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  1. Polls Thru Sept. 18 Show Bush At 343 Electoral Votes, Kerry At 195
  2. Navy Rejects Probe of Kerry's War Medals
  3. Ripped sign spurs national debate
  4. US runs low on soldiers
  5. The Crawford Wives
  6. At least we have.................
  7. Kerry's Campaign Says Austrailians Are Endangered By Supporting U.S.
  8. Celsius 41.11
  9. Does Anyone Still Believe The CBS Memos Are Genuine?
  10. Republicans tell the truth about Bush's incompetent leadership on Iraq...
  11. Kerry Advisor Says Bush Should Have Negotiated With Saddam Before Invading
  12. What "Political Toasts" would you like to see?
  13. Drudge: Fraudulent Memo Writer to go on CBS News
  14. What a freakin CHOKE JOB!!
  15. CBS: We Were Deceived
  16. Interesting coincidence...
  17. What's next? Amanda Hugginkiss?
  18. Kerry Flip-Flops On Iraq Again (Said Iraq Was Part Of WoT, Now Says It's Not)
  19. Ooops, DUHbya flip flops on Iraq: 'Quick Exit Likely'
  20. Kerry's "New" Vision; speaking now
  21. Is Rather Going To Resign?
  22. DUHresa strikes again - "My critics are scumbags"
  23. Kerry Questions Bush's Judgment on Iraq
  24. Campaign Finance Question
  25. Kerry Doesn't Have the "Judgement" Or "Credibility" To Be Prez...According To Kerry
  26. So, answer me this about Rathergate....
  27. I Hate These Guys! : Video on Web Site Shows Beheading of Man
  28. Odd News: Police Seize 388 Guns from One Man
  29. Ah the shifting winds…..
  30. Polls Thru Sept. 20 Show Bush At 350 Electoral Votes, Kerry At 178, Tied At 10
  31. Bush officials want CBS moderator booted from the Oct. 13 debate
  32. Second Kerry Adviser Admits Talking With CBS Source (Claims CBS Put Them Together!)
  33. Kerry Now Says He Wouldn't Have Removed Saddam On Letterman Tonight
  34. Kofi: Both Terrorists and U.S. At Fault For Eroding Rule of Law
  35. Kerry on Letterman
  36. When Devils walk the earth..
  37. Iran thumbs nose at UN & IAEA Demands
  38. Here u go Frankie: AQ planning 'spectacular' attack
  39. Presidential Debate prediction thread
  40. snicker: I don't think anyone clapped to greet DUHbya at the UN
  41. The UN is a broken entity that needs to be completely overhauled.
  42. RINGLEADER: I've got a question
  43. Iran...What the heck do we do now??
  44. Burkett to Sue CBS
  45. New sub-forum proposal
  46. For all the neo's
  47. Kerry Pledges Aggressiveness -- Again
  48. Bush Fails To Level With The U.N. .......
  49. OOps, Clinton misled US to get reelected over the OKC bombings
  50. If you are an American in Iraq...
  51. CBS - Objectivity - Bias????
  52. New swift vet ad..
  53. I am getting sick and tired of illegal immigration
  54. A strident minority: anti-Bush US troops
  55. "Republican Majority officials indicted in fund-raising investigation"
  56. I'm driving in Cheney's motorcade tomorrow in St. Joe!
  57. Guess we'll be seeing how 'sovereign' the Iraqi gov. is...
  58. Iran on PBS.
  59. Passenger Cat Stevens Deported
  60. Kerry Campaign Officials Meet with Korean Spy
  61. DUHbya's "Sovereignty" video...HILARIOUS!
  62. Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election
  63. Wipe the Blood of your Hands
  64. Oops, Kerry losing traditional voting base
  65. You ever get a pimple in your nose?
  66. Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart apologizes after remark about 'killing' gay men
  67. Kerry begins his last, desperate stand....
  68. Kerry response ad--Grow up.
  69. Where did John Edwards disappear to?
  70. Reality Sets In: Kerry Pulls Ads From Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and MISSOURI
  71. Bin Laden's Useful Idiots
  72. All-White high school reunion saddens some
  73. Bush doesnt need Fla. or Penn. to win
  74. Republican's: the 'daddy' party
  75. Where's Bin Laden?
  76. If Bush Wins (as seems likely at this point)...
  77. Kerry Coverage
  78. Daily Show Take on CBS Fiasco
  79. Keyes urges a ban on polling
  80. Caption this pic
  81. Death Blow to Kerry's Campaign
  82. Imagine Roosevelt's Opponent In 1944 Calling For Removal Of Troops From Europe/Japan
  83. Allawi Addresses Congress
  84. Fla. Court Nixes Law Keeping Woman Alive
  85. Karl Rove is getting cocky...
  86. Help Me Caption This Kerry Photo
  87. Dick Morris: Kerry is committing political suicide in Iraq
  88. Kerry knows Iraq better than Allawi
  89. Wake up! Did you realize?.......
  90. NFT: The terrorist beheadings of the hostages!
  92. Politics, keep it to yourself, my Rant
  93. New Poll: Bush Leads By 8 Points Among Registered Voters
  94. Rumsfeld Suggests Limited Iraq Election
  95. ARG!
  96. Burkett Contradicts Joe Lockhart - Says Kerry Campaign Asked Him For Documents
  97. The real October Suprise...
  98. Terrorists Benefit From Oil For Food?
  99. Info for Kerry fans IN Bill's World
  100. More Evidence That Kerry Is Running A Terrible Campaign
  101. So if Bush gets elected, who will the Democrats field in 2008?
  102. Kerry Said He Went To Iraq For Amistace Signing After Gulf War I...Only He Didn't
  103. Official U.S. Presidential election outcome prediction thread.
  104. Petard lit in 1997. You just gotta laugh.
  105. Bush might have been able to stop the beheading of US hostages but didn't!
  106. Bush is helping Bin Laden Escape Capture!
  107. How deep will it get between now and Election Day?
  108. The President clogging up the legal system with unnecessary lawsuits?
  109. God is trying to supress the vote in Florida
  110. The Bush Doctrine
  111. What's the difference between Bob Holden and Claire McCaskill???
  112. Interesting perspective on the war...compared to WWII?
  113. The Iraq war
  114. Australian soccer star Harry Kewell is hiding Osama Bin Laden in a water closet
  115. Interesting observation
  116. Another funny movie about Kerry's stupiditys.
  117. Allawi safety claims 'out of touch with reality' say Iraqis
  118. So If Kerry Gets Elected, Who Will the Republicans Field in 2008
  119. Political "Spin" explained and debunked
  120. Polls Thru Sept. 25 Show Bush At 318 Electoral Votes, Kerry At 195, Tied At 25
  121. Anyone catch Maher last night?
  122. CIA boss failed test
  123. '60 Minutes' Delays Report Questioning Reasons for Iraq War
  124. Case against airman was full of holes
  125. Debates May Be Called Off
  126. A Japanese Perspective on the UNSC and War on Terror
  127. Bob Dole On Kerry's Case
  128. LJWorld - Conservatives pushing Moderates out of Republican Camp?
  129. Krieg gets inducted into the ring of honor today
  130. New Battleground Poll: Bush Expands His Lead
  131. LJWorld. Are modeerates being pushed out of Republican camp?
  132. Good Book
  133. know thy enemy: al-zarqawi
  134. Report: Top Bin Laden deputy (al-Zawahri) caught in Pakistan
  135. Ooops! French, Germans won't help in Iraq even if sKerry wins
  136. What's Wrong With This Montage Of Kerry Pictures?
  137. New Gallup Poll: Bush Up By 11
  138. Plans: Next War on Syria?
  139. Amusing . . .
  140. George "the seagull" Bush
  141. You Thought The Internals In the Gallup Poll Were Bad For Kerry...Just Look At ABC
  142. Interesting web site...
  143. King of the Weasles Strikes Again
  144. Did You See Kerry and His New Tan - He Looks Absolutely Freakish
  145. Apology: I'm just being a persnickety bitch, ain't I?
  146. Comedy Central Refutes O'Reilly's Claim
  147. Video
  148. a perfect circle anti bush video
  149. Kerry strikes out with young people
  150. Bush continues to mislead the public on the war
  151. More Poll Numbers from Federal Review
  152. New USA Today poll
  153. General mischief hits the Bush camp; he goes one way, advisers another
  154. There's no defense for our defense on the morning of 9-11
  155. New Pew Poll Shows Bush Tripling Lead In Past 2 Weeks (Bush Up 48-40)
  156. Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry
  158. Oakland police halt DUI checkpoints
  159. Ooops! Iraqis are lining-up to defend their country!
  160. Dems hoping for the worst
  161. I know why the Chiefs are 0-3
  162. Does anyone else think this is really stupid? (about D.C. forum)
  163. Time Out For Culture!
  164. Is this true?
  165. Farenhype 911
  166. Taliban John wants out of jail
  167. The CIA's Insurgency
  168. Dems New Strategy: Forge Voter Registrations Across the Country
  169. Jackson Joins Kerry Campaign As Adviser
  170. Kerry Says He Mispoke About the $87 Billion Because It Was Late...Only It Wasn't
  171. GOP afraid of Kerry, trying to steal the election again.
  172. New Swift Boat Vet Ad: Going After the Woman's Vote
  173. Bush's 10 Mistakes At Home and Abroad
  174. Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates
  175. Judge Rules Against Patriot Act Provision
  176. Klingons are for Kerry!?
  177. Mt St Helens Don't Look So Good
  178. Devestating ad
  179. A poem on Jihad...
  180. Networks Defy Presidential Debate Camera Rules
  181. Bush Policies Bad for Kids, Child Experts Say
  182. Message to our enemies
  183. Hackers hit Al Queda linked website
  184. MSNBC Fires Frank Luntz After Liberals Complain
  185. Brits call for pull out vote inre: Iraq.
  186. Scalia loses his mind.
  187. Saddam basically just OWNED the Iraqi court (link)
  188. This news is not good......
  189. ADL to stamp out*racial ordnance*
  190. Official Kerry vs Bush Debate tonight ...
  191. Electronic Voting Made Easy
  192. Predictions For the Debate
  193. CBS reports Bush loses to Kerry in debate
  194. Bush's new strategy: Hand out candy and then bomb the kids who arrive on scene...
  195. Kerry Team and Commission On Presidential Debates Have Angry Exchange About Lights
  196. Attn: Trial Lawyers -- Merck/Vioxx is 'in play'
  197. John Kerry on the side of All Americans.
  198. Caption Kerry
  199. When you don't like the facts, suppress them.....
  200. BREAKING: US Brigade moves against 2000 insurgents in Samara
  201. If you think Dems outlawing the bible is bad. . .
  202. John Kerry Preps For Debate...By Having A Manicure
  203. An hour and a half of debate on American Foreign policy....
  204. Bring on 2008!!!!!!
  205. What the hell is a "Global Test?"
  206. Hold a Summit... The new lock box...
  207. Gallup: Kerry Wins Debate - Still Trails By Double Digits On Leadership Questions
  208. Bush won the Political Battle while losing the technical debate!
  209. Air America: Slam Dunk for Kerry on Every Conceivable Area...
  210. johnboy kerry's own words
  211. Once a terorist
  212. Who would win in a fight? Howie Dean, or Zell Miller?
  213. If you had to vote today, who would it be?
  214. The Chiefs won the Stats Battle while losing the technical game!
  215. Download Video of the Debates?
  216. Fighting Freedom?
  217. Clarification needed about one of Mr. Leher's questions
  218. What I got from the debate:
  219. Does Bush seem annoyed when he has to answer questions?
  220. Post-Debate Polls Favor Kerry
  221. Non-partisan debate topics...
  222. Missed "zings"
  223. American JIHAD The Terrorists Living Among Us KC is mentioned several times.
  224. Leher on defensive
  225. DNC Already Violating Debate Agreement
  226. Anxious to hear next debate (what about here in the US)
  227. Peat vs. Repeat
  228. What Bush should have said...
  229. From the Free Republic Message Boards
  230. Justice Scalia: "sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged"
  231. Kerry Won On Style - But His Responses Put Him In A Deeper Hole
  232. Kerry: "But I'll tell you this: As president, I'll never take my eye off that ball."
  233. Listening to Rush today is pure entertainment...
  234. Official Bush-Kerry debate thread on economy
  235. WTF was the bunker-busting nuke thing about?
  236. Here are the key moments from last night's debate from my POV
  237. What the heck is that?
  238. CyberSecurity Chief quits
  239. "Watergate-style break in" and said he suspects Democrats are behind it.
  240. Freed Italian Hostage Says Iraq Rebels 'Justified'
  241. Should Bush cancel the next two debates?
  242. Did Kerry Neuter Nader?
  243. Campaigns Rush to Apply Post-Debate Spin
  244. Tastes Great, More Filling
  245. CNN: Kerry won
  246. What I saw last night
  247. Did anyone hear Kerry say he was going to add 2 divisions to the Army?
  248. kerry vs. kerry
  249. Bahaha. Michael Savage points out W. 'leashing' his daughters...
  250. Hugh Hewitt on Kerry's unilateral disarmament