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  1. Just for fun: how many glaring inaccuracies can you find on this page?
  2. GOP Blame Game: Voinovich says Bush "F-ed up" the war
  3. Why aren't we on the metric system?
  4. BREAKING: Reid To Force All-Night Filibuster On Iraq Withdrawal
  5. Ethical stem cells for research?
  6. The Military favors Ron Paul
  7. The spooky "sleazy slime" in the WH is pushing the simpleton one to attack Iran
  8. Any chance Bush will commute this guy's sentence?
  9. Sweden's immigration woes
  10. GOP SOS: Republican voters pick 'none of the above' as leading candidate
  11. Praying for a Terrorist Strike: The GOP's Newest Political Strategy
  12. Is Bin Laden dead or in hiding?
  13. Bush Aides See Failure in Fight With Al Qaeda in Pakistan
  14. Dems as our fiscal watch dogs. Rangel's own earmark for a building named for him
  15. Vindication
  16. Love it
  17. Judge Tosses Plame's Lawsuit
  18. So.. How many terrorists live in your town
  19. DC Straw Poll
  20. Fortunate Sons
  21. Mitt Romney's anti video game / violent tv ad
  22. "King George" Coverup: Executive Privledge means I'm above the law
  23. Why do our troops hate our troops?
  24. It's Friday! Time for more overtly contemptuous bullshit!
  25. Defense undersecretary blows up Hillary
  26. After reading this I'm liking Ron Paul a little more
  27. Senator Robert Byrd wouldn't mind seeing Vick executed
  28. Romney campaign staffers used fake law enforcement badges
  29. If you were president, what would you do if one or more of our Cities gets Nuked?
  30. Guiliani loses huge Hillbilly Heroin case
  31. anal
  32. Badgirl
  33. Global Warming, would you feel cheated?
  34. Fred Thompson Will Not Join the Race 4 2008 Until After Labor Day
  35. GOP on pace to 3x the all time record of Senate obstruction...
  36. Cheney - Commander in Chief
  37. The last one to post thread, should be stickied
  38. Michael Yon's latest: ...and in that moment I knew that Iraq could make it.
  39. NYT: "The Antiwar, Anti-Abortion, Anti-DEA, Anti-Medicare Candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul"
  40. Asia Cup Soccer: Iraq - 2 Vietnam - 0
  41. Why can't we just cut bait and leave Iraq?
  42. When Politicians Claim we have the Greatest Healthcare System in the world do......
  43. Buying a farm in Wisconsin...inheriting an idiot to represent me. Bummer.
  44. Clinton expands lead over Giuliani
  45. Instant Runoff Poll
  46. Cohen: Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War
  47. Generation Chickenhawk: Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour, Great video
  48. Pro Victory Gold Star wives confront sheehan and other liberal defeatists on CH
  49. The sad thing about Iraq is....
  50. Recxjake Pimps Rudy Giuliani Thread.
  51. Republicans, is Recxjake making you...
  52. I have so many thread titles in mind...
  53. Canadian dollar worth more than ours...
  54. My only question is….
  55. Let the frogmarching begin: Contempt citations for WH
  56. What Is WRONG With The Democratic Party?
  57. Reid in stealth attack on earmark legislation
  58. Bill Maher Stand-up: The Decider
  59. Catholic Town Opens In Florida
  60. The Perjury Administration: Gonzales facing Perjury Charges
  61. Ron Paul on the Michael Smerconish show
  62. Something Dems and patteeu can agree on...
  63. 7 officers get career ending punishments for Tillman 'non' coverup
  64. AP: Was Pat Tillman murdered?
  65. If Republicans can't face Youtube how can they defeat the terrorists?
  66. Rudy Giuliani's role in paving the NAFTA Superhighway
  67. IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability
  68. Exposing the True Isolationists
  69. OMG!! Hilarious. A GOP Comedy Special!
  70. One More Reason That Brownback Should Not Be Allowed To Run For Anything
  71. It's Friday again.
  72. Cheney to get new pacemaker battery
  73. A good day for the good guys
  74. NPR Article on Ron Paul: Does the "blogosphere" matter?
  75. Hypothetical Presidential Eleciton Poll
  76. So are any of you libs going to defend this?
  77. Bush proposal would sell Naval Warships and Satellite guided weapons to Saudi Arabia
  78. Just legalize it already!
  79. "American foreign policy had NOTHING to do with Sept 11th..." --Rudy Giuliani
  80. It Ain't the Sun.
  81. Freed Guantanamo inmates take up arms
  82. Why Rudy is Right... and Ron Paul is Wrong...
  83. It's official... Iraqi Government takes vaction...
  84. More Detail on the Petraeus Plan
  85. Fred's funds raise fear of flop
  86. Giuliani: Dems want nanny government
  87. Novak outs Special Ops Mission with Turkey
  88. They must be looking for the other end of the bridge
  89. Holy crap...patteeu might be right that Iraq is winnable
  90. A question for those versed in the Black Arts....
  91. Some Second Thoughts on Haditha
  92. Dem. Majority Whip James Clyburn - Congressman what if the report is positive?
  93. Kansas Republicans will demand loyalty oath
  94. Sunni Bloc resigns from Iraq Government
  95. Ouch..dem candidates smack Obama on Pakistan stand
  96. Appears optimism on Iraq was premature - wack a terrorist mole continues!! Big time!!
  97. Ronald Reagan on Socialized medicine.
  98. Koster takes a few shots on way out door
  99. Time: Why Bush Won't Ax Gonzales
  100. Goldwater is to Reagan as Ron Paul is to...
  101. What what is the proper role of the military, post 9-11?
  102. A Wake-Up Call from Luke AFB in Arizona
  103. The power of football (soccer)
  104. It is time to wean Iraq from the Military Teat...!!!!
  105. Gingrich calls WOT 'phony'...LOL
  106. Your Black Muslim Bakery, home to bad guys
  107. U.S Taxpayers finance "former" insurgents
  108. Dems throw pittance toward Renewable Energy, Repubs continue to do bidding of Big Oil
  109. US Senate, following House, votes to expand kids' health insurance, defying veto thre
  110. Interesting exchange at YearlyKos... soldier challenges panel on war...
  111. Succes in Iraq; "a real big problem for us"-all you need to know about libs
  112. Ron Paul on the the Iraq War... Iowa's Republican debate 8/5/07
  113. "Rudy would make a terrible president"... Rudy's NYC Emergency Management Director
  114. Are you smarter than the President?
  115. Iraqis stealing American weapons as well as our money
  116. The coming malaise (column)
  117. Congress grants president wider powers of warrantless surveillance
  118. Rudy's Daughter Supports Obama
  119. A Sincere Question to Christians/Catholics
  120. Isn't it great that - ahem, shut your mouth - is back?
  121. The United States Congress
  122. Search your zip for campaign contributions
  123. Sunnis completely withdraw from Iraqi parliment
  124. "We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman."
  125. Definition - Political Correctness
  126. This is why Obama should be President... email Q&A with Pat Robertson's CBN...
  127. Third Party vote swapping
  128. China threatens to trigger U.S. Dollar crash
  129. Fred Phelps Is Truly Nuckin' Futz
  130. Trouble seeing the posts in Adam's thread?
  131. NSA Terrorist Surveillance Challenge
  132. Ron Paul's campaign faces major benchmark in Iowa Straw Poll
  133. Conservative lawmakers seek to challenge Missouri Nonpartisan court plan
  134. Are we headed for Martial Law
  135. Mitt Romney: I haven't seen someone living in an elitist bubble since, well Bush Jr.
  136. I'm smarter than you
  137. Dopers Dominate Washington DC Softball Scene
  138. Grassroots Movement: "We Need Alan Keyes for President"
  139. No End in Sight
  140. 1.4 million Iraqis escape into Syria
  141. The Absurd Comedy of the Dems' Labor Suckup
  142. Daily Show: Rudy Giuliani’s Biggest Personal Failings…in 30 Seconds
  143. Sportsbook.com upgrades Ron Paul's odds.
  144. Rudy: "Freedom is about authority"
  145. Watch Dems shoot themselves in foot at gay debate.
  146. Wow: Alaskan GOP Senator earmarks $10M of highway money for donor... in Florida
  147. Majority see media as biased, inaccurate, uncaring
  148. Ask me a good question and I will enlighten you
  149. A History Lesson
  150. Iraq: "Just five more minutes, mom..."
  151. Global Warming: Interesting change in climate numbers from NASA
  152. Giu911iani: "I Was At Ground Zero As Often, If Not More, Than Most Of The Workers"
  153. Neat Ron Paul print ad
  154. North Korea condemns US War Games
  155. America needs another 9/11
  156. Documentary, "No End in Sight" has Whitehouse spooked...
  157. Bush War Flunkie says: ....worth considering a return to a military draft,
  158. Government Accountability Office: Pentagon sent arms to Iraq
  159. Tax Payers 1...Child predators 0
  160. Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11
  161. Straw Poll Results
  162. Iowa Straw Poll Day: Results, Opinions & Voting Machine Mayhem
  163. Obama comes in third in IA poll... of likely Republican caucus-goers
  164. Fox News: Iraq is safer... no, really.
  165. Two Questions
  166. Hilarty, Fox "News" Censors Straw Poll Results
  167. CNN/Youtube Debate Back On......
  168. How is Ron Paul perceived in the eyes of a liberal?
  169. So lets talk about something interesting. Like me.
  170. Bush's brain bolting at the end of August...
  171. Rove Resigns
  172. Tommy Thompson drops out of GOP field
  173. Cheney: Unilateral Invasion of Iraq will lead to quagmire
  174. Global warming blamed for bridge collapse
  175. Ron Paul fans should like this.....
  176. Rudy Up 20 Points...
  177. Ooops, that glowing report from the former Iraq 'skeptics'...Pentagon orchestrated
  178. Walking may cause global warming
  179. The Weekly Standard Loses $1,000,000 per year...
  180. Visiting Mansfield, LA? Pull up your pants
  181. Hillary already hiding behind executive privledge...
  182. Roves legacy by a Conservative
  183. Hurricanes anyone
  184. The Preacher/the wife/the shotgun/7 months jail time
  185. John Gibson is a sack of shit
  186. Hardball: War hawk admits Iraq was about imperialism, not WMD
  187. Olbermann and Matthews are sacks of Shit. So is Bill O'Reilly.
  188. Rudolph Giuliani: Toward a Realistic Peace
  189. Iranian Republican guard to be labeled terrorist organization
  190. The surge is working....
  191. Patreaus to provide political coverage for withdrawl...
  192. Funny but F'd up... "Gays For Giuliani"
  193. The White House is writing the "the Petraeus report"
  194. "Blue Journalist" Nah can't be we've been told other wise
  195. worried about the stock market yet???
  196. Things you think should be taxed...
  197. Border Breach! Aging Americans heading to Mexico...
  198. illinois straw poll
  199. Something seems wrong with this...
  200. So it's going to be Hillary?
  201. Records: Giuliani Spent Only 29 Hours At Ground Zero In Months After 9/11
  202. Obama: "Grow the hell up, guys."
  203. When's the next debate?
  204. Would Ron Paul run as VP?
  205. New question, who would Ron Paul choose as his VP?
  206. Another politician turns against his party on Iraq.
  207. Ron Paul doing well in a few straw polls
  208. List your choice for President in order...
  209. Fred Thompson's Gamble
  210. Delete Me
  211. Should Ron Paul run 3rd party if he doesn't win the GOP nomination?
  212. Soldiers speak
  213. Who is Ron Paul Anyway?
  214. Karl Rove's Kinky Pierced Dad (NSFW)
  215. Official Democratic Iowa Debate Thread
  216. Seven Soldiers beat Bush and Patreaus to the punch.
  217. He Got Out While the Getting Was Good
  218. Why did Rove resign... one insight...
  219. Most unlikely President/VP duo
  220. If you could have 1 more term of any living President who would it be?
  221. The IRS screwing over Americans again...
  222. White House: Petraeus likely to testify before congress on 9/11
  223. Think Tank Suggests Bush should be President For Life
  224. Just curious...how much should we believe the Petreaus report?
  225. Hillary Clinton on the Surge... "It's working"
  226. Get Out and then Get back in line and come in Legal
  227. Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army
  228. Russian sub photos fake
  229. Do conservative religious interest groups...
  230. Barry left of Naral?
  231. Hillary losing the base?
  232. U.S. seems focused on reducing combat role next year
  233. Ron Paul in for the Long Haul...
  234. I just got through watching "13 Days" for the millionth time....
  235. Bush will invoke Vietnam in support of Iraq plans
  236. Book Review: The al Qaeda Papers
  237. Surge results: Democracy now optional
  238. Health plan makes the unfit pay more
  239. What do you think?
  240. Fox News working to sabotage Fred Thompson's campaign?
  241. Bush says Iraq = Viet Nam --- Politically smart move?
  242. Bush Gridlocks Dowtown KC...For a Biscuit
  243. "Worst Congress Ever"
  244. This could be the best news in the WoT in 5 years...
  245. Cuz calls me on the phone...
  246. Radicalism is no longer taught only in college...
  247. Foreign Policy Experience.
  248. How long do you believe that this war is economically sustainable?
  249. After 10 years, a dangerous menace once again walks the streets
  250. Seven different Soldiers beat Bush and Patreaus to the punch.