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  1. If true, this really sucks.
  2. more neocons jumping ship - Colin Powell
  3. I find this photo slightly amusing.
  4. Chain of COmmand
  5. Has anyone noticed that gas prices have gone down .75 cents in the last two weeks?
  6. "Old Media" taking a hit thanks to "Bush Bashing" bathroom note
  7. Bush's Speech Tonight
  8. Another bullsh*t poll. Pew: 8 in 10 want drivers to drop SUV's
  9. Dick Cheney: Mr. Compassionate
  10. An Elephants Best Friend
  11. Two favorite political comedians Dennis Miller and Bill Maher
  12. Do we need a strong federal government?
  13. Is Iraq turning into a quagmire?
  14. A donkey's best friend...
  15. Being Poor by John Scalzi
  16. They don't fall too far from the tree...
  17. Higher tax ahead for Johnson Countians
  18. Bush Loves Black People...In His Photo Ops...
  19. Standing O for Ms. Brazile
  20. Exit Polls: Schroeder losing in Germany, Conservatives (possibly) winning election
  21. Fiscal Conservative: Clinton criticizes Bush's exorbant spending
  22. N. Korea to abandon Nukes
  23. Iran to use oil to weaken the dollar?
  24. "One billion dollars has been plundered from Iraq's defense ministry..."
  25. Some of you guys are in trouble now...New FBI Porn Squad
  26. Iraqi defense officials have embezzled $1.27 billion
  27. Chinese Priveys: No More Than 2 Flies Allowed
  28. Anne Rice blames America, not local officials.
  29. Bill Maher on Da Debil...
  30. Constitution of The United States declared unconstitutional
  31. Countdown to October 15th...
  32. MORE Cronyism at the Dept. of Homeland Security (STILL!)
  33. As predicted, Katrina sinks W and Iraq support
  34. FBI Fights Porn - Terrorist When it Can
  35. Another Politics Quiz...
  36. Roberts confirmation- Sit back and watch as the left votes no
  37. Why the hell does the IMF do this
  38. Bianca......Bianca?
  39. As predicted...Bush stays the course in Iraq
  40. Republicans Split as a result of Katrina Rebuilding Costs
  41. BC's Complete Guide to Destroying Hillary Clinton's Reputation
  42. From the “did you eat paint chips as a kid” file,….
  43. Bush in the latest Bang Cartoon...
  44. New abuse accusations emerge
  45. War Porno
  46. Cheney operation...
  47. Bin Laden down to 10 men
  48. what was that song?
  49. Peace Sells
  50. Try this
  51. "I'm a Republican and ..."
  52. 13 Biggest Congressional Sleazeballs
  53. Sheehan Arrested
  54. Movie gives life to little told tale of WWII heroism
  55. Another letter to the president.
  56. Most Katrina "News" Turns Out To Be BS
  57. Bush In Defective Body Armor?
  58. Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side' ??
  59. Predict the next Supreme Court nominee!
  60. Brownie lies under oath to Congress about FEMA response...
  61. Abu Ghraib abusers sentenced.
  62. McCain, Cindy Sheehan Meet
  63. End of the Road for Tom Delay...
  64. Front Door Greeters of the the World UNITE!!
  65. For those who support "Intelligent Design":
  66. DeLay indicted, steps down as majority leader
  67. Pat Tillman: Opposed Iraq War, fan of McCain, critical of Bush, fan of Noam Chomsky?
  68. RIP this forum
  69. Tip Your Waitresses...I'll be Here All Week
  70. Republican troubles deepen
  71. Judge orders release of AG abuse photos...the end of the coverup?
  72. George the "Conservative."
  73. God and statistics
  74. Cindy gettting her hair done...Great Mother
  75. From the "Holy *hit I can't believe I just said that" file...Bennett screws up
  76. What the F$&! ??????
  77. An Islamic guide on how to beat your wife
  78. Since when does Bush Bashing equate to America Bashing?
  79. Islands of Ignorance: Top 10 Places Where Science Education is Under Threat
  80. Interesting number of newbie RWNJs...
  81. The choking continues: Rumsfeld compares Iraq police infiltrators to US police
  82. GAO Audit: BushCo buys "favorable news coverage" and disseminated "covert propaganda"
  83. Brilliant. Heaven forbid a voter should have to prove their identity.
  84. Bill of
  85. Under Bush's Watch: New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms
  86. Bush to Nominate Harriet Miers to Supreme Court
  87. Bush's New Supreme Court Nominee
  88. News that might actually matter...
  89. Giuliani to consider presidential run
  90. Caption this photo
  91. RWNJs in an Ozzy, er, tizzy over Harriet...read em and weep.
  92. Second Indictment Issued Against DeLay
  93. New Data suggests Katrina was only a CAT3
  94. Hallibushco Screwing Gulf Small Businesses
  95. Remember that SC Eminent Domain Ruling
  96. Rush utters the "L" word about Harriet
  97. RRWNJ Franklin Graham is speaking for God regarding Katrina...
  98. Another week, another pitbull attack...
  99. Conservative George F. Will on the Harriet Meirs Nomination
  100. King George Strikes Again
  101. Something Fishy in Alaska
  102. Why don't you form a CP PAC and focus your time
  103. Is this road rage?
  104. Bush Administration official indicted
  105. WTF? Spies in White House and Pentagon
  106. (ANOTHER!) Unqualified Crony in Charge of Pandemic Response
  107. Osama continues to punk Bush says ex-CIA expert
  108. Republican Congress neglects oversight responsibility of BushCo
  109. SC Hears Argument on Assisted Suicide Case
  110. I Sure Am Glad We Brought In Bush to Clean Up Government
  111. "(Bush) doesn't support the troops"
  112. Interesting MADD op-ed. I agree, it's time to start taxing them.
  113. Oh God, DUHbya is claiming God made him invade Iraq...
  114. Pets Still Being Rescued in New Orleans
  115. Ring...remember that bet we had about Rove
  116. Another Good Reason To Boycott Wal-Mart
  117. You might ask why the Democrat extremists cannot win elections.
  118. RWNJs whining, Rove denying, W dying...
  119. Cato: Bush #1 Biggest Spending President (by nearly 2x)
  120. Dean: (Bush) can't play "hide the salami"
  121. Sorry to reduce your fun for the weekend, but
  122. I Know my Pals in the Video Biz are Hurting for Work, But...
  123. Quag-Miers, not the Iraq kind.
  124. DC to use eminent domain for baseball stadium
  125. Bush's speech writer...hilarious!
  126. Uh-Oh Judy Miller has notes implicating Cheney's office earlier than thought...
  127. Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French For $25 Million
  128. Would'nt it be Ironic if an This Earthquake Killed Osama?
  129. Bush is the worst President ever.
  130. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton?
  131. New York/Iraq terror threat was bogus....I'm shocked
  132. Rove's 'missing' email...
  133. Man whose Web site shows pictures of war dead is arrested
  134. Salon article: Rescuing Jesus
  135. New Orleans Police Beating Caught on Tape
  136. This forum is dead
  137. Army Recruiting: Risk Your Life for $40 Grand
  138. Shocking! The libs have turned this place into a stinking cesspool...
  139. Shocking! The cons are whining that this place is a stinking cesspool...
  140. Wall Street: "the most financially reckless president in history"...
  141. Iraq Sunni party backs constitution in deal
  142. Cheney's chief of staff lies to grand jury in Plame Case
  143. If you had a choice would you approve Harriet Miers to the USSC?
  144. Wow! Could this situation look any more like something from Revelations?
  145. Want the inside scoop on Miers? Fear not! Dobson has it.
  146. For the Homeless, Situation Still All FEMA'ed Up
  147. Guns and Trailer Parks: Like Peanut Butter N Jelly!
  148. Just a peek at how this Administration operates as Cheney is Investigated.
  149. MSNBC: The Nexus of Politics and Terror
  150. Staff at New Orleans hospital debated euthanizing patients
  151. GREAT Website. The gig is up for some here.
  152. Just call him Blinky...
  153. McCain Guliani
  154. Catapulting the propaganda...using the US Military
  155. Chiefs vs. Redskins, Anti-Indian Mascot rally, Oct 16
  156. The Feel Good Bush Thread! (Shazam!)
  157. Bush's handlers opposed Meirs nomination?
  158. Bush and Cheney having a falling out?
  159. When the ACLU goes wrong...
  160. Ultimate Irony, W also ruined by women...
  161. DC Forum! New and Improved!
  162. Ditto
  163. The real ultimate Irony!
  164. delete this
  165. OOOPs, the '9/11 soldier' in the teleconference was a military PR specialist
  166. "Bush-Cheney: Touching Your Life"
  167. How many people total have been killed in Iraq?
  168. A sickened Bill Kristol predicts the 'worst' for Rove and Libby
  169. 9 Taco's, 5 memygunt, 2 jIZ posts on front page
  170. Anyone being programmed by Drudge tonight?
  171. Hum, 'can't recall' the new motto regarding the WH these days...
  172. Money for Nothing...Iraq really HAS Become a Capitalist Haven
  173. Bloomberg: Cheney May Be Entangled in CIA Leak Investigation
  174. US Supreme Court to decide Iraq consitution vote???
  175. NY Daily: White House official has flipped in leak case
  176. Wet Dream Alert: CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence'
  177. Broadband for the Masses!!
  178. Indictment Pool
  179. Dozens of reasons why Republicans are better than Democrats
  180. Cheney Resignation Rumors Running Wild
  181. Paaaarty! Refugees Get Toasted in Boston
  182. Simulated: WoT
  183. Fitzgerald looking at 22 different 'files' for possible indictment...
  184. Your Color Printer Is Working for the Man!
  185. Bending Over At The Pump
  186. Arrest warrant issued for DeLay
  187. Job Opening for Boy Genius! Must Re-Locate to D.C.
  188. Same-sex marriage debate on Volokh Conspiracy
  189. Arrest warrant issued for DeLay
  190. Rove Told Grand Jury Libby May Have Been Source
  191. Powell COS pointing fingers at Cheney and Rumy
  192. Condi replaces Cheney
  193. Democrats <3 Child Molestors and Lady Killers
  194. FEMA Brownie: "Ignored Warnings" & "needed more time to eat dinner"
  195. Suitable for framing...
  196. Queen of Fake Conservativism under attack!
  197. AP: White House Defense Crumbling in Leak Case
  198. Miers' Writing ability
  199. Gun industry lawsuit immunity passes Congress, heads to Bush for signature.
  200. Fair assessment of the Conservatives having problems with Bush
  201. Freepers article: New website could indicate charges may be coming.
  202. Bush is the best Prez ever
  203. Smilin' Delay Mugshot Photo Was FAKE! This makes more sense...
  204. Judge in DeLay trial selling T-shirts with Tom's mugshot on them
  205. Republican's seek to ban Virgin Mary (this isn't a joke)
  206. W caves to RWNJs and withdraws Miers nomination...
  207. Typical of Rummy: New Humvees Parked In Texas
  208. From What I'm Hearing From Back Home...
  209. IMDB "funny"
  210. QUESTION: If Hillary runs for president...
  211. Kinda Hip, Kinda Wow...A Wedding with Mao!
  212. Investigating a Policy Dispute
  213. Bush Joke
  214. Buchanan's latest: Media, Democrats Complicit in Rush to War
  215. Thomas/Recount/Burns-at-the-stake is back
  216. NYT: to report Cheney was Libby source, given Plame intel from Tenet
  217. Our Inscrutable Iraq Policy, by Karen Kwiatkowski
  218. Meanwhile in Iraq... (a compilation of stories currently being reported worldwide)
  219. One conservative gets it right...
  220. Ooops, Iraqi Constitution referendum passes
  221. ...at least 2 indictments
  222. Amazing...how the White House acquired the Fake Niger docs.
  223. Vigils for the Quakers' Wage Peace Campaign will mostly be on Wednesday
  224. CNN TraitorGate Poll...... WOW!
  225. Peaceniks Preparing to Dance on Soldiers' Graves?
  226. Able Danger warned of attack on USS Cole?
  227. The Nazi Olsen Twins?
  228. Libertarian party for NJ Governor?
  229. New DNC site: The Republican Corruption Laundry List
  230. Stooping To A New Low-Activist Group Tries to Mislead Texas Voters On Marriage Vote
  231. Is "knowingly outing a covert operative," considered a security related charge?
  232. Can't we all just get along?
  233. Censorship? Hate speech? I just don't know what to think anymore...
  234. Shocking News! ConocoPhillips record profits...
  235. The Klan - an Equal Opportunity Hate Group
  236. Just wondering how many Chiefs fans also like FOX News Channel... and Bill O'Reilly..
  237. USA Today admits photoshopping Condi pic
  238. A nice review of some of the lies
  239. War as real as it gets........................
  240. Excerpts from John Kerry's speech today
  241. Whoa...Miers has withdrawn herself?
  242. I eat my crow medium-rare, with a side of mashed potatos
  243. 710 reasons we’re in the Middle East.
  244. FireTheLiar: Neat Trick MODS!
  245. FOX news does history
  246. Cheney/Libby withheld "crucial documents from the Senate Intelligence Committe"
  247. "W" - The President
  248. Fitzgerald secures indictment. May seek new Grand Jury on forged documents!
  249. Democrats are pathetic...
  250. All-Day, All-Indictment, All-Excuse Making thread...