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  1. The New American: Russia is behind Islamic Terror
  2. Watching Liberty evaporate before our very eyes...
  3. Machine gun armed nutcase Ted Nugent taunts Obama and Hillary
  4. Which would you be able to tolerate the best?
  5. We the People are Failing- Truth is our Government Sucks Baows For Now!!!
  6. Will you Repubilcans please nominate Mike Huckabee?
  7. Ron Paul: Texans will have to pay for the NAFTA Superhighway twice
  8. Why Democrats make no attempts to appease the anti-war contingent
  9. Florida could lose all delegates and influence for the 2008 nomination
  10. Bad Day For A Terrorist
  11. Gonzales resigns
  12. The Dissident Frogman.
  13. More global warming fun
  14. Gay Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe
  15. Weather it Means
  16. Arlen Specter for Attorney General.
  17. U.S. Representative Jim Guest from Missouri: Ron Paul Supporter/Campaigner
  18. Quick. Before it goes away.
  19. What is the Deal with Ron Paul?
  20. Wow, I'm at a loss.
  21. Caption time..
  22. Baptist Pastor: "Every Christian needs to get behind Ron Paul"
  23. Our Phoney war...Newt tells it like it is.
  24. Hillary and smoking bans
  25. I know, I know, polls mean nothing this far out, but...
  26. Clinton's lime green goldmine
  27. Rasmussen Poll 8/28
  28. The decade long build-up to the Iraq War
  29. Why are the Republican gays such freaks?
  30. Ray Gun Use in Iraq Nixed by Leadership
  31. Ron Paul and Opinion Polling
  32. A Gay in our midsts? Top GOP senators call on Larry Craig to resign
  33. JB Williams doesn't like Ron Paul
  34. Nuge'
  35. For those who think Fox's "News" is fair... and just their Op-Ed is conservative...
  36. Ted Olson to be selected as the next AG?
  37. Question About Ron Paul
  38. Next VP?
  39. Pathetic. VTech Pres on right now spinning and defending
  40. Lew Rockwell outlines his dream first 30-days of a Ron Paul Presidency
  41. UPI/Zogby Poll: Most Americans Say Iraq War Not Lost
  42. Top 10 'Global-Warming' Myths
  43. Republicans pulling out of Texas Straw Poll...
  44. Nuge -vs- Taco in a death match.
  45. Democrats - Why not Kucinich?
  46. BushCo politicizing soldiers Iraq... passing out opposition research to soldiers
  47. Wiccan war widow denied invitation ... thoughts?
  48. Which activity is more offensive to you?
  49. Combat Deaths in Iraq Decline
  50. Pat Buchanan analyzes Phase III of Bush's War
  51. Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran
  52. Bush positioning for troop reductions
  53. Bush vs. Bremer: a tragic clown fight
  54. Being a Democrat Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
  55. No, I’m not joking.
  56. Someone finally said it
  57. Stupid economics question
  58. Monkey See....Monkey Do.
  59. My first day as a political activist…
  60. A Video Everyone Should Watch!
  61. Should Gov't Teets Save The Real Estate Market?
  62. The Empty 401(k)
  63. Could Sam Brownback's campaign be in trouble?
  64. Germany: 'Massive' attacks foiled
  65. BushCo didn't plan for sectarian violence
  66. Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address
  67. Is Norman Hsu a front for the Chinese Government?
  68. September DC Republican Straw Poll
  69. September DC Democrat Strat Poll
  70. Should deer (bow) hunting be allowed inside city limits?
  71. Youtube Debate on Fox News tonight; who's watching?
  72. USAF Fly Nukes over the Midwest...whoops!
  73. Fox screws Paul
  74. I have nothing more to add..
  75. Chuck Schumer Over the Top Violence is down because the Surge is Failing
  76. Hasselback and Mack Strong getting blitzed by Bush backlash..
  77. CIA: Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction
  78. Holy shit, Oprah's using her powers for good
  79. Six years later, and Osama is still releasing videos
  80. Ha ha
  81. Experts Doubt Drop In Violence in Iraq
  82. CNN seeking a Ron Paul / Mike Huckabee Debate
  83. Ethnic groups try to Blackmail support for illegal immigration
  84. Why don't conservatives like Ron Paul?
  86. Johns Hopkins School Invites Ron Paul for keynote policy address on September 11
  87. BucEyedPea's expert is Osama's expert
  88. Giuliani: Illegal Immigration No Crime
  89. patteeu's hero's family friend is...
  90. Is Fred Thompson Mentally Slow?
  91. Is Dr. Doom mentally slow?
  92. Petraeus Report: Not actually written at all.
  93. Ladies and Gentlemen... The Next President of the United States.
  94. Tom Tancredo: “Illegal presence in the USA is not a crime.”
  95. The Real Rudy
  96. Matthew Dowd on Iraq
  97. Ronald Reagan speech denouncing NeoCon Ideology & supporting Ron Paul's views
  98. Tit for tat - Is ChiefaRoo the BB Genious (CP spelling)?
  99. World Net Daily: The Republican Party is having an epiphany
  100. Interesting study regarding liberals and conservatives
  101. Fred Thompson: Due process for bin Laden
  102. Moonbat.Org's Petraeus Ad Condemned by Both Parties
  103. 60 Minutes Ron Paul Profile?
  104. 57% of Iraqis: Attacks on US Troops Acceptable
  105. Ron Paul on O'Reilly today...
  106. My blog post for 9/11.. if you care to read it
  107. George Will: By Bush's Own Standard, Surge Has Failed
  108. Bush: Iraqi Troop Reduction of 30,000 By Next Summer
  109. Paul Labels Petraeus Hearings 'Politicking'
  110. Kathy Griffin's Emmy Award Speech Censored
  111. My Post on 9/11
  112. Ron Paul at Johns Hopkins: "A Traditional Non-Intervention Foreign Policy"
  113. Pentagon report disagrees sharply with Petraus
  114. Iran here we come
  115. got the VeePee comin to town Mondee
  116. Soviet relapse?
  117. US Government in talks with Muqtada Al Sadr
  118. General Pershing stopped Terrorists
  119. Giuliani: Clinton Spewing 'Political Venom' on Iraq
  120. Admiral William Fallon: Petraeus "an ass-kissing little chickenshit"
  121. Surrender Should NOT be an Option
  122. Can a Christian be an intellectual?
  123. Huckabee Challenges Thompson to a Lincoln-Douglas
  124. Director of National Intelligence lies to congress
  125. Hunt Oil destroying compimises over Iraqi Oil revenues and political progress
  126. New Rasmussen poll
  127. Will on Thompson
  128. Uh-oh, we can't even protect our Sunni friends who are fighting AQ
  129. How much work are the Senators/Representatives running for President missing?
  130. Presidential Message is 15 minutes of BS commercial.
  131. New White House report: progress on only one benchmark out of 18
  132. Get your Liberty Dollars hot off the mint!
  133. Rudy Got His Ad In The NY Times!
  134. Economics 101 - Paul Roberts gets it right.
  135. Rudy Attacking Hillary Hard!!!!!
  136. Greenspan: Republicans in Congress "swapped principle for power"
  137. Spying...
  138. Congress: Bridge Repairs Will Just Have To Wait...
  139. Another Great Hollywood Liberal! James Brolin says Happy 9/11!
  140. Pat Buchanan: Stopping the Next War (with Iran)
  141. Antarctic Sea Ice At record High
  142. Climb aboard the anybody but Rudy Bandwagon!!!!
  143. Greenspan declares Iraq War was all about oil.
  144. Washington Times: Them Ron Paul People
  145. Is it true? It's literally impossible for Democrats in Congress to defund the war?
  146. Quotes from Republicans on war and terrorism during Clinton years
  147. Iraqis Order 1000+ "troops" out of Iraq after 8 civillians are killed
  148. Clinton unveils mandatory health care insurance plan
  149. Tales of a Ron Paul Meetup Crusader: Part 2
  150. Repub top tier snubs Black college debate
  151. The disgusting state of free speech in America
  152. San Fransisco Supervisor Talks Military
  153. Big Fed decision today
  154. Miami GOP Rioters: Where Are They Now?
  155. ACLU backs Larry Craig
  156. OOOPs, polls indicate 'General Betrayus' may not have been far off...
  157. Dozens die in joint Syria/Iran chem weapon experiment
  158. Pentagon Report: Petraeus' violence numbers fudged? Iraq violence "worse" in S. Iraq
  159. Values Voter Debate - A Night to Remember
  160. Iran Has a Plan to Bomb Israel
  161. George Washington, Christian?
  162. GOP opposes bill regulating combat tours
  163. So you want Hillarycare, you know like Canada
  164. Don't Tase Me, Bro! T-shirts
  165. Libertee for dummies...
  166. Ken Wilber Talks About The Integral Approach To Spirituality
  167. Saudis signalling a break from the dollar
  168. Rev. Dobson: Fred Thompson? Meh... Not him either...
  169. With formal vote, GOP Senators endorse political attacks on ALL military figures...
  170. When did Fox News stop trying to at least appear objective?
  171. Canadian - US Dollar at par
  172. Brownback Girl FTW
  173. Murtha Refuses To Apologize.....Cuts And Runs
  174. The fourth quarter coming... Happy Slave Labor Days!
  175. Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke
  176. A Christianity Without a Jesus Christ?
  177. Is this a sign of what our nation's politics has become?
  178. Video: Just bring them home
  179. Vicente Fox: George Bush the Texan is 'scared of horses'
  180. What would you think of Judge Andrew Napolitano as Attorney General?
  181. This is what Ron Paul supporters do. What about your candidate?
  182. Are there enough Taco John threads about Ron Paul?
  183. Bush to ask for increase in war budget
  184. Free Speech issue: should Ahmadinejad have been allowed to speak at Columbia?
  185. Standing up for your rights: A Demonstration
  186. National Debt Relief Hypothetical
  187. Disarming the Veterans
  188. Great PR move, IMO
  189. We have no homosexuals in Iran
  190. The most crass political fundraiser in the history of America
  191. Ron Paul is now the king of the Straw Poll
  192. Columbia U rocks.....
  193. Giuliani fights terrorism before its time
  194. Rudy attributes flip-flop on gun control to 9/11
  195. Find your perfect candidate quiz
  196. What is it about this tiny man, Ahmadinejad, that induces such irrationality?
  197. What Podhoretz's WWIV could begin to look like if we do Iran.
  198. Obama wins IA Dem leader endorsement
  199. There wasn't one person in Sylvia's who was screaming, "M-Fer, I want more iced tea!"
  200. US Senate votes to partition Iraq
  201. Democratic Debate - 9-26-07
  202. Planet Libs take the quiz what kind of lib are you?
  203. I know, I know its a year out...
  204. Obama is speaking in Decorah next Thursday
  205. Saddam tried to negotiate exile
  206. Having a problem picking out the candidate out of this whole mess?
  207. Another reason why I can't support Hillary/Bill
  208. A little Dr. Doom History for those of you that are new.
  209. Ron Paul Supporters @ KU
  210. FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
  211. Armedacrackhead admits to Gaydom
  212. MoveOn.org calls Iraq troops "The phony soldiers"...
  213. Religion Does it take more faith to be an atheist?
  214. Credit where credit is due...
  215. Newt isn't running
  216. Hillary: Give $5,000 to every baby
  217. How politicians vote
  218. Eco-biased McDonald's video game
  219. Rudy Giuliani: Took Phone Call From Wife…Because of 9/11
  220. Would you give up your faith in any religion.....
  221. Hillary Nut Cracker... A Must Have For The Holidays.
  222. Giuliani proves himself Mr. September
  223. Ron Paul raises a million over the Internet in less than a week...
  224. Poor Rudy: Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort
  225. The Progressivism of a Free Market
  226. The Tax Free Tips Act
  227. What's going on in Iraq?
  228. Do you believe that there is such a thing as an "anti-war right."
  229. Show says Amero coins have leaked...
  230. Yeaa Blackwater!
  231. New Hampshire Poll #'s....
  232. Breaking on CNN: Blackwater contractor writes first State Departent report...
  233. Kotter: "You can't understand the world as it really is unless you have a penis"
  234. Should Eugenics be more acceptable in our society?
  235. I get the impression...
  236. States closing Primaries to keep new Republicans out
  237. United Southern States Plus Two Northern States of Hiwaskamont
  238. WSJ: "The Republican Party left me"... GOP Is Losing Grip On Pro-Business Voters
  239. Ron Paul raises $5 million!
  240. Bush to Poor Kids: "Screw You!"
  241. New Republican Logo 2008
  242. Greta van Susterenenen
  243. Rudy Giuliani accused of money laundering in GOP election rigging scheme
  244. Euthenasia (voluntary) a concept whose time has come?
  245. The Runaway Dollar
  246. Hillary up by 33...
  247. Romny Gives 8.5 million to his campaign!
  248. Hillary Clinton Exploits 9/11!!! OUTRAGE!!!!
  249. 27% of GOP will vote 3rd Party if it's Rudy vs. Hillary...
  250. Rudy Giuliani Out Raises All Republicans....