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  1. Who is the dumbest bastard/ette in CP Wash DC Forum History
  2. Hillary and Socialized Health care coming back.
  3. The New Dem Climate In D.C.
  4. Up to 150 Iraqi Government Workers Kidnapped
  5. New Era of Reform for Republicans: Trent Lott for Whip!
  6. Which party's primary would Rudy Giuliani be more likely to win?
  7. Why aren't we attacking Iran again?
  8. Political Leanings
  9. The tut-tutters are at it again
  10. Arianna's looking rough
  11. Politican
  12. Cartoon Communist Manifesto
  13. "Fair and Balanced"
  14. Oil Lies Everywhere
  15. Get Out Now?
  16. Dobbs: I'm a populist, deal with it
  17. Forest Growth is encouraging,says the researchers..
  18. Jesus Not Appropriate Christmas Gift
  19. Were the police right to taze this guy?
  20. partisanship to the next level (fiction)...
  21. Democrats will NOT support the troops.
  22. Murtha loses to Hoyer for Majority Leader
  23. TV shows that mention Iraq
  24. The Iraq Study Group Four Point 'Victory' Plan
  25. Satire or Seriousness - Columbia Genious says 'don't vote'
  26. How does everyone here feel about illegal immigration?
  27. Dems to have a plan in 2 weeks.
  28. I'm going to clear the air about Iraq
  29. Edwards Criticizes Wal-Mart, Then His Staff Asks for Gifts from the Same Chain
  30. OMG! Huckabee registers for gifts at Target!
  31. Bunnytrdr
  32. Jeezus. 6 years after Clinton left DC….
  33. Can Democracy Succeed in Iraq?
  34. Mark Foley's Pac-Manish Boy Game
  35. Hillary's Got Junk In Da Trunk!
  36. ****OFFICIAL Chiefs v. Faiders GAME THREAD****
  37. Were the police right to taze this guy's family?
  38. Good Riddance To The Gingrichites: GOP 'Chess Club' Ruled The House For 12 Years...
  39. David Crowder Band - O Praise Him
  40. "IRAN - Most Dangerous Nation" on Discovery 2nite.
  41. I'm starting to wonder if McCain could win even a General Election in 2008...
  42. Bring back the Draft??
  43. Kissinger: Iraq Military Win Impossible
  44. Fox "News" to air Right-wing Daily Show
  45. Poll: Clinton leads '08 Democratic pack, Kerry slips
  46. The Clinton Battle Plan
  47. How dare Wal-Mart
  48. BU group of Conservatives offers whites only scholarship.
  49. Hastings shouldn't be allowed to lead the intel committee
  50. Jewish Minora allowed, Ismlamic star/Crescent for Ra-hah-dam allowed...
  51. Iraq Occupation Poll?
  52. Where will the Front be when we leave Iraq?
  53. GOP leaving spending bills to Democrats
  54. It's shit like this..that gives our brave soldiers a bad name/black eye
  55. Polonium 210 found in former Russian Spy
  56. Is it civil war yet?
  57. Unreal
  58. Jesus Christ- the Jewish Messiah
  59. Police investigate Orange Mane political poster?
  60. The investigations are on the table...
  61. Residents trying to force removal of christmas wreath peace sign
  62. Hide Granny.....
  63. What impact does gerrymandering have on elections?
  65. Screwed By Bush NSFW
  66. College Kid Strives to Prove: Kooks Love Bush!
  67. Ben Stein: In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning
  68. The Bible or evolution.....
  69. 2008 Prez: Biden in, Frist out
  70. Bush Admin drops ball on pimping successful program, Dems will still drop the ball
  71. Reaganite: Are George W. Bush lovers certifiable?
  72. OOOPs: Iraq Study Group will recommend 'pull back of US troops'
  73. Yeah, F U Britain!
  74. Pancakes? = ID?
  75. Democrats Reject Key 9/11 Panel Suggestion
  76. Michael Moore says we should quit in Iraq.
  77. What exactly is the mission in Iraq?
  78. June, 2007
  79. Redrum_69 Or Mass Hallucination?
  80. ABC reports Iranian Govt supplying terrorists in Iraq with weapons and training.
  81. Interesting Articles on Barack Obama from 1990
  82. NIST: Paperless electronic voting machines... 'cannot be made secure'
  83. Rep. Silvestre Reyes
  84. Mods: Please delete
  85. Old news: 6 Muslim imams removed from plane
  86. Interesting analog to the 'Rudy is too liberal to win the primaries' mantra
  87. Bush Foreign Policy – How Deep is the Failure?
  88. The Koran replaces the bible at swearing in oath
  89. International Traveler? Then you have a "terror rating".
  90. Barack Obama
  91. Who would you vote for?
  92. Rumsfeld Memo on Iraq Proposed ‘Major’ Change
  93. "Bush sux" plays really well in Venezuela
  94. “Are we setting the stage for the Islamic Killing Fields?”
  95. Brownback takes step toward presidential run
  96. My bus crash story and a silly TV news reporter
  97. Wal-Mart now buying Democrats.
  98. Bolton: The walrus is dead...
  99. Are we winning in Iraq?
  100. Uh-oh, New DOD head hancho says we ain't winning in Iraq..
  101. Bob Gates says we aren't winning in Iraq
  102. Hitting the Iraq mindset right on the head !
  103. Jobs Data Show Mounting Economic Problems
  104. Kansas GOP leader to quit
  105. Inexcusable: Border Fence will have large gaps, cost 4 times more, and take 5 years
  106. Sad News: Missing and lost man in OR found dead
  107. No YouTube for YOU!
  108. Dang things suck @ the WH: Laura wears the same dress as 3 others...
  109. Study Group says Bush lied about Iraq violence for political expediency
  110. Panel: Bush's Iraq policies have failed
  111. Why do you believe the way you do?
  112. Quiz: Do you want the terrorists to win?
  113. The ISG wants us to negotiate with these idiots?
  114. Oops. Dems in the House knew of Foley email allegations in 2005
  116. Why Hillary won't be president
  117. Iraqis not particularly thrilled with the Iraq Study Group.
  118. "The America Show," or: Comedy Kryptonite
  119. Hey...Aren't you Wesley Snipes?
  120. Anyone see Obama
  121. Dick Cheney's Google Searches
  122. David Duke...its a good time to revoke his passport since he's out of the country
  123. Huh go figure, military meets, exceeds goals
  124. Israel: "will soon be wiped-out"...and off the map.
  125. New House Intell Chief Can't Even Answer Basic Intell Quiz
  126. Dems meet with Hamas?
  127. Senate Goes Back to Rep?
  128. Kline weasel d#cks his way back into office
  129. Deep Democratic Roster For 2008
  130. Did Neocons learn from the Russians?
  131. My Apologies
  132. Education Reform- Panel: Tough Choices or Tough Times
  133. Everyone knows
  134. Does profiling make sense?
  135. Palestinians going to civil war?
  136. Fmr. Congressman Barr leaves GOP for Libertarian Party
  137. Evan Bayh drops presidential bid
  138. About the rescue efforts for lost climbers...
  139. If you believe in Global warming
  140. I guess it was inevitable - poormouth review of feelgood movie
  142. Resistancemanifesto.com confronts Danny''Partridge''Bonaduce
  143. Progressive Talk Radio Is Off The Air
  144. Video of the Iraq study group...
  145. Inspired by the Lounge...Legalize it?
  146. "What's the Matter With Kansas?"
  147. If you're a weak leader, then call for a Bigger Military! Dear God...
  148. Top ten junk science moments for 2006.
  149. Mizzou already after recently passed stem cell admendment
  150. Is Bush imploding?
  151. Joe Wilson Does Not Want to testify
  152. Blood and money
  153. Cheney could be first sitting VP to ever testify
  154. Monday, my Brother landed in Kansas back from Iraq, here is what he told me.
  155. Berger pleads guilty. Guess the Clintons did have something to hide.
  156. Abortion and being a dad...
  157. Calling 18-25 aged men...stock up on the Zippo lighters
  158. Junk science erases island
  159. Ethiopia learns from Bush...preemptively strikes Somalia
  160. Let there be peace on Earth, and Let it begin with me.
  161. Gerald Ford died today
  162. Why radical Islam, why now?
  163. U.S. Deaths in Iraq Exceed 9/11 Count
  164. Judge Dierker: “The Tyranny of Tolerance: A Sitting Judge Breaks the Code of Silence
  165. Pathetically duped or knowingly complicit in misinformation campaign?
  166. President Ford spankin W from the grave...
  167. Hitch weighs in, for your perusal
  168. Saddam / US Worldwide Hate Backlash...
  169. Fox News provides an enlightening poll!
  170. Bond retiring, Blunt going to Senate? Pure speculation
  171. Who is Ed Koch's hero?
  172. Dave Barry on 2006
  173. Justice Roberts: "Low" pay for judiciary represents "Constitutional Crisis"
  174. The AP's Jamil Hussein Scandal
  175. Republican: Imminent terrorist attack will kill millions of Americans
  176. “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2006
  177. Bush set to announce 20K troop surge in Iraq
  178. Why Law School Costs So Much
  179. Keith Olbermans Special Comment on the new troop surge in Iraq
  180. Iraqi PM shows tremendous resolve in the face of adversity
  181. The Islamification of America Continues Forward
  182. Denver vs. New Orleans disasters
  183. Democrat Letter to Bush: No Mandate/Congressional Support for Surge
  184. Bush reaches agreement with Mexico to provide SS benefits to amnestied illegals
  185. Parents deliberately stop child's growth!
  186. Wittig conviction overturned
  187. Dems introduce "The War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007"
  188. Scarborough slams Oreilly, Republicans...
  189. White House/Secret Service Close Records
  190. Possible slogans for the dejavu, er, 'new' DUHbya plan...
  191. Eeewwwhhh that smell.
  192. Oooops! Somalia: Islamic Extremists Take Diet Nap After Visit From U.S. Gunship
  193. Kerry eyes White House bid
  194. Reaction to the Ws 'same as it ever was' New Iraq Plan will be.
  195. Bush to Acknowledge Mistakes in Iraq
  196. MSNBC
  197. Gaining Trust
  198. Here ya go, Taco. The US attempting to provoke Iran into a confrontation...
  199. Probably a year or so overdue,
  200. Called Sam Brownback's office today...
  201. Keith Olbermann's retrospective on DUHbya's Iraq War
  202. Have you ever wonder how the Bush Admin can screw up so many things so badly?
  203. To all of you Bush haters.... What would you do?
  204. That’s what you get!
  205. I don't hate the president
  206. Pelosi:I guess the 100 hours are up!!!
  207. Iraq plan is political lemon
  208. Chemical rocket attack in Iraq?
  209. Frenchmen infilitrating the National Guard?
  210. New Congressman hits trifecta, slams Bush, Cheney and Rove in person
  211. W: They could try to stop me...(Surge is on no matter what)
  212. I am an optimist... I am a Republican
  213. Federal Deficit Falls to Lowest Level in Four Years
  215. I am a realist... I am a Democrat
  216. W admits he's made Iraq more unstable and America more dangerous...
  217. So, it's NOT about oil?
  218. Bush gives himself a a do-over. He might get it right.
  219. Why is Hillary talking to the president of Afghanistan? Pakistan?
  220. And you think our media is slanted...
  221. Why Obama stands a chance...
  222. Saddam's half-brother decapitated by hanging!
  223. If you’re going to San Francisco
  224. More shoddy reporting from the AP
  225. Jimmy For Terror
  226. Obama's Coal Problem
  227. Barak Obama is running for President
  228. Does “Moderate Islam” exist?
  229. I am a free thinker ... I have no party affiliation.
  230. The War from my Foxhole
  231. Saudis consider sending troops to Iraq
  232. What $1.2 trillion can buy
  233. Gonzales: NSA Wiretapping Now Subject to FISA Warrants
  234. Who I think will win the Republican nomination...
  235. Democrat wants to violate the First Amendment? You decide.
  236. Legal Advice Needed Please - Possession of Marijuana
  237. Iraqi Prime Minister: Give us guns, and troops can go
  238. The Fascism Thread...
  239. Saddam had no WMD?
  240. Why doesn't Bush lift the US assassination policy?
  241. Dem. Chairman supports escalation of troops ...
  242. bigger threat to the U.S.?
  243. when capitalism fails....
  244. Bill Clinton and the Titanic similarities
  245. Idiot O'Reilly on Teenage Missouri Captive
  246. O'REILLY on COLBERT tonight!!!
  247. 2008: Front-runners or the field?
  248. Our tax dollars bought North Korea's nukes
  249. "Liberal" Press? Order Given to Back Off Bush
  250. LOL Young politician Pics