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  1. Public-Financed based Campaign Finance Reform Passes in Conn.
  2. Why believe in Christianity over all other religions?
  3. I'm leaving the DC forum
  4. Uh-oh, Coalition of the Willing starting to high tail it out of Iraq
  5. I Have Officially Changed Parties...
  6. Free speech in America?
  7. Scarborough spanking Christopher Hitchens...
  8. Why our Sons and Daughters must be Sacrificed for Iraq !!!
  9. What if ...
  10. If you could smoke a plant to help you relax, would you do it?
  11. If you could take a pill that increased your intelligence, would you do it?
  12. DOJ lawyers unanimously ruled Delay's redistricting plan violated Voting Rights Act
  13. Kevorkian's Atty (a Dem)'s offices searched in campaign finance case
  14. Propaganda
  15. Will Ferrell: Earth to America
  16. The Economy is Strong...
  17. Democrats make me sick....
  18. Let's give Jake some other reading materials...
  19. What? CIA covering up pre-war AQ ties with Iraq?
  20. Sen. Joe Lieberman: Saddam Had WMD Programs
  21. Oh joy, more paid US gov. propaganda courtesy of US tax dollars
  22. Cool Story from Snopes; NON-PARTISAN
  23. Republican Queer Eye
  24. US LOSING hearts and minds of Arab World...
  25. What are your personal politics?
  26. Thanks for the one Click link to the Planet Lounge
  27. Is recxjake for real?
  28. CIA missile strike kills al-Qaida No. 3
  29. The Media lies once again.....
  30. Should I test the tolerance level of the Chief's Insider (Phil's new home)?
  31. US Govt Taking Bids to Fix Iraq Mess. Pays Good!
  32. Joe Wilson: Bush Right to Attack Iraq
  33. Republicans get a chance to prove they're conservative...
  34. DeLay must stand trial on Felony Money Laundering Charges
  35. Most impressed with Bush I've ever been
  36. Don't mess with GOD
  37. Required reading
  38. Howad Dean is a joke...
  39. Industrial Hemp & Tribal Sovereignty vs. The United States
  40. deleted - already been posted - my bad
  41. I am Furious at the Republican Party....
  42. Pre-Katrina Arrestees Languish in System
  43. Sack of Shit Professor Resigns
  44. Bush upsets Fundies with "Happy Holidays" cards.
  45. Dispelling Myths About Iraq
  46. I wish...
  47. Q&A on the Hussein Trial...
  48. Don't mess with GOD (part 2)
  49. New way U.S. can get student loans repaid. High court rules Social Security Garnished
  50. Islamic countries pledge to combat extremist ideology
  51. Hey, people lie when you torture them...
  52. David Cross auditions for the DC forum.
  53. Wes Clark gets it...
  54. Wal-Mart 'bad for America' poll update
  55. Poll: Should Arnold execute Tookie?
  56. Can someone please explain?
  57. WTF is wrong with Kansas? Student suspended for speaking Spanish in the halls???
  58. Repubs set to regain support for the war in Iraq
  59. Alarming!!! Must read!
  60. A funny thing happened on the way to the White House ...
  61. great news...I hope this World War III thing doesn't interfere with the NCAA Tourney
  62. The World According to Bill O'Reilly
  63. Bush gives great speech...
  64. Going after library "Porn" now
  65. Is Bush drinking again?
  66. stanley tookie williams
  67. '30k 'more or less' Iraqi civilians dead...WTF
  68. Frist is a dumb ass for tipping his hand on nuclear freeze option
  69. Tookie: A bad author...
  70. More lying and bluster from Bill O'Reilly and his faux "war on xmas"
  71. Emmanuel Cleaver quote in Blue Springs Examiner
  72. Bushco Shipping Dead Marines as Cargo
  73. Democrats NEED Iraq to be a FAILURE...
  74. Say Hi to Rumy: he could be lurking in the shadows
  75. Diebold voting machines hacked, fraud shown possible, CEO resigns, faces lawsuit
  76. No soldier left behind?
  77. OOOPs: Pentagon propaganda program stokes worldwide skepticism...
  78. OOPS..meme's hero, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Calls Holocaust a 'Myth'
  79. Soldiers say media miss Iraq story
  80. Merry Christmas, Libs: Bush's Mea Culpa
  81. The Exodus is over...DUHbya up 4 points.
  82. NAACP and local media saying blacks are singled out for executions.
  83. Which method do you primarily celebrate Christmas...
  84. Iraq Votes!
  85. Iraq Votes!
  86. Iraq votes!!! redux
  87. Poll: How much cherry picking of intelligience is too much?
  88. Bob Novak: Bush knows who leaked CIA officer's identity
  89. WSJ states Republicans Risk Losing Key Voting Bloc
  90. Bush gets 10% jump in job approval to 50%!
  91. What's your position on the Christmas battlefield?
  92. “Democrats and Insurgents, can go to hell.”?
  93. "Congress doesn't see same intelligence as president, report finds"
  94. Enron...and on the other hand...
  95. Thanks to our military for a great job...
  96. Zarqawi was caught and then released
  97. President Mitt Romney?
  98. Secret Eavesdropping, no warrants needed?
  99. GOP convicted in 2002 election fraud/phone jamming trial
  100. Go Democrats!!!
  101. CA Illegals Pay "in-state" Tuition? WTF???
  102. Bi-partisain effort blocks renewal of Patriot Act in Senate
  103. ANOTHER Conservative Columnist forced to resign for being bought and paid for...
  104. Democrats SPIIIIIINNNNINNGG !!!!
  105. John McCain = a terrible human being
  107. Hey recxjake
  108. DUHbya saying the story about his illegalities is illegal...
  109. Patriotic car magnet ribbons
  110. Frist Fundraising Has Questionable Motives
  111. Merry XMas vs. Happy Holidays...
  112. Propoganda Re-duh
  113. Student investigated due to library request
  114. Nancy Pelosi: I Was Briefed on NSA Program
  115. Giuliani: U.S. in Peril without Patriot Act
  116. They're pre-empting Family Guy for ANOTHER W Speech?!
  117. Good Job President George W. Bush
  118. Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?
  119. DEMS PLEASE READ : Clinton NSA Eavesdropped on U.S. Calls
  120. Good News-GOP and Dem Lawmakers Call for Domestic Spying Probe
  121. U.S. frees high-value Iraqi detainees
  122. Germany: Hostage leaving Iraq soon
  123. racial violence in australia
  124. Iranian President Bans Western Music
  125. Golden era ahead?
  126. DUHbya and the "I" word...
  127. Jay Rockefellers smoking gun...
  128. What are your thoughts on suicide?
  129. The Just Do It Administration
  130. Iraq speeches, election don't help Bush
  131. Judge bans teaching intelligent design
  132. Not even Bush can keep his story straight
  133. The Republicans are BRILLIANT!! BRILLIANT!!
  134. The problem with forcing Liberty on people who aren't willing to claim it themselves
  135. Is this true?
  136. Germany releases 1985 murderer of US serviceman
  137. Patriot Act extended!
  138. Abramoff nears plea agreement to testify against "at least a dozen lawmakers"
  139. Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'
  140. "Its' better to work with the Amercicans"
  141. Can you envision a time when the WOT has been won?
  142. WSJ: Wiretap Furor Widens Republican Divide
  143. Get Smarter!
  144. Bin Laden's neice.....I'd hit it.
  145. I'm really glad I'm not British
  146. Alito filibuster here we come.....
  147. Bush sought war-making authority "in the US" after 9/11...
  148. Hypothetical: Shoot or don't shoot
  149. Evolution or intelligent design? You decide!!
  150. Novak: BushCo "really wanted change of govt... need(ed) to find reasons" to invade
  151. U.S. - Citing Abuse in Iraqi Prisons - Holds Detainees
  152. Some Mega Churches Close For Christmas
  153. Uh...so confused.
  154. Berkeley Shop Makes Big Bush Bucks for Christmas
  155. Barrons Ed.- pursuit of terrorism does not authorize president to make up new laws
  156. WTF is going on at these Megachurches?
  157. 21 years after 1984
  158. Iraqi Civil War Underway: Kurds in Iraqi army proclaim loyalty to militia
  159. The Stupidest Terrorists
  160. Illegal Spying by NSA not limited to terrorist suspects...
  161. Wow, Hillary Clinton "Most Admired Woman"
  162. George Bush is spying on me...
  163. White house attack dogs seek payback .... again (eavedropping lead this time)
  164. What A Difference A Year Makes
  165. Happy New Year!!
  166. Most Outrageous Quotes of 2005
  167. LOL...North Korea Demands U.S. Troop Withdrawal
  168. Iranian Pres keeps the hits coming...Israel was created on purpose to extinguish Jews
  169. Now that the Chiefs season is over...
  170. More from those wacky Clintons and their silly WH hijinks
  171. A message that made me laugh, what would you have done?
  172. GOP's Ex Spills the Beans and Makes the Stink
  173. Murtha says don't join the military?
  174. Bill O'Reilly on Letterman
  175. Lobbyist’s convicted ... gonna start squealing
  176. Bush'll Torture You If He Wanna...
  177. Can Democrats Not See the Cliff Over Which They Are Plunging?
  178. Guy Who Wrote Book Critical of Bush Put on No Fly List
  179. Pat Robertson once again proves the RRWNJ's are in fact nut jobs.
  180. Tom Cash has another new identity LOL
  181. French Riviera gang terrorises passengers in two-hour train rampage
  182. We May Have Gave Iran Nuclear Secrets
  183. Iraq Costing A Tad Bit More Than Advertised
  184. Try This:
  185. Ted Neugent on The Big Idea w/ Donnie Deutsch
  186. Abramoff scandal could kill the GOP's 10-year long run of party discipline.
  187. Missouri Republican Wants to Ban Cold Beer!
  188. Bush's stupidity is a complete national disgrace...
  189. RRWNJ solution to Abramoff corruption scandal?
  190. The Hammer Falls...
  191. Al-Qaida Planning AIDS 'Suicide Bombers'
  192. Bushies trying to round up all photos of President with Abramoff
  193. Murtha the Turn Coat.......
  194. Fat Ted loves confirmation hearings..he gets allocated time
  195. BSL coming to Missouri
  196. Chevy Camaro is BACK!
  197. Alito...what do we think? Extremist Ideologue or well-reasoned jurist?
  198. You're all screwed.
  199. OOOPs: RepubliCONS battered, battered...sha-dooby
  200. Bill Oreilly felt like he lost on Letterman...
  201. Dick Morris: America is shifting leftward
  202. Americans’ privacy a casualty
  203. WSJ - CEO's compensation 10% of company income...
  204. lets list all the things
  205. Dog Breed Poll
  206. Wounded Soldier receives death wish
  207. Choose your neighbor poll
  208. Senate Democrats stupidity is a national disgrace
  209. DeLay's Gerrymandering Could Cost Him His District
  210. Hardcore Muslims are Barbarians...
  211. When will the public get to read Iraqi intel docs so we can make up our own minds?
  212. Was Harriet Miers' nomination a political stunt?
  213. NM
  214. KS board of education looking into obscenity statutes about books
  215. Edwin Meese on Hardball.....
  216. O'Reilly knocks this one out of the park
  217. National ID, State Nightmare
  218. Unitary Executive -Bush taking us down the road toward dictatorship?
  219. Am I the only one who wants to see Tom Cash banned from this place?
  220. What a dumba**
  221. Your Cell Phone Records Can Be Bought for $89
  222. Sorry Denise.....Zawahri Dirt Nap?
  223. Roy Blunt, just the man to clean up the House.
  224. It's time to straight up murder Saddam.
  225. Penn & Teller debunk the Bible...
  226. More messy windfall from Duhbya's incompetent policies.
  227. Ray Nagen - NO will once again be a chocolate city
  228. Gore's Speech
  229. Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King
  230. Gotta love Clarence Thomas...
  231. Supreme Court upholds Oregon Suicide Law
  232. Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits
  233. New FBI Computer System is a $170 Mill Failure
  234. Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Assisted Suicide Law
  235. US Govt Can't Explain $58 Billion in Iraq Spending
  236. Hitchens sues W?
  237. Hillary the Racist...why the double standard?
  238. God is mad at America and Blacks!!
  239. Leading Conservatives Norquist and Wyrich call for NSA survillance hearings
  240. Key presidential advisor used non-profit to launder Abramoff money.
  241. Ted Kennedy makes me laugh...
  242. President Bush to speak in Manhattan, KS 1/23
  243. Zogby Poll: Americans Support Impeaching Bush
  244. If Phone Taps were so bad....
  245. Many Headed Markets
  246. Bin Laden offering truce? What does that tell you?
  247. New Bin Landen Tape...
  248. Are you suprised we haven't captured or killed Osama yet?
  249. More Obstruction and Lies by the President's men
  250. Where's Trent Lott supposed to eat, McDonalds?