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  1. U.S. Issues More success in the GWoT: No distraction from al Qaeda
  2. Economics Jon Stewart demolished Neo-con Douglas Feith
  3. Int'l Issues British Activist tries to conduct citizen's arrest of John Bolton
  4. Misc Is there a list? Are you on it?
  5. U.S. Issues Amazing videos by Keith Olbermann
  6. Elections Same Old Chicago?
  7. Economics Would this stimulate the economy?
  8. Elections Fab you lusss
  9. U.S. Issues Our goals in Iraq?!
  10. Elections MObamas rumored 'whitey' tape features Louie as well...
  11. U.S. Issues Why do people think that raising taxes on the wealthy is a bad idea?
  12. Elections Hillary won't quit.
  13. General Politics Any update on the dump who left Mary Jo Kopechne to die
  14. General Politics Conservatives are more honest than liberals
  15. U.S. Issues Sen. Robert Byrd hospitalized, Cheney says he f***s his cousin
  16. Religion Hate Speech?
  17. Elections memyselfi...are they targeting you?
  18. Misc BREAKING NEWS!!!
  19. Elections After all of this -- McCain is in trouble
  20. Elections Ap: Obama has clinched it!
  21. Elections The Electoral Map... 6/3/2008
  22. General Politics Anyone watching Gramps McCrazy's speech?
  23. U.S. Issues Anybody else get BOTH guys they liked?
  24. Elections Clinton Wins S. Dakota!
  25. U.S. Issues A future for our children.. A future for our country
  26. General Politics I'll say it
  27. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!!!
  28. Elections Question re Obama's VP
  29. U.S. Issues Hilarious quotes from Hillary's slugs
  30. Elections Hillary lost because she is a poor campaigner
  31. General Politics George Will was very good on Colbert tonight
  32. Environment South Dakota votes for nations 1st oil refinery in over 30 years.
  33. Elections Obama and McCain speech comparision
  34. Religion Now that Hillary is officially a loser, what is she entitled to?
  35. U.S. Issues McCain shows what leadership is
  36. Elections When Obama goes to Iraq this summer, who should pay for the trip?
  37. Elections Hillary Supporter: I Am Not a Bargaining Chip, I Am a Democrat
  38. General Politics Hillary's nomination scenario
  39. General Politics Obama and McCain working together on good-government bill
  40. General Politics Dan Burton redux
  41. Elections When Obama sits down to talk to terrorism overlords...
  42. Elections What John McCain Underestimates
  43. Elections What do Clinton's supporters have to be upset at Obama about?
  44. Elections McCain's "Me Too" style of leadership...
  45. Elections KSK chimes in on the race a la Casa Blanca
  46. Elections McCain's VP will be...
  47. General Politics Amusing story involving Obama's secretary
  48. U.S. Issues It's official: Bush Administration lied us into Iraq War
  49. U.S. Issues McCain is clueless
  50. General Politics Obama's In Control: No More Lobbyist Contributions To Democratic Party
  51. Elections Sam Nunn
  52. Elections Whos voting for Nader in 08??
  53. General Politics Obama/Clinton secret meeting
  54. Environment Reason Magazine puts "Why'd he/Whitey" Gate to bed...
  55. Obama = violent thug
  56. U.S. Issues Why Barack may not be able to take us out of Iraq
  57. General Politics Denny Crane for President!
  58. Elections If Hillary were actually in the VP slot, NPI, how long before she would be President?
  59. U.S. Issues Why does Condi Rice hate America?
  60. Int'l Issues Jihadists turning against Bin Laden
  61. Elections Ooops! Larry Johnson lifted tape "rumor" from a novel
  62. Elections On Schweitzer as VP
  63. U.S. Issues 143 Days of experience
  64. U.S. Issues Why aren't we producing more domestic oil?
  65. Environment Why Al Gore pushes global warming
  66. Elections 269-269
  67. Religion Obama plans to challenge McCain with a 50 state strategy
  68. Elections Another McCain video....
  69. Elections things that make you go hmmm...Colin Powell as VP
  70. General Politics Would American Voters vote for a known Gay man
  71. General Politics Fox News: Barack & Michelle's 'dap' = Terrorist Fist Jab
  72. Elections The Democratic Primary In 9 mins.
  73. Int'l Issues Is it an Oil Crisis, a Dollar Crisis or what?
  74. Int'l Issues Pentagon blocked Cheney's attack on Iran
  75. Elections It's Time to Vote Against Phill Kline. Again.
  76. General Politics Kansas City native Ret. Gen. James Jones possible Obama VP
  77. U.S. Issues As it turns out, the government did mislead us about Iraq.
  78. General Politics Bush has regrets...
  79. Elections Ron Paul not done yet
  80. Religion Clintons keep a list of “ingrates” “traitors” and “enemies”
  81. U.S. Issues Are we going to go to war with Iran?
  82. Elections Tax differences between candidates
  83. Elections I'm voting Republican becasue...
  84. U.S. Issues For all those women voting for Obama.
  85. Int'l Issues Lawmakers say Capitol computers hacked by Chinese
  86. Elections 14 Congressional Republicans say they won't back McCain
  87. McCain doesn't care if troops ever come home...
  88. Elections 85-90% of Americans will pay less income tax under Obama than McCain
  89. Economics Supreme Court backs rights for Guantanamo detainees
  90. Int'l Issues America - Eff Yeah!! in a good way
  91. U.S. Issues PelosiDems strike again
  92. Elections Obama extending lead over McCain
  93. U.S. Issues NoDrill Nancy and our future
  94. Int'l Issues offshore drilling
  95. U.S. Issues Obama: Don't Bring The Troops Home
  96. Environment The other side of the McCain not caring about the troops coming home coin...
  97. U.S. Issues Keeping it real?
  98. Elections FightTheSmears.Com
  99. General Politics Gotta watch this Video
  100. General Politics MCain says C-word/Obama doesnt like salad bars...
  101. U.S. Issues Tim Russert dead at 58
  102. General Politics Poll: Republican support, enthusiasm down
  103. Environment To the we have to drill crowd...
  104. U.S. Issues If NASCAR went hybrid!?
  105. Elections Ron Paul and next Fall
  106. Elections Wes Clark on "Morning Joe" takes on McCain and defends Obama
  107. General Politics Guestions like this, Why Oboma wont agree to debate
  108. Int'l Issues Bad news from the real threat
  109. General Politics McCain Has Balls!
  110. Int'l Issues Plan Would Lift Saudi Oil Output
  111. McCain Straight Talk: It can be tough to be proud of the United States
  112. Elections John McCain Debates Himself on Supporting Bush
  113. Misc Take the Bush-McCain Challenge
  114. General Politics Hubris?...What hubris? Obama and his Followers...
  115. U.S. Issues Um, ok: Jindal supports ID as viable science
  116. U.S. Issues Guantanamo Bay often held the wrong men
  117. Church Ponderings
  118. U.S. Issues Cousins Son's Graduation
  119. U.S. Issues Countrywide Financial
  120. Religion Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol
  121. Misc So I'm rewatching season 7 of the West Wing
  122. Elections Hillary not likely to be Veep
  123. Elections Will the Democrats be united by November?
  124. U.S. Issues Barack Obama on Economics: 'We're Going Through a Big Shift'
  125. Elections Denver stocks up for DNC rumble
  126. Ahmadinejad calls for a new oil-backed OPEC currency
  127. U.S. Issues The Real Reason for the war in Iraq and the great black messiah.
  128. U.S. Issues Ammuntion Sales-California Bill
  129. U.S. Issues Gay marriages=$$$$ for California
  130. U.S. Issues OMG, Plurality of democrats want to nationalize the oil industry
  131. Elections NObama loyalty quiz...you are believer or basher?
  132. Religion 6/16/08 Congratulation to San Diego County (first gay marriages completed)
  133. Environment Ouch. Anti-McCain ad packs a whollop!
  134. Environment Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month
  135. Elections Will the Real John McCain Please Stand Up? 10 flip-flops in 2 weeks!
  136. Misc Ranch Wisdom
  137. Legal Paying for police gas when you get a speeding ticket
  138. U.S. Issues What the **** is wrong with this ****ing country?
  139. Elections The Hillary bounce...
  140. General Politics LMAO: Muslims barred from picture at Obama event
  141. General Politics McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors
  142. Religion House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries
  143. Misc Ron Paul's Message to Obama
  144. Int'l Issues Who says the iraqi war wasn't over the oil?
  145. Elections Obama to Break Campaign Finance Promise
  146. General Politics Oklahoma sends Washington a signal
  147. Elections Obama could win vote, lose election
  148. Elections Obama's first GE ad.
  149. Religion "Universal" health care: One in 5 Canadians can't find a doctor
  150. Misc Thoughts on a quote
  151. U.S. Issues Top 10 Reasons To Blame Democrats For Soaring Gas Prices
  152. General Politics Face The Nation replacement
  153. U.S. Issues Chris Dodd's housing bailout bill includes access to your paypal account
  154. Elections McCain admits he "didn't love America"
  155. Report: Ohio science teacher burned cross on kids' arms
  156. Int'l Issues Obama seen as a Muslim overseas
  157. U.S. Issues Congress moves to privatize money-losing restaurants
  158. General Politics Gore tries to ground balloon
  159. Elections Barack Hussein's New Podium Seal
  160. Legal AP: US asks to rewrite detainee evidence
  161. Legal Bizarro World: McCain attacks Obama’s ‘cowboy diplomacy’
  162. Elections Newsweek shock poll: Obama opens up 15 point lead over McCain...
  163. The Sep. of Church and State in S.C. with "I Believe" license plates
  164. Int'l Issues Newsweek Poll: Obama with a 15 point lead - 51% to 36%
  165. U.S. Issues Where is all of the hate and venom toward the residents of the areas hit by flooding?
  166. Elections Hagel says he'd consider VP offer from Obama
  167. Elections Obama predicts Republicans will smear him for being black...
  168. Libertarians may succeed in attempt to repeal Massachusetts state income tax.
  169. U.S. Issues Sell me on your presidential candidate
  170. Elections Bob Barr and could he cause the GOP harm?
  171. U.S. Issues Will McCain pick a woman for Veep?
  172. U.S. Issues Just How Stupid Are We?
  173. Religion CBS attacks 'controversial' burger
  174. Religion Incredible. McCain offers $300 million for new auto battery
  175. Elections McCriminal? McCain currently breaking campaign finance laws
  176. Should we create 1 GE sticky thread?
  177. Elections First Obama attack book in the works
  178. Int'l Issues Roadside bombs decline in Iraq
  179. Elections Obama podium seal not to be used again
  180. Misc What!! No Royals thread tonight??
  181. Int'l Issues Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say
  182. U.S. Issues Whats the latest on terrorism ?
  183. Elections McCain camp hoping for more terrorism
  184. Elections Change... That Works For Him... Obama The Liar...
  185. Legal Google provides hilarious defense in FL obscenity case
  186. Elections 10 Concerns about Barack Obama
  187. Elections Any John McCain SUPPORTERS out there?
  188. U.S. Issues Dept of Justice unfair to liberals According to an internal investigation
  189. U.S. Issues Is this true? Oil Companies already have leases for 68 million acres
  190. U.S. Issues How are liberals treated in the army/navy?
  191. General Politics Proposal Would Rename SF Sewage Plant After Bush
  192. U.S. Issues The problem with privatization...
  193. Legal Supreme Court Disappoints
  194. Elections State of the Planet Electorate approaching July 4th
  195. Bloomberg Poll Confirms Newsweek Poll. McCain is in Freefall.
  196. Economics Jobs coming home from oil prices
  197. Misc Exxon Valdez $2.5 billion oil spill ruling overturned
  198. Elections Gallup: McCain, Obama tied at 45%
  199. Elections Obama can take Missouri off the list....
  200. Elections Obama to get Hanuman idol
  201. General Politics Obama's Social Security Fine Print
  202. Int'l Issues Leadership Void Seen in Pakistan
  203. U.S. Issues The best way to support our troops is to....
  204. Int'l Issues Tyranny of Robert Mugabe continues... America: "yawn"
  205. Legal Superemes rule in favor of 2nd Amendment
  206. General Politics Democrats Have Gone over the edge, green though
  207. U.S. Issues One More Reason to Be Excited for the Election
  208. Elections **** Official Too Early To Mean A Damn Thing Poll Thread ****
  209. General Politics Novak: Colin Powell will endorse Obama
  210. Elections Buffett Criticizes Obama on Windfall Profits Tax, Public Funding
  211. U.S. Issues The 15% tax...
  212. Elections OBAMA: Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop- Gun Addition
  213. Elections I just flip-flopped. Am I now a deplorable human being?
  214. General Politics MA. State Rep. James Fagan = Douchebag
  215. Environment Ever wonder why homosexuality escapes the process of natural selection?
  216. Misc Bob Barr takes the fight right to McCain (2nd Amendment)
  217. U.S. Issues "Peak Oil" a Lie? A different take
  218. U.S. Issues Obama's Position? Change opps Change again
  219. Environment For the First Time in Human History, Ice May Disappear Entirely From the North Pole
  220. Elections Don't you know who she is?
  221. Environment Brrrr... The Disappearing Arctic Ice Is Back And It's Thick
  222. Elections Activist judges shoot down millionaires ammendment
  223. U.S. Issues Scalia caught fear-mongering
  224. Legal Is it permittable to not care one way or the other about Global Warming?
  225. Elections The officiall Untity thread (Hillary and Obama)
  226. U.S. Issues Missile defense success: First intercept of warhead after separating from missile
  227. U.S. Issues Registration of Firearms
  228. U.S. Issues You're the judge, what sentence would you give?
  229. General Politics HaHA: McCain is senile. He is taking credit for GI Bill that he didn't he vote for
  230. A few months later - prefix icons in DC?
  231. Elections Obama's FISA flip (candidate for change deceives yet again)
  232. U.S. Issues Obama linked to gun control efforts - The Real Obama
  233. Economics The Hermit Economy
  234. U.S. Issues Rep Delahunt says he was "glad" al Qaeda could see David Addington at a hearing
  235. Religion DOes GM win McCain's $300 Million dollars?
  236. Elections Obama & Hillary in Unity
  237. Int'l Issues Cool Bob Barr Video
  238. Environment The Mullahs in Iran have a better drug policy than the US
  239. U.S. Issues Accused Anthrax Scientist Wins Lawsuit; 5.8 mil
  240. U.S. Issues So, I was going to fill my truck up with gas yesterday and I noticed
  241. Elections The ACORN Connection starting to grow
  242. Legal Anyone want to go on record now? Will gun violence go up or down in DC in 2 yrs?
  243. General Politics Joe, American
  244. Int'l Issues the drunken sailor
  245. Environment Now they are stopping Ssolar Development
  246. Elections Wes Clark on McCain... wow
  247. Elections Bill Clinton: Obama can kiss my ass for support
  248. Int'l Issues US Preparing Battlefield in Iran
  249. U.S. Issues Obama's Next Big Flip-Flop.... IRAQ!
  250. General Politics Interesting story: McCains defaulted for 4 years on property tax