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  1. When will the world become a multipolar system again?
  2. What is your score?
  3. Do you believe we are creating a liberal or conservative government in Iraq...
  4. Kent Hovind sentenced to 10 years in prison
  5. Hillary Getting Warmed Up.......
  6. A Possible Shifting of House Seats and Electoral Votes
  7. This sucks......Hillarys in
  8. I'm Watching Sam Brownback Kick Off His Campaign For POTUS
  9. In His Own Words: Army Leiutenant KIA - Why I joined
  10. Chinese Space Weapons
  11. delete...wrong forum
  12. How the right will "swift boat" Obama
  13. Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?
  14. How it all began (Liberals/Conservatives)
  15. Short and sweet.
  16. Religion and Spirituality Book Discussion Invitation
  17. Gerald Ortiz Y Pino to introduce a resolution to impeach George Bush
  18. Tell me who's wrong here...
  19. Anyone But A Bush Or Clinton......
  20. Democrats introduce bills to reduce number of abortions
  21. Bush State of the Union- health care, alternative energy?
  22. We're f*ked!
  23. Roswell, New Mexico
  24. Wisconsin business sends nasty e-mail to GI in Iraq. Confirmed by Snopes
  25. Libby: "I will not be sacrificed so Karl Rove can be protected."
  26. Clinton Bid Heralds Demise of Public Financing
  27. Asian-American parody inflames Princeton
  28. TPM: State of the Union - The People's Response on YouTube
  29. SOTU thread...
  30. Pathological Liar Al Gore Afraid To Debate Global Warmng Expert.
  31. GWOT is it misnamed?
  32. Why Rudy will never get the nomination...
  33. SOTU Transcript.
  34. Ask Yourself
  35. Price of crude must be down.
  36. Would You Have Smoked Monica Lewinski's "After" Cigar?
  37. 1 down 11 or so to go
  38. Whos a better Presidential Candidate
  39. Bill Oreilly and Falafel References... What is this about?
  40. My man, Chuck Hagel, he's my pick so far for 2008
  41. Quick quesiton on OBAMA
  42. '08AMA on the issues
  43. AP: Ohio Election Workers Convicted of Rigging 2004 Recount
  44. Remains of first democrat discovered
  45. Good work, Nancy Boyda!
  46. Was Wolf Blitzer out of line with Dick?
  47. Hagel: White House Originally Wanted Iraq War Resolution to Cover Entire Middle East
  48. 'Stop Hillary' TV Ads Launched
  49. Obama calls for universal health care
  50. Universal Health Coverage - Ideas that might work
  51. Found in another forum thought some may enjoy
  52. Would you vot for a candiated based on their race, gender or religion?
  53. Libby trial documents URL...interesting stuff
  54. Terror Free Oil
  55. What issues are critical and secondary for you when voting for a candidate?
  56. Is God angry with California?
  57. Sigh, the military fesses up to lying AGAIN about soldiers deaths...
  58. John Edwards: Two Americas Indeed
  59. The Democrats new promise "A New Direction for America"
  60. Poll: Majority believes government doing too much
  61. News we're not hearing about Iran...
  62. White House Aid seeks immunity from DEATH PENALTY in Plame case...
  63. Would you vote for a atheist POTUS?
  64. Iran says it's installing centrifuges
  65. The most coherent Statement....
  66. Would you support a Scientologist candidate for president?
  67. Scary Stuff
  68. The price of alternate fuels, maybe
  69. Interview with a Shia death squad commander
  70. More news we aren't hearing about Iran
  71. Congress plays political theatre while troop surge is already yielding results
  72. Iranian,... terrorists?.... "Are you kidding me?!"
  73. Huckabee is In
  74. Is George Bush the Anti-Christ?
  75. Anti- GW Bumper Stickers
  76. HBO's Friends of God: ...
  77. Iraq Official: "I see that the Democratic ideas are more related to reality"
  78. Immigration Letter to the Editor of OC Register that wasn't published
  79. Maine Legislature Urges Repeal of Real ID Act
  80. Historical Person
  81. Sorry Repubs, Clinton 4th in Iowa Poll
  82. "The God Delusion" online broadcast
  83. George W. Bush Is Not the Enemy....
  84. U.S. missile defense maturing, latest test a success
  85. Bushcronium
  86. The Bitch Can't Even Sing
  87. Some links to read about domestic war support (or lack there of)
  88. What Goverment Department Gets the Most $$$$!!!!?
  89. More evidence that the Republicans are screwed in 2008...
  90. Hillary: Why is she able to get away with so much flip flopping on issues like Iraq?
  91. Pragmatism, ideology, or greed?
  92. Anybody else tired of this administration hiding behind our troops.
  93. More evidence that the Democrats are screwed in 2008...
  94. Iran possibly behind the killing of 5 U.S. Soldiers
  95. The Planet Way Too Early Democratic Primary
  96. The Planet Way Too Early Republican Primary
  97. The Planet Way Too Early Republican Primary (take II)
  98. U.S. may have botched training of Iraqis
  99. Congress and Administration finally working together on Iraq?
  100. Senator Biden's Obama Comments
  101. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki says Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq
  102. "The arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact"
  103. Bush: attempted manslaughter in Peoria
  104. Gun Legislation, where do you stand?
  105. Chuck Norris vs. Iraqi-American rapper TIMZ
  106. Venezuelan lawmakers give Chavez sweeping powers
  107. National Anthem
  108. Tribute to the troops: Nickleback Double Feature
  109. Al Franken to run for Senate
  110. Pres. Clinton's stepfather has died
  111. Find the stupidest person/people here, win $200
  112. Delusion Defined: Bush Interview on Fox News
  113. Ever heard of the NAFTA Superhighway?
  114. Um, judges use Wikipedia as legal source?
  115. Nancy's taxi service
  116. Troop surge will probably be considerably more than 20,000
  117. Exxon earns the largest annual profit by a U.S. company $39.5 Billion
  118. NFT: Liberals can also look along with Conservatives and Independents
  119. We're Officially F*cked: Scientists Global Warming Unstoppable
  120. Task Force 145 Takes Out Bin Laden's Brother In Law In Madagascar
  121. What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy
  122. Thank Gawd for Global Warming
  123. Should we be talking about Saudi Arabia instead of Iran??
  124. Texas Gov. Orders Anti-Cancer Vaccine
  125. I don't think McCain can win in 2008...
  126. Help me to understand the politics of global warming
  127. For those who think Ethanol will get us off the Oil Dependency Titty....think again.
  128. Hillary Clinton = OWNED... The Bitch Lies
  129. According to TV news Bush admits "The War is Sapping our Soul"
  130. Invite to Church.
  131. Repubs better wake up
  132. Gore/Obama?
  133. Report: Iranian Nuclear Scientist 'Assassinated'
  134. Soldiers complain about War being sugar coated back home...
  135. More bad news for Hillary '08
  136. Murdoch: We tried to shape the Iraq War agenda
  137. Rudy Giuliani Officially a Presidential Candidate
  138. KCJohnny: Bush's Iraq esciallation plan lacks "Unity of command"
  139. Edwards: Raise taxes to provide universal health care
  140. Frank Zappa takes on some 80's DoucheRag
  141. Global Warming: "The Greatest Deception In The History of Science?"
  142. Anybody else listen to The Overcomer?
  143. Why is Global Warming a partisan issue?
  144. Michael Savage Mulls Presidential Run
  145. Travesty of Justice-Border Patrol Agents in prison
  146. Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Iraq
  147. John Edwards is polling highest against Rudy
  148. If you were forced to choose between democray and free market capitalism...
  149. Innovative new initiative to protect the sanctity of marriage!
  150. CNN: Out in the Open
  151. Who in their right mind would send 363 tons of cash into a war zone?
  152. nightmares
  153. Does Nancy Pelosi deserve her own personal jet?
  154. Wash. initiative would require married couples to have kids
  155. Hillary Clinton's Goal: $75 Million for 2008
  156. Hi, I’M Senator Coburn, and I Don’t Want your Vote
  157. OBAMA= Sleeper Cell
  158. Giuliani=Mafia
  159. Something Foul in Turkey?
  160. Can a black man or a woman get elected president in this country?
  161. Is it realistic to believe a black man named Hussein can be elected president
  162. Fox News Pundit: "I think we should kill all liberals"
  163. Looking back: Barack Obama's pre-war speech on Iraq
  164. Should there be an Iraq War Memorial?
  165. Do we really want democracy?
  166. LA Hospital Dumps Paraplegic Patient on Skid Row
  167. ***** Official Obama for President Campaign Thread *****
  168. A Heads Up
  169. Putin blasts Bush, U.S. Policy
  170. What question would you like to ask Hillary?
  171. You Liberal Pu$$ies keep on eating the CO2 = Global Warming BS sandwich...
  172. US Embassy in Iraq (largest ever) to be visible from space
  173. Churchill on Iraq: "An Ungrateful Volcano"
  174. Congress Weasels Around Lobbyist Ethics Rules
  175. Pres. of Czech Repub. Calls Man-Made Global Warming a 'Myth'-Questions Gore's sanity
  176. Bipartisan deficit reduction proposal
  177. Major Presidential Campaign Issues in 2008
  178. I don't care for the war but.........
  179. Optimistic of New Tactics in Baghdad
  180. Question for S. Dakota Residents?
  181. Gates: We are fighting four wars in Iraq
  182. Stupid Liberals - Suicide by Marines?
  183. Clever monkeys...
  184. Can a Mormon be elected to the presidency in this country?
  185. Rudy Giuliani exposed
  186. Air America... Bankrupt!
  187. Anti-American Cleric al Sadr Flees Iraq for Iran
  188. North Korea Deal
  189. Social Security
  190. Best Libertarian Presidents?
  191. Al Franken for U.S. Senate
  192. Fox News tries their own 'Daily Show'
  193. Global warming update..
  194. Among wealthy nations, U.S. ranks low in child welfare
  195. Republican or Democrat... This makes sense....
  196. Candidates for you quiz.
  197. Republican talks about impeaching Bush...
  198. American Historical Association - On Bush Administration
  199. Gore plans to rock against warming
  200. Four more years!!! Four more years...
  201. Government Wastes Billions in Iraq...That BILLIONS!
  202. Nuclear power
  203. Biden: "Opposing the surge is only a first step."
  204. McCain and I agree on a major issue...
  205. I saw Obama speak last week...
  206. Why is global warming such a heated debate?
  207. GOP Donor Is Funding Terrorism
  208. Idiotic resolution fails in Senate
  209. Gore rules out 08' bid
  210. John Murtha: The Jane Fonda of our time
  211. Walter Reed Outpatient System Sucks
  212. At the morgue...
  213. "The Surge" is the "Neo-Con Plan Redux"
  214. Kurdistan: An example of how partitioning could work.
  215. Bush failing on two war fronts: al-Qaida leaders back in control
  216. Republican indicted for attempting to fund terrorist training camps in Afganistan
  217. First the Bush Dynasty now the Clinton?
  218. America, the beutiful?
  219. Chrysler in St. Louis laying people off left and right.
  220. Italy’s Crucifix Controversy
  221. McCain: Iraq War Mismanaged for Years
  222. U.S. Boarder War ?
  223. Harold Ford Jr. - Losing the Progressive vote
  224. AP - Blair will announce troop withdrawl
  225. Obama's Strategy for Iraq
  226. Bush: "Troop withdrawl a sign of success..."
  227. Conservatives on Bush
  228. Political Joke Of The Day!
  229. Fitzgerald: 'There is a cloud over Dick Cheney'
  230. Frozen Cash, Plum Appointment
  231. Obama Hillary bitchslap fest
  232. Joe Scar: ask any general to tell you about the Bush surge. They will roll their eyes
  233. patteeu why are you so in love with Iraq?
  234. Marriage and Taxes
  235. U.N.: Iran expanding rather than freezing nuclear program
  236. The religion of Peace and Compassion strikes again
  237. A plea to those versed in the dark arts of the law for clarification
  238. Iran offered far reaching compromises—even on Israel—but was rebuffed by Rove in 2003
  239. A list of US Interventions, worth reading to get a perspective on today
  240. The real reason behind Britain's Blair Ditch Project...
  241. Hillary's Obama attack was timed while he was in the air - unreachable...
  242. Democrats move to limit Bush's authority
  243. Best article I have ever read concerning Global Warming
  244. Vilsack Out Of Race
  245. Severe poverty has reached a 32-year high
  246. Walter Reed: How BushCo "Supports The Troops"
  247. Am I Democrat or Republican?
  248. The NeoCons seem to be at it again... US is passing bogus Iran intel on to IAEA
  249. A Story We Can All Agree is a Good One
  250. Oh that crazy Nancy.