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  1. Rudy about to drop out?
  2. My experience today with a typical Ron Paul supporter...
  3. John McCain was not born in the United States...
  4. Will recxjake be on tomorrow extolling the virtues of John McCain?
  5. John Mccain's wife & daugter are hot.
  6. Eric Boehlert: Fox News is in for a very rough 2008
  7. Kansas City area Obama visit
  8. ****OFFICIAL "Laugh derisively at recxjake" THREAD!****
  9. Edwards gonna drop out...
  10. CNN reporting Edwards to quit race...
  11. What Will Rush, Hugh Say if McCain Wins?
  12. John McCain & Ron Paul about to go One on One...
  13. Will on McCain
  14. National Taxpayer's Union:Frontrunners Boost Fed Budget $7-$287 Billion Annually
  15. Gallup: Obama gains 10 points on Hillary in one week...
  16. John McCain... The Greatest Republican In the World!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. How much of the Florida victory for Mccain because of 'old and military people' ?
  18. Something a bit lighter...
  19. Iraq conflict has killed 1,000,000 Iraqis: Survey
  20. It's getting serious folks...
  21. Obamania's runnin' wild, brotherrrr!
  22. My fight with Hypocrisy
  23. ***Official who can suck Reagan's dick the hardest debate thread***
  24. This says it all.
  25. Rasmussen: Obama moves into statistical tie with Hillary in California
  26. John McCain is a ****ing moron
  27. Caption Obama
  28. 35 Years of Experience????
  29. Huckabee and Ron Paul need to quit and need to support........
  30. Romney effectively quits the race... McCain will be the nominee
  31. Clinton Says She Can Control Her Husband
  32. TV Ads have started
  33. Holy Crap! Obama Raises $32 Million in January Alone!
  34. Is This Really All We Have To Choose From?
  35. Has anyone endorsed Romney?
  36. Obama is for/against decriminalizing Marijuana
  37. Sources: Al Qaeda's No. 3 man killed
  38. Will the founder of the Minuteman Project make a 3rd party run for President?
  39. Does Mccain pander to Mexicans for votes?
  40. We're not giving up.
  41. ****Los Angeles CNN Debate- Obama @ Hillary 7PM****
  42. McCain's record
  43. Oliver Stone to make 'Bush' the movie
  44. Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP
  45. go to google images and google Laura Bush
  46. If it's Hillary v McCain....
  47. Dawn of the New Republican
  48. See who you truly support
  49. Coulter is not happy.
  50. American Conservative Magazine slams McCain, Endorses Ron Paul
  51. For Rudy mockers - one last kick while he's down.
  52. Obama gets SEIU/CA and MoveOn endorsements... "The Silent Edwards Factor"?
  53. Ron Paul Outraises McCain and Romney COMBINED in Q4...
  54. Why didn't other candidates attack Mccain more ???
  55. Batch of new polls show Clinton leading most states. Obama strongest in the South
  56. Largest paper in Rocky Mountain region endorses Romney.
  57. Menatlly Retarded Women Used In Bombings
  58. TV Ads $$$
  59. Yes, Liberals are indeed "Liberal-Minded"....
  60. If McCain is in Ann Coulter is supporting Clinton.
  61. When did McCain become a liberal?
  62. Mississippi legislators introduced a bill to make it illegal to serve obese people
  63. Obama's record
  64. If Obama doesn't win it's not for lack of media help...
  65. Clinton/Obama ticket
  66. Obama
  67. Republican and Democrats debate tonight
  68. Gallup: Clinton Widens Lead 48-41%. McCain cruising 44-24%
  69. McCain tries to assuage conservatives
  70. Bill Clinton back at center of ethics debate
  71. Damn she can lie...
  72. RCP on Tsunami Tuesday
  73. Novak:Bush supports McCain
  74. Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions
  75. Al Qaeda reaches a new low
  76. Penn & Teller: Bullshit
  77. Gallup: Obama Ties Clinton - 46-44%
  78. Hillary Revels in Giant Win
  79. Rove: The GOP's demise isn't as imminent as some would have it.
  80. Major endorsement incoming
  81. CNN: Obama claims national lead... gets Edwards' & Undecided voters... BUT...
  82. Clinton health plan may mean tapping pay
  83. Woman calls 911 for help. Cops strip her and throw her in jail...
  84. The Field on Gore's forthcoming endorsement
  85. George Will on recessions.
  86. Obamicans: Republicans for Obama
  87. British plan to build training camp for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan
  88. Will crying a second time help Clinton overcome Obama again?
  89. Some days nothing goes right
  90. Showdown in the Show-Me State
  91. "Mitt Romney stop giving money to liberal democrats..."
  92. Is History education being neglected in our schools?
  93. Barrack might be trouble
  94. Convictions of a Reagan Democrat
  95. What would Hillary do?
  96. It's been so pleasant here lately
  97. Iran will have nuclear weapon in three years: Mossad
  98. Mrs Obama Drops Stevie Wonder
  99. ****Official Super Tuesday Thread****
  100. Machiavelli alive and well - the Huckster wins WV.
  101. Any way this could possibly be true.
  102. Story about a local marine
  103. The Dead for Obama
  104. 9/11 Commission: Fox in hen house --- Rove mole helped hide "ignored warnings"
  105. Giulaini beats Ron Paul in California!
  106. MSNBC Guessitmates Obama To Win Super Tuesday --- 841 to 837
  107. Superdelegates = the Electoral College???
  108. I've Lost Faith
  109. The GOP really didn't want a Ron Paul vote
  110. Did Hilary inhale?
  111. Obama Juggernaut the next 7 days?
  112. What do Taco John and Willie Nelson have in common?
  113. Hillary pulls a Romney
  114. Does Huckabee have a deal in place with McCain?
  115. Los angeles voting problems..
  116. Conservative's hatred of McCain makes no sense
  117. Fundamentalism Republican style: Suicide Voters/Political Jihadists
  118. Howard Dean:We may have to broker Clinton-Obama deal
  119. 'Euros Accepted' Signs Popping Up in New York City
  120. Liberal Fascism...
  121. Obama beats Ron Paul bomb
  122. Are you thinking about donating to Obama's Campaign?
  123. Top Cop Says McCain Was Never Tortured
  124. General Petraeus to Brief Angelina Jolie on Progress in Iraq
  125. Inspiration vs. Substance. Obama as Cult of Personality
  126. Twit to suspend his campaign
  127. Time's Mark Halperin says Romney could be out today.
  128. Much respect for Romney now...
  129. A question for Obama supporters
  130. What happens to Romney's delegates now?
  131. Liberal Intolerance
  132. Are conservatives that don't support Romney ignorant?
  133. Ron Paul
  134. Ron Paul brings down the house at the Conservative Political Action Conference
  135. Homes of the candidates. John Mccain owns a $4.72 million dollar home. How?
  136. A new political group forming: Barack + GOP = ‘Obamacans’
  137. Mildly amusing take on the primaries.
  138. Dr. Dobson: ' I Cannot, and Will Not, Vote for McCain'
  139. Red State goes PC. Now ban people who use "Juan McCain" for "racism."
  140. Biggest Obama supporter, Obama Girl, didn't even vote...hum
  141. Ron Paul Running Mate Short List Includes Judge Andrew Napolitano?
  142. McCain's Presidential Ambitions Set To Be Swiftboated
  143. Al Qaeda Traitor Adam Gadahn Killed?
  144. "Swifboating of McCain:" Hit Job From Reactionaries?
  145. Fox News up to old tricks... Say John McCain is a Democrat
  146. Pick your candidate - or see if your candidate is still in the race.
  147. Obama supporters are such uninformed cultish zombies
  148. Your Tax Rebate: What Are You Going To Do?
  149. Landlord: Clinton staff stiffed me on rent
  150. The Tax Rebate Not Free Money?
  151. 2/8/08 @ 4pm EST - Skeletor speaking at the CPAC conference...
  152. Will McCain take on Obama over the Indies/Obamicans?
  153. Why are so many young people for Obama?
  154. Chelsea being "Pimped Out" by Hillary??
  155. Holy OUCH!
  156. Berkeley to Marines: You're 'not welcome in our city'
  157. Romney's Speech
  158. The UN claims jurisdiction in California
  159. Ron Paul dropping out (probably)
  160. Condoleezza Rice for VP???
  161. ¡¡¡ Official Subdued Saturday Thread !!!
  162. Louisiana Republican Primary?
  163. The controlled media
  164. Interesting fact about Hillary
  165. Clean Sweep: Obama wins by large margins in Washington, Nebraska and Louisana
  166. Florida and Michigan: do they look stupid now, or what?
  167. Tiabbi - Dems sold out anti-war movement to battle Repubs
  168. MMA champ Jens Pulver coming to...
  169. What if the Democratic race came down to Puerto Rico?
  170. What if the democratic race came down to the Super delegates
  171. A President's Day Quiz!
  172. Hillary fires her campaign manager and shakes up staff
  173. Bush calls McCain a "True Conservative"...
  174. Why doesn't the media create a scandal out of CPAC like YearlyKos?
  175. What is the demographic breakdown of the Military?
  176. Barack Obama speech on religious faith and America
  177. CBS: Obama takes overall delegate lead with 4 state sweep (including super's)
  179. Government thief steals from kid, disgraces badge
  180. Senoir McCain adviser to step down if Obama wins Dem nomination
  181. McCain - No You Can't
  182. McCain: Step up the Drug War
  183. Hillary Clinton's Campaign just Jumped The Shark...
  184. Young man proves American dream is still alive and well...
  185. Republicans embarassed themselves yesterday.
  186. For those that say Obama isn't specific enough....
  187. Announcing my username change (formerly Dr. Doom)
  188. True or False: Americans pay more in taxes today than in 1999?
  189. Yes we can..
  190. So, is this all we get to choose from?
  191. South Dakota's attempt to put guns on campus...
  192. Romeny endorses McCain:
  193. Hill-a-ry 4 u and meee...
  194. Republicans may have gerrymandered Obama victory in Texas
  195. So, he’s been found guilty.
  196. McCain campaign funded by George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry
  197. Good One, Comrade
  198. Why do young women keep fainting at Obama rallies?
  199. Olbermann's Special Comment
  200. NYT: 0 votes for Obama in 80 Black Districts in NY
  201. Heat is on the Superdelegates
  202. Let's bomb Iran!
  203. Barack Obama: "Just Words?"
  204. Rev. Al Sharpton says Roger Clemens should be treated like Barry Bonds
  205. Does the NY Post count as a good source?
  206. Obama and Trial lawyers?
  207. AWM....interesting sent to me by a buddy
  208. Obama accused of plagiarism
  209. It's Presidents Day. Who's your favorite president?
  210. Obama loves Toasted Marshmallows!
  211. An Obama Bloomberg independent ticket???
  212. Facist judge attacks freedom of press
  213. New Feature: Social Groups - Dems & Progressives
  214. Lou Dobbs takin on Mr. and Mrs. Obama...
  215. National Priorities...what could your area have instead of the war
  216. 'Cancerous Israel to vanish soon'
  217. Fidel Castro Resigns
  218. KC Star: Health Care crisis. Crowding puts stress on ERs in KC.
  219. USS CLINT...ON
  220. Hillary trying to steal pledged delegates
  221. Sexism Vs Racism?
  222. Hillary "plagiarizes" Obama on stage
  223. MSNBC: Obama wins Wisconsin
  224. Nafta Superhighway finally an issue on the presidential trail?
  225. Why does everyone assume socialism is a dire path?
  226. Obama's Crushing Hillary in Hawaii
  227. Obama for Messiah 2008
  228. Eloquent but empty-The upcoming McCain attack on BO
  229. Can Obama Win the "Bubba" Vote?
  230. Cross Dressing Bush Judicial Appointee Arrested
  231. CIA Operation Similar To Tactic Obama Advocated, Bush Criticized
  232. Clinton Campaign getting desperate
  233. NYT BREAKING NEWS: McCain had an affair with lobbyist...
  234. Lack of Faith / Job (not work Job, historical biblical Job)
  235. So what has Obama done in the Senate?
  236. Navy Missile Hits Spy Satellite
  237. Michelle Malkin...
  238. Me and Barack
  239. Obama blows nose; Entranced throngs rejoice
  240. Clinton and Obama debate tonight
  241. Margaret Carlson: Media Falling Out of Love with Obama
  242. Either an awful Hillary video or an amazing parody
  243. The WORLD without US
  244. What was McCain's Lobbist-Friend Lobby for?
  245. Mullah accidently blows up self, sons
  246. The Heat's On Clinton Over Plagiarism Charge [Updated]
  247. FEC Investigating John McCain, May Force Him To Use Public Financing
  248. Clinton plagiarizes twice tonight
  249. Hillary may have "plagerized" her closing remarks in tonight's debate...
  250. Secret Service Order Police to Stop Screening Attendees at Obama Rally