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  1. Rove Won't Be Indicted Today, Libby Still May Be
  2. Poll: Government officials and perjury
  3. Tom DeLay confesses...
  4. Question about the law...
  5. Indictment party...
  6. God help Iran...
  7. New SC Nominee Announcement?
  8. Mulligan: Pick the next Supreme Court nominee.. again!
  9. Investigations will continue with new grand jury...
  10. Trent Lott's latest gem:
  11. Fitzgerald is a gem
  12. Gem; Chris Matthews is a gem. Gem.
  13. Fitzgerald expands probe, believes he can get Rove on more serious charges
  14. Placebos for Everybody! Another Exxon Screw Up
  15. Woah...gem. Wow.
  16. What American Troops are made of
  17. Let the coal raking begin... Joe Wilson on 60 Minutes Sunday.
  18. Seattle Times: Case not closed on Cheney's role
  19. The Libby indictment appears legitimate, not a witch hunt
  20. The best part of all this Libby stuff...
  21. What 2000 looks like.........................
  22. Thank God for this forum......................
  23. Drudge: Cheney to be called as Witness against Libby
  24. Bush takes mulligan and shoots a hole-in-one! Names [Sc]Alito to replace O'Conner
  25. Gov. Report: "US ‘had no policy’ in place to rebuild Iraq"
  26. oops...3.80% growth - 2nd Positive Iraq vote - Samuel Alito
  28. What to think of Alex Jones?
  29. Ever hear of a "View Tax"?
  30. Tide of public opinion turning against corrupt WH:
  31. Military shares public's declining support for Bush, war
  32. DNC anonymously issues hit piece on Alito. Caught by cybersleuths.
  33. Republicans: Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's
  34. Hypothetically speaking, can we agree that...
  35. Bush outlines $7.1B flu-fighting strategy
  36. The cover up is over
  37. U.S. Aid Flights to Pakistan Not Dependent on U.N. Donations
  38. Claim: Saddam had accepted exile offer before invasion
  39. CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons, but the really big story is...
  40. Butcher of Basra Interview...
  41. Red Cross seeks access to CIA prisons
  42. Libby pleads...
  43. Democrats send pen pal letter to Cheney...
  44. Rove's Future Role Debated inside Whitehouse
  45. Italy had told the US the Niger Documents were fake
  46. DeLay's former aide admits to bait-and-switch tactic... calls Christians "wackos"
  47. If I was President...
  48. 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules 'Parents have no right....'
  49. Another Bush Photo-Op Disaster
  50. Vatican to nutjob Intelligent Design fundamentalists: STFU
  51. Bush support drops to another all-time low...
  52. What Libby indictment left out says a lot
  53. Anti-Bush riots in Argentina
  54. House Bill Counters Eminent Domain Ruling
  55. Easy solution for bird flu
  56. If dems are so smart....
  57. Michael Moore owns Haliburton Stock!!!!
  58. Daily Dose of Democracy
  59. Embarassment: Bush sends staff back to ethics class
  60. McCain to hold Bush's feet to fire on Torture Bill
  61. How's that hooker Dick Morris
  62. U.S. fiscal future 'worse than advertised'
  63. (Another) Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Doubts
  64. Anyone else watch the live West Wing Debate?
  65. Carl Levin absolutely SHREDS BushCo's bogus case for war...
  66. US Aide to Israel
  67. Stowers’ stem-cell funding goes east
  69. IRS Takes Aim At Political Speech in Church!
  70. The Amici Report....
  71. ***The official BushCo Lies Thread***
  72. Where the Left Goes Wrong on Foreign Policy
  73. Glimpse of the future? Dems win comfortably in 05 electons...
  74. *crickets*
  75. Speak of the Chalabi and Chalabi shall appear
  76. Hell yea investigate intelligience on Iraq...and explain these assertions
  77. Poetic Bush
  78. Oh joy, the world is safer. US Hotels bombed in Jordon
  79. Did we use Chemical weapons in Fallujah?
  80. OOOPs, CON investigation of leak letter leaked...
  81. Chalabi cites page 108 of the Robb-Silberman report as exonerating him (from fraud)..
  82. Saddam didn't actually use Chemcial Weapons on his own people?
  83. Oil headed for regulation?
  85. Use of Torture Weakens Us
  86. House backs off ANWAR drilling
  87. What is the most painful debate to listen to?
  88. San Francisco Bans Handguns
  89. Pat Buchanan: A CON who get's it....
  90. Should Saddam Hussein be set free?
  91. OK, I heard this on O'Reilly today at noon.
  92. Daily RRWNJ Alert: Pat Roberston warns PA city...
  93. Should we haze immigrants?
  94. 57% of American's now believe Bush DELIBERATELY MISLED people into war...
  95. Who is more consistent in knowing WTF he's talking about?
  96. Dover, PA is Going to Burn In Hell Sez Pat
  97. Poll: Most Americans Say Bush Not Honest
  98. OOOPs...FOX News Poll: W approval rating at 36%
  99. Bush reconstitutes his past lies that Congress "had access to the same intelligence"
  100. Fitzgerald still hanging charges over Rove...
  101. Even Bush's own church says he "rush(ed) toward war based on misleading information"
  102. 2001: Bush Pulls Security Clearances From 92 Senators
  103. Duhnt Duhnt Duhnt...and another one bites the dust
  104. Voters oust 8 supporters of intelligent design policy
  105. Howard Deans Dismal Fundraising!
  106. The best summary I've read of BushCo's strategy to defraud Americans into war...
  107. BYU Professor: Science points to "pre-positioned explosives" in WTC.
  108. Saddam had enough Uranium for ONE nuke!
  109. Do as I say, Not as I do!!! Best book ever!!!
  110. The Democrats who are hypocrits about IRAQ!!!
  111. The best Michael Moore quote EVER!!!
  112. Kansas has something to be proud of after all! Sebelius named one of U.S. best Gov's.
  113. Oops. Dems knew there was an intelligience disagreement with Iraq's nuclear program
  114. I have one word for you....Plastics!
  115. What ever happened to [fill in the MIA RW poster of choice]?
  116. Rumsfeld and Cheney met with Chalabi today
  117. Walmart the High Cost of Low Prices (movie)
  118. New Gallup/USAToday/CNN poll: neocons nosediving
  119. Who was the poster?
  120. 'Cool Mom' gets 30 years
  121. Illegals, no-bids, mistreatment, oh my! Halliburton strikes again.
  122. Another reason capital punishment is a good thing...two killers on the loose
  123. George Bush a home grown terrorist?
  124. Is Bush Drinking Again?
  125. information NOT making the news @ home
  126. The common sense approach to questionable curriculum in the classroom
  127. Wake up and smell the fascism
  129. State Department lying about US using chemical weapons in Iraq
  130. Torture in Iraq
  131. Woodward testifies in CIA Leak Case
  132. delete
  133. Democrats FINALLY jumping on the anti-war bandwagon...
  134. Bush should start talking about the economy!
  136. Senate passes bill to shore up pensions
  137. The "Right Bros" Want Their MTV!
  138. Your Most Important Policy?
  139. To Set The Record Straight... My Views On Politics
  140. Oral Sex Linked to Mouth Cancer
  141. Cheney says war critics 'dishonest, reprehensible'
  142. Two Years of investigation by Fitzgerald into Libby
  143. Saddam hid WMD, BREAKING NEWS!!!
  144. Deal on Patriot ACT! Permanent!
  145. Poll: 74% believe US officials and/or troops have tortured in Iraq
  146. Over/Under on posts before recxjake breakes the "!" key on his keyboard?
  147. Another hit against the WH: Oil Execs lied to Congress
  148. Huh? Latest polls show good news for Republicans. Unbelievable!!
  149. Oh how the times have CHANGED!!! Clinton hypocrisy!!!!!!
  150. illegal immigration
  151. Woodward to Save Libby
  152. Wrong War Wrong Time.
  153. Iraq is NOT Vietnam, SHUT UP LIBERAL MEDIA
  154. Anyone listening to Sean Hammity right now?
  155. Vietnam/Iraq parallels
  156. U.S. Businessman Allegedly Bribed Officials in Iraq
  157. Bill Clinton: "The Most Influential Man in the World"
  158. Democrat Job Approval, WORSE THAN BUSH!!!!
  159. How Many of you think President Bill Clinton cheated on his wife?
  160. Tom DeLay Calls In His Markers
  161. as close a newspaper has come to calling Bush a liar...about time
  162. Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian
  163. New Grand Jury....
  164. Whew, us wacky Catholics are off the hook for the ID controversy
  165. Fitzgerald sees new grand jury proceedings By Adam Entous
  166. Op-ed-This guy nails the political case for war IMO
  167. Maureen Dowd?
  168. Vote On Immediate Withdrawl Of Troops From Iraq Tonight
  169. Surprise, surprise, surprise: another terror alert
  170. Typical of the current day republican party.
  171. Top Ten Signs You're An Asshole
  172. John McCain on Letterman
  173. U.S. to examine allegations against Halliburton
  174. Funny stuff...
  175. Religious Folk(s) - What would it take to sell Evolution to ya?
  176. LA Times puts final nail in coffin.
  177. "This has the potential to be the biggest scandal in Congress in over a century"
  178. The Man Who Sold the War: Meet John Rendon, Bush's general in the propaganda war
  179. The Man Who Sold the War
  180. Fox News reporting Al Zarqawi may be dead
  181. Hey, It's the Earth calling....
  182. Men & Women Are Both Needed...Parker Answers Dowd
  183. Freaky Family Values
  184. Iraqi Leaders Urge a Timetable for Eventual Troop Withdrawal
  185. Ooops: X marks the spot...
  186. Do you regret the part you played in electing or re-electing GW Bush?
  187. Rumsfeld: "I didn't advcocate invasion"
  188. Republican gets our troops take on Iraq
  189. McCain calls on Congress to stop covering for BushCo and do their jobs!
  190. A Marine Reports form Iraq
  191. Vatican on gay Priests
  192. What is your highest vision of the Iraq situation?
  193. "Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel"
  194. Thank god for Barak Obama... "Moving Forward in Iraq"
  195. The Ten Strawmen of Iraq
  196. Judge Tosses Out NCLB Education Lawsuit
  197. I wouldn't Hire this guy to run a fire drill at our high School!
  198. Al-Qaida Devastated by U.S. Offensive
  199. Jordan King Calls for All-Out War on Islamic Militancy
  200. Op-Ed - Bush didn't lie
  201. Kudos and thanks to US troops...
  202. The Republican Oath!
  203. Bias teacher should be fired...
  204. Should this school fire someone too?
  205. Bush approval rating UP!!!
  206. Gov. Bill Richardson a LIAR
  207. Shiites: "Let Us Kick Insurgent Butt"
  208. We are FINALLY going to get a REAL investigation into the selling of the Iraq War?
  209. Bush laying the political groundwork for troop widthdrawl.
  210. Blair threatens, er, warns media about Al Jezeera bombing plan
  211. Democrats don't know what to believe about Iraq?!?!?
  212. 40-24.............................................
  213. recxjake.... can you help me out here?
  214. Calif. congressman admits taking bribes
  215. Dirty Democrats Caught...
  216. Defiant DeLay Rips Democrats
  217. Bush tough on Illegal Immigration
  218. 50 Cent (felon) wishes he could vote... so he could vote for George "A Gangsta" Bush
  219. The Smartest Democrat in the World!!!
  220. Another Republican cracks on Cheney - hilarious!
  221. Abramoff Corruption scandal leads directly to BushCo...
  222. Lawsuit seeks to keep stem cell off ballot
  223. CIA knows "a good deal more"
  224. This forum sucks ass now
  225. Rexjake's Future on the D.C. Forum...
  226. Focus on the Family faces IRS grievance
  227. "It could last 6 days, 6 wks. I doubt 6 months." Donald Rumsfeld 2/7/03
  228. Wichita business faces obscenity charge
  229. Sexy Jihad
  230. Seattle Post Intelligencer political cartoon..
  231. Hillary Clinton: Iraq War Vote a Mistake
  232. Kudos and thanks to US troops, part 2
  233. This forum is the same as it's ever been...
  234. Great Speech George!!!
  235. Iraq's Sweet Children
  236. People actually want to get rid of Christmas?
  237. Bush seeking billions more for Iraq's military
  238. Woman receives world's first face transplant
  239. Favorite Political Pundit and least Favorite
  240. David Kay Flashback: Iraqi Documents Showed WMD
  241. About that good news coming from Iraq...
  242. Abortions two for one: EVERYTHING MUST GO!
  243. Quick Question on Insurgents in Iraq
  244. Of one thing there is no doubt: Saddaam was a monster...
  245. Interesting commentary on the partisan nature of DC corruption...
  246. Michael Moore hits new LOW!!!
  247. DOW almost at 11,000
  249. Should we ask Phob to restore DC's Sub-Forum listing at the top of The Lounge?
  250. Annual, first serious storm of the season warning