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  1. Democracy in America dealt a blow. 14 Patriot Act Provisions made permanent.
  2. RIP Harry Browne
  3. Big Brother is watching....
  4. Bill O'Reilly threatens caller with police action for merely mentioning "Olbermann"
  5. Why don't Chiefsplanet righties start threads?
  6. This one's for Banyon...
  7. Democrats Vow Not to Give Up Hopelessness
  8. Understanding Terrorist Minds...
  9. State bill proposes Christianity be Missouri’s official religion
  10. Has Dems made us weak against Iran.
  11. A soldier's report from Iraq: Ten Good Things
  12. Brother to Be Stationed at Fort Riley
  13. LMAO...Hillary didn't know Bill is on the UAE payroll for the Dubai deal
  14. I am worried - US seems to be head down the road of the Soviet Union!!!
  15. Brit Papers: Bush and Blair to cut and run by Spring '07
  16. Keep Them Queer Penguins Away From My Kid!!!
  17. Technology or Piracy?
  18. Advocates contend that Medicaid cuts are threatening treatment to Children
  19. What's Up, My Bitches?
  20. Official Chiefs Planet Gay Bashing Thread
  21. DUH--It's Unanimous... SC: Colleges Must Allow Military Recruiters
  22. Expert on Iraq: 'We're In a Civil War'
  23. It's Official: I'm moving back to MO or KS....
  24. Is the Tide Turning against Fred Phelps' funeral demonstrations?
  25. U.S. faces latest trouble with Iraqi forces: Loyalty
  26. Oh look, another bigot running for office
  27. It's a Dirty Job, But....
  28. Is all of D.C. in "work mode" for anyone else?
  29. Oklahoma law now allows judges to carry guns in courthouses
  30. Cheney Less Popular than O.J.
  31. Fox News Trying to Create Controversy Over High School Mock Trial
  32. OH Crap
  34. Satcaster Tax In Virginia?
  35. The Democrat's Real Problem
  36. The Gun And The Car
  37. GLWNJ/NJ Migration of 03/08?
  38. Sorry Patteeu: GOP House appropriations committee votes 62-2 against UAE port deal
  39. I think Kurt Vonnegut dislikes Bush
  40. Power to the People...Dubai Deal Dead!!!
  41. Will the lefties eventually turn this country into a bunch of Eurofhags?
  42. Bush no longer has control in Washington
  43. Dick Cheney retire?
  44. Greenspan: Third Party Candidate Coming
  45. Bush hits new approval low
  46. OOOOPs, if you don't succeed once try again a 100 times...
  47. Sane Republicans...
  48. Great Minds discuss ideas
  49. Is this thread locked?
  50. CNN: The Conservative News Network
  51. Ex-Aide Arrested for Refund Scam
  52. Slobodan Milosevic Dead
  53. Retired Supreme Court Justice hits attacks on courts and warns of dictatorship
  54. Stuck on Stupid!
  55. New bill makes it illegal to disclose Bush's illegal wiretaps...
  56. Republicans raise the debt ceiling for the 4th time in Bush's presidency
  57. Why We Fight
  58. Iran rules out conditions in Russia plan
  59. Anticipating November wins, Dems starting impeachment process...
  60. Rumsfeld $$ > your fear of bird flu
  61. Annie Proulx's disdain
  62. CSpan2 - Shock the Monkey
  63. What was Bush's approval ratings Nov 2002.
  64. I'm no longer an unemployed waif.
  65. 85 shot in Iraq and counting...
  66. What Policies do the Dems have?
  67. Feingold's Strategy
  68. Damn!!
  69. What do Dems have to offer?
  70. Has Pat Robertson been missing his meds or what?
  71. Mexican Motherload... Oil that is, black gold, Tehuacan tea.
  72. Pelosi Hints at Democrats' 'Unified' Agenda
  73. OOOPs, guess those speeches aren't working. W at 33%
  74. Bush Administration and the advent of the Imperial Presidency?
  75. Vote for Amnorix for President
  76. Bush signs law that didn't pass the House...
  77. The “chair” is too good for’em.
  78. No Bush for Jessica Simpson
  79. V for Vendetta...
  80. Poll shocker: 48% of *VOTERS* in favor of Bush Censure
  81. No "Hanoi Jane" Tribute in Georgia
  82. Please Delete
  83. Remember that time that Bush didn't get his man...
  84. Evidence of Saddam, Al Qaeda, 9/11 link (not proof, just evidence)
  85. What this forum needs is some gay marriage talk...
  86. It's a sad day when the only way someone on TV can say this...
  87. First, Warrantless Wiretaps... Now, Warrentless Physcial Searches
  88. News Flash: B*sh Incompetent
  89. Saddam admitted to top generals that he had no WMDs prior to war
  90. Capitalism leads to flourishing Chinese democracy, just don't name your baby.
  91. 3rd anniversary Iraq War protester photos
  92. OOOPs, Rumy says to leave Iraq now=giving Germany to Nazis
  93. Another corrupt Republican Congressman...
  94. Dems proposals "We want to be like Europe"
  95. Repubs proposals "We want to be like China"
  96. A fraction of industrial fines actually get paid
  97. Bill Kristol: Feingold Succeeded in Casting Shadow Over Bush
  98. Big Daddy... it could be worse. You could be living in Portland.
  99. Border Security & Immigration Proposal
  100. Famous British Cat Passes Away
  101. Global Warming warnings by top scientist censored by WH & former oil industry lobbist
  102. Why does the Military hate America and love Terrorists?
  103. The "Freedoms" our troops are dying for?
  104. MB coooorect again Dems have no agenda just ask Dick Turbin Durbin...
  105. US Citizens prosecuted for 100 million from Katrina, No penalty for Haliburton's $8B
  106. Golden Oldies: Hilarious Cheneyburton smaq by Jon Stewart
  107. "Who does the President think he's F'n kidding?"
  108. Japanese Internment
  109. "I believe it's important to have a president who's realistic..."
  110. Is Bush the worst President ever?
  111. Anyone listening to the prez press conference?
  112. "Manliness" vs. "Dangerous Incompetence"
  113. GOP Strategist: "Americans...stopped worrying...the economy... because of Apocolypse"
  114. Why does Pat Tillman's family hate America and love the terrorists?
  115. Rabbi Phelps?
  116. Bush calls out the left on Phone Taps
  117. Should hot women be allowed to rape our kids?
  118. Dave Lane calls me ignorant and posts this.
  119. How are you Jackson Countians going to vote on the stadium Issues.
  120. Roy Blunt Sucks!
  121. Did anyone else catch the 60 Minutes global warming story?
  122. Bush Strategists: There is NO Liberal Media Bias...
  123. Abortion in South Dakota...a new twist
  124. Iran: Israel's Airstrike Options
  125. "I thank God you're our commander-in-chief..."
  126. Predictable: Military lies about Iraqi civilian massacre, blame insurgents.
  127. Do you approve or disapprove of the job George W. Bush is doing as President?
  128. A better republican than McCain
  129. Vietnam and Iraq how they really are the same.
  130. Radio Host Fired for Racial Slur About Rice
  131. Russ Feingold truely kicks ass...
  132. STUDY CLAIMS: Confident, resilient, self-reliant kids grow up to be liberals
  133. Questions for Libs??????
  134. Many Iraqis dismiss the possibility of civil war in their country
  135. OOPS... ABC News "Bush makes me sick"
  136. Breathe, Lou
  137. Democrats suck....
  138. Bush turns port nuke inspections over to "arm of (China's) People's Liberation Army"
  139. New Zealand Loves Bush!!
  140. Bush shuns congressional oversight of the Patriot Act
  141. King George: Screw the people... I'll do what I want.
  142. Barbara Bush's Katrina "Donation" tax scam...
  143. Seriously, why do we use the word "Homeland"?
  144. George W. Bush & 666: The Anti-Christ! jAZ is right!
  145. 2008 Dream Ticket: Feingold and Rangle
  146. Eat it Sebelius! Kansas citizens now have the right to defend themselves.
  147. Bush loses Chris Matthews...
  148. Fantastic Column re: Religion and Government
  149. This is your King
  150. Wow the media is showing it's teeth in response to the latest GOP "blame the media"
  151. Hundreds of thousands protest G.O.P Immigration Bill
  152. body armor update
  153. Crazy 9/11 Movie.....
  154. A threat to America, Saddam planned on using camels in his arsenal...
  155. Delta Force founding member speaks against Iraq "debacle"
  156. Censure proceedings advance. Bush to face hearing...
  157. British memo: Bush knew there were no WMDs in Iraq
  158. Newt gets it...
  159. I Break With Thee, I Break With Thee, I Break With Thee...
  160. Congress organizing to undermine Bush on Iraq
  161. Jim Ryun (R-KS) got sweet Real estate deal from DeLay/Buckham/Abramoff front group
  162. Sean Hannity & Alec Baldwin go at it on radio...
  163. Breaking: Card resigns. Does it mean anything?
  164. Caspar Weinberger dies at 88 in Bangor Maine
  165. More shitting on the Constitution from this Aristocratic GOP...
  166. U.S. wants own inspectors at Bahamas port
  167. Internal Iraqi documents point to Saddam having ties to terrorists?
  168. FoxTrot
  169. So American gets hit by WMD.
  170. Was the President's message to Jaafari a good idea?
  171. New 9/11 footage... More questions raised...
  172. Saudia Arabia working on secret nuclear program with Pakista
  173. Dem Hypocracy John Boehner vs. McDermot
  174. "Sweet" Ryun house had structural damage, Libs continue to grasp at straws
  175. Historical Contradictions
  176. What would you want done poll..
  177. NYT, Broken Clock: Both Occasionally Correct
  178. Rhythm of War
  179. Murry Waas: Connecting the dots
  180. WWE Foreign Relations
  181. President in Cancun
  182. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) To Be Arrested
  183. Went to hear Dick Morris last night
  184. Breaking News: Former DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty in Lobbyist Fraud Probe
  185. What would you want done IF you found out Dave Lane diddled little kids
  186. Hypothetical Question Poll on Al Gore?
  187. My Immigration Paper
  188. The Fifth Estate: Conspiracy Theories and 9/11 Review
  189. Iran test-fires missile able to duck radar
  190. Will Bush finish out his term?
  192. Why does Delta Force hate America,The Military,Mothers,Apple Pie and God?
  193. Bill Maher On Oppressed Christians
  194. Interesting Question|Has Vlad ever had even a minor influence on something you think?
  195. My spiritual guru: If there is one Bin Laden killed today, soon there will be 10 BLs
  196. iran has another successful missile test (anti-ship)
  197. Talk radio - best of the blowhards?
  198. Housing Bubble----POP
  199. James McMurtry: The Modern Woody Guthrie?
  200. Sadr's Role in Iraq
  201. Jury says "We don't appreciate terrorism;" Moussaoui eligible for death.
  202. Bush using "Enemy Combatant" status on US Citizens is likely over.
  203. Tom Delay quits race....
  204. Should the words "Under God" be in the Pledge of Allegiance?
  205. wtf happened to dc?
  206. Based on the comments of late by Iran will you support
  207. Billion...Dollar Cheney!
  208. DeLay still doesn't give a s#it about Democracy, just GOP Power and his personal gain
  209. Based on comments of late by Chiefs Express will you support
  210. God save us from Homeland Security!
  211. Dems won't even stand by McKinney
  212. Penn & Teller weigh in on gun control
  213. AZ Senate GOP/Christian President's son anally rapes 18 boys, gets off...
  214. Southpark getting heavy...
  215. Net Politics - Telecoms to charge sites for traffic
  216. Who is Doing a worse job: Bush or Baird?
  217. Libby rolls over on Bush...
  218. Extradite Fred Phelps...to the Bahamas?
  219. "Impeachment" more plausible now?
  220. McKinney Changes Her Tune
  221. OOOPs: W and Condi admit mistakes in Iraq. Rumy ain't playin
  222. IF Bush outed a CIA agent what would you want do?
  223. Time For Sam Brownback To Go
  224. Ward Churchill humiliating Hannity on Faux News
  225. Sign on to Kerry's war resolution
  226. Anyone still want to defend the Bush WH's position on warantless wiretaps?
  227. DUHbya is backed into a corner and is a desperate and therefore a dangerous man...
  228. This commercial has it all; hippies and seal clubbing
  229. For those that feel as if I have offended them.
  230. Another Piece about The President's scooter
  231. Three 2004 Ohio election managers indicted for manipulating the Presidential recount
  232. Senate Vote Shelves Immigration Bill
  233. Reid's MagLev earmark boondoggle
  234. Missourians of the 4th District unite!
  235. So will Jackson County now vote Republican
  236. Sign Harkin's petition to Shock the Monkey:
  237. Peace adn Prosperity created by the Bush Administration.
  238. Creationists starting to consider accepting Evolution???
  239. Biased LW Blogs and other organizations investigate another "corrupt" Congressman
  240. Funny Man speaks Wisely-Mel Brooks On Hollywood
  241. Has Bush put our nation at risk by invading Iraq?
  242. Soldier on FoxNews: Media not reporting all the violence in Iraq...
  243. Are we as a nation becoming what we detest in the Islamic fundamentalists?
  244. JAZ............................
  245. A lie is a lie.
  246. Watching Boehner on "This week"
  247. Looks Like jAZ went to Washington DC today.
  248. Religious Thread in honor of Stevieray
  249. jaz needs to make more threads
  250. Christian Coalition Shrinks as Debt Grows