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  1. Some early Giuliani missteps...
  2. newt on global warming...
  3. ROFL: Bush seeks to outsource his Commander-in-Chief duties...
  4. Wasn't the Navy the pride of England at one time?
  5. Housing prices falling across the nation for the first time in 40 years....
  6. Where was the outrage??? Media bias anyone?
  7. Dear Mr. President
  8. ROFL: Bush seeks to add a Secretary of Blame
  9. Jesse Jackson is on MSNBC calling for black entertainers to stop using "N*gger"
  10. "The Coverup": Did the WH destroy emails to hide evidence of a crime?
  11. How Globalization Conquers Poverty
  12. McCain = Sinking Ship
  13. How it is exactly that voter fraud is a myth...
  14. The Imus debacle and the free market.
  15. Apparently, LBJ ordered the murder of JFK
  16. Interesting article on Iranian Rock Band
  17. Now that's some serious love and support for the Troops
  18. Jaz..... The Thread Starter
  19. Mistakes were made
  20. Somebody explain to me the "war czar" thing.
  21. Fox is Still Fox
  22. More about jAZ... The thread starter thread.
  23. patteeu for War Czar
  24. Start calling her President Pelosi...........
  25. Scarborough
  26. Obama's New "Dilemma"
  27. I wish Tony Snow well, but....
  28. The V-22 Osprey: Yay or Nay?
  29. Iraq Dissolution Continues: Al-Sadr orders 6 ministers to quit (and they do)
  30. Do they make tin foil Cossack hats?
  31. Another Billion Dollars of Your Tax Money Well Spent...
  32. At Least 20 Killed In VA Tech Shootings
  33. Who gains in Iraq.
  34. What do informed people watch? Surprise!
  35. Here's One Way to Look at Our Tax System
  36. Presidential Signing Statements
  37. John Edwards spends $400 on haircuts
  38. Kucinich said ready to introduce articles of Impeachment against Cheney next week...
  39. Would Imus have been an issue if he said his comment today...
  40. The VT rentacops didn't notify state authorities for 2 hours after 1st shooting??
  41. Juan Cole on VA Tech Shootings: "In Iraq, This Is A Daily Event"
  42. Supreme Court upholds ban on Partial Birth Abortion
  43. Rudy vs. Hillary... On the Issues
  44. Guns kill, and so does the silence of Americans
  45. Jean Carnahan [almost] pities Repubs
  46. NBC has email/photos from VT killer about the killings...
  47. The Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of George W. Bush
  48. AFA: VT massacre happened because "We Kicked God Out"
  49. Evangelical Perspective on the GOP Field
  50. Bill Gates is responsible for VT shootings! -Jack T.
  51. Did the Devil Make Him Do It?
  52. In a reversal, U.S. reliance on Iraqi army is fading
  53. Kansas City's trash talking elections commissioner
  54. Cogent Argument Against Gun Control
  55. The War Has Been Lost
  56. Get Your Favorite Politician's...
  57. U.S. Tries To slow Civil War By Building Walls
  58. Daily Show: Alberto “I Do Not Recall” Gonzales
  59. Would you sacrifice your life to help Iraq become "stable"?
  60. I Guess I Should Thank President Bush
  61. Vermont Senate calls for impeachment of Bush
  62. Democrat led Congress.....
  63. Has a politician ever pushed this?
  64. Bush to enemy: Here is a map of our troop locations... bomb away
  65. "Mr. Bush, tear down this wall!"
  66. Would you give up your life to protect against an invasion of the US?
  67. Hold their feet to the fire rally, in D.C.
  68. Boris Yeltsin Dies.
  69. Where Are you Al Sharpton? WARNING:DISGUSTING
  70. Limbaugh: Cho was a Liberal
  71. Toyota overtakes GM...
  72. "Ismael Ax"
  73. The end of Iraq Occupation Maybe Nearing?
  74. Guiliani flailing: warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win
  75. Roger that, Sir.
  76. Rudy Right On!!!
  77. Jon Stewart, McCain battle on Iraq...
  78. Mulsims - changing our way of life
  79. I found this little video insightful...
  80. Nobody Throws A Punch Like Keith Olbermann
  81. Eh....
  82. Help me...
  83. A Cartoon
  84. Do the Shrub Boogie!!
  85. The Democratic debate on MSNBC...hilarity
  86. St. Louis archbishop tangles with Sheryl Crow
  87. This is why I don't trust Democrats with Global Warming.
  88. Do you believe we can win the Iraq war without sending in 150,000+ more troops?
  89. Giuliani flip flops on civil unions. Today he says he's currently against them...
  90. Would you give your life for chiefsplanet?
  91. Giuliani Blasts Democrats' 'Socialized Medicine'
  92. Bush official linked to call-girl probe
  93. Meet your next president
  94. Bush has it all under control.
  95. General: "We cannot 'win' a war that serves our enemies interests and not our own."
  96. Bush Dancing
  97. Video: Wow... Fox News' Rupert Murdoch admits cheerleading Iraq War
  98. Rudy's first commercial!
  99. The War on terror is WORKING...
  100. Former CIA Analyst has "evidence" Cheney is behind forged Niger Yellowcake Docs...
  101. Polls don't mean much at this stage, but Barak
  102. The Surge Applied
  103. Why does William F. Buckley hate America...
  104. Why Do Democrats hate America?
  105. Illegal Immigration rallies today, 5/1/07
  106. Bush to troops
  107. Will they let Harry fight? What think you?
  108. Interesting parallel (double standard?)
  109. The Republican war on science continues
  110. Jamie Tarabay is a babe.
  111. McCain Resurgence...
  112. The wisdom of George Bush.
  113. Mike Gravel explains his citizen law making initiative
  114. A sad parallel
  115. last year
  116. I hope it's your family that suffers the consequences of a terrorist attack
  117. The First Republican Debate
  118. anti-war demonstation
  119. Imus to sue CBS for nearly 40 million.....
  120. Canada Has as Good Health Care as the U.S.
  121. Politics of Global Warming Reduces Intelligence
  122. These are the people Americans are dying for??
  123. Knowledge Gap
  124. Big Daddy et al., Is this a good bill? Terrorist gun rights
  125. Patteau - Sincere Question
  126. Broder gets it...."the country needs more than Harry Reid has offered"...
  127. Murtha the liar...
  128. new survey of "attitudes" of combat troops in iraq
  129. Iraqi lawmakers consider long summer break
  130. Why do Democrats hate God and eat Babies?
  131. Why does Hillary have a Pen**?
  132. Time to Rescind the Wars Powers Act Enactment
  133. HAHA... Bush Irony: U.S. eyes $500 mln ammunition sale to Iraq
  134. Why is ChiefaRoo a **gina?
  135. Should suspected terrorists be able to buy guns?
  136. USA fired for "pushing too hard to investigate"... "execution" of AUSA
  137. Republicans defecting to Obama camp...
  138. China: Still not so good on the human rights and stuff.
  139. Some funny political t-shirts...
  140. Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates favors a withdrawl timetable
  141. Obama leading Giuliani by 7%, McCain by 13%, Romney by 29%
  142. Interesting background article on Fred Thompson
  143. Sunni Deadline: 'Change Iraq Constitution by May 15 or we'll withdraw'
  144. So, resources needed in Greensburg, KS are tied up in Iraq...
  145. Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion
  146. Senate Kills Bill to Buy Prescription Drugs Abroad
  147. Democrats defecting to Osama camp
  148. The struggle of Iraq's police (Interesting perspective on the domestic battle)
  149. Interesting... Ahmadinejad didn't actually deny the Holocaust?
  150. Kansas Drug Tax
  151. Is this the George Bush that you know?
  152. R.I.P Hypocrisy
  153. still another Obama column
  154. Would you support pulling troops out of Iraq if Iraqis take a 2 month vacation?
  155. Giuliani Plans to Publicly Embrace Abortion Rights
  156. Ron Paul on the Rise...
  157. Iraq is costing Bush GOP support
  158. Penn & Teller: BAN WATER!!! Funny Stuff
  159. Michael Moore is back with "Sicko"
  160. This just blew my mind and I thought DC was probably the best place to post it:
  161. Rudy supports the Family Farmer... but only if you are worth $1,000,000 or more...
  162. Pentagon Breaks Pledge To Troops
  163. "Planned Parenthood" - Covering up Rape / incest.
  164. Bush conceeding: Open to Iraq Bill With Benchmarks
  165. MPAA adds smoking as film-rating factor
  166. Iraq's parliament just voted us OUT...
  167. Bill Keller on Romney
  168. A simple poll
  169. Are we destined to repeat history?
  170. Stevieray - WTF?
  171. Generals ask for even more troops
  172. Ted Nugent and Anne Coulter comment about Rage against the machine
  173. Sunni Shiekh: We Did in 3 Months What the US Couldn't Do in 4 Years
  174. Pretty good political ad, if there is such a thing...
  175. Hillary vs Obama
  176. Voters Disapprove Of The Democratic Led Congress
  177. Watch "1/2 Hour News Hour" -- PLEASE.
  178. Rural American BEWARE .....
  179. Kerry, Gore & Dukakis... Guess what they all have in common?
  180. The quick fix to global warming... stop burning the rain forests?!?
  181. Music Tastes of the Candidates
  182. The Second Republican Debate
  183. Bloomberg/Hagel 3rd Party Ticket in 2008... to spend $1,000,000,000???
  184. Obama.... A sinking ship???
  185. Jerry Falwell in "critical condition"
  186. Moore v. Thompson - Presidential, or Springerian?
  187. I gave up on politics long ago.
  188. Ouch Justice dept admits Ashcroft objected to and refused to approve NSA Wiretaps
  189. Amnesty plan ensures permanent minority status
  190. Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringemen
  191. Oh that Nancy
  192. World's greatest golfer
  193. Bush names the fall guy for Iraq!
  194. Bye, bye Bush's Tax Cuts...
  195. 9/11... Why do they hate us? Our Freedoms? Blowback?
  197. Accepting applications for a "Post Czar"
  198. Was Osama right?
  199. Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates (for telling the truth)
  200. Iraqi vote may turn GOP against war
  201. OK Democrats, riddle me this...
  202. British Think Tank: Iraq is on the verge of collapse
  203. The Official 8 months until the Iowa Caucus thread.
  204. Deal may legalize millions of immigrants
  205. Dr. James Dobson: "I cannot, and will not, vote for Rudy Giuliani in 2008."
  206. Tax and Spend News
  207. Ron Paul banned from KMBZ radio in KC
  208. Terror For 30 Years
  209. Do you think illegal immigrants should be given amnesty?
  210. Former Head of CIA's Osama Unit says Ron Paul "exactly correct"
  211. Former Pres. Carter calls Bush admin. international relations "worst in history"
  212. Clinton silent on years as only woman on Wal-Mart board
  213. Bill Clinton is a brilliant leader
  214. Muslims get such a bad rap
  215. Bush To Be Dictator In A Catastrophic Emergency
  216. "Iraq is a big moneymaker for (Al Queda)"
  217. Voter Fraud NOT
  218. See ya Rudy... Mr. 9-11 slips to third in Iowa Poll
  219. 5 days and Counting?
  220. Do you really fear terrorism?
  221. I'm becoming....
  222. How could we ever deport 20 million people?
  223. Possible Vote of No Confidence?
  224. Giuliani's flailing campaign may decide to blow off Iowa
  225. The Cost of Amnesty
  226. Body of missing U.S. soldier found: Iraqi police
  227. Gonzales aide admits to politicizing DOJ
  228. Culture of Hypocrisy Alert..Nancee defends Murtha...but admits to not having a clue..
  229. Oh boy! Hillary wants to know what her theme song should be!
  230. Iraqis who are stepping up...
  231. Dems pass anti pump gouging legislation - Whitehouse threatens veto
  232. "We can't afford deporting illegals" myth...
  233. Gore, Obama, And A Coalition Against The Politics of Fear
  234. Oil Industry Says Biofuel Push May Hurt at Pump
  235. Mayhem rises despite buildup in Iraq
  236. Ron Paul rocks Republican bigwigs
  237. How much is NAFTA to blame for the immigration surge?
  238. Michael Moore's "SiCKO" Trailer
  239. CBS Poll: 76% Say War's Going Badly
  240. Smart Bird sh*ts on DUMBya during press conference...
  241. Funny email from Amazon
  242. Global Warming Hysteria to Impact Recreation
  243. Atheist Gives $22.5 Million for Catholic Fund
  244. Second Hand Smoke , A different take
  245. lolpresidents
  246. Bi-Partisan Report: Iraq problems (helping al Queda & emboldened Iran) were predicted
  247. Gates, Generals Advocating 50% troop cut in 2008
  248. Edwards takes tuition from minorities
  249. Bush's Chief Campaign Pollster in 2000: Be a Divider, NOT a Uniter...
  250. Best Political Ad to date- Richardson