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  1. CNN reports Gitmo detainees may have had help in suicides.
  2. Banyon is sending me love notes via rep.
  3. Four more US soldiers charged (5 total) in Iraq rape/murder case
  4. Regulating the rights of the unborn
  5. Recxjake's brother was right
  6. Hitler sold his attack on Russia as preemptive.
  7. Interesting note on Citgo
  8. adam carolla has a quick chat with ann coulter
  9. Deficit Drops to 296 Billion!
  10. The government says online poker is evil
  11. Stem-cell research foes mobilizing
  12. I Heard an Ad for Foodstamps Yesterday.
  13. NKorean Nukes: Yet another failure of the Bush Administration blamed on Clinton
  14. "Conservatives without Conscience": how conservatives are embracing authoritarianism
  15. Kudos to the DOD and the Pentagon: Geneva Conventions to apply
  16. Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal
  17. There's more than corn in Indiana...
  18. Iraqis See Infrastructure Renaissance With U.S. Help
  19. Blot Head says America has "winner's complex" which is worse than AIDS
  20. Look at the guest list at Mr. Lay's funeral...
  21. Novak: Rove was a source in outing Plame
  22. What? “The land of the free”?
  23. Has WWIII Started and if so when?
  24. Props to the libertarian running for Ala gov. (warning quite long)
  25. Giuliani considering 2008 presidential run
  26. The United States should fight The War On Terror like Israel...
  27. Former CIA Officer Sues Cheney Over Leak
  28. Democrats Dishonor Iraq War Dead
  29. Senate denies funds for new border fence
  30. Caption this pick...
  31. Israel steps up strikes on targets in Beirut
  32. Poll: Americans want Democrats in power
  33. Katherine Harris
  34. Is it wise to permit those rooting for Armageddon to influence our foreign policy?
  35. "Tangled Up TUBES!"
  36. MSNBC reporting rocket hit Israeli civilian ship...
  37. Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death
  38. Tax Break Idea...
  39. Interesting...at least some governments in the ME blame Hezbollah
  40. Gay Marriage Bans "Rationally Related to Legitimate State Interests"
  41. Report: Israel Gives Syria Ultimatum
  42. Bush wants Russia's help with Iran and North Korea, but doesn't want them in the WTO?
  43. Senate nears stem-cell faceoff
  44. Iran aided warship attack
  45. Putin spankin his old friend George...
  46. Want an Economical Vacation? Come on Down!
  47. 25,000 US Citizens Living in Lebanon? How soon...
  48. OM...Yoga catching on with the US military.
  49. Cold Turkey
  50. Howard Dean locates Democrats' Nutsack
  51. Yo Blair!
  52. Video: Michelle Malkin on the "Moonbat Fast"
  53. Israeli cartoonist
  54. Syria offers "safe haven" to US and other refugees from Lebanon
  55. Vote and Win A Cool Mill$$$$$!
  56. USS Enterprise In Pusan
  57. The Poop on Wal-Mart
  58. Gonzales: Bush blocked eavesdropping probe
  59. US to Israel: You have one more week
  60. Stem cell passes, Bush ready to veto
  61. Teen Sues L.A. After Decade in Foster Care
  62. Pat Buchanon nails it again...slams US/Israeli/ME policy
  63. Suppose Mexican cartel members crossed the border, killed 8 US soldiers,etc...
  64. Ladies Man??!!!
  65. Iranians witnessed N.Korea missile test
  66. E-mail from my sister in the war zone.
  67. Is the Muslim world finally turning against Jihadists?
  68. War crimes in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza?
  69. Encouraging alternative fuel research
  70. Time to zap the entire mid-East & start over.
  71. jIZ's pulpit on the DU. I wish it was a joke.
  72. Pat Buchanan nails it, part deux...
  73. Lebanon Gov would join Hez to battle a Ground invasion if one were to occur...??
  74. This is an interesting development.
  75. One small chunk of justice served.
  76. If the Hezbollah were smart...
  77. Another one bites the dust...
  78. George's Best U2 Cover EVAR!
  79. "Bleeding Heart Brits" agree with meme, Nightwish
  80. "Peace" movements don't bring peace but war.
  81. How'd you like to be held for 5 years with no charges...
  82. Gandhi?
  83. Blogs, You Tube and war...
  84. You've lost an eye... what do you do?
  85. Schools prepare for federal budget cuts
  86. Kerry The Great
  87. Rebordering the Middle East
  88. Sam Brownback, KS
  89. ACLU hits new lows.
  90. WOW! The Dems 'get it!' Now, will they act on it?
  91. Terrorists Exploit Western Morality
  92. Oooooops………Hezbollah underestimated Israel response.
  93. Israel getting sloppy?
  94. Interesting if long article from someone in Lebanon
  95. Interesting Article on Electric Cars
  96. Chris Matthews Shreds the Bush Administration
  97. If found guilty how should Saddam be executed?
  98. Hey!!! no tapping our phone taps.
  99. I typically don’t care much for opinion polls,
  100. Is Condi Incompetent?
  101. Does a presidential candidate's religious beliefs affect your vote?
  102. Social Security is F&cked up!
  103. Chappelle helps out jAZ's boy Dean
  104. Bringing on 'World War III'
  105. I am admitting the US screwed up by ousting Saddam Insane.
  106. BushCo faces possible death penalty thanks to laws passed by Republican Congress
  107. Daily Pit Bull horror story...
  108. Republican Ex-Congressman and Presidential Candidate Says We Need A Dem Congress
  109. Audit reveals cost overruns... Not BigDigesque, but enough to raise eyebrows
  110. EU will fund human stem cell research without cloning, killing
  111. "There is no 9/11 conspiracy, you morons!" - Maddox article.
  112. This congressman wants to lower gas prices by imposing a higher tax!
  113. Non-Fiction book
  114. Phelps is sued.
  115. OOOOPs: The Passion of the Bigot...
  116. Who is this Mr. Green helmet guy?
  117. Memos May Link Cheney to No-Bid Iraq Contract
  118. chicago trib running 5 point series on peak oil...
  119. Castro is Croaking
  120. Republican Senator Hagel Breaks with Bush
  121. A letter from Al Gore
  122. What Pisses me off about the Republicans
  123. Memo to the Fred Phelps gang.............
  124. Kissinger take on Iran
  125. The Last Laffer
  126. If you swear, the terrorists win.
  127. 9/11 Panel: Pentagon and FAA made "false statements" to "hide the bungled response"?
  128. S'long Bitch!
  129. shortbus...this is just for you...2006 races
  130. Muslim Disneyland A No-Go...
  131. Why I Love Kids...(yea, I know it's in DC..)
  132. Leaked UK document sees "civil war" in Iraq
  133. "A lot of conservatives are...unduly impressed with authoritarianism"
  134. Hewitt/media priorities. Kind of interesting.
  135. I think redrum69 is filing his own legal motions
  136. Kudos to Bush on One Environmental Matter
  137. nasrallah offers to stop rocket attacks
  138. Can we all get behind this idea? -- "The Single Subject Rule"
  139. Bush's Job approval on the rise? per CNN poll
  140. Mr. Kotter! Just for you... A Republican Revolution
  141. Ooops, Iran gave the long one to the hezbians
  142. Iraqi civil war has already begun, U.S. troops say
  143. 40,000 US troops have deserted since 2000
  144. Futher proof that the Iraq war is a total failure
  145. More unbiased reporting - Reuters.
  146. Iran's smuggling of uranium from African mine uncovered
  147. Hold on to your butts. Gas is going even higher.
  148. Buddhism?
  149. If Lieberman loses the democratic primary....
  150. Rape & chicken wings...
  151. Cynthia McKinney losing in the Dem primary...
  152. How to Twist Words By Not Using Them
  153. If you are from SW Missouri......
  154. WW III ??
  155. Liberal McCarthyism
  156. CNN picked up/posted detonated WTC buildings conspiracy story
  157. Lieberman concedes
  158. Did anyone vote yesterday?
  159. where's patteeu, Kotter?
  160. These guys are just all right.
  161. Hey all you pervs, get away from the church!!
  162. Lieberman Lost the Old-Fashioned Way
  163. Good article- Todays Republicans are NOT conservatives
  164. More Dems trying to "police our own"...
  165. FoxNews picked up/posted detonated WTC buildings conspiracy story
  166. UK foils bomb plot
  167. Hillary Clinton Presidential Bust
  168. Looking for terror alert Bush political points rants
  169. Does Algore believe his own tripe?
  170. More Republican cheering for terrorism... WH: "this is going to play big"
  171. Having that pesky problem committing War Crimes? No Problem! Just rewrite the LAWS!!
  172. Thank you Great Britain
  173. Ron Suskind: The U.S. is "indefensible" (long)
  174. Arab-Israeli Hatred
  175. Why is the U.S. afraid to fight Iran?
  176. We are doomed.
  177. Should we use profiling to catch terrorists?
  178. Cease Fire resolution has been accepted...NeoCon Sean is WHINING
  179. F*ck MEME, UN Troops in Lebanon = Good
  180. Arkansas Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns Ban on Foster Parenting by Gay People
  181. Illinois State Board of Elections’ Rules Not to Certify Antigay Referendum for Fall
  182. August 22 - Should we be worried?
  183. Fox News: Pro Lebanon=Pro Hezbollah
  184. The Solution to the Airline Problem
  185. Bush: Not the Worst President Ever, But a Definite Contender
  186. Holy Crap, Henry Rollins is pissed.
  187. 3 Missing Egyptians found in Duh Moin.
  188. Teenage Boys steal Cheney's Communications equipment
  189. What happens to Cuba after Castro is in the ground?
  190. Stem Cells - The Hope and the Hype(long read)
  191. Iranian President starts his own personal blog about U.S. (seriously, I think)...
  192. Chertoff: No sign plotters targeted U.S.
  193. Family values Iraqi style
  194. Conservatives (real ones) what should we be doing?
  195. Bush Administration Makes New Enemies for US
  196. Fox News Reporter kidnapped
  197. It's no big deal, really...
  198. Brock - that popping noise you hear....
  199. Has Bush v. Gore Become the Case That Must Not Be Named?
  200. Somalia
  201. That classy Santorum chap
  202. Murdoch born again?
  203. Local Politics: Phil Kline took money from the Phelps Family?
  204. Bush could be the next facist leader.....
  205. George Allen = Cynthia McKinney (calls a dark-skinned guy a monkey)
  206. Obama Warns of Gas Guzzling Cars
  207. iran paying for rebuilding lebanon?
  208. Is there a bigger twit than Lou Dobbs?
  209. Are we fighting to win?
  210. Is there anyone in the country who can say honestly, "God, I'm glad we're in Iraq"?
  211. David Gergen is my new hero.
  212. Judge Nixes Warrantless Surveillance
  214. Is there any doubt that jAZ dislikes Bush?
  215. Dense on a plane!
  216. Al Sharpton says something that makes sense?
  217. Weird, WTF are the Chinese doing?
  218. Israel violates ceasefire, continues striking Lebanon anyway
  219. Israeli - Lebanese Video ???
  220. Vote for Chief Wana Dubie!
  221. Gotta Hand it to the Israelis...
  222. Mel Gibson's Next Venture Capital Project?
  223. DWM - Driving with money - now a crime...
  224. MO folks: Sandra Thomas > her ambulance chasing opponent in Nov.
  225. jAZ's Full disclosure
  226. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
  227. Puppets of Dick Cheney attack Romanian oil rig
  228. What a right-winger sees when he reads the new york times
  229. The Rainforest Depletion
  230. Shell Oil president disputes BushCo and advocates oil conservation
  231. Wolf Blitzer prank phone called
  232. Proposition 87
  233. Prof: U.S. liberals on slope to extinction
  234. Great take on America's will to finish (win) what it started
  235. Nagin: "Let's be fair."
  236. Hood 2 Hood Video, Depressing...
  237. Fridays escuse to use the new ROFL
  238. Did Israel use Cluster Bombs in civilian neighborhoods?
  239. Screwed Priorities ignore our own disaster and rebuild Iraq (we are lead by idiots)
  240. Hezbollah launches boy band to stardom
  241. Most Important Issue of Midterm Elections
  242. Katherine Harris...wtf.
  243. Coal into Oil = American Energy Independence
  244. Great take on BushCo's approach to leadership
  245. Democrats: Who Would You Vote for in 08?
  246. Legalized Pot in Amsterdam
  247. Green Party: Who should we nominate in 2008?
  248. Rumsfeld: Terrorist Groups 'Actively Manipulating' U.S. Media
  249. The Legality of Income Tax?
  250. Donald Cox-Can a good Muslim be a good American?