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  1. Count Bush
  2. In case you missed it.
  3. Klineís tactics unsettle ex-AG
  4. Let's cut the deficit...
  5. Jonah Goldberg's backhanded admission that Iraq War was a mistake
  6. Calif. GOP wants own candidate to withdraw
  7. SPECIAL COMMENT By Keith Olbermann 'Beginning of the end of America'
  8. Congressional Hopeful's Office Sends Controversial Letter
  9. So Democrats....
  10. A Gift To The People Of The DC Forum...
  11. Anybody else willing to admit the tax base needs to increase some?
  12. After two years, Rumsfeld finally sees it Murtha's way.
  13. SC says voter ID okay....
  14. Diebold Source Code Stolen in Maryland
  15. OOOPs: Pat Tillman's bro says malicious criminals are still in charge of this country
  16. This is why, even Pro-war Republicans should be disgusted with this administration
  17. For Logical-- BBC admits to bias
  18. Stem Cell Research
  19. Barak Obama running for POTUS in '08?
  20. Iraqi gov't officials steal $500 mil of US taxpayer dollars...we still don't care.
  21. Bush is now explicitly lying on national television in order to rewrite history...
  22. Kennedy KGB Memo
  23. Cheneyburton?
  24. Athletes and Actors from St.Lou and KC respond to M. Fox add.
  25. What do republicans think?
  26. Rush has outdone himself this time...
  27. Who Supports The Troops? Democrats, As It Turns Out...
  28. Voting machines are great, except that they cannot even get candidates' names right..
  29. Harold Ford Jr. Attack Ad Racist? You decide.
  30. The Jersey Decision
  31. The Laffer Curve is a joke
  32. OOOPs: WH says they could only find 8 instances of W saying 'stay the course'
  33. Ex-altar boy claims Foley priest sexually abused him
  34. OOOPs: I Opened A Thread Started By Meme
  35. BREAKING: Listo is a kiddie fiddler
  36. OOOPs Listo sure got carried away.
  37. 2008 Democratic Convention Schedule
  38. Exxon Continues to Post Record Profits
  39. wow.
  40. Rumsfailed is blaming the media for his fugg ups in Iraq...
  41. George Allen opponent is toast
  42. Stay the Course
  43. Listo kiddie fiddling scandal
  44. The Worst Congress Ever
  45. Evolution
  46. NBC and CW refuse to air ads for freedom of speech movie.
  47. Would you like a free Hummer?
  48. Be careful where you park. If you have Democrat bumperstickers
  49. Bush Campaigns for Dave Lamberti
  50. A very balanced argument for staying in Iraq.
  51. This administration is beyond belief
  52. ROTFL, Rick Santorum cozying up to the Dems to get re-elected
  53. Patteeu is Bush's Bitch
  54. Harold Ford
  55. Armed Services Recruitment: Buyer Beware
  56. Lynne Cheney Puts The Smackdown On CNN-Jazeera
  57. Yes, It's Halloween for the DNC
  58. So, it's paranoia to think that political ties to voting machine companies exists????
  59. Voting Glitches in Florida Reported
  60. Religion's Militaristic Cycle
  61. I am dumb when it comes to economics...
  62. Political ads on TV
  63. Last minute political sleaze: Maccaca arrest warrants
  64. Center for Media & Public Affairs
  65. A Good Education or Stuck in Iraq
  66. hehe ... Talent responds to Michael J. Fox ad
  67. 103 US Soldiers killed in October as Sectarian violence grows.
  68. FYP is so cliche
  69. OOPS...Kerry bashes troops...again..Dem calls troops in Iraq stupid
  70. George "Macaca" Allen's campaign physically attacks protester for asking a question.
  71. Crazed liberal verbally attacks Allen at hotel
  72. John Kerry says our troops are stupid
  73. Kerry calls US troops uneducated
  74. Way too Liberal for Texas!
  75. Webb makes a good point
  76. Laura Bush on MJFox Ad
  77. Republicans in Congress: "...Throw us out."
  78. Which is more insulting...
  79. Former General calls for Kerry resignation
  80. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid
  81. Wosrt Ballot initiative, IMO: South Dakota judicial lawsuits
  82. John Kerry to his wife Theraaaza
  83. Kerry apologizes by 9am today... Media & Republicans keep demanding apology all day..
  84. Could we please have some more threads about the Kerry comment?
  85. Just for you Banyon.
  86. The troops begin to respond to John Kerry........
  87. Troops Respond to Kerry!!!
  88. What's all this about Kerry?
  89. Troops Threaten to Pound Kerry
  90. Kerry On Wayward Son...
  91. About the RWNJs barking about Kerry's statement.
  92. Kerry Collins calls troop 182 morons
  93. Keith O does it again!!!!
  94. Ann Coulter felon?
  95. Do you really believe this will change the election results?
  96. Honest Question; Seeking Honest Answers
  97. Jon Carry?
  98. Article on Active Duty War Protesters
  99. SW Missouri Stomping Grounds for Bush
  100. McCaskill Wins Support of Hunters
  101. Republicans hate old people
  102. Because of Iraq...the commercial
  103. Stuck in a Comma???
  104. Just because we cannot win in Iraq? Does that mean we are losing?
  105. Democrats win House and Senate
  106. Suprise, suprise, another RWNJ having secret gay sex...
  107. Who really insulted the troops? I say Bush did!!!
  108. NYT: BuchCo caught giving Nuclear Secrets to Iran and al Queda (at urging of GOP)
  109. US Scientists Pray For Democrats to Take Power
  110. Righties Pray for votes
  111. My Plan for Iraq\WOT
  112. Friday afternoon President Bush Speech in Le Mars Iowa
  113. The pre-election days remind me....
  114. Ties to Washington .....
  115. Saddam verdit due this Sunday.
  116. Should we bring back Saddam?
  117. Anyone else already voted?
  118. Cowardly Towel Heads
  119. Unemployment at a 5 year low
  120. Ad Challenges Voters To Read List Of GOP Scandals In One Breath...
  121. This is the women the left want in charge? Sad
  122. Middle East ''Terrorist Leaders'' Want The Democrats To Win On Election Day
  123. Figures: Another office closing...who needs audits of Iraq spending anyway????
  124. KO reports Military Times Media group calls for Rumsfailed's departure...
  125. Neo Culpa...more CONS jumpin ship
  126. Waterboarding demo on Fox News
  127. Republicans in Power - I am Sorry
  128. What to do in Iraq?
  129. HBO's "Hacking Democracy" - Diebold Hack Test
  130. Here it is - take your best shot - what will happen on Nov 7
  131. The NeoCon Rehabilitation Project...
  132. ROFL President is clearly campaigning scared
  133. Poll: Who would win an election today between Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan?
  134. 1999 war simulation found that Iraq invasion would require 400,000 troops, still fail
  135. Polls see GOP keeping Senate control
  136. I didn't know which John Kerry thread to use...
  137. Freedom Is All About Voting
  138. A Recipe For Defeat:Europe Is Pelosi's America
  139. New terror group arises.
  140. Who Foots The Bill?
  141. History lesson in Geopolitics
  142. O'Connor worries about courts' autonomy
  143. Dick Cheney to Spend Election Day Hunting
  144. Massive & Illegal GOP "Robo Call" Campaign Fraud underway...
  145. Best Democratic Candidate for President in 2008 is......
  146. My political endorsements for tomorrow!
  147. Save the Cheer Leader Save the World
  148. Blue Tuesday.
  149. Simpsons lampoon Iraq War, sort of...
  150. Howard Dean has a fake background of books behind him!
  151. How Much Free Will?
  152. Being a war hero has its perks
  153. Hussein Hanging PPV
  154. i bet the GOP keeps the house and senate
  155. ***OFFICIAL GAMEDAY THREAD- Democrats @ Republicans***
  156. Those Dummies at Valley Forge
  157. Today's Democratic Ad in World War II
  158. Overland Park Passes Smoking Ban
  159. I voted straight ticket Democrat today
  160. Does this look to be thought provoking, or just extremely bad taste?
  161. Kerry Leads in Exit Polls....
  162. You gotta love Hillary
  163. The Market Predicts Dems win House
  164. OY VEH!!
  165. *Cough* *Gasp* ACK!
  166. Conservative talk radio station uses Emergency Alert System to play GOP ad
  167. Bush hates...
  168. MD GOP passes out flyers listing their candidates as Democrats
  169. Is VERY HIGH turnout better for Dems or Reps?
  170. I Am So Glad I Am A Democrat -- My Side Seems To Win Every Election!
  171. Exit Polling and the Economy
  172. Flooding in the Northwest..
  173. Will a divided government result in better goverment?
  174. Who was the bozo who was saying Republicans would pick up seats in both chambers?
  175. 11:45 PM and The Tide Turns In Missouri
  176. Why Do Americans Hate America?
  177. Thank You Missouri..........................
  178. Repubs: "So can we say it now? That Bush is the most incompetent Republican ever?"
  179. Monumental Failure
  180. A Slap to Bush and an Opportunity (but not a Mandate) for Democrats
  181. Yellowstone and Meagher Co. Montana
  182. Where are Dirk Digler and 'Hamas' Jenkins?
  183. 97 Reasons Why Democrats Are Weak On Defense
  184. Where can I go?
  185. Looks like ritual Seppiku for MarcBulger and recxjake
  186. Ok, Democrats you got my vote, don't screw it up!
  187. Rebuilding year....
  188. Wage increase? Stupid! Thanks Missouri!
  189. January 2009...
  190. FCC double standard re: profanity.
  191. The Opportunity For Democrats...
  192. Congratulations Democrats
  193. 'Significant Announcement' coming from WH? Rumsfailed OUT!!!!!
  195. Stem Cell passes!
  197. Heath Shuler back to Washington, Redskin Fans Livid!
  198. "Democrats will support the troops just like the Republican party does"
  199. Rumsfeld quitting as defense secretary
  200. CNN Gives Montana to........
  201. Smoking ordinance passes in Lee's Summit and Independence!
  202. Who is this Gates guy?
  203. SBK's sig...
  204. My brief election post-mortem
  205. Dishonesty, Corruption & Iraq...
  206. Can we change the tone in our own little DC?
  207. Question of your approval of Bush in the vaccuum of the immigration issue
  208. Official, waters edge is out.
  209. THoughts from a Rightwinger, and a question or two.
  210. A new tone
  211. Music to my ears: Dems talking balanced budget
  212. One thing you gotta admit about voting
  213. KO reporting Webb wins. Senate goes Dem.
  214. The same machine that produced a...........
  215. Should Bush and Cheny resign?
  216. Neil Cavuto cracks me up
  217. Could the Widespread Partisan Dumbassery in Washinton, DC be Helped If...
  218. Health Care II
  219. 53-47 Senate?
  220. Caption This Pic
  221. Tax Free Income
  222. Ironic timing.
  223. Democratic Candidates for 2008: Top Three Choices
  224. Republican Candidate for 2008: Top Three Choices
  225. Allen Will Concede
  226. I cannot believe Arnold said this...Democrat victory is a good thing....
  227. Ding dong, the walrus is dead!
  228. Hey Big Daddy, Overland Pk=China?
  229. Claire gets it.
  230. Jesus Told Me Not to Trim His Bush!
  231. Missouri, looks like you did good (McCaskill).
  232. Reid wants a bipartisian hearing with Bush over Iraq. Here is what he should do.
  233. Rutgers vs Louisville game thread
  234. Mehlman: "He gone!"
  235. Timeline for withdrawl from Iraq set... 'for the end of next year'
  236. Damn, this sounds pretty bad for us.
  237. Iran:American elections a victory for Iran
  238. Khamenei calls elections a victory for Iran
  239. Are jobs Still Being National Reserved?
  240. WOW..Right after the elections good things are happening in Afghanistan
  241. Cheney to be indicted within 2 weeks
  242. Mythbusting: What Republican Revolution?
  243. Looking Gift Horse in the Mouth
  244. Will democrats embrace "Stay the Course?"
  245. Elton John dead on with his views on organized religion
  246. Feingold disappoints idealistic non-realists like me :(
  247. Can Bush Sr. and His Team Save Sonís Presidency?
  248. THe Honeymoon is over for the Dems. Very Interesting
  249. If we withdraw from Iraq...
  250. Presidential Election in 08 is going to be a barn burner.