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  1. PSYOPS against Americans: Zarqawi
  2. Iran, anyone????
  3. Does anyone think Carlos Mencia is funny?
  4. The Kerry that would have won the election by a landslide surfaces...
  5. Repubs phone jammed in 2002
  6. Saturn is going to save GM!!!
  7. oil nears 70 dollars pb
  8. Bush admits leak role
  9. Ahmadinejad: Iran will join nuclear club Iran announces they have enriched uranium
  10. Wouldn't it be great?
  11. Us Economy Creating Great Jobs. Sad this will piss off the left.
  12. Retired US Generals call for Rumsfelds resignation cite "Incompetence"
  13. A lie is a lie, part 2
  14. Contributing to our Venezuelan Problem
  15. Fair Tax
  16. Hamas 'willing' to recognise Israel
  17. Fitzgerald [Talking Can]Lie[/Talking Can] Detected and Corrected
  18. This is your president
  19. I would like to apologise
  20. Libby says Bush/Cheney didn't authorize Plame leak
  21. Are there still segregated proms in the US?
  22. Why the tax cuts without spending restraints were a bad idea...
  23. This is funny, in a "DC Forum" way.
  24. Putin Vindicated?
  25. NPR
  26. Frontline: Whatever happened to the tank guy?
  27. "Sectarian Violence" forces 65,000 Iraqis to flee homes...
  28. UAE now tries to buy defense sub-contractors in secret
  29. Top CON talking head: Rumsfeld will go down in history as ruining the military
  30. What if we had the internet during FDR's Presidency?
  31. Why did you vote for who you voted for?
  32. Are these statements about Bush true?
  33. Happy Easter!
  34. Would you support a tactical nuclear strike on Iran?
  35. Iranian group signing up potential martyrs
  36. And so it begins. Will we have two presidents in a row impeached?
  37. This is funny...
  38. Israel Offers Deal for Jonathan Pollard
  39. Bush: Rumsfeld 'exactly what is needed'
  40. Iran pledges to replace financial aid to palestine
  41. Wall Street Journal: Rumsfeld being quietly undermined by ranking officers
  42. Dept. of Homeland Security concludes Republicans are "terrorists".
  43. Yet another Republican guilty: Fraud, Racketeering, Lying, etc.
  44. Secretary of Interior Gale Norton classifies golf courses as wetlands
  45. Just a little more of that good old "liberal" media bias...
  46. Exxon CEO gets 167.9 million$ severance package.
  47. Taking Bets on Wedge Issues
  48. Hulk Hogan
  49. "God or the Girl"...
  50. Prediction: Gore vs. McCain
  51. Church fires photog over Scalia picture:
  52. If there was a CA-style recall election today how would you vote?
  53. More evidence that Bush led us to war with truth.
  54. FL GOP Treasurer Has High Holiday -- With Campaign's Cash
  55. Teens’ sexual privacy upheld
  56. Scott Mclellan resigns..
  57. White House shake-up touches McClellan, Rove
  58. Wow...this is beginning to get very serious (oil thread)
  59. Insightful Article on Rumsfeld-David Brooks
  60. Herbert Walker Coup Exposed?
  61. Oil = the next tech stock?
  62. Target: Iran
  63. Bush: I am the decider- Daily Show
  64. United93 movie
  65. The One Certainty About Iraq: Spiralling Costs for Americans
  66. Should schools ban Harry Potter in fairness?
  67. 33% ... well there is patteeu and ?????
  68. Global Dimming
  69. CNN Breaking news...oil tops...
  70. Top Headlines from NewsMax.com
  71. Brewing Flame War in the Lounge
  72. China and Wang Wenyi. Sad...just sad.
  73. Sandy Berger appointed CIA officer fired for leak.
  74. Tool Lyrics: Right in Two
  75. Oil Dependency and NASA
  76. Who'd have thunk...Democrats part owner in the culture of corruption?
  77. dissolving IRAQ the only real answer?
  78. Top Headlines from NewsMax.com
  79. Top Headlines from Weekly World News.com
  80. I find it very amusing to see that liberals attack anything that doesn't support ...
  81. Iraq parliament elects new leaders
  82. Bananas indicate intelligent design
  83. Insider Report from NewsMax.com
  84. Republican tries to ban sex toys?
  85. Why are you really here?
  86. Neg rep for Voldemortom
  87. Karma's a bitch... so is Michelle Malkin
  88. New Bin Laden Tape
  89. "Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Democratic Party?"
  90. Robb-Silverman Commission & Senate Select Committee on Intelligence covered for Bush?
  91. Mearsheimer and Walt on the Israel Lobby
  92. At least 22 dead in Egypt explosions
  93. Iran president says U.N. sanctions unlikely
  94. Mopping up the neo con mess...the adults are finding their way back to DC
  95. Iraqi PM-designate: U.S. could start pullout in 18 months
  96. If Christ Returned for Easter
  97. King George: Yelling at someone is a crime
  98. CNN poll: neocons drop to yet another new low
  99. Bush Eases Environmental Rules on Gasoline
  100. Iraqi PM Designate tells neighbors to butt out
  101. Newsday: "Goss was given instructions … to get rid of ... liberal Democrats"
  102. How would you change your life if....
  103. If Iran start taking pot shots at countries in the ME would it spark a World War.
  104. Zarqawi back in the news
  105. I'm done with my Chiefs Express Iggy vacation...let's see what I missed.
  106. Tony Snow on Bush
  107. The Stupidity of Passionate Politics
  108. If God showed himself to you, would you live differently?
  109. Scarborough: "Republican pigs ... wasting more money than ... Democrats ever did"
  110. Pick a Match for Banyon vs. TomCa$h
  111. Democrats seem to be hitting their political stride...
  112. Congratulations! Welcome to the Kansas City Edens
  113. An open letter to the denizens of Washington DC.
  114. FEMA Must Go.....
  115. GM, DaimlerChrysler, BMW Premiere Unprecedented Hybrid Technology
  116. DC/GOP Prostitute scandal... does it involve CIA's Porter Goss?
  117. Rove about to be indicted?
  118. BushCo to face lawsuit for "playing fast and loose with the Constitution"
  119. At least the neocon morons in the WH are sparking creativity...
  120. This whole illegal immigration hysteria is actually something else...
  121. Why dems are losers...
  122. Spanish Version of 'Star-Spangled Banner' Draws Protests
  123. GDP up nearly 5%
  124. 5 Members of Congress arrested at Darfur protest
  125. OOOPs: Sudan on new US state sponsor terror list
  126. Rush Limbaugh arrested: prescription fraud
  127. My idea for people who want to live here illegaly
  128. U.S. military says it killed al Qaeda 'emir'
  129. Mexico set to legalize drugs
  130. How large a number is a Trillion?
  131. Bush is King, part...uh, part 43,567?
  132. FBI investigates MO Republican Governor Matt Blunt & Cronies
  133. Stephen Colbert at White House Press Dinner
  134. Shoot the immigrants flash game.
  135. Number of troops needing help threatens to overwhelm Vet's Admin
  136. Annual Assist NC's Debate Class: Topic is Immigrants
  137. More bad news on the economic front...
  138. Antebellum 'Eugenics'
  139. If Valerie Plame was working on Iran Nukes project and outing her damaged our...
  140. Shah of Iran's Heir Plans Overthrow of Regime
  141. Chernobyl Legacy
  142. I have a question
  143. So seriously... Plame was working on Iran when she was outed...
  144. A simple solution to all the worlds problems.
  145. Toyota Exec Busted.....
  146. OOOPs DUHbya sings Star Spangled Banner in Spanish...
  147. Trent Lott is right on point...
  148. The 32%
  149. Inferior 'Socialist' British Health Care produces better results for half the $
  150. Bill Clinton helped do something really good
  151. What's more important than winning the WOT? Protectiong GWB!
  152. You can't say immigrants don't have a sense of humor (caption this)
  153. Vegas Slot Machines, more secure than US Voting Machines... washingtonpost.com
  154. LIHOP: Did Moussaoui trial set standard of punishment for witholding information?
  155. If we would of used the money on Energy Research instead of Iraq?
  156. Great audio of Rummy lying about lying
  157. Question: Who owns the oil in ANWR?
  158. New Zarqawi video...are militants really that gullible?
  159. Bush says we shouldn't raise taxes...
  160. Bush a divider not a uniter on economy too
  161. Porter Goss out of CIA...
  162. Beautiful, another Kennedy down the tubes
  163. Sad news from William F. Buckley, Jr.
  164. To combat low numbers, Bush ups the rhetoric... Now calling terror fight "WWIII"
  165. U KNOW your presidency sucks when...
  166. Hamas, Fatah gunmen clash
  167. Bush reveals the best moment of his presidency...
  168. Voohoo!!!!....My two favorite Prezes kissin and makin up?
  169. Help!
  170. Moussaoui wants to withdraw guilty plea
  171. An Apology from a Bush Voter...
  172. Democrats Manufacture "Economic Crimes"
  173. Poll triggered by a recent hot DC thread
  174. CON Media jumping ship: Murdoch sponsoring Hillary FUNDRAISER?
  175. Rove to be indicted within 2 weeks...
  176. Seized Papers: The Murtha acolytes had better pick up the pace...
  177. Bush administration "talking points" to be included in all speeches...
  178. CDC pushes for testing for everyone in U.S. age 13-64
  179. Gore to run again?
  180. Egypt bombings 'mastermind' killed
  181. Bush tells big fish story...
  182. Iraq's National Unity Gov't 90% complete (?)
  183. Man fights for his country, but his boys are kicked out of boyscouts cause they are..
  184. ICE Informing Mexican Government of Minuteman Locations?
  185. Does the United States of America have an obligation to spread democracy?
  186. This energy source is The S**t
  187. Vatican astronomer denounces Creationism as "paganism"
  188. The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty (long)
  189. 200,000 U.S. AK47 Assault Rifles Stolen in Iraq
  190. laugh or cry?
  191. Bush pays McCain back for his loyalty and support...
  192. Killing the CIA
  193. Great Right Wing Nutjob Migration (GRWNJM) on board and OFF
  194. Got another question
  195. NSA tracking ALL phone calls
  196. Dean: We Oppose Gay Marriage Too
  197. 29% mandate
  198. Anyone here ever read Angels & Demons?
  199. Hillaryous
  200. Teaching "Blacks are inferior to whites..." in South Carolina
  201. Christian Nationalism: religious activists organizing to establish American theocracy
  202. Kalifornia pushing the gay agenda on school children
  203. Speaking of Jesus...our troops now pray to him,
  204. A Voice From The Past
  205. If you support either form of warrantless spying on Americans being conducted now...
  206. UN Diplomats: Enriched uranium found in Iran
  207. 130 dead in Somalia fighting
  208. Iran's nuclear ambitions overshadows Indonesian trade summit
  209. Poll shows Americans prefer Clinton over Bush
  210. Cheney "Reading His Notes."
  211. Securing the border, 2006 vs. 2005
  212. My loss of respect for McCain is now complete
  213. Gang attacks on Brazilian police leave 30 dead
  214. Iran: Don't repeat nuclear mistake
  215. Moussaoui begins life sentence in Colorado Supermax.
  216. Hillary Clinton may be leading her Democratic rivals
  217. The Way It Looks In Israel & Ministry Report.
  218. Cheney drawn into Plame investigation
  219. Is Bush doing better or worse?
  220. City of Los Angeles High School Math Proficiency Exam
  221. Verizon sued for $50 billion over wiretap program
  222. Laura Bush doesn't believe in bad polls
  223. Former Bush Administration Official: 9/11 was an Inside Job
  224. Former Bush Administration Official: Bush kidnapped Elvis.
  225. NFT... Foreign vs. Domestic
  226. US government is tracking the calling patterns of political reporters
  227. A very interesting article on a solution to our oil addiction.
  228. A Tom Threat
  229. Jury finds government involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King
  230. Random Info for people who are threatened
  231. So we are going to send 5000 troops to the border
  232. OOOPs: CNN airs DUHbya rehearsing...
  233. Movie: From Freedom to Fascism
  234. Another open letter, of a much different kind...
  235. President Bush Denies the U.S. Government Listens to Domestic Phone Calls.
  236. Southern Judge Strikes Down Gay Marraige Ban
  237. John Gibson wants to see more white babies
  238. Take the Online "California Budget Challenge"
  239. Can PETA declare victory and start to go home?
  240. The patteeu immigration compromise
  241. What'll be the next W statement about domestic spying?
  242. Mo. Town Denies Unmarried Couple Permit
  243. Interesting video (china thumbs nose at America)
  244. House Passes 700 mile Mexico Border Fence...
  245. Do you think Bush passed high-school Algebra?
  246. Model for "No Child Left Behind" was a farce
  247. Negative campaigning and the networks?
  248. NSA had a program to analyze communication data AND protect privacy
  249. For those interested in Crypto and this tapping
  250. Wow! NYTimes covers up WH/NSA pre-9/11 knowledge of pending attacks...