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  1. Catholics: Do you wish to see the rise of the Extraordinary Form of Mass?
  2. Economics Thomas Friedman - in the face! (maybe)
  3. U.S. Issues OMG it is a Hillary loss (only 9.2%) Not a double digit win
  4. Elections Anyone else realize Cynthia McKinney was running for president?
  5. Elections Obama-What's up with the Aberzombie & Fitch Losers?
  6. U.S. Issues The Guy Who Got Where He Is Only Because Hes Black
  7. General Politics FWD: What costs more than the Iraq war every year?
  8. General Politics Rev. Wright, the gift that keeps on giving...
  9. Do you do speed rosaries ....
  10. Elections Curious about something
  11. Elections Obama to be on Fox News Sunday...
  12. Elections Why does Indiana matter more than North Carolina?
  13. Elections Brace Youself: The candidates digitally aged 4 years
  14. Elections 18 Veterans Attempt Suicide... Per Day
  15. Religion Rev Wright - Change is going to come
  16. Religion Nation of Islam is protecting Rev. Wright...
  17. U.S. Issues Voter Protection or Voter Itimidation What say You?
  18. How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania
  19. Economics McCain was for troop withdrawl before he was against it.
  20. Elections Obama's chickens coming home...to roost
  21. Environment Nevada Republicans Table their Convention After Ron Paul supporters capture control
  22. U.S. Issues Constitution Party Selects Baldwin for President, Targets New World Order
  23. General Politics Sorry, but a woman or black will not be Prez in '08
  24. Int'l Issues Iraqi Girl Murdered By Her Father
  25. Economics Well, so much for the recession
  26. U.S. Issues New Contract for American 2008 version
  27. Economics Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday slammed as bad idea
  28. General Politics How big of a political junkie are you?
  29. General Politics Hill is on Bill's show tonight.....
  30. U.S. Issues The Merida Initiative
  31. Elections Clinton looking towards 2012?
  32. Elections You have to love Party sheep....
  33. Legal Iran dumps U.S. dollar for oil trades
  34. U.S. Issues The Dangerous Precedent Set by the Bear Stearns Bailout
  35. General Politics Hillary's Dream Date: A Republican?
  36. Elections DUP
  37. Elections Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. BO outrage over Wright tied to the polls
  38. General Politics McCain promises billions in spending
  39. Int'l Issues Australian Seat Sniffer!
  40. Elections Clinton blasts Bush for project Bill OK'd
  41. U.S. Issues "DC Madame" suicide
  42. Elections Video: Hillary '08 Advisor "Indiana...people are shit...worthless white ni**ers"
  43. Economics Wow!
  44. Misc Are Kroger and Safeway seeing record profits?
  45. Economics Quick Question/Thought
  46. Religion I am losing more respect for Ben Stein as each day passes.
  47. The Empire Strikes Barack
  48. Int'l Issues Which will cost more? Fixing S.S. over 75 years? Or McCain's 100-year Iraq Plan?
  49. Elections McCain Admits It: Iraq War was all about Oil
  50. Elections This race is over...
  51. General Politics Hillary can't catch a break
  52. Elections FINALLY, fellow Progressives saying NObama
  53. Elections Beware: Celebrity Endorsement
  54. Environment Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer, warming expected in Antarctic
  55. Elections Economist: Hillary Clinton's Black Voter Supression Campaign
  56. General Politics Kudos to DUHbya...
  57. Elections Now THIS is elitism...
  58. Elections Bowling 1 Health Care 0
  59. The Bible and Eight Countries (including the U.S.)
  60. Elections John McCain didn't vote for Bush?
  61. Why can't we banish these people to an island?
  62. Legal we interrupt this program
  63. Misc I just had to post this..
  64. Elections CNN IN & NC Exit polls: 50% of Hillary Voters Will NOT vote NObama
  65. Elections NC called for Obama, Clinton up in Indiana but yet to be called...
  66. Elections Fox new (shock of shock is playing the race card)
  67. General Politics There's no leadership in the Democratic Party
  68. Elections Hey Meme
  69. Elections Hillary needs to FKN stop!
  70. Elections Carville on the Dem Party
  71. General Politics Conservatives Happier Than Liberals
  72. Elections GOP leaders warn of election disaster
  73. Environment Vote Gravel
  74. Elections A Concerned Citizen
  75. U.S. Issues Ten Simple Truths About Oil
  76. Religion Taco is moving
  77. Elections Obama plans to declare victory May 20
  78. General Politics Gitmo Releasee Becomes Suicide Bomber
  79. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad: Israel a 'stinking corpse'
  80. Environment Have $10k? Make your own fuel!!
  81. Economics Just another bank bailout...
  82. Elections Clinton poised to set fire to party on the way out? Plays the race card....
  83. Int'l Issues Chritsian nations are bigger givers than Muslim nations
  84. Elections Denise: John Edwards says he voted for Barack Obama
  85. Elections ABC News: Obama Now Takes The Lead in Superdelegates Too
  86. Elections I'm a White male and.....
  87. U.S. Issues FAIL!
  88. Elections Obama Needs a History Lesson
  89. U.S. Issues Tillman:"Soldiers lose their voice when they enlist...And the public is their voice."
  90. General Politics I'm going to get blasted for saying this, but I'm tired of paying your taxes.
  91. Elections Cindy McCain & "The Keathing 5"... Why She Must Disclose Her Finances
  92. General Politics How many favor a flat tax??
  93. U.S. Issues Suspended over the Pledge of Allegiance
  94. Elections Obama to pay Hillary's debt?
  95. U.S. Issues Would you say the Pledge of Allegiance?
  96. Elections McCain names lobbist for murdering, raping, drug-trading dictator as convention chair
  97. Elections Pitt and Jolie to Remake Atlas Shrugged
  98. Elections Juan Williams: Playing the 'race' card like Hillary
  99. Elections Concern about Obama - Immigration and Africa
  100. Elections **** YOU
  101. General Politics Bill O'Reilly shows his true self
  102. U.S. Issues Red State Update: PICK ALREADY!!!
  103. Elections Barr officially joins Libertarian fray
  104. Elections Kudos to John McCain for his Global Warming speech...
  105. Elections Judge Him by His Laws
  106. Elections Bush hurts McCain more than Wright hurts Obama
  107. General Politics Your Tax Dollars At Work
  108. U.S. Issues Feds Accuse Student Of "Terror and Espionage" For Talking About Constitution
  109. Elections This is wrong: Hillary Pledged Delegate Switches to Obama
  110. Environment CO2 Levels At Highest in 650,000 Years...
  111. Elections Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause
  112. Gas Jumped .34 in the CO.
  113. U.S. Issues Senate Votes 97-1 to stop filling...
  114. Elections With 44% of the vote counted in WV, Hillary sweeping all counties
  115. Elections How exciting Obama is being trounced in redneck country?
  116. Elections It is going to be a rough year for Republicans
  117. U.S. Issues The Creep Continues
  118. U.S. Issues Largest US Immigration Raid Ever
  119. Elections Obama's Appalachia Problem
  120. Int'l Issues The in-touch RNC tries to bring back Zubas. Seriously.
  121. U.S. Issues Bush Administration Repeatedly Ignored Corruption at the Highest Levels in Iraq
  122. Elections Here's where it comes down for me - McCain or Obama
  123. Int'l Issues Israel to be destroyed... Again
  124. Einstein Bible Is "Primitive, Pretty Childish"
  125. U.S. Issues Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists
  126. Religion What does God do?
  127. Elections Hillary for VP
  128. General Politics John Edwards endorses Obama
  129. U.S. Issues Hitler Remix / Hillary Clinton
  130. Elections This will help Obama reconcile with feminists
  131. Elections NARAL Pro-Choice America backs Obama... switched from Hillary
  132. Elections McCain is going to withdraw troops
  133. Elections Vatican: Life on Mars cannot be ruled out
  134. General Politics MSM in a meltdown as W compares Nobama to Neville Chamberlain
  135. U.S. Issues What is Obama's inhuman and unconstitutional voting record?
  136. Elections Hillary Clinton's very own "Baghdad Bob"... Terry McAuliffe
  137. Elections Progressive Media USA "defunct"
  138. Legal lol KKKalifornia's ghey
  139. U.S. Issues Great Article Out of Hays Kansas
  140. Elections Daily Show: West Virginia - "No Interviews Please"
  141. Elections Bush-McCain-Bot gets his ass kicked on Hardball
  142. U.S. Issues Denver illegal aliens mad about not getting free college.
  143. Elections Huge McCain Blunder: Says Reagan Didn't Negotiate With Iran
  144. Environment NASA: Impacts Linked to Human-Caused Climate Change
  145. Elections Hypocrisy on Hamas - McCain Was for Talking Before He Was Against It
  146. Elections Obamabots 101
  147. Elections Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick
  148. General Politics Mike Huckabee is retarded
  149. Elections Non-Daily-Show-ified WV video
  150. Elections Chris Matthews ambushes, tears heart from mindless conservative drone
  151. General Politics NObama's 57 state strategy. The video proof.
  152. General Politics Ted Kennedy rushed to hospital; possible stroke
  153. I need a democrat!
  154. Elections We're screwed! Both Obama and McCain are Manchurian Candidates!
  155. Religion God TV
  156. General Politics Hillary Clinton Supporters Can Dance
  157. Elections McCain on SNL
  158. Elections The Real McCain 2
  159. Elections Wow
  160. General Politics This is progress
  161. Economics Price of Milk being fixed?
  162. U.S. Issues Is Obama a sexist?
  163. Elections Sen. Robert C. Byrd endorses Obama
  164. Environment 31,072 Scientists disagree with Al Gore
  165. Economics Warren Buffet backs Obama for President.
  166. U.S. Issues Feinstein and Wide Stance tack Amnesty onto troop funding bill
  167. Elections Obama's tiny foreign policy stature...
  168. U.S. Issues House passes bill to sue OPEC
  169. General Politics How big will the abortion issue be in this election?
  170. Elections Barack Hussein Obama - Why call him Hussein?
  171. Elections So much for the coveted Edwards endorsement...
  172. General Politics Barack Obama: Gaffe Machine
  173. Misc Peak oil - Oil futures contracts finally catching up (140.00)
  174. Environment Is this really what you want?
  175. Elections Hillary Clinton/ Racist
  176. General Politics Sen. Edward Kennedy Diagnosed w/ Cancer
  177. Legal Appeals court: Paper money discriminates against the blind.
  178. Elections Pandering Obama
  179. Elections Clinton may take delegate fight to convention
  180. Economics Are your fuel costs too high?
  181. Int'l Issues Should a soldier be prosecuted for shooting the Koran?
  182. General Politics Racist depiction of MObama being attacked by KKK...
  183. Elections The "Wright" Problem for McCain: Hagee
  184. Elections The movie "Recount" and dejavu all over again...
  185. U.S. Issues Bad Political Ads: A Study
  186. Elections yeah, that's the ticket!
  187. U.S. Issues Did the Dems give another election away?
  188. U.S. Issues The Top 5 Reasons Why Obama Will Lose.
  189. General Politics (Motion to Concur in the House Amendment No. 2 with Amdt. No. 4803 )
  190. U.S. Issues House Panel Subpoenas Rove in Inquiry Into Justice Dept.
  191. Elections Question for Patteau
  192. U.S. Issues OMG D enise is right about Obama!
  193. Elections Clinton Campaign in Talks With Obama About VP Slot, CNN Says
  194. Economics Oil bubble?
  195. Elections One Shameless Hussy
  196. Elections John McCain's Health report
  197. Elections Survey USA: Obama vs McCain ... Obama +9 (OH), +7 (VA), +8 (CA), +8 (PA), Tie (NM)
  198. U.S. Issues Biden: Republicans and Our Enemies
  199. General Politics OOOPs: Bobby Kennedy's son says no one should be offended
  200. Elections When did Mike Gravel decide to become a Libertarian?
  201. Environment No kidding! Climate change spreads to Jupiter, Mars
  202. Elections better pick up some Alka-Seltzer
  203. Elections Bush-McCain Fundraiser Scaled Back Due To Lack Of Takers
  204. Economics Rising gas prices hurting retailer's pockets, too
  205. Environment Back to 55mph?
  206. Elections Hillary: "It'll be over by February 5th"
  207. General Politics Oops: Kennedy's pissed over Hillary remarks
  208. Elections Hillary Clinton's candidacy has done feminism no favours
  209. Int'l Issues Shiite Cleric: Don't feed the Americans
  210. General Politics Liz Trotta's up for an Obama assassination
  211. Elections Worries in G.O.P. About McCain Camp Disarray
  212. U.S. Issues Mary Tillman: Donald Rumsfeld ordered coverup of Pat Tillman's death
  213. General Politics The Empire strikes Back
  214. Economics Coming Collapse of Oil Prices?
  215. Elections Obama's (suprisingly fixable) "White Working Class" problem
  216. General Politics uh-oh, Michelle Obama says Barack could be shot at the gas station...
  217. U.S. Issues Are these soldiers traitors?
  218. Int'l Issues Molestation issues by "Peacekeepers"....
  219. Environment E85 conversion
  220. Elections I got a survey from the DNC
  221. U.S. Issues Will GW Bush go down as one of the Worst Presidents in US History?
  222. General Politics Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House
  223. Int'l Issues Osama Bin Laden...do we care anymore?
  224. Int'l Issues Good Article on Marines in Afghanistan
  225. Elections Ron Paul Supporters.... Look where your money went...
  226. Elections McCain's Sub-Prime Advisor is Lobbist for Hard-Hit Foreign Lender
  227. Elections FL and MI are by far the lowest turnout states in Dem primary
  228. General Politics Holy Sniper fire, Batman. Obama Gump's uncle was in the Navy...
  229. U.S. Issues Will Monica Lewinsky go down...
  230. U.S. Issues Why won't Obama go?
  231. General Politics Is Bush a Terrorist President?
  232. Int'l Issues Okay, Immigiration policy is dead-a** busted
  233. Religion Asia Times: "Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August'"
  234. Elections Hillary Clinton wants to be under Barack Obama
  235. General Politics Obama sees dead people
  236. Economics Saudi Arabia pumps extra oil to match demand
  237. U.S. Issues ABC's Yellin: Network execs killed critical White House stories
  238. Elections Question for those who have followed the Dem Primary from the beginning
  239. Elections Murdoch for Obama?
  240. Elections Billy Carter - Roger Clinton - Lydell Obama
  241. U.S. Issues Is Barack above the politics of old?
  242. U.S. Issues What would you think of a soldier who...
  243. General Politics Michelle Malkin officially jumps the shark
  244. Elections Cancelation of 2008 Election?
  245. Religion Loyalty
  246. Elections Obama family tree includes links to Bush, Cheney
  247. General Politics I told you we dodged a bullet with this guy
  248. U.S. Issues Should Obama disassociate himself from the church in Chicago?
  249. Jesus Told Me To Kill My Husband
  250. U.S. Issues More success in the GWoT: No distraction from al Qaeda