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  1. Clinton's embracing that hate monger Wright (inside)
  2. Some context for Wright's crazy claims
  3. Jerusalem Post: Like McCain, Obama also needs to campaign in Jerusalem
  4. Richardson to Endorse Baarack-CNN
  5. William "Cold Cash" Jefferson argued today in SCOTUS
  6. Illinois politics soils Obama
  7. New footage of Obama preacher sheds light on his beliefs
  8. Obama recent votes
  9. Sarkozy: France to cut nuclear arsenal
  10. Clintons linked to Rev. Jeremiah Wright 10 years ago
  11. Diesel Prices getting ugly
  12. Clinton + Media Hiding Truth -- Clinton has virtually no chance of winning
  13. Fox News Meltdown -Anchors rail against "Fox And Friends" for dishonest Obama bashing
  14. Ouch!: "A Brief for Whitey"
  16. Racial Poetry
  17. Controversial Rev Wright (the other side ofthe story)
  18. Richardson: Clinton advisers kind of "turned me off"
  19. Pentagon Exhaustive review *does* find links between Saddam and al Qaida afterall
  20. OOOOps...never mind.
  21. Spitzer political enemy and GOP operative turned him in... FBI caught in lie?
  22. Anti-Catholic Hagee: "It's true that [John] McCain's campaign sought my endorsement."
  23. Gallup: Obama Retakes Lead Over Hillary
  24. He is risen! (Happy Easter)
  25. A short history of Republican treason.
  26. Barney Frank to introduce "Make Room for the Serious Criminals" bill
  27. New TUCC minister compares Wright to Jesus on Easter Sunday asks for $ to defend
  28. USMC Supported in Berkeley - HA!
  29. A basic question of government.
  30. Climate news you can warm to...
  31. Hillary's trip to Bosnia
  32. Pretty cool poster of the Federal budget.
  33. Kevorkian to Run for Congress
  34. Wright Homophobic?
  35. For *@#%s sake, is McCain trying to %$#@ me off?
  36. McCain-ly Biased Media
  37. More tasty goodness from Obamessiahs church
  38. Libertarians seek Barr candidacy
  39. Why do they always have to resort to Bill and the blue dress?
  40. Is 'success' of U.S. surge in Iraq about to unravel?
  41. Clinton's Fabulous Fabrication
  42. Are Iraqi insurgents emboldened by Antiwar Reporting?
  43. Oops; Obama's gay
  44. Iraqi Military Battling for Basra
  45. Why did the US\Iraqi government give power to Al-Sadr?
  46. Repubs: Who's easier to beat in GE?
  47. Gore/Obama?
  48. Obama related to Brad Pitt?
  49. Obama Camp Outraged over Clinton Comment
  50. Obama...Not much in to Giving.
  51. Hillary Clinton: "I'm human."
  52. The three stooges: Barry, Jerry, and Oprah...how are they linked?
  53. Clinton's First Lady Records Shows She Pushed for NAFTA
  54. This is Outstanding
  55. Sad story: Jayci Yaeger wants to see her dad before she dies
  56. Democratic Party Official: Clinton Pursuing 'The Tonya Harding Option'
  57. Pastor Jeremiah Wright in Context...
  58. Another "out of context" quote from Obama's pastor
  59. If Foreigners Could Vote in '08 (WSJ)
  60. 22% of Democrats Want Clinton to Drop Out; 22% Say Obama Should Withdraw
  61. Does McCain have any plans?
  62. Obama here.....hello...hello????
  63. That settles it! I'm voting republican!
  64. Pilot of C-17 answers questions about Bosnia trip
  65. delete me... screwed up poll..
  66. Republicans: Which Dem Nominee would you prefer (two questions in one)?
  67. BREAKING: Condi Rice Flirts With VP Possibility
  68. Another Hillary fib...
  69. Breaking 2: Hillary hurt more by Wright story than Obama
  70. Quotations
  71. Mrs. Baarack tells people they need to choose her husband or they are ignorant...
  72. DENISE LIES IN THREAD HEADER http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=182138
  73. McCain's coming to my 'hood tomorrow.
  74. What an interesting view of Rev Wright.
  75. Civil Society Returning to Iraq says Bush
  76. Right wing outrage - "Anti-American" Comments > Molesting Kids
  77. Frontline: "Bush's War"
  78. I think Hillary might run as an independent if she loses to Obama.
  79. Presidential Oath of Office?
  80. Walmart Suing Brain Damaged Woman for a half a million dollars...
  81. DOH, the Rev. Wright controversy keeps us from talking about Obama's Muslim past...
  82. Obama's Economic Plan
  83. Conservatives don't care about poor people.
  84. DOH, the Sen. Obama attacks keep us from talking about Dennis' Gannonstalker past
  85. Warlord vs. Warlord - What are they fighting about in Basra?
  86. Damn you Barack Obama, you pretty mother****er
  87. Obama on CapGains, Tax Rates, and His Ideas
  88. Condi Rice: USA still has trouble dealing with race because of slavery
  89. PA Sen. Bob Casey to Endorse Obama (was going to remain neutral)
  90. A public service for frustrated Obama fans
  91. McCain's First General Election Ad
  92. Senator Leahy To Clinton: Drop Out
  93. Now that the FED has changed its place as a market interventionist...
  94. McCain Breaks McCain/Feingold laws...
  95. Pulse of the Planet: Democratic Contest
  96. Bush seeks financial regulation overhaul
  97. Shouldn't this sink a campaign immediately?
  98. The right Reverend does it again...will Obama overcome?
  99. Chuck Hagel: Barack Best to Unite Country
  100. Persepolis
  101. A New Civil War in Iraq?
  102. In truth who does not have a dog in this race?
  103. Obama does not want Hillary to quit the race ... why?
  104. Official: Texas election results are now irrelevant
  105. Bush is booed at Nationals Park
  106. Does your vote matter?
  107. Clinton campaign manager paid $200K to serve on board of failed subprime lender
  108. Staying on Bush's Course
  109. What would you ask Big Oil?
  110. Pastor Wrrght receives thunderous ovation at Chicago's St Sabina Church
  111. Universal Gas Care
  112. I was wrong about Bush all along.
  113. Oil companies make BILLIONS and still receive BILLIONS in subsidies
  114. That does it, I am voting for Obama
  115. Are you proud to be an American?
  116. Clinotn backer predicts Obama win
  117. Barack Obama Shames America at Bowling Alley
  118. Cleaver says Obama will win
  119. Attorney General Mukasey hints US had attack warning before 9/11
  120. Watch this and tell me something?
  121. Hillary's f*cking Obama
  122. 9 reasons our taxes are going up.
  123. Obama goes gangsta on picture seeker
  124. We aren't the only ones paying...
  125. New polls show Obama surge in PA -- Leading by 2 points in one
  126. Mike Gravel is a wierd dude...
  127. Hanoi Jane endorses Hussein Obama
  128. Bob Barr to Run for President as Independent
  129. Modern-day climate change is not caused by changes in the Sun's activity
  130. Ted Turner: Global warming could lead to cannibalism
  131. How many Christians know the origins of their religion?
  132. Priest Father Pflager defends Obama and Rev Wright
  133. Hillary's chief campaign strategist is LOBBIST for Colombia's Free Trade Agreement
  134. I cannot believe Bill O'Reilly
  135. No Gas Shortage
  136. Voters worried about Obama's health. Senator is a chain smoker..
  137. More evidence Global Warming is a liberal circle jerk
  138. Air America Host Suspended for Clinton Remarks
  139. April 16th Debate
  140. WH using CIA & Military to overstate success in Iraq and understate problems
  141. Clintons May Live in Time Warp
  142. Police State America
  143. U.S. Funded Health Search Engine Blocks 'Abortion'
  144. Clintons have made $109 million since leaving WH
  145. In an Absolut world...
  146. Study links smoking bans to increasd DWIs
  147. Obama Campaign Calls For 50-50 Split Of Michigan Delegates
  148. Kansas City Smoking Ban vote next Tuesday...
  149. Rev John Thomas President United Church of Christ defends...
  150. Bob Barr forms exploratory committee
  151. A little bit lighter - Yes We Can
  152. Despite bluster, Isreal happily buys oil from Iran...
  153. In your own words, define "liberalism"
  154. Rice pursuing the VP spot...
  155. Earth in crisis, warns NASA's top climate scientist
  156. Andrew Sullivan: Bush Administration Officials Will Be 'Indicted For War Crimes'
  157. What will McCain do in the WH that he has a demonstrated record of in the Senate
  158. Are there conservative Democrats or liberal Republicans?
  159. Throw Pillows Must Be Regulated!
  160. Mitt Romney's universal healthcare plan is economically inviable
  161. U.S. Issues Rejoice! Smoking Ban wins in KCMO
  162. I like this..
  163. Interesting race test
  164. Quote of the Day
  165. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  166. SHOCK: Pictures of younger McCain in drag hit Internet
  167. Sources: Top Bush Advisors Approved 'Enhanced Interrogation'
  168. US Military uses U.N. Security Council mandate to detain prisoner Iraq has freed
  169. Iraq, Iran, Sunni, Shi'ia, John, Johm
  170. perfect example of why our economy is tanking....
  171. Airline Flights Canceled By the 1,000's
  172. Troops like McCain as next prez....
  173. What our immigration laws should be
  174. US troop morale falling, suicides up 20%
  175. Is that a naked woman in Dick Cheney's sunglasses??
  176. This is getting serious folks...
  177. Fox News Documentary
  178. California Democrat calls for 1500% increase in "Beer Tax"
  179. G.W a Closet Catholic ?!
  180. Are we retarded?
  181. “My Dad Is More American than Your Dad”
  182. Who says that politicians cannot be prescient?
  183. Someone speaks my mind....
  184. If something doesn't stir inside you...
  185. The Job Market
  186. Obama's Muslim problem...
  187. Gag me with a spoon - Compassion Faith Forum
  188. Paulville
  189. Rush Limbaugh=King Hypocrite
  190. Obama bin Laden
  191. Good Night and Good Luck
  192. Gee, I guess Oil WILL reach $200 a barrell
  193. Moment of Truth in Iraq - Michael Yon
  194. Cindy McCain has a stealing problem
  195. Obama Jockey's for the Win
  196. BaracK Obama has Philly problems over "street money"
  197. Bruce Springsteen Endorses Obama
  198. WTH Happened to the "Search" Button?
  199. Sources: Hamas sends reps to meet with Carter
  200. Zeitgeist the movie
  201. Int'l Issues When food supplies are short, things change...
  202. "Screw 'em" -- Hillary on Working Class White Reagan Democrats In 1995
  203. Philadelphia Debate
  204. The End of the American Republic
  205. Elections uh-oh, Obamessiah sounds....er, bitter. He will forget hope and fight.
  206. Yale Student uses her abortions in for an art project.
  207. Mrs. Obmamessiah: Yeah, I went to Princeton and Harvard...
  208. Religion I was unaware....
  209. Good take on the Bush/Pope meeting
  210. Pope Has Sexual Abused in Private
  211. Skepticism in All Things
  212. Ouch!
  213. SCOTUS green-light's lethal injections
  214. Prefix icons for D.C.?
  215. Has capitalism failed? -- Of course not. Keynseian Economics has.
  216. Obama quotes.
  217. How the FLDS afforded the "ranch"
  218. John Edwards on Colbert Report Last Night
  219. Iran: We're the toughest kids on the block.
  220. Does the TX FLDS story kill any possibility for Romney as POTUS
  221. Elections Karma, thy name is Hillary Clinton
  222. Elections Newsweek Poll: Obama Surges to 19 Point National Lead
  223. Elections Clinton's labor secretary becomes latest FoC to endorse Obama
  224. Pentagon Think Tank - "War in Iraq ... a major debacle"
  225. SLAG is an Appalling BIGOT
  226. Elections Bikers for Obama
  227. Alicia Keys: Gov't sponsors gansta rap
  228. Elections How ABC inadvertantly proves Obama's "bitter" comments completely true
  229. U.S. Issues DOD used TV Military analysts' w/ ties to military contractors to boost war support
  230. Int'l Issues Al Sadr threatens "open war until liberation" to/from the Iraqi Government
  231. Cut me Mick!!!
  232. Elections AP: Clinton's campaign "in the red" -- debts exceed cash on hand
  233. Elections No doubt--the Repubs want Hillary!
  234. Elections Candidates appear on WWE Raw tonight
  235. Int'l Issues The assault continues...
  236. Elections Barracky
  237. Elections Barry, Ho, and Surly
  238. Elections SC Church Begging for IRS Investigation
  239. Int'l Issues If Israel is SPYING on us, why are we spending so much to defend them?
  240. Elections McCain has an interesting definition of "never"
  241. General Politics Anyone see the video of the 8 year old threatening to assasinate President Bush?
  242. Elections McTruthyism
  243. Elections ***Official Pennsylvania Primary Thread***
  244. Elections Hillary Wins!
  245. Elections Ron Paul takes 16% of the Republican vote in Pennsylvania
  246. Elections 69,000 of Clinton's PA voters would choose McCain over her in November...
  247. Environment So much for Global Warming
  248. Int'l Issues China down to 12 days worth of coal
  249. Elections OOOPs: another Baaarack supporter with ? ties. This time with Hamas.
  250. Elections John McCain celebrates a half-decade of water-carrying!