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  1. Economics New Study: Generation Z Votes Republican
  2. Int'l Issues Make No Mistake, We Are Already at War in Syria
  3. Nat'l Security Defend trump Now!!
  4. Economics Local control over local foods...interesting
  5. General Politics *** Official Repository of Stupid and Juvenile Trump Tweets ***
  6. Economics Cutting excessive staffing in Federal Agencies
  7. Int'l Issues Swedish Music Festival Cancelled Next Year Following a Series of Sexual Assaults by ‘
  8. U.S. Issues Cali Dems Threaten Their Own Party After Single Payer is Halted
  9. U.S. Issues The Atlantic: "How the Left lost its mind"
  10. Poop Boycott This Thread!
  11. Environment Earth: 250 degrees and raining sulfur
  12. Nat'l Security US military analysis suggests North Korea launched a 'probable' ICBM
  13. U.S. Issues 4th of July Thoughts
  14. Legal BBC First baby born without a gender in Canada
  15. Nat'l Security Journalist Who Exposed The Racist Creator Of Trump’s CNN Tweet Gets Death Threats
  16. Int'l Issues Canada To Pay 10 million to ex-Guantanamo Prisoner
  17. Local Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements
  18. Trump Central Americans, ‘Scared of What’s Happening’ in U.S., Stay Put
  19. Religion Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment
  20. U.S. Issues Some Trump supporters thought NPR tweeted ‘propaganda.’ It was the Declaration of Ind
  21. Trump Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of...
  22. International Antiquities Smuggler Caught, and it's Hobby Lobby.
  23. Economics Hobby lobby funds terrorism
  24. Nat'l Security Oh oh this can't be good
  25. Int'l Issues So it was the Germans?
  26. U.S. Issues Ratings Collapse: CNN Now Losing To Nick-At-Nite In Prime Time Ratings War
  27. Economics EU-Japan Trade Deal
  29. Media CNN Is Breeding a Post-Millennial Generation of MAGA-Loving Rebels
  30. Nat'l Security Obstruction of Justice case against Trump is already a slam dunk.
  31. Economics SMASH: Jobs surge +220,000
  32. Local So...did that go how you thought it would go?
  33. U.S. Issues NY Post: New holes in Loretta Lynch's story on the Hillary probe
  34. U.S. Issues Uncovering the Russia Ties of Hillary's Campaign Chief, John Podesta
  35. U.S. Issues Muslim activist suggests resisting Trump is a 'form of jihad'
  36. Int'l Issues Trump, Putin reach Syria deal, discuss election interference
  37. General Politics He's Angry at Liberals!
  38. General Politics NY Mag: GOP Senator Explains Party’s Disarray: Nobody Expected Trump to Win
  39. Poop Coming to America: George Clooney
  40. Nat'l Security Woman blows herself up holding her baby. Fun with Muslims.
  41. U.S. Issues Mayor de Blasio in Hamburg: America isn't behind Trump
  42. Media WaPo tries to tie James Hodgkinson to conservative talk radio
  43. Local Claire....Comrade Claire.
  44. U.S. Issues Trump the Lesser's Meeting with Russian Lawyer for Clinton Dirt. Collusion?
  45. U.S. Issues More than half of Comey's leaked memos contained classified information
  46. Int'l Issues YT The Great Replacement
  47. U.S. Issues The problem with allegedly-libertarian Reason Magazine
  48. Environment NY Mag: All the different ways global warming will kill you
  49. Int'l Issues Imploding pensions in European Socialist Democracy
  50. Trump Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign
  51. U.S. Issues Pew: 58% of republicans thinks colleges and universities are bad for the country
  52. Legal CNN: " An avalanche of hate How a Montana mom became the target of a neo-Nazi troll
  53. Trump 4 years of baseless charges
  54. Environment The Plastic Straw EcoDisaster. Are you doing your part?
  55. Nat'l Security Kushner tried and Failed to get a Half Billion $ Bailout from Qatar.
  56. Obama The AP Stylebook list of bad words
  57. Nat'l Security Junior Tweets emails and they are way worse than we thought
  58. Trump Trump Campaign Meeting Raises Question: Is Collusion Even a Crime?
  59. Local Would you support this in Mo/Kan? Coming to Washington State.
  60. U.S. Issues Millennial Mind Rot
  61. Nat'l Security U.S. says test of THAAD missile defense system in Alaska hits target
  62. U.S. Issues DNC Colluded with Ukrainian Govt Officials to Get Dirt on Trump and His Campaign
  63. Int'l Issues Forbes: Ted Kennedy colluded with Russia in 1983
  64. Economics Tax the rich! Tax the rich!
  65. Education Your First Day on the job. How was it?
  66. General Politics Well, Bye
  67. Trump Five myths about treason
  68. Media Politico: Marco Rubio Is Tweeting the Most Republican Part of the Bible
  69. General Politics Morning Joe Scarborough Leaves Republican Party
  70. U.S. Issues Comey is such a joke.
  71. Nat'l Security Democrats sweep 2 legislative special elections in Oklahoma
  72. U.S. Issues David Letterman: decides to weigh in
  73. U.S. Issues Washington Times: Judge rules courts can stop Trump deportations, halts ouster of Ira
  74. Education 8 years of suffering under obama
  75. Trump Articles of Impeachment Introduced in the House
  76. Nat'l Security Russian Officials Overheard Discussing Trump Associates Before Campaign Began
  77. U.S. Issues FBI documents reveal secret details in flawed Clinton probe
  78. U.S. Issues HiLiaRY Campaign Collusion: “Private, Off the Record” Meet with Chinese Ambassador
  79. U.S. Issues 4% of Dems think Hillary would beat Trump in 2020. 50% think None of the Above would.
  80. Nat'l Security DOJ Let Russian Lawyer into US Before She Met with Trump Team
  81. U.S. Issues Forbes: Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?
  82. U.S. Issues Maine lawmaker's shocking anti-Trump Facebook rant draws outrage
  83. U.S. Issues Is Pence leaking?
  84. Trump Trump/Gollum
  85. U.S. Issues What business does AP have editorializing?
  86. Media Govt Inquisition on Alternative Media Developing
  87. Economics Republicans: better tippers than Democrats
  88. Misc Do you find this PSA acceptable?
  89. General Politics GOP voters are tribal and deeply partisan, polling shows
  90. Trump Trump: About that wall...
  91. Nat'l Security Pelosi:Restricting DoD Funds for Gender Transition Treatments Hurts Nat'l Security
  92. Trump Trump’s Budget Would Reduce Deficit By $160 Billion and Increase GDP Growth
  93. U.S. Issues Macron does an about face - reveals plan to systematically deport Illegal immigrants
  94. Trump Former Soviet Counter Intelligence Officer at Meeting With Donald Trump Jr.
  95. General Politics Once you open a can.....
  96. Obama ACA and the unintended consequences of a bad program
  97. Nat'l Security Russian Lawyer Worked With Dems for Years
  98. Nat'l Security Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz to critic: ‘Watch your back I already know where you Live"
  99. Trump What will come of Russia 3.0
  100. Trump Bungled collusion is still collusion
  101. Nat'l Security Lynch Tapped Manfort's Phone During Meeting with Russian Lawyer
  102. Int'l Issues WikiLeaks Show HiLiaRy Wanted a Positive Relationship with Russia
  103. Nat'l Security http://gadling.com/2011/04/01/dubai-tour-company-offers-pirate-hunting-cruises-off-ho
  104. General Politics Now Belichick Has Upset The Snowflakes
  105. Int'l Issues Cuck Canadian PM Attempts Collusion with US Governors to Ditch "America First"
  106. Nat'l Security Politico: "Trump crafting plan to slash legal immigration"
  107. U.S. Issues Governor Brown Colludes with Foreign Government—Communist China and Others
  108. U.S. Issues San Francisco Bans Chocolate Milk
  109. U.S. Issues Neocon Slayer
  110. U.S. Issues Spinoff: What is your immigration status?
  111. General Politics Yet Another Convenient Clinton Suicide
  112. Nat'l Security Outgoing Ethics Chief: "US is close to a Laughingstock"
  113. Trump Poll: Trump job approval rating at 36%
  114. Economics Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have spent $572 million on lobbying the government
  115. U.S. Issues WAPO Trump and his base live in a bubble where he’s popular and all is well
  116. U.S. Issues Dershowitz says Left Stretching Existing Laws;Talk of Treason and Non-Existent Crimes
  117. U.S. Issues Kansas sweeps the leg...
  118. U.S. Issues Republicans fail to replace Obamacare with Obamacare Lite
  119. Trump Border Patrol union chief praises 'miraculous' llegal immigration drop under Trump
  120. Education The secret life of USC med school dean:overdose, young companion, drug-fueled parties
  121. U.S. Issues Kid Rock for US Senate
  122. General Politics The woman of the year plans for running Senate
  123. Int'l Issues Cuck Canada Becoming a Giant Skinnerian Box
  124. Legal Somali immigrant cop guns down unarmed pajama-clad blonde
  125. Trump Trump repeating mistakes that doomed Clinton
  126. Trump Poll: He still wins over Hillary!
  127. U.S. Issues Newsweek: Hillary Clinton is President in an Alternate Universe
  128. U.S. Issues Rice backs out of House Testimony on unmasking
  129. Legal Surprise! Women's Marchers Hired Armed Guards For Their Protest Against The NRA
  130. Legal Surprise! Women's Marchers Hired Armed Guards For Their Protest Against The NRA
  131. U.S. Issues The worm turns: Don Jr. Email casts Clinton leak in new light -
  132. General Politics Republican Governance (?)
  133. Nat'l Security Trump / Russia Maybe not so much about Election Meddling
  134. Trump US Post Office Breaks Law By Allowing Employees To Campaign For Clinton
  135. General Politics Blumenthal wants to spend $500MM on Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers
  136. U.S. Issues Transgender boy claims he is a girl, dominates girls HS track
  137. Education Bernie Sanders’ Wife: Tried Evicting Disabled Group
  138. U.S. Issues Sen. John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer
  139. Legal A midterm preference for Democrats, but without anti-Trump motivation
  140. Trump Trump Throws AG Sessions Under the Bus
  141. Legal 43 U.S. Senators support bill that would make boycotting Israel a felony
  142. General Politics Fat Shaming
  143. Trump Mueller expands probe to Trump's businesses
  144. U.S. Issues Maxine Waters attempting a presidential run?
  145. Nat'l Security Muslim compound Islamberg raided by authorities
  146. U.S. Issues CNN GOP senator: Not even 40 votes to repeal
  147. Trump Trump Appears to Threaten Mueller
  148. Nat'l Security Trump asks Lawyers about how to pardon himself, family and aides
  149. Int'l Issues Meanwhile in Syria... US armored vehicles seen pouring into Syria
  150. Legal Baltimore Police officer mistakenly records himself with body cam planting drugs at c
  151. Trump Senior Obama Admin Official: The Media Colluded With Russia
  152. General Politics Spicer out!
  153. Trump Right or Wrong/Fair or Not?
  154. U.S. Issues Peaceful Antifa Leader Arrested for Inciting a Riot
  155. Economics Donald Trump’s expected pick for top scientist job is not a scientist
  156. Trump Senate panel subpoenas co-founder of firm tied to controversial Trump dossier
  157. Nat'l Security Trump leaks on Sessions
  158. Trump Mueller going dirty???
  159. Religion Ten Simple Proofs.......
  160. Nat'l Security Bodies found in tractor-trailer in San Antonio Walmart
  161. Int'l Issues Trump Assigns White House Team to Target Iran Nuclear Deal, Sidelining State Dept.
  162. Poop What In The Hell?
  163. Nat'l Security Atheist Richard Dawkins: Berkeley appearance canceled
  164. Legal In fallout over health care collapse, it's GOP vs. GOP
  165. Nat'l Security FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home
  166. Trump Jared Kushner Details Russia Meetings, Denies Collusion
  167. Elections The Left’s Backward-Looking Racial Narrative
  168. Nat'l Security Trump floats replacing Sessions with Rudy Giuliani using Recess Appointment
  169. Legal Rex Tillerson Debates Quitting After ‘Unprofessional’ Trump Bashes Jeff Sessions
  170. U.S. Issues Wikileaks drops 3,810 JFK assassination documents. including new and newly unredacted
  171. Trump Is Donald Trump finally dumping the baggage he was given after he was elected?
  172. General Politics I wanna FUCK Dana Perino!!!
  173. Nat'l Security Trump has dementia part #87
  174. U.S. Issues Schumer rips Hillary: "Don't blame Russia. Blame yourself"
  175. Economics Trump Attacks Amazon
  176. General Politics Where do you fall politically? (sharpen your N○.2)
  177. U.S. Issues 92-year-old veteran attacked while protecting American flag
  178. Legal Senators on hot mic: Trump is ‘crazy,’ ‘I’m worried’
  179. Nat'l Security Mattis moves to refocus military training on ‘warfighting,’
  180. Int'l Issues North Korea threatens nuclear attack on US
  181. U.S. Issues Trump accuses Hillary investigator Andrew McCabe of taking $700k from Hillary
  182. General Politics Half of Trump voters think he won the popular vote
  183. Trump Trump won't allow Transgenders to Serve
  184. Misc Why does Donger constantly opinion spam into unrelated threads?
  185. Nat'l Security Congress drops plans to make women register for the draft
  186. General Politics Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Pakistani IT Aide Arrested at Airport Fleeing Country
  187. Trump Why doesn't that pussy Trump just fire Sessions already?
  188. Legal CNN: Senate rejects full Obamacare repeal without replacement
  189. General Politics Brownback gets the fuck out of Kansas.
  190. Legal Trump decides to threaten Alaska over one of their Senators not supporting Trumpcare.
  191. U.S. Issues Scaramucci Leak Hunter Saga
  192. Int'l Issues Deal reached to send Russia sanctions bill to Trump's desk
  193. Nat'l Security WH communications Director: Trump likely to veto Russian Sanctions Bill
  194. Education Ben Shapiro, Adam Carolla testify before Congress
  195. U.S. Issues House panel opens new probe on Comey & Clinton Emails...
  196. Nat'l Security U.S. general: North Korea ICBM threat advancing faster than expected
  197. U.S. Issues The Head of the Boy Scouts Just Apologized After Trump's National Jamboree Speech
  198. General Politics The Mooch: "I'm Not Steve Bannon, I'm Not Trying to Suck My Own Cock."
  199. U.S. Issues Senate Vote on Healthcare Imminent, McConnell Overriding Parliamentarian
  200. U.S. Issues Goodlatte & Judiciary Republicans Call for Second Special Counsel
  201. U.S. Issues The Historical Turning-Point Has Arrived
  202. Trump How will Trump's presidency end?
  203. U.S. Issues BBC Where Trump went wrong on healthcare
  204. Trump What the war on Sessions reveals about Trump
  205. Nat'l Security The Mooch's wife files for Divorce
  206. Nat'l Security Priebus Fired
  207. Economics Dow Sets 45 Records Since 2016 Election
  208. General Politics Same Old Democrats....USNews nails the Dem Problem
  209. U.S. Issues Let's clarify something about the ACA.
  210. Economics (Kind of) interesting health care proposal
  211. Nat'l Security Scarimucci Follower of Underage Teen Website
  212. U.S. Issues GOP fears political fallout after health care ‘epic fail'
  213. U.S. Issues Ex-Dolphin Cheerleader Divorces Democrat Husband 'Cuz He Doesn't Support Trump
  214. Nat'l Security BREAKING: Feinstein statement details Benczkowski’s representation of Alfa Bank, and,
  215. General Politics Police departments denounce Trump's endorsement of police brutality
  216. Religion I have a question
  217. U.S. Issues Trump’s Base Sticks With Him — Except in the South
  218. General Politics Woman's top 10 reasons no longer leftist (good read)
  219. General Politics Chris Christie gets in guys face at a baseball game
  220. Media NBC dumps Megyn Kelly's Sunday night show
  221. Economics Mitch McConnell: Architect of failure
  222. General Politics Mooch out
  223. U.S. Issues GOP ‘too divided’ to restart ObamaCare repeal
  224. Trump EXCLUSIVE: Kelly called Comey to express anger over firing, sources say
  225. General Politics Can someone explain something to me?
  226. U.S. Issues Obamacare may be over... Trump to rule this week.
  227. Nat'l Security Behind Fox News' Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale
  228. Int'l Issues Bill Gates: "Yo Africans! You're not welcome in Europe"
  229. General Politics Sen. Lindsey Graham: Trump Says War With North Korea an Option
  230. Nat'l Security Trump Claims Boy Scouts Chief Loved His Speech, Even Though The Group Later Apologize
  231. Nat'l Security Tillerson says US is willing to talk to North Korea
  232. Nat'l Security Rex Tillerson: Trump not very happy about Russia sanctions bill
  233. Nat'l Security Taibbi: There Is No Way to Survive the Trump White House
  234. U.S. Issues GOP Senate Health Leader: we will hold hearings to stabilize Obamacare
  235. Nat'l Security A Republican member of Congress declares Trump a domestic and international menace
  236. U.S. Issues New Clinton Email Disclosures Show Pay-for-Play
  237. U.S. Issues How to stop the deadliest drug overdose crisis in American history
  238. Nat'l Security Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: FBI Report Shows It Was Seth Rich – Not Russians – W
  239. Local NAACP issues first ever travel advisory for U.S. state - Missouri
  240. Education College Profs: lowest form of human waste?
  241. U.S. Issues Justice Department reportedly going after affirmative action programs
  242. Obama *LMFAO* OK Which Of You Inglorious Basterds Did This?
  243. Media ****The Official Fake News Thread ****
  244. Elections Fuckerberg hires Clinton pollster
  245. Nat'l Security Deep State McMaster Forbids Dissent
  246. Nat'l Security Exclusive: Top FBI officials could testify against Trump
  247. U.S. Issues It's 'Liberty Enlightening the World'.....NOT the...
  248. Economics Atlanta Fed confirms: the "Trump Boom" is here
  250. Trump Add another governship to the Republican Column