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  1. Cheney does not love Jesus (and the baby Jesus cried)
  2. "Carbon Dioxide: They call it polution... we call it life."
  3. Shawnee Mission East Grad (and fellow class mate) on the Daily Show...
  4. "Marlboro Man" says 'I support the troops, not the war'
  5. Iran passes law requiring badges for Jews, Christians
  6. NFT - The problem is not illegal immigration/immigrants
  7. this immigration thing. mexicans will give us all a reason to be racist
  8. Great Article Re: Religious Left and politics
  9. Bill O' Reilly continues to believe that he is all-powerful
  10. Nagin reelected as mayor of New Orleans
  11. Mexico works to bar non-natives from jobs
  12. Democrat culture of corruption party continues, hide your stash in the freezer? LMAO
  13. America's school textbooks suck arse...
  14. '80 Taliban dead' in U.S. attack
  15. Israel: Iran 'months' from making nukes
  16. "You can't support the troops if you don't support the war!"
  17. Wonder if the NAACP will have anything to say about this?
  18. U.S. report: 2.2 million now in prisons, jails
  19. Funny political cartoon for both parties...
  20. Anybody watch Baghdad E.R on Sunday?
  21. Gore is apparently a clingy b****
  22. Scooby 2
  23. Lloyd Benson has died............
  24. Scott Adams predicts the next President
  25. Pentagon warns over China buildup
  26. Lou Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell
  27. "You can't support the troops if you don't support the war!" Part Two
  28. Send A Brick to Washington...
  29. Privacy vs. Security...
  30. Negroponte given power to exempt corporations from SEC reporting requirements
  31. Greedy ENRON Bastards, Lay and Skilling, Guilty
  32. Bush Enron ties
  33. DC Forum Policy Issue Poll
  34. Senate passes immigration bill
  35. Cheney, Enron, and the Constitution
  36. How President Bush makes a decision (today we look at Iraq)
  37. Iraq takes sides with Iran against the US
  38. TSA loses 1400 badges and uniforms
  39. Roll Call - Stand up and be counted
  40. CNN's investigation into Pat Tillman's death
  41. Kerry finally gets around to responding to Swift Boat ads
  42. A workable solution for Iraq
  43. A soldier's thoughts from Iraq
  44. Paul Hackett = Impressive
  45. Will the last Neocon in the room please get the lights...
  46. Whatever happened to Anne Coulter?
  47. Why do these anti-war protestors hate the troops?
  48. "People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw...."
  49. Bush caught lying to America and the world once again...
  50. Wow! Bill O'Reilly admits what most left here can't bring themselves to admit...
  51. Is it the moderators intention to kill the DC Forum?
  52. Do you support President Bust?
  53. Dixie Chicks album debuts at #1
  54. America ready for a new party
  55. Alright!!!
  56. Princeton Prof: Bush in contention for Worst President Ever
  57. What Party Would Screw Up The Country The Least?
  58. 6 world powers agree on Iran incentives
  59. For some reason this made me chuckle watching Dobbs last night
  60. Great Idea for Border Control
  61. Well,at least for a day it felt like the Planet we used to know...
  62. It is what it is….
  63. Here we go again
  64. Did you see the frightened ones?
  65. GOP “pro-traditional family” candidate- polygomy, spousal abuse, unpaid child support
  66. The President Cares about our troops
  67. If the science of global warming is accurate...
  68. vote
  69. 17 people caught in Canadian terrorist plot.
  70. How has D.C. changed?
  71. Is the extra time needed for airport security worth it?
  72. global warming...
  73. Do the democrats need a message to win seats in the coming elections?
  74. Missouri to Mandate Photo ID for Voters
  75. Wrong forum
  76. Tom No-Sack brushing up for possible presidential bid...
  77. What do you all think of Barack Obama?
  78. Bush's "Paula Jones" comes forward
  79. blah blah blah gay marriage...
  80. AP: U.S. to give Iran nuclear technology
  81. Wow: Matt Lauer absolutely kicks the ever-loving crap out of Anne Coulter...
  82. I thought we had some nutzos in our political forum...
  83. U.N. official says Chiefs Fans are in the dark
  84. Hillary favorite to be next president?
  85. Do You Support This?
  87. Sovereignty and defense poll
  88. So out of Curiousity......How many people here believe in this?
  89. Boys State- Calling all Stater's
  90. The New Zarqawi: Al-Masri
  91. Unreported: The Zarqawi Invitation
  92. Red China invades and occupies the United States....
  93. WaPo: Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi admits "Zarqawi ... a very small part"
  94. The death of Zarqawi means no more violence anywhere!!
  95. Squishy II: Militant chosen to succeed al-Zarqawi
  96. Robin Williams - The Perfect Plan.
  97. Robin Williams - The Perfect Plan.
  98. Besides being a nasty b***h, is Anne Coulter a plagarist?
  99. Selective Service: Should Females Be Required to Register?
  100. Ann Coulter and the 911 widows minus the most famous one...
  101. Bush meets with Iraqi PM in surprise trip
  102. Government Employees At Their Best !
  103. Troops scare would-be illegal immigrants away from border, officials say
  104. Iraq War update
  105. War for Hearts and Minds Update
  106. It’s great to be a Kennedy
  107. The Marine Song Sparking Controversey...
  108. Bracing myself for the "have-it-both-ways" crowd (FEMA waste, fraud, and abuse)
  109. Keith Olbermann to be fired within 2 weeks
  110. Mexico's migrant-smugglers hike rates
  111. Here we go again..Kansas State board of Education...
  112. OOOPs: DUHbya jokes and insults a blind man
  113. Rights of the Fetus
  114. Text of al-Zarqawi Safe-House document
  115. What's the worst place to get your News?
  116. Liberals turn America into "The Twilight Zone"
  117. Police don't have to knock, justices say
  118. A tale of two Amnesties...
  119. ACLU sues the DOD to expose government spying on Iraq war opponents
  120. Props to W
  121. Do You Support This?
  122. You nitwits can stop hating me now...
  123. Axis Ann advocates killing Murtha...
  124. Ann Coulter is a virgin...
  125. OOOPs: AP reporting Iraqi Prez and VP asked DUHbya to set a timetable for withdrawal
  126. North Korea Appears Set to Launch Missile
  127. Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe
  128. Zarcawi letter and Neil Cavuto make Dems look like the asses that they are!
  129. Who is telling the truth?
  130. US makes missile defense system operational
  131. Hillary in 2008: 47% Say, "No way."
  132. How far are we from having a female President?
  133. Ooooops, 2 US Soldiers, Tortured and Butchered by "Freedom fighters'
  134. Bush continues to kiss Saudis a**.
  135. The Republican-controlled Senate refused Wednesday to raise the minimum wage
  136. Why are we in Iraq now???
  137. NFT... 500 Chemical Weapons Found In Iraq....
  138. Lord Bush
  139. we're saved!!
  140. WHO Is Really Trying to "Hijack" America?
  141. 7 Arrested in Miami for plotting to Bomb the sears Tower.
  142. Local Corruption
  143. Police, Privacy, and Library records...
  144. Your Best Guess: What happens on Nov. 7?
  145. Must Watch TV... Frontline's The Dark Side
  146. Senate Votes "No" on pulling some troops
  147. The Democratic Party!
  148. Video Game Debate
  149. Wow! The DC Subforum Window has REALLY made a difference!
  150. Consider this post an open letter to Senate Democrats.
  151. It's Time to Take Down The Flag
  152. Why Is This Pic In The Menu Bar Montage?
  153. The NY Times is a despicable newspaper..
  154. Hillary: Democrats 'Struggling' On Iraq
  155. I ask you
  156. This is truly unsettling.
  157. Iraq Govt. plan calls for U.S. withdrawl timetable
  158. Iraqi PM Offers Incentives for Rebuilding Help; U.S. Reportedly Plans Troop Drawdown
  159. Former Antiterror Officials Find Industry Pays Better
  160. Roosevelt's legacy shapes U.S. of today
  161. Support the Troops: Charge them with murder?
  162. Lobbyists
  163. Specter: White House Close to Deal on Codifying Wiretap Rules
  164. Murtha in 08!
  165. Have the Republicans swung too far to the RRWNJ right?
  166. Fox News vs. Westboro Baptist Church
  167. Seven Iraq insurgent groups seek truce
  168. The Political Brain
  169. John Rocker wants to go into politics...
  170. Fox vs 9/11 Scholar Professor
  171. Time to talk horseraces - McCaskill v Talent
  172. recxjake, GM to downsize 30,000 employees what say you?
  173. New economic union to trump US Supreme Court
  174. Oh, Rush! You scamp!
  175. Hamas and Fatah officially recognized Israel
  176. Army’s Iraq, Afghanistan equipment costs triple
  177. First election predictions...
  178. Susan Estrich...New York Times Goes 'Coulter' Culture?
  179. "It's a challenge to the plain language of the Constitution,"
  180. Uh-oh surgeon general says second hand smoke IS clearly harmful...
  181. Could there be a dumber group of people?
  182. Joe Scarborough kicks the crap out of Bush, Republicans and critics of NYTimes...
  183. Bush's Signing Statements "unconstitutional" and "impeachable offense"...
  184. Flag amendment fails by single vote
  185. The religious right is turning on Bush...
  186. "Hadji girl" Marine won't be punished
  187. Charles Grassley wants a sex tax
  188. Just a test.
  189. OMG!! Bush forced out of office!!!
  190. Montenegro newest member of UN
  191. Maybe Big Daddy is right...
  192. When Speech Becomes a Crime
  193. Third Party Options in 2008: "Unity 08"
  194. Obama...religion belongs in the public square
  195. Insurgents offer to halt attacks in Iraq
  196. Todd Tihart successfully protects criminals from police
  197. Can the Whitehouse and their anti-NYTimes minons look more dishonest today?
  198. Bitter irony: Fahrenheit 9/11 featured Marine recruiter killed in Iraq...
  199. Are you liberal or conservative?
  200. This is incredible...Identity theft and the Police
  201. Supreme Court Blocks Bush, Gitmo War Trials
  202. McCain, Feingold Co-Sponsor Chain Of Integrity-Themed Eateries
  203. NAFTA Super Highway?
  204. Steve Chapman: Tide turns against rape--but why?
  205. Do you care about Israel conflict related info?
  206. Hey Where Is Everybody?
  207. Who do you hate more, Hillary or W
  208. Who do you hate more?
  209. The kidnap murder of US soldiers was 'revenge for rape & murder of Iraqi woman?
  210. Burning Flags
  211. Car bombing in Baghdad market kills 66!
  212. What will America be like in 2176?
  213. John Stewart after 9/11...
  214. Court finds a right to jihad in the Constitution
  215. Is Bush A War Criminal?
  216. Climate change making ominous mark on Midwest
  217. Does Ted Stevens know anything about the internet?
  218. Arrest made in Iraqi rape/murder case
  219. The defining issue of our time is the media.
  220. Plamegate: Bush Directed Cheney To Counter War Critic
  221. NKorea tested a missile today
  222. Serious question about Iraq vs. North Korea
  223. Iraqi Justice Minister makes demand of UN S.C.
  224. Celebration by desecration
  225. Pictures from Iraq
  226. Liberal Justices and the advent of the Imperial Judiciary?
  227. Should we rename this the jiz forum?
  228. US stars align in anti-Iraq war hunger strike
  229. Should we rename this the "Lurch's political threads are great" forum
  230. should we rename this the Ban Gay Pitbulls forum
  231. Should we rename this the Zucchini Forum?
  232. Cindy Sheehan is officially nuts!
  233. Arlington is next.
  234. The Big Idea: Cut Income Tax, Add Carbon Tax...
  235. When political bickering and bulletin board rivalries go WAAY too far...
  236. Cool on Bush...
  237. NY courts deny the backdoor route to gay marriage
  238. Oil - just some crude for thought
  239. Saddom-Afgan dossier. how is this not a discussed topic?
  240. Biden on Indians and 7-11
  241. Its official: Putin's a Wierdo
  242. Hey, maybe can't elect a leader without controversy either
  243. The Two Faces of Rumsfeld...
  244. Alright, I have had enough... I am pissed off at America
  245. When North Korea Nukes San Fransico....
  246. Is Ann Coulter really Howard Stern in drag?
  247. Che Guevara
  248. Bush on Larry King last night confirms...
  249. Ooops: Rumsfeld on video... "shot down the plane over Pennsylvania"
  250. Snipers Kill Insurgent, Recover Marine Sniper Rifle.