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  1. Why the Stock Market is Heading South...
  2. Robo-poll actual survey question...
  3. Stunning: Abstinence programs don't work
  4. Who to vote for?
  5. Can we call for a boycott of China made toys before they kill all our kids?
  6. Ron Paul rides Bernanke's ass.... AGAIN
  7. Wierd: Fox News buying TV ads on Hardball
  8. Ron Paul drawing a line in the sand in NH on privacy
  9. Pulse of Iowa... (political junkies only)
  10. Rove column on Dem Congress
  11. America's Mayor Is on a Roll
  12. Follow the leader... Establishment candidates prepare to walk into a buzz saw
  13. Kerik Indictment Cuts At Core Rationale Of Rudy Candidacy
  14. Attempting to kill renewable energy
  15. Iraqis come together to pass Anti-American legislation...
  16. Hilary adopts Bush plant strategy from 2004
  17. What's going on in Iraq & Afghanistan?
  18. The most uncomfortable interview ever...
  19. Ron Paul fans upset they cannot get more than 4% of Republicans to support Paul
  20. Dr. Doom takes the plunge for Ron Paul
  21. Ron Paul breaks into the light as freedom warrior
  22. Actors that are political activists
  23. Five Months Out: GOP Nomination
  24. Ron Paul on Face the Nation: "Bush Policy = Neo-Isolationism"
  25. New Poll: Clinton and Thompson drop, Obama and Paul gain
  26. Why Iowa Matters
  27. The state of free speech in America part II
  28. NRLC endorsement goes to Thompson
  29. Huckabee on taxes
  30. Norman Mailer died. Here's a humorous...
  31. My prediction: The economy will be the #1 issue in '08
  32. A Hillary metaphor?
  33. Rudy is "conced(ing) defeat in Iowa and New Hampshire to Mitt Romney"
  34. Silver lining in Pakistan situation?
  35. Cost of the War in Iraq and Afganistan(so far)= $1.6 Trillion
  36. Troops are beginning to leave Iraq
  37. A "different" take on Huckabee
  38. Ron Paul Defeats Rudy Giuliani in New York Poll
  40. Huckabee Polling 21% in Iowa!
  41. Rudy up 6 in S. Carolina!
  42. Ex-Publisher’s LawSuit Plays a Giuliani-Kerik Angle involving Fox News
  43. Rudy's First TV Ad!!!
  44. Ron Paul on Giuliani: "Chicken Hawk who took 4 deferrments"
  45. Mr. 9-11 has some competition.
  46. Radio station accuses police of profiling
  47. Obama to name a Chief Technology Officer to help foster Open Government
  48. Obama on Hilliary's opposition to driver's license's for illegals
  49. Analysis: As Iowa, N.H. voting nears, races still in flux
  50. Another Bush flunkie prejured himself before Congress...Coverup?
  51. Sobering...
  52. I'm guessing Bandag isn't handling these retreads.
  53. Hillary: Overcoming the Bitch-Factor
  54. Liberty Dollar offices raided by FBI. Everything confiscated...
  55. Rudy and Pat
  56. Comprehensive CO2 emissions website
  57. Democratic Debate -CNN 7PM CST- Will Hillary Recover?
  58. Fox/Iowa GOP debate off, Romney blamed
  59. Bush has left our alliances in ruins.
  60. National Journal: Iowa simply isn't expected to matter that much to 2008 GOP nom.
  61. Ron Paul debate on O'Reilly Radio Factor Today
  62. Decision time for US over Iran threat - IAEA Confirms 3,000 Centrifuges
  63. Good old Saudi's
  64. Why Bush's Strategy For Holiday Delays Won't Work And Other Minor ATC Issues
  65. Where do you get your news from?
  66. Anyone have any questions for Amb. Joe Wilson?
  67. Barack Obama's Grass Roots Money Bomb Fizzles
  68. Ron Paul's Iowa blitz is apparently on?
  69. Republican Primary Schedule
  70. Who's buying who in D.C?
  71. Ron Paul - nazi?
  72. Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against `Sizzler' Missile
  73. Anti-Net Neutrality: Considering an Open Future
  74. 9/11 Firefighters and Family Members Plot Anti-Giuliani Ad Campaign
  75. with friends like these....
  76. Could Romney Be Behind the Anti-Mormon N.H. Phone Calls?
  77. The North American Union Agenda
  78. Mike Huckabee's First TV AD
  79. Just wondering, Is Mitt Romney's campaign budget any indicator on his real budget?
  80. Basra attacks down 90% since British troops left
  81. The Ron Paul Revolution Comes to Europe
  82. Ron Paul: The Only Presidential Candidate to Challenge the American Empire
  83. OPEC Interested in Non-Dollar Currency
  84. Huckabee a SHOE-IN winner now.
  85. Employers may be forced to hire non-English speakers
  86. New NIN - Apathy Kills
  87. Obama takes lead in Iowa
  88. Does Hillary have "dirt" on Obama?
  89. Rudy drops to 3rd place in Iowa and NH... Can he survive?
  90. US Plans Case Against AP Photographer
  91. Zogby: Is 2008 a 1932 moment?
  92. Protesters arrested at Gonzales speech
  93. Thompson looked better in theory
  94. well, well, well...
  95. Rudy Giuliani- Tough on Graffiti
  96. Supreme Court Will Decide Challenge to District of Columbia Handgun Ban
  97. Voter Supression Working: 15,000 FL voters denied registration... 75% minorities
  98. Writeup on KCMO school desegregation program
  99. Republicans, and Indies: If Bush Ran for a Third Term
  100. Ron Paul wins Zogby national blind phone poll
  101. McClellan implicating Bush in Plame Cover-up Scandal
  102. "Ron Paul Republican" challenging John Salazar (D) in Wyoming
  103. Who's Who of War Contractors.
  104. Huckabee first in Iowa?
  105. Road from Damascus
  106. USA Today: Play the Candidate Match Game...
  107. Do we need a whole new flock of teachers in the U.S.?
  108. A little education for the 9/11 conspiracy folks.
  109. Bloomberg is entering the fray?
  110. Let's Privatize Privatization
  111. Rudy's up with his 3rd ad in NH in a week!
  112. ROFL - Most viewed pages on Conservapedia.com
  113. Tazer Nation
  114. The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
  115. Jhesu Christus, look at the G0ddamned PM I just got
  116. Mitt Romney proposes the creation of a new nation building force
  117. Black helicopters ;)
  118. Rudy 46% - Hillary 42%
  119. Iraq: What Went Right
  120. Majority of Iowa Republican Caucus Goers Favor Iraq Withdrawal Within 6 Months
  121. Canada school district pulls The Golden Compass
  122. To Catch a Predator
  123. Another Taser Incident
  124. Blind to Progress, Plug Ears to Progress, Speak NO Progress
  125. Please Tell me this isn't the Same Taco John
  126. Very funny stuff
  127. A much better Mike Huckabee ad!
  128. US to Isreal: Please stop buying pistachios from Iran
  129. Christian Values and Politics
  130. New poll shows Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans
  131. 'BunnyRanch' Brothel Owner Endorses Ron Paul
  132. Bush's Iraq Success: Operation Enduring Occupation + Abandon political benchmarks
  133. China's ambitious plans in space
  134. Who do you think WILL win?
  135. Republican CNN/Youtube Debate- Wed. 7pm
  136. ***OFFICIAL Mike Huckabee in 2008 Bandwagon***
  137. The Evidence For Global Warming
  138. Novak: Huckabee, The False Conservative
  139. Dude takes Recx out to the wood shed and tears him a new one...
  140. Robert Bidinotto takes Ron Paul to task over his neo-isolationism.
  141. A bill has been introduced to make Puerto Rico a state
  142. Iowa State Student Survey: Ron Paul in first place
  143. Political Crimes in.....Oklahoma?
  144. Morris: Negativity coming from Clinton
  145. We'll stand down as Iraq stands up.
  146. dupe, ignore
  147. The Ant & The Grasshopper
  148. Club For Growth reviews the economic positions of Ron Paul et. al.
  149. Briton teacher in Sudan jailed for naming a Teddy Bear "Mohammed"
  150. New Iowa numbers from Rasmussen 11-28
  151. Another Officer Death
  152. Tucker: Ron Paul supporters the most educated I've ever seen
  153. The New Republic: Fed Up
  154. Busted: Taxpayers pay for Rudy's affair
  155. Huckabee is going to win Florida???
  156. CIA's Top-most Bin Ladin Expert on a Ron Paul Presidency
  157. Rudy/Mitt: "We can't elminate farm subsidies unless Europe does too."
  158. Huckabee Crushes Rudy in Florida and Iowa Polls...
  159. Truth Be Tolled...
  160. Rudy goes after Democrats in new ad!
  161. TheStreet.com - Crazy Is Not Taking Ron Paul Seriously
  162. Frontloading the Primaries
  163. More CNN plants at Youtube debate
  164. ABC News: Giuliani's Mistress Used N.Y. Police as Taxi Service
  165. Ron Paul Supporters: What's with the anti-federal reserve rhetoric?
  166. Giuliani speaks out on "scandal"
  167. Murtha finds military progress in trip to Iraq
  168. Personal-Use Tasers
  169. Romney vs Huckabee in Iowa
  170. Immigration group: Huckabee a 'disaster'
  171. Police: Hostages taken at Clinton campaign office
  172. Paul/Buchanan vs. Giuliani/Huckabee
  173. Ron Paul over 10 million raised this QTR
  174. The Party of "Disbelief"
  175. Remember this, guys? It wasn't too long ago...
  176. A thread for non-religious people
  177. Thread for those who ARE Religious
  178. Rudy used city funds to create $400K American Express slushfund
  179. Secure our broken borders. Restore rule of law.
  180. What I find most baffling about Paul's supporters
  181. NH Union Leader Paper endorsing McCain
  182. Oops: Huckabee moves into 1st in Iowa...
  183. Judaism vs Zionism... a critical distinction in understand Iran?
  184. Paulos: It's coming down to Huckabee and Paul
  185. Great News Paulites! Thanks to Ron Paul the SPP is DOA!
  186. Huckabee leaves office - First order of business: destroy all the hard drives...
  187. Rove memo to Obama
  188. Florida GOP Official Threatens Ron Paul Straw Poll Voter with Violence
  189. Tasering considered a right in america?
  190. From ticket to taser in under 30 seconds.
  191. Reconciliation continues in Iraq. Long range forecast for Bush legacy is sunny.
  192. NIE Report: Iran Halted Nuclear Weapons Program Years Ago
  193. Save Santa!
  194. Gallup: Rudy sinks 9%, Huckabee surges to #2 Nationally
  195. Gov. Norquist to Rudy- You Stand Out
  196. Congress has terrible idea to regulate junk food
  197. NYC Police also escorted around Judith Nathan's Friends, family
  198. Ron Paul Supporters... Post Debate Rally Speech
  199. Inept Congress delays your tax refund (likely)
  200. www.taxhikemike.org
  201. Democrat's staffer caught in "To Catch A Predator" type FBI sting
  202. Historians and Barack Obama
  203. I know no one cares...
  204. Mr. 911 Man astonished at Paul's supporter numbers
  205. white house set to veto evergy bill
  206. Irradiating greens, wtf?
  207. Religious Right Crucifies What's Left of America
  208. No candidate for me this time
  209. Israel is pissed...
  210. Rove: Bush still a factor in race
  211. 911ani, Thompson in free fall while Huckabee rockets...
  212. Calculating Christmas -Long but Good Read
  213. Romney Finally Fires Illegal Immigrants Mowing His Yard...
  214. 30 Days to Iowa Straw Poll - Republicans
  215. Why shouldn't Iran be able to have nuclear weapons?
  216. Ugly for Huckabee: His released rapist rapes again
  217. Companies with the fattest tax breaks
  218. Rasmussen: Huckabee moves into 1st place nationally... Rudy loses 1/3 of his support
  219. New Rudy ad in NH
  220. Huckabee: Gay Marriage = END of Civilization
  221. World is Flat Lady: Nothing Predates Christianity
  222. Romney:'I Believe in an America Where the Separation of Church and State is Absolute'
  223. So if you took out a fixed rate mortgage in the last few years...
  224. Congressional Democrats
  225. The Danes pay up to 63% of their income in taxes!?!?
  226. The Lies at the End of the American dream
  227. NEA to endorse Huckabee
  228. Rasmussen: Huckabee moves into 1st in SC and 2nd in NH
  229. John Bolton on the recently released NIE
  230. Vice Presidential Nominees for the Democrats
  231. A Vote for Latin - NYT Op-Ed
  232. Paul right to oppose Iran war; intelligence report is the proof
  233. Look! Up in the sky: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...
  234. Liberal Hero Kiddie Porn king
  235. Do Neo-Cons ever learn?
  236. I Support Rudy Giuliani!
  237. Buchanan lauds Romney speech
  238. Ouch... Club for Growth Launching Nationwide Ads against Huckabee
  239. Can Neo-SOW's prove IRAN Does not have Nukes
  240. Huckabee opend 22 pt lead in Iowa
  241. I give up, I'm voting for Ron Paul
  242. Ron Paul wins Johnson County Straw Poll!
  243. Democracy!!!!!
  244. Huckabee and AIDS- problem?
  245. My vote is for sale.
  246. As President, Ron Paul will solve the Healthcare Crisis
  247. Cheney: There's no reason to question the NIE findings...
  248. Libertarian Party Asks Ron Paul to Accept Nomination...
  249. Inquiry into destroyed CIA tapes
  250. Part of My War Diary from Iraq