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  1. Subdued Thompson Stirs Few Sparks on Stump
  2. Reasons I'm skeptic about Ron Paul
  3. 60% of GOP voters believe free trade is bad for the U.S. economy
  4. 3rd Q $$$$$$
  5. On O'Reilly tonight 10-04:
  6. Iowa Independant Managing Editor: Ron Paul could win Iowa
  7. Ronald Reagan said:
  8. New Drug on the market from the DNC
  9. Rachel Maddow...
  10. Book Review: Why Does Norman Podhoretz Hate America?
  11. Military Policists! Where are your calls to straighten out Burma?
  12. VOTE NOW
  13. Support the Troops! Wear a Lapel Pin!!!!
  14. Interesting that KC Star would have an article on this.
  15. New Ipwa Caucus Poll
  16. "Sourpuss" Huckabee is losing the election, and he HAS lost his honor
  17. tryphorgettin
  18. Ron Paul responds to charges of being an isolationist
  19. Republican Debate- Tuesday Night
  20. Duck and Cover!
  21. What is your opinion of this forum's impact?
  22. Apparent WH leak destroys another GWoT intelligence asset
  23. Fred Thompson 2008
  24. Nixon on Tape: Fred Thompson "Dumb As Hell...But Friendly"
  25. Breaking: Most Dems pulling out of Michigan primary...
  26. These People Actually Exist
  27. Thompson displays lack of command
  28. U.S. Palace in Iraq Delayed Indefinitely
  29. I’m sorry I have nothing else to add…
  30. Do you want to be a Rep?
  31. Interesting Mitt Romney ad
  32. Indoctrination through intimidation?
  33. Sowing the seeds of Paul...
  34. LOL, and some people wonder why no one takes Kucinich seriously
  35. Federal Reserve & U.S. Treasury
  36. Unprecedented Muslim call for peace with Christians
  37. Got to see 'em all (almost)
  38. Ann Coulter shows why Christians are best...
  39. Cool Ron Paul Video...
  40. US Budget Deficit Drops to 5-Year Low
  41. An Open Letter to Ron Paul and His Brood
  42. Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize. To share with UN Panel..
  43. Tommy Thomposon endorses Rudy!
  44. The Nobel Peace Prize has just become officially irrelevant.
  45. Blackwater Mercenaries held US Army Soldiers at Gunpoint...
  46. Republican party has two choices: Nominate Ron Paul or whither
  47. Is Taco John gay for Ron Paul?
  48. What would Ann Coulter be like in bed?
  49. Did the US Congress Declare war against Iraq?
  50. OOOPs: Gen. Ricardo Sanchez calls Iraq a 'nightmare with no end in sight'
  51. Check this out Re: Thompson Supporters...
  52. If you have the 2000 election to do over again...
  53. History quiz
  54. This is rich....
  55. Ron Paul wins Conservative Leadership Conference Straw Poll
  56. Hillary Clinton up 21 points over Obama in NH!
  57. Obama Supporters, who will you support?
  58. Al Gore - Nobel
  59. The Socialist Case for Ron Paul
  60. Dirt discovered about Ron Paul...
  61. Anyone else bothered by the fact that Turkey seems really, really pissed at us?
  62. White House condemns Burmese Actions with right hand, Chevron exploits with left hand
  63. I got published!
  64. Campaign contribution numbers
  65. Polling and why Ron Paul's numbers are low
  66. Rudy's foreign policy team is crazier than even Bush's...
  67. Donger...Peak Oil yet???
  68. The Patriot Act & The Boogeyman Within?
  69. Artist defiantly draws Prophet Mohammed
  70. Poll: As Thompson's star fades, Clinton's on the rise
  71. NSA has tens of millions of US citizens phone records
  72. Let the Fire Sale Begin!
  73. Fred Thompson Flops!
  74. Ron Paul obliterates the Republican field in military donations
  75. If we followed the constitution would 9/11 have happened?
  76. Ron Paul Supporters.....
  77. Cheney and Obama are distant cousins
  78. Rudy: "I'm really not (a Republican Mayor)... I ran as a Liberal".
  79. 12 Iraq Army Captains: Either institute a draft, or withdraw immediately
  80. If Romeo and Juliet were written today . . .
  81. Qwest CEO: NSA Warrantless Spying Efforts Started 6-Months BEFORE 9/11...
  82. Rudy and Hillary are in a dead heat for Connecticut!
  83. Colbert announces candidacy
  84. Check out this "blind bio" Zogby poll...
  85. The largest election law fraud in the history of the US
  86. I heard an interview with Ann Coulter today.
  87. Remember, Remember the 5th of November
  88. Honestly, other than leadership style...
  89. Kansas Senator to Brownback-out of the race on Friday...
  90. Bob Hope: Psychic Powers!
  91. Brownback is out
  92. Dalai Lama makes our blood boil by.............
  93. Ethanol Plants
  94. Ten Reasons to Oppose War in Iraq...
  95. Fred Phelps (Hearts) Fred Thompson?
  96. Bhutto's party is a blast...
  97. 50% of oil's cost increase since 2001 is due to collapse of the US dollar
  98. What media blackout?
  99. Progressives warming up to Paul
  100. BREAKING NEWS...T@co
  101. Where's Clinton's money coming from?
  102. It's all about the $$$
  103. Multiple Choice Mitt Romney...
  104. The US is a great place to be anti-American
  105. Did this forum get shut down?
  106. Chinese Dishwashers for Clinton!
  107. 47% Will Never Vote For Ron Paul
  108. Republican Debate... Sunday Night
  109. 43% will not vote for Rudy G !!
  110. 47% will never vote for Mike Gravel!
  111. 50% will NEVER vote for Hillary, Zogby Says.
  112. Zogby is a fraud... Allegedly...
  113. The CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan
  114. Why Fred Thompson Failed.
  115. Rudy's Dirty Money $$$$$$
  116. Ron Paul to Sean Hannity: You mean your own poll isn't any good?"
  117. Frank Luntz is a Fraud... Allegedly...
  118. Hispanic group pulls conference from K.C. over immigration flap
  119. Huckabee has just won the White House.. Rudy, Fred & Mitt endorsements to follow soon
  120. Victory is within reach in Iraq.
  121. Bush asks for $46 billion more for wars
  122. Kurdish rebels attack Turkish army patrol
  123. Presidential race over, Huckabee a lock
  124. NASA refuses to disclose air safety survey. Afraid of a public panic.
  125. Is it important for you to know where a candidate stands in regards to religion?
  126. Fiscal Responsibility
  127. It is time for a Ron Paul revolution
  128. Paul, Kucinich 2008!
  129. website
  130. Hypothetical: If you could have one former president back for a single term..
  131. Tonight on PBS: FRONTLINE presents, “SHOWDOWN WITH IRAN”
  132. RedState bans discussion of Ron Paul
  133. The Government's top accountant talks about the #1 threat to America
  134. The GOP's 'Dream' Candidate
  135. Trailer for "Hillary! Uncensored"
  136. Yet another epic Flip-Flop from Rudillary...
  137. General: Bush gave torture 'marching orders'; Rummy "personally involved" inoversight
  138. Clinton, Paul will be listed first on Missouri primary election ballots
  139. Reid, "One reason why we have Calif. fires is global warming.
  140. Probably a repost, but Ted Kennedy proves how he feels about alternative energy.
  141. Chiefs Planet End of October Republican Primary
  142. Giuliani hires and defends a child molester?
  143. Does Iran want war...
  144. Email: What George Carlin REALLY thinks...
  145. Bill Oreilly Reports on CIA link to Lee Harvey Oswald
  146. Gotti Wanted To Kill Giuliani, Was Overruled By Mob Bosses
  147. (Public) One year early ChiefsPlanet Election
  148. Penn and Teller on Frank Luntz from the previous Republican debate
  149. Obama luring ex-Bill Clinton aides
  150. Breaking News: Ron Paul polls @ 7.4% in New Hampshire
  151. Mahr kicks TJ out of his audience
  152. Iraq is "NO 'NIGHTMARE'"
  153. Premature to declare AQI crippled; Postmature to declare America defeated.
  154. Thompson losing evangelicals
  155. What has the California Wildfires taught us?
  156. Joe Biden blasts Kotter's Hero Thompson-"Insurgents a bunch a' kids"
  157. Bush's Pravda: FEMA workers masquerade as reporters at Calif. Fire press conference
  158. Ga court: Release man jailed in sex case
  159. “Shut up and act.”
  160. Buchanan on conservatism
  161. Huckabee - Big Government Conservative in the vein of Clinton
  162. Healthcare system: Government enabling Medical extortion?
  163. Where is......
  164. More bad news from the GWoT
  165. Woot! I've been published part two!
  166. "Ron Paul is an isolationist" lady eats her words
  167. Lying us into war...
  168. Holy. F*cking. Doh!
  169. Hilarious Cartoon...
  170. ***Chiefsplanet Official Pimp Your Candidate Thread***
  171. Paul says he wouldn't make run as independent
  172. 4th and Twenty....It is crunch time
  173. The Worst Politcal TV ad I have ever seen
  174. Holy moly, the Taliban ambush coalition forces in Afghanistan again...
  175. Who was the best option for President of the last 20 years?
  176. Is it me or does anybody else think this could be pretty ominous?
  177. Ron Paul Canvassing Finds up to 50% Undecided in NH
  178. Mark Levin - Recent Speech - Excellent
  179. Schumer, Harkin, Specter, Cochran move to limit 1st Amendment
  180. ENRON
  181. Waterboarding: Why is it still legal?
  182. Fake FEMA news conference director gets promotion
  183. OOOPs: State Dept. promised Blackwater IMMUNITY re: Sept. Shootings...
  184. Does the FED lower rates and kill the dollar?
  185. Giuliani makes up cancer statistics to fight universal care
  186. Grandstanding Has Consequences
  187. What happens if Rudy is shutout of Iowa, NH & SC?
  188. G.I. JOE revamp... Is now a UN-style solider...
  189. Sorry Bro
  190. Wow: Bush working with Iranian Spy
  191. OFFICIAL 10/30 Democrat Debate @ 8 PM CST on MSNBC
  192. Ron Paul T.V. Ads viewable online...
  193. Ron Paul on Jay Leno...NOW!!
  194. Oh boy! If this headline only were true!!
  195. Political coverage = Sports coverage
  196. I am now a Ron Paul Supporter
  197. The politics of pile on?
  198. Maryland jury awards $10.9 million to victims of Phelps gang
  199. Has illegal immigrant become the NEW WELFARE MOM isssue??
  200. Sen. Norm Coleman endorses Rudy Giuliani
  201. Wanna make $14.00 the hard way?
  202. A new law in Oklahoma goes into effect today.
  203. General Abizaid: US Troops in the Mideast for 50 years
  204. Fed pumps $41B into US financial system
  205. Swiftboating Rudy?
  206. Ron Paul and SPAM
  207. Are you undecided?
  208. Colbert poll
  209. Sen. Kit Bond Endorses Rudy Giuliani
  210. Poll: Romney would lose Massachusetts
  211. Ron Paul spanks Condoleeza
  212. GOP Consultant Frank Lutz on Ron Paul: "His supporters are like crabgrass..."
  213. Iraqi Islamic Party: “Al Qaeda is Defeated”
  214. The Most Influential US Conservatives
  215. 60 Minutes: Faulty Intel Source "Curve Ball" Revealed
  216. So, what is it they’re trying to say?
  217. Another one of those Generals with "an ax to grind" against our beloved leaders.
  218. Even Harvard finds the media biased
  219. Ron Paul’s Slam Dunk Foreign Policy
  220. Sorry, but where was the Big Romney endorsment?
  221. Policing the World
  222. Facing unwelcome court ruling Musharraf suspends constitution, replaces judges
  223. Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing
  225. Footage from the first 2008 GOP presidential debate (cartoon version)
  226. I just watched Zeitgeist and it shook me to the core of my being
  227. Did anyone watch tonight's 60 Minutes?
  228. Ron Paul just raised $65k in 20 minutes
  229. Yet another "Family Values" Republican!
  230. Celebrating Libertarianism
  231. Isolationism Isn't the Answer
  232. Ron Paul threads suspended at the Hannity forum...
  233. What's On Presidential Candidate Web Sites?
  234. Republican Presidential Debate- Des Moines
  235. Cold Shoulder for Ron Paul Voters
  236. Rudy Giuliani: Grade School Fibber or World Class Megalomaniac?
  237. Blessing in disguise?
  238. Living Room Candidate
  239. Republicans are going to force a vote to impeach Cheney
  240. Even Fred Thompson doubts he'll be president
  241. Fundraising suggests Paul could get 15%. What will Republicans do?
  242. Why would white supremacist types support Paul?
  243. Dollar Continues to plummet.
  244. Mass Arrests in Pakistan
  245. Ruby's Big Endosment...
  246. Pat Robertson To Endorse Giuliani
  247. Dems Face Law and Order Dilemma
  248. Free at last...Free at last...Thank God Almighty!
  249. Does Iran intend to build a Nuclear Weapon?
  250. All 50 States Sued to Block Computerized Vote Counting