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  1. French (Probably NSFW either)
  2. Can someone fill me in?
  3. Rudy to Get The Harriet Miers Treatment
  4. Fox News calls Moore's Sicko "brilliant and uplifiting?!?"
  5. Education /NCLB- What needs to be done?
  6. Does It Get Any Better Than This
  7. immigration compromise
  8. Sheehan: Peaceniks Put Personal Egos Above Peace
  9. Scariest sound bytes yet from Clinton
  10. New Polls Out Today
  11. Social conservatives bite bullet, back Rudy
  12. Plame was covert
  13. Report: Thompson to announce
  14. The Creation Museum Opens
  15. Your Choice: Tax-Raiser, Tax-Raiser, or Tax-Raiser
  16. Moonbat: Pelosi a "Neo-lib", sellout
  17. So, Mitt Romney stopped by...
  18. Et tu, Peggy?
  19. How many here have actually held federally recognized security clearances?
  20. What next? Unmarked mass graves for our returning dead troops???
  21. So, John McCain stopped by...
  22. When Political Press Releases Go Bad...
  23. Immigration Bill - my thoughts
  24. Oopsie!!
  25. Feds arrest 4 in alleged terror plot on Kennedy Airport
  26. First Anbar, now Sunni-Baghdad begins to reject al Qaeda
  27. Red Meat Alert: Bush Nominates a "gay cure" MD to be Surgeon General
  28. Criminal Liberal Media Silent over Al-Qaeda Torture House
  29. Democrats hide pet projects from voters
  30. Al Qaida suspects sue Boeing, with ACLU's help
  31. Giuliani: Worse Than Bush
  32. Official 6/3 Democratic Debate Thread
  33. The Ticket You Support (AS OF NOW)
  34. Ark. GOP Chair: "I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like (9/11).."
  35. Fred Thompson Facts
  36. White Horse Prophesy
  37. Giuliani: JFK Plot Proves I Should Be President
  38. A Democrat.... in trouble.... but I thought that....
  39. WY Senator Craig Thomas has died..
  40. Judges at Guantanamo Throw Out 2 Cases
  41. Polls Still Don't Matter This Early: Obama-Hillary Tied
  42. One traitor down.
  43. What should be done with Jefferson?
  44. Only 43% of Republican's know Rudy is Pro-Choice
  45. If the Election was held today......
  46. Is anyone else impressed with Ron Paul like I am?
  47. Will the Demorats blow a sure thing again?
  48. Apparently God didn't like Rudy's answer
  49. Iran caught "red-handed" sending weapons to Taliban
  50. Lightning Strikes During Giuliani's Abortion Response
  51. A national morality question?
  52. "Series of Tubes" and "Bridge To Nowhere" Senator Implicated in Corruption Scandal?
  53. Political Ideology Quiz?
  54. Cells made to mimic embryonic stem cells
  55. Immigration bill dead
  56. Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to Restore Habeus Corpus
  57. $2 billion in confidential payments..............
  58. Peter Pace OUT as JCOS
  59. Like Father, ALMOST Like Son
  60. anti-war "Iraqi Vet" shown to be just another lying leftist
  61. Bush Lawyers-up: Hires 9 Lawyers... NONE from Regent University
  62. George Bush loves the miliary
  63. Words of Truth a Social Commentary
  64. If a NY Times editorial advocated the overthrow of the government...
  65. Blackwater Heavies Sue Families of Slain Employees for $10 Million
  66. Saudi Alberta?
  67. Redux
  68. Tony Blair's letter to his country
  69. BANDARgate- Another Duhbya crony scandall
  70. What Did I Say??
  71. The party of Pelosi- the hypocrisy never ends.
  72. Would the "Gay Bomb" effectively end the war?
  73. Beavis.
  74. BushCo: Immigration judges picked for political ties - Law forbids practice
  75. Fred "Flip-Flop" Thompson: "(I'm) an abortion-rights defender"...but "(I'm) pro-life"
  76. Rudy Giuliani 2008: The Twelve Commitments
  77. GSA Chief violates Hatch Act, what will Bush do?
  78. algore: GHWB to blame for ignoring Iraq's ties to terror.
  79. Good article..
  80. BushCo official lies to Congress to coverup abuses...
  81. Obama's little real estate problem.
  82. Heh. Bush gets his watch Stolen by Albanian Crowd.
  83. Dobbs: Give it a rest, Mr. President
  84. Bandar Says BAE Systems Funds Went to Govt
  85. The story of the bible
  86. Pelosi Hasn't Drained The Swamp of House Corruption
  87. The Party of Pelosi: Just Forget the Word ‘Earmark’
  88. "Under Oath" Doesn't Matter So Much??
  89. DELETE
  90. FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped in Collecting Data
  91. Gorilla...South Dakota Posters
  92. Wow... I always thought Tony Snow was a very good PR guy for this administration...
  93. Battered by criticism, Broward may keep deal with Limbaugh station
  94. DOJ Investigates if Gonzales Tried to Influence Aide's Testimony
  95. I mean, sucks to be you.
  96. Libby To Be Jailed During Appeal
  97. No Drop in Iraq Violence Seen Since Troop Buildup
  98. Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot
  99. Reid calls illegals "undocumented Americans"
  100. Clinton out polls Rudy... Obama outraises Clinton (Again?)... Obama crushing FreddyT
  101. A great Rudy Giuliani interview....
  102. Do any of Rudy's kids have "fumarase deficiency" or mental retardation?
  103. Soldier's email to the Des Moines register
  104. Existential Gravel...
  105. Lieberman's 2006 Party Chair Calls for Him to Resign Immediately.
  106. Who has read Generation Kill?
  107. I am looking for a candidate...
  108. Barack Obama 2008....
  109. What would happen to our energy industry if we nationalized oil...
  110. Liberal Bias in the media- at least the British are honest about it.
  111. Pagans, What Gives?
  112. Hillary - "we're prepared to demonize the opposition"
  113. Washington D.C.???
  114. Report: White House aides used GOP e-mail to skirt law...err, SWAMP!
  115. The BIG spending ways of Mitt Romney, liberal candidate
  116. Rudy was kicked-off Iraq Study Group; He chose making $$$ over fixing Iraq
  117. Suicide Bomb Teams Sent To U.S., Europe
  118. I've found Rudy's Vice President Candidate
  119. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves GOP... running for President as an indy?
  120. Women of the Israeli Defense Forces
  121. Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit
  122. Sounds like TJ is right... Rudy is ducking the Iraq issue
  123. I see alot of discussion about Rudy and Ron Paul, Hillary and Obama, but what about..
  124. Newt caught lying to public about link between 9/11 and illegal immigration...
  125. Stem Cell Veto
  126. Stem Cell Research - Yea or Nay?
  127. Ron Paul's State of the Union
  128. Chinese CO2 Emissions
  129. Don't sexually abuse a kid in Deleware...unless you're a govt. school employee
  130. Stupid Crooks: Vice presidency part of legislature, Cheney says
  131. CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry
  132. Arrowhead Ripper: Surrender or die.
  133. President Evil 4?
  134. Democrats moving to cut off aid to Saudi Arabia
  135. Bush claims oversight exemption too
  136. Congress Approval rating at all time low - 14%
  137. The Global Warming Test...
  138. Bong Hits for Jesus - Overturned by SC
  139. Do you talk to God?
  140. McCain-Feingold Issue Ad Restrictions Overturned
  141. An Issue With Bobby Cutts
  142. Irishjayhawk and HolmZz...answer these questions...
  143. GOP: It's time to bring the troops home...
  144. Immigration Bill: Yey or Ney
  145. dems: It's time to bring the troops home... from Afghanistan
  146. British violent crime underreported by 82%
  147. Giuliani Gets a Standing Ovation At a Christian College
  148. Rick Lowry: Radio "imbalance" is talent
  149. Wired for Health Care Quality Act
  150. Astrotheology
  151. Would this work? Campaign Financing through blind trusts.
  152. If I were king of the world...
  153. Do Ann Coulter's views on anything matter anymore?
  154. Congress to pull funding from Cheney for Office of VP?
  155. Aquarians and Evangelicals
  156. Bush/Kennedy Immigration Bill Fails
  157. Yet another Immigration thread
  158. You know the GOP is hitting rock bottom when...
  159. School desegregation ruling
  160. Bush responsbile for almost 1/3 of all Congressional earmarks...
  161. I prefer Gore/Obama... but...
  162. Sicko
  163. Across the pond, they're pissed
  164. Make "Lobby System" illegal.
  165. Good article on new type of anti-mine vehicle.
  166. Did the Benz with bombs have high explosives?
  167. Only Iraqi can win the war
  168. What do you feel your responsibilities are as a citizen?
  169. Romney, Torture, and Teens
  170. Ron Paul populist movement will it gain traction?
  171. Roswell Aliens Theory Revived by Deathbed Confession
  172. Farfour the Mouse Beaten To Death by Israelis
  173. Obama outraises Hillary by $10,000,000 in 2nd quarter!
  174. Debt as Money
  175. I was a teenage radical
  176. DUHbya commutes Libby sentence...
  177. Clinton Pardons... For the Record
  178. Anyone remember this?
  179. Cheney-Bush-Libby Quid pro quo
  180. Statement by the President on Executive Clemency for Lewis Libby
  181. Rudy Wins 2Q $$ Race For Republicans
  182. The "Terror Spectacular" is it really coming
  183. I was a fanatic...I know their thinking, says former radical Islamist
  184. Al Gore's son arrested on drug suspicion
  185. I know we have several ex-jw's (current ones too?) on this board...
  186. Shunned from society, widows flock to city to die
  187. Fred Thompson was a Nixon "mole" in the Watergate investigation
  188. Bush filed motion to uphold 33-month perjury charge for 24-yr Marine Corps Vet
  189. Al Gore's Son Arrested
  190. Has patteeu become a complete tool for the administration?
  191. Yasser Arafat - can anyone procvide information on this?
  192. Yasser Arafat - can anyone provide information on this?
  193. Ron Paul's campaign has more money than John McCain's
  194. "IMPUNITY" The King has no clothes!
  196. Lobbyist Fred Thompson had abortion-rights role
  197. Giuliani Unaware That America Gradually Withdrew From Vietnam With Timelines...
  198. Iraq war costs project to be 15% of entire national debt
  199. Bush Admin Passed On Chance To Raid Meeting Of Al Qaida Leaders
  200. Sorry if this is a repost.
  201. White House To Block Testimony Of Former Rove Aide
  202. Ron Paul beats Giuliani in NH Straw Poll
  203. 2 more Repubilcan Senators break with Bush on the War
  204. Republicans peeved at Iraqi lawmakers summer vacation
  205. Powell: 'I tried to avoid this war'
  206. Rudy: The Democrat's Worst Nightmare
  207. Does George Stephanopoulos have it out for Ron Paul?
  208. Hypothetical
  209. The Lawrence Fake Homeless Kids
  210. Immigration: From a Wall Street Journal Perspective
  211. Michael Moore is spanking Wolf Blitzer
  212. WH official: Iraq not meeting ANY of it's targets
  213. First Victim in DC Madam case
  214. So it begins... Louisiana Senator apologizes for being a whore.
  215. Movie 'Sicko'.
  216. Thompson lobbying story from Clinton supporters
  217. John McCain's Campaign Manager Resigns
  218. McGovern not sure AW Dem can win
  219. Giuliani NYC crime reduction claims
  220. Deficit Falls to $205 Billion
  221. In a World of Religious Diversity...
  222. Unity08
  223. Christians now Battling, it is not enough that the Muslims want them dead!!!
  224. Gonzalez told of FBI violations
  225. US Intel: Bush completely ineffective against Al Queda
  226. Earmarks
  227. Ex-Surgeon General: Bush Muzzled Me
  228. Swiftboating Guiliani
  229. Electoral Fusion: How to empower 3rd parties, by avoiding the "wasted vote"
  230. Christian Right Activists Disrupt Hindu Chaplain In The Senate
  231. House votes to withdrawl troops from Iraq by April 2008
  232. Kristol: Bush has to take military action in Pakistan in coming weeks or months
  233. Cheney: Office not part of executive branch
  234. Freak’n Brits, I knew it was their fault.
  235. Michael Yon dispatch 7-6
  236. Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate
  237. Environmentalists Mum on Poisoned Streams
  238. New GOP Bill Challenges Bush Iraq Policy
  239. House votes to restrict Iraq war funding in the future based on a drawdown.
  240. Let's Play.... "Tool or Not a Tool"
  241. The sleazy slime in the WH invoke Executive Privilege RE: PAT TILLMAN
  242. Saving face in Iraq is pretty simple if the powers that be want to do it.
  243. Well, the time has come to pack up and get the hell out
  244. 80's conservative cartoon All-stars
  245. Iraq says US can leave "any time they want"...plus they're "going to take August off"
  246. Damn Russkies!
  247. Obama: We should correct our course and fight the war on terror
  248. Saudis' role in Iraq insurgency outlined
  249. The Reaper and the long term
  250. Just for fun: how many glaring inaccuracies can you find on this page?