's ok as long as you say you're sorry to god
  225. General Politics New EO: This time Obama HAS GONE TOO FAR!!!
  226. U.S. Issues Ferguson devolves post St. Swisher
  227. Nat'l Security Rude Crazies piss off McCain
  228. Legal Case Dismissed Against Officer Who Shot & Killed 7-Year-Old As She Slept, During Botc
  230. Int'l Issues How a future war with China might play out
  231. U.S. Issues Looks like NYC is ramping up for something.
  232. General Politics Who's funding anti-fracking movement?
  233. Religion Pope Francis is at it again
  234. General Politics I think Scott Walker is the Republican Front Runner
  235. Obama Another set of exemptions to Obamacare?
  236. Nat'l Security Chickenhawk America
  237. U.S. Issues Strike at refineries could spell end of $2 gas
  238. Poop Creationist Ken Ham is Angry That Carnival Referenced Evolution During Its Super Bowl
  239. Religion Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age
  240. Obama Leadership.
  241. Religion Something for you tinfoil hatters/Alex Jones types
  242. Elections Jesse Ventura in 2016?
  243. Media Alcee Hastings Messes with Texas
  244. Religion Rand Paul claims vaccines cause mental disorders
  245. U.S. Issues Dear Donger,
  246. Poop Finally a Valentine treat just for Prison Bitch
  247. Obama The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment
  248. Elections One more reason to vote against Rand Paul and Chris Christie
  249. Obama One more reason Obama shouldn't have been president
  250. Nat'l Security ISIS burns Hostage alive