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  1. Andrew Young: "Bill Clinton had more black women than Obama."
  2. Why I believe Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination...
  3. Iran 'hoodwinked' CIA over nuclear plans
  4. Rasmussen: Five paths to the nomination
  5. Watch Your Rights Erode Timeline
  6. Ready for Fascism? H.R. 1955/S. 1959
  7. Doth protest too much? Anti-Gay Boy Scout Leader Arrested ... For Molesting Boys
  8. Rudy Self-Destructs on Meet The Press
  9. KS attorney general in sex scandal
  10. Bombed if you do, bombed if you don't
  11. Ron Paul's California Suprise...
  12. Tax babies 'to save planet'
  13. I knew Halliburton was greedy, but now they are gang rapists?
  14. The Reason for the Season
  15. Neocons losing their grip on power - and reality
  17. Putin looks to merge with Belarus
  18. Recycling costs more and hurts the environment.
  19. Clinton Camp: Obama was a cokehead
  20. Why Has the U.S. Forest Service Purchased $600,000 Worth of Tasers?
  21. Morgan Stanley issues full US recession alert
  22. Programmer testifies on computerized election tampering
  23. OMG!!!...RECXJAKE.... LOOK!
  24. Des Moines Register Debate- Wed 1pm/Thurs 1pm
  25. ABC/WaPo Poll: Long awaited Rudy collapse seems to have arrived
  26. Tucker Carlson on the Ron Paul Blimp
  27. National Review endorses Mitt Romney
  28. Ron Paul wins National Presidential Caucus
  29. A video for the fathers out there...
  30. Government plans to turn school into the new mum and dad
  31. "We Carried Out Torture Because The White House Told Us To"
  32. 'Iran tested new missile during summit'
  33. Roses are red; taxpayers blue
  34. Mitt Romney: "It's just not the American way"
  35. Huckabee/Paul Winners of Iowa Debate
  36. Enjoy your Walmart Christmas Ornaments- courtesy child labor at 26 cents
  37. Pasadena TX burglary
  38. Presidential Candidates: Who do they remind you of?
  39. What it reads like when people don't defend incompetence/corruption...
  40. Delware: Fred Thompson can't get enough signatures to make the ballot
  41. Huckabee "Moneybomb" raises $210k
  42. Dems capitulate on spending bill
  43. Blowback: The Rest of the Story.
  44. Rudy's New TV AD
  45. Romney Purchases largest Communications Company in America
  46. 2nd Amendment thread...
  47. List of open primary states...
  48. Democratic debate?
  49. New Poll reveals NeoCon views do not represent views of American Jews
  50. A worldwide freedom movement. REAL freedom is on the march...
  51. House passes ban on waterboarding
  52. Paul breaks double digits in South Carolina
  53. Edwards wins FOX and CNN focus groups on debate
  54. Clinton attack on Obama backfires; aide steps down
  55. Ron Paul has been guaranteed an hour of time on Glenn Beck's show this Tuesday
  56. CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE ???
  57. "We should give up futile attempts to combat climate change"
  58. pick on jake day...rudy loses lead in fla
  59. Liberty Dollar update - Government theives get aggressive
  60. GOP Can Learn from Ron Paul
  61. The greatest "something-something" girl video of all time!
  62. Rudy's New TV AD!! OMG!1! WTF!?1 FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. Another hypocrite politician goes down because of his own lies.
  64. Wow Lawrence O'Donnell dislikes Mormonism.
  65. Why Ron Paul's followers will cost him the election.
  66. Chris Biggs............................................
  67. George Bush Endorses Ron Paul
  68. Rudy's Last Pitch...
  69. Ron Paul's Tea Party 07
  70. The Des Moines Register is a worthless sack of dog shit
  71. Bush tax changes wreck budget
  72. For whom will I vote?
  73. Economic Phrase that hasn't been around since Jimmy Carter
  74. Political and Religious affiliation
  75. Ron Paul Political Infomercial...
  76. Bloomberg to Announce Presidential Run
  77. WOW: Ron Paul pulls a Huckabee
  78. Latter-Day Republicans vs. the Church of Oprah
  79. Romney: 17,000 TV ADS
  80. Woot!! RP ad on Howard
  81. Oprah Question
  82. No innocents were tortured in the making of this confession
  83. Huckabee's son to work for PETA?
  84. Ron Paul Surpasses Fund Raising Record Held by John Kerry
  85. Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry
  86. Dr. No On Ice
  87. Teacher receives death threat... :)
  88. Jesus is now my lord and savior
  89. I think this might be that moment where the GOP officially dies...
  90. Think Religion Plays a Bigger Role in Politics Today?
  91. Ron Paul Email Spam
  92. Ron Paul vs. Glenn Beck (1 hour cage match)
  93. Ministry of Homeland Security Abuses Icelandic Woman
  94. The Cost of Bush: $455,000 per household or $32 Trillion
  95. Italians Block Construction of New U.S. Military Base
  96. Kudos to Mike Huckabee
  97. *** OFFICIAL John Edwards in 2008 Bandwagon ***
  98. Magic question
  99. Fred Phelps posts on the mikehuckabee forum? WOW!
  100. What is ailing public education in America?
  101. Victor Davis Hanson attempts to dispel utopian misapprehensions about our current war
  102. Should openly gay soldiers be allowed to serve their country?
  103. Rudy and Huck tied in national polls
  104. Police accused of firing Taser into head of innocent man
  105. John Edwards mistress thats pregnant ?
  106. Tom Tancredo to drop out tomorrow...
  107. Fred Thompson- Lazy As Charged
  108. Rudy's "Red Sweater" Ad
  109. Kucinich's brother found dead
  110. Rudy On Wastefull Washington Spending
  111. Aother Christmas Commercial from the Huckster!
  112. American Conservative Utterly Destroys Rudy
  113. Political Compass Charts candidates
  114. Ha ha Michael Steele!
  115. Bloomberg Running For POTUS As Independent
  116. Lakota Indians secede from the USA and create their own nation within the US borders.
  117. Ron Paul on MSNBC: Are His Supporters Even Represented in the Polls?
  118. NH paper endorses Rudy!
  119. Giuliani plummets in latest NBC/WSJ poll - Has Lost His National Lead
  120. ***Official John McCain in 2008 Bandwagon***
  121. What general election matchup would be best for the country?
  122. Is recxjake still confidant that Rudy will win?
  123. How Huckabee, Romney and Giuliani rate on taxes
  124. Romney: "I saw the Patriots win the World Series"
  126. Ron Paul will quit on February 6
  127. Edison's invention banned
  128. Buchanan: Down to Mitt and Mike?
  129. Just a question about Iowa Caucus
  130. Ron Paul clears up his "fascism" remark
  131. Global Warming Conference keeps itself cool...
  132. FBI seizes $400K (cash) from a crime victim.
  133. Bowtie on Dr. No.
  134. Point and Laugh at Sen. Harry Reid.
  135. Mike Huckabee: The Anti-Catholic Candidate
  136. Down to Mitt and Mike: The Poll
  137. Time Magazine blows it
  138. Barack Obama's Kindergarten Essay
  139. Illegal immigrants packing up and leaving Arizona
  140. The Ron Paul Revolution 'no need to retaliate vs. an attack ever in American history'
  141. Tim Russert is Destroying Ron Paul
  142. reject...you are an idiot
  143. Rudy is great (not)
  144. Billions in Aid to Pakistan Was Wasted, Officials Assert
  145. I'm an undecided voter. Who should I vote for?
  146. Sicko
  147. Does this concern you ?
  148. Five myths about torture
  149. Who Said This?
  150. christmas: Which major candidate's Christmas ad is the best? The worst?
  151. The Clinton experience
  152. The story of the Great Christmas Truce
  153. Ron Paul is leading the AOL Straw Poll nationwide by a 2 to 1 margin
  154. The Bill Is Coming Due
  155. Politico: The audacity of nope
  156. What career should I take?
  157. Towery: Reagan would have voted for Ron Paul
  158. Kansas GOP Chair Sends Email Boasting of Voter Caging
  159. The best Giuliani ad yet....
  160. Pakistan's Bhutto assassinated
  161. Ron Paul: Real Conservatives Don't Start Wars, They End Them
  162. Huckabee Moneybomb Today!
  163. Novak predicts McCain win (?)
  164. Huckabee apologizes for "what has happened in Pakistan."
  165. Ex-Intel Official: Don't Be So Quick to Blame al-Qaeda, Musharraf for Bhutto Killing
  166. "Kooky" Reagan: "You can't control inflation as long as you have fiat money."
  167. Osama Bin Ladin has been dead for some time... according to Bhutto
  168. 2007 year in review quotes
  169. McCain to unleash negative ads on Flip Romney.
  170. Why Mike Huckabee will win Iowa!
  171. Great SI fluff piece on Obama.
  172. Iowa Independent: Ron Paul in position for third place
  173. Pat Buchanan is a non-interventionist; Ron Paul is a neo-isolationist.
  174. The endorsement that will tip the balance in Ron Paul's favor
  175. FOX is excluding Ron Paul from pre-New Hampshire primary debate
  176. Buy Some Stuff, Enslave Somebody
  177. How long will the Iowa caucus take?
  178. Ron Paul: "I don't accept (the theory of evolution) as a theory"...
  179. America's 50 Most Loathesome People
  180. Catholic Church training hundreds of new exorcists
  181. Bhutto's 19 yr old son & husand to lead her party
  182. The results of the patteeu primary are in.
  183. Rank the opposing party's candidates
  184. Intelligent Design-ers... Please watch this...
  185. Old item from Ben Stein, plus a little.
  186. Obama, Huckabee retain leads in final DMR poll
  187. Romney shielded foreigner investors from paying US taxes
  188. Republican Nomination: Down to Huckabee-McCain-Thompson
  189. Hypothetical: Extension of Lifetime
  190. Democratic Nomination: Hillary vs. Obama
  191. Caucuses discourage participation by many
  192. What is a communist?
  193. Ron Paul Rivals Clinton, Raising Almost $20 Million for Campaign
  194. Pew: McCain surges past Rudy to take national lead in GOP race
  195. I'm going to see Bill Richardson speak in about 90 minutes
  196. 17,808 voters in Florida switch from Dem to Republican. MSNBC baffled as to why...
  197. Let's talk potential veeps.
  198. Who will be our next President?
  199. America Needs Rudy Giuliani!
  200. Couple banned from shopping center for taking photos
  201. A reminder to conservative Iowans
  202. Where's a good 101 on the candidates?
  203. A Question of a comparison
  204. Flashback: Final Push to Pass McCain-Lieberman Global Warming Bill
  205. What is the most important factor in Presidential elections?
  206. The Iowa Prediction Thread...
  207. The issue, imo, of the new millenium
  208. Track Iowa Caucus Results Here
  209. MSNBC: Ken Melman "Dem turnout in Iowa could be 3 - 1 over GOP turnout"
  210. Just getting ready to go caucus for Ron!
  211. HOLY SH*T Iowa Caucus Wiki Page...
  212. MSNBC calling Iowa caucus win for Huck
  213. Quick Iowa caucus report
  214. Rudy getting slaughtered
  215. Elections BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA wins Iowa per CNN, MSNBC
  216. Barack(a) Wins
  217. CNN: Obama Wins!
  218. Who is Ron Paul and why would anyone waste their time voting for him?
  219. "IF" Romney continues decline, and loses NH...
  220. Congrats to Kotter... Fred Thompson 3rd
  221. The real winner in Iowa
  222. Nothing to be ashamed of...
  223. My take on Iowa
  224. Second Thoughts about Fluoride
  225. Iowa: The Perfect Outcome For Ron Paul
  226. Candidate Matchmaker
  227. So...is Huckabee more Jimmy Carter, or Pat Robertson?
  228. 9u11iani not worried yet
  229. Wyoming Caucus
  230. The Real Loser in Iowa:
  231. HRC channeling Rudy - or I can play the 9-11 card better than you...
  232. Ron Paul excluded again...
  233. CNN: Ron Paul emerges as a significant player
  234. Ron Paul Hits Huckabee on Taxes
  235. Business Idea
  236. Soldier talks about honor
  237. New Rasmussen Poll for NH - HOLY SHIT
  238. The Obama effect!
  239. Wyoming GOP Caucus Results
  240. Romney: People don’t want change ‘in the White House.’
  241. NH GOP Drops Sponsorship of FOX Debate
  242. Rom Paul surges to 14% in NH
  243. Is America getting better or worse?
  244. Ron Paul on Jay Leno the night before the NH Primary
  245. Romney is such a whiney bitch
  246. Anybody else catch Thompson's gay joke?
  247. Rudy making huge gains in New Hampshire poll!
  248. These candidates are basically idiots
  249. Clinton Machine shaken by setback
  250. Fred Thompson vs. Ron Paul