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  1. Paul Begala's Debate Blog: Round 4
  2. Bob Novak's Debate Blog: Round 4
  3. Jessi Klein: Blogging along with Bush and Kerry
  4. Gallup Instant Poll on 3rd Debate
  5. Oops Terry McAuliffe is getting beat up on Fox
  6. My take after three debates
  7. John Kerry's Plan
  8. Blow by blow blog from MSNBC
  9. Biggest lie of the night?
  10. Good news from Iraq??
  11. Kerry Low Blow about Cheney's daughter
  12. Decorated War Hero?
  13. If Kerry Says He Won't Legislate Articles Of Faith, Why Is He Promoting Higher Taxes?
  14. Bush on assault weapons: "I did think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban"
  15. "Kerry clear winner in debate"
  16. Replay of tonight's debate?
  17. Expressing thanks to Bush...
  18. Kerry: "Privatization is an invitation to disaster"
  19. Michael Badnarik Arrested For Civil Disobedience, Protesting Exclusion From Debates
  20. Devestating: 500 Natl. Security Specialists call Bush Iraq policy a "disaster."
  21. I'm sure law enforcement officers hate "assault weapons," John...
  22. Vermeil to Retire After the 2005 Season?
  23. Two Issues of interrest on Radio. Kerry/Islam
  24. Nice ending to the debate.
  25. So... which two turds will be fighting in 2008?
  26. "Kerry crushes Bush in the third debate."
  27. Kerry Campaign Plan: Charge Voter Intimidation Even If None Exists
  28. Movie Review: Team America: World Police
  29. Dems plan to claim voter intimidation though none exists...66 page DNC manual exposed
  30. ABC News: Notes
  31. GOP Director Jim Dyke Complains About Kerry Bashing Cheney's Gay Daughter
  32. Log Cabin Republicans scold Kerry/Edwards & spank W/Cheney
  33. Is this a Fair and Balanced squeeze?
  34. Oops. FCC won’t prevent airing of anti-Kerry film, chairman says.
  35. Electoral Collage/Debate the Pros and Cons
  36. Kerry wins debate... Market retreats.
  37. ooops, Cheney forgot he outed daughter in Aug 04 speech
  38. Kerry Clarifies Cheney Daughter Remark
  39. The news resulting in the fake outrage over Mary Cheney remark...
  40. Ooops, "oops" thread titles are beyond overdone.
  41. A different take on last night's debate
  42. Bush vs Kerry
  43. A quest for an unbiased assessment...a challenge to all!
  44. Drugs, sex, and neocons...
  45. I Saw Meet the Fockers Tonight...
  46. Best swift vet AD yet IMO...
  47. Has anyone watched "Stolen Honor" yet?
  48. Kerry getting cocky... Nod's to Ali... "Is that all you've got, George?"
  49. Oops, this was unexpected, NOT. Bush takes 4 point lead.
  50. Huge international poll shows world thinks Bush sucks
  51. Hmm, Bush's port plan is working Tiger Woods yacht raided and turned away.
  52. A New Government's Moral Authority
  53. Bulge won't go away
  54. Hmm, Bush's Economy on Track as Retail Sales Jump
  55. A Challenge for This Political Season
  56. US 'programmers' to join the unemployed?
  57. October 15: Six Battleground States Remain (Bush 264 EVs, Kerry 268 EVs, Tied 6 EVs)
  58. Hmm, (Bush) Even Greenspan is not worried about Oil prices.
  59. Hmm, Troops, Families Trust Bush over Kerry by 3 to 1
  60. "Mean politics" upsetting some voters
  61. 1971 Kerry/O'Neill debate
  62. Ba-hahaha
  63. Kerry Suggests Bush Could Revive Draft
  64. Libertarian article...
  65. Oops, Bush will win by a comfortable margin this year
  66. Anyone watching Crossfire Jon Stewart is spanking the hosts...
  67. Poll Shows Disapproval of Cheney Daughter Reference
  68. Bush has to raise debt ceiling....again
  69. Army platoon arrested?
  70. The Chip on John O'Neill's shoulder further exposed byABC News.
  71. London Newspaper To Report Saddam Met Osama Bin Laden In Baghdad In 1998
  72. Unit Refused Iraq Mission, Military Says
  73. The making of the terror myth
  74. Let's say Bush wins. Will another country get invaded in the ME, and which one?
  75. Hum...poll shows military changing opinion on Iraq plan & casket photos
  76. Alexandra Pelosi rocks
  77. Oct. 16: Seven Battleground States Remain (Bush 264 EVs, Kerry 268 EVs, Tied 6 EVs)
  78. Did Reservist American troops refuse orders in Iraq?
  79. Character
  80. House of Representatives
  81. Do you support IRV?
  82. Cool website: archive of every political T.V. add back to 1952
  83. The Best John Kerry Ad Of This Political Season
  84. Hiding Behind the Skirts of the Very People He Betrays
  85. Without a Doubt By RON SUSKIND
  86. Well, I could have predicted this one.......
  87. CNN/USATODAY/GALLUP Bush leads by 8pts
  88. Election to Be Scrutinized for Irregularities
  89. War Comes to the Green Zone
  90. Humor at the expense of the self-righteous
  91. family allegiance
  92. Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states
  93. Kerry targets stem-cell issue in bid to split the Bush vote
  94. White House Letter: Is Bush overprotected?
  95. Kerry/DNC Plan Calls For Unlawful Vote Gathering In Florida
  96. Soldiers refused to drive unarmored trucks
  97. Kerry Warns of January Surprise
  98. I was talking politics with a few of my friends last night...
  99. Kerry Is Going To Have To Come Up With A New Plan For Importing Drugs From Canada
  100. Fraternal Order Of Police Call On Kerry To Stop Misrepresenting Their Support
  101. Check this and see if you change your opinion of what is going on in Iraq.
  102. Washington Post: Kerry Ad On Social Security Using Suskind's Bush "Quotes" Misleading
  103. Bush Leads Kerry By 22 Points On Terrorism Issue In Two Polls (Battleground/Gallup)
  104. BBC: Commander Of UN Peacekeepers In Haiti Blames Recent Violence On Kerry Comments
  105. I finally watched it!
  106. Fahrenhype 9/11
  107. A Hat Trick for "W"
  108. 2004 Newspaper Presidential Endorsements
  109. Polls say Bush has slight lead as Kerry gains
  110. Cheney Vows to Attack U.S. If Kerry Elected
  111. "Post-war planning non-existent"
  112. Question for Kerry Supporters
  113. The rich should pay their fair share! (except for DUHresa)
  114. Regardless of political stance……..
  115. Does anyone know where to find the latest local polls?
  116. PJB still endorses Bush
  117. Kerry Applies For Hunting License...Can't Make Up His Mind What Color His Eyes Are
  118. Putin urges voters to back Bush
  119. U.S.: Too Early to Tell Iraq Unit's Fate
  120. Polls Put Bush on the Edge
  121. People Make Way For...the Interim President! (Good Article About What May Happen)
  122. NAACP Pays Man With Crack Cocaine To Get Voter Registrations (Instead He Forges Them)
  123. Florida Supreme Courts 2004 Election - Republican 1 - Democrats 0
  124. USA Today:Bush Lead Now At 8 Points
  125. Saudi-U.S. talks on Guatanamo prisoners
  126. Kerry Draws Even With Bush at 45 Percent in Zogby Tracking Poll
  127. Vatican condemns EU 'inquisition'
  128. Kerry Backers Target Arizona
  129. Too funny: "I Wish I Were in DC"
  130. More obsessed.... Hel'n or jAZ
  131. Kerry Health Plan Would Fail - Recycles Clinton Care That Favors Healthy, Avoids Sick
  132. "Kerry left off some absentee ballots"
  133. Where's the MNF thread?
  134. Damn I've got the flu
  135. I am dumb...bad thread...
  136. "Sinclair fires Washington bureau chief"
  137. Polling Is "Not Simply A Sampling Of People's Preferences"
  138. Middle School Teacher In Trouble Over Presidential Photo?
  139. Talked my neighbor out of voting for Bush today...
  140. Consultant To Vatican Rules In Letter That Kerry Be Excommunicated
  141. I Talked My Neighbor Out of Eating Fat Yesterday
  142. Interesting.
  143. Very disturbing video -- Don't watch if you don't want to bust a gut laughing!
  144. Let's Pull Together
  145. And I love you... ahhhh ahhhh...
  146. Bush trying to STEAL 17 Kerry electoral votes?
  147. ACLU turns down $1.15 million in funding due to Anti terroism restrictions
  148. Here's An Interesting Political Ad
  150. New Poll Shows Bush Doubling Support Of African-Americans From 2000
  151. VIDEO: John Edwards attends to his hair...
  152. 200 Grand??
  153. Daily Endorsement Tally: Kerry Picks up 30 Papers, Widens Lead
  154. WATCHING THE WEST: Polls show Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico as toss-ups
  155. LA Times: Schwarzenegger Backs Stem Cell Study
  156. LA Times: Governor Endorses Open Primary Measure
  157. Snopes targets sKerry ad
  158. Oct. 19: Seven Battleground States Remain (Bush 274 EVs, Kerry 258 EVs, Tied 6 EVs)
  159. ABC News Radio Reports Possible Fraud in St Louis County
  160. Stadium vote makes team colors 'electioneering'
  161. The biggest failure in the history of American Security on the campaign road for Bush
  162. Pat Robertson rips Bush a new a-hole
  163. So if Kerry Wins this thing...
  164. "'Frightened to death' of Bush"...another republican rips Bush another new a-hole
  165. Morris on strategy at the third debate and beyond
  166. Tommy Franks Rips Kerry a AHole So Big, A Colostomy Bag is on Back Order
  167. Oops. Iran endorses Bush...
  168. Sinclair backs off: won't show entire anti-Kerry crockumentary
  169. Oops. PLO endorses Kerry...
  170. uh-oh, Vatican 'hoodwinked' by anti-Kerry lawyer...lolol
  171. Stay out of my d@mned yard, Repubs!!
  172. Leiberman just bumps Kerry's Ahole and States Bush is Solid for Support
  173. Kerry Campaign Vows To Claim Victory Regardless Of the Results On Election Night
  174. Thousands Of Fraudulent Ohio Dem Voter Registrations Returned When Voters Not Found
  175. Latest from Electoral-vote.com...
  176. The Economy and the real story:
  177. Grand Canyon Created by Noah's Flood
  178. Voter Registrations In Kansas City Exceed Voting Age Adults By 10% (More Dem Fraud)
  179. What will happen come election day
  180. 'Those Who Bomb Fallujah Cannot Prevent Me from Bombing Los Angeles'
  181. Caption this:
  182. Kerry: US Troops Dying For the United Nations Is OK, Dying For America Is Not
  183. DUHresa hits just keep on coming
  184. Elections .......every 4 or 8 years ?
  185. Oops/Uh-oh/Haha/LOLOL [insert topic name]
  186. Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities
  187. Gunther_Fan or TacoJohn?
  188. Kids Pick Kerry to Be the Next President
  189. Kerry Campaign Slams Heart Patient Cheney For Getting Flu Shot
  190. The swiftboat website? Check out this one.
  191. Any theories on why Robertson backstabbed Bush?
  192. Kerry going hunting to show he is a regular guy.
  193. Fearless Prediction Time...
  194. Heinz Kerry Says Laura Bush Never Had 'Real Job'
  195. Keepin’ it Real- Ban the Boss
  196. Hmm, Taco is really hurt by my post
  197. Bill Clinton wants to be UN secretary general. Goody.
  198. Spaceship-1's Iranian connection.
  199. The President
  200. If dems are libs and reps are cons,
  201. Polls Now Showing Bush Up Big In MN, IA, NM and MI
  202. John Kerry vs. John O'neill - 1971 Dick Cavett show debate video....
  203. Dems At War: George Soros Rips Michael Moore For "Misleading the American People"
  204. John Kerry the "hunter"
  205. Athletes for Bush
  206. AP Poll: Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat
  207. Mackris interview with Daily News
  208. The Abortion Argument....again.
  209. Brad Pitt
  210. Judicial Sanity Prevails: Provisional Ballots Won't Count If Cast At Wrong Place
  211. Unbelievable!!
  212. oh,la,la: Tenet calls Iraq War 'wrong'
  213. Newsweek: Clinton Administration Funded Al Qaeda With Taxpayer Money
  214. GOP Poised To Take 3-4 Seats In Senate Races (Polls Show GOP Leads)
  215. Oct. 22: Nine Battleground States Remain (Bush 296 EVs, Kerry 241 EVs, Tied 1 EVs)
  216. Kerry Campaign Shifts Focus To Southwest As Electoral Vote Options Dwindle
  217. Washington Post: Fading Nader Factor
  218. NBC Seeks to Avoid Another Election-Night Debacle
  219. John Kerry bumper stickers.....
  220. Bush's Willie Horton??
  221. Kerry In Minnesota: Crowds Leave Early While the Candidate Is Still "Droning On"
  222. John Kerry the "Global Tester"
  223. Fact Check: New Bush Ads Blatantly Lying
  224. George Day
  225. ROFL: Tom Daschle Can't Vote For Himself Because He's No Longer A S. Dakota Resident
  226. Kerry's prospects just improved in Minnesota
  227. AFC West Fed Political Contributions
  228. So if Kerry and the Dem hate Halliburton...
  229. Do either of these canidates have a plan for the deficit?
  230. It wasn't me... I swear!
  231. Insurgency grows...funded by Saudis
  232. New MoveonPac tv ad
  233. Another National Poll Shows Bush With Huge Lead (Time Mag: Bush 51, Kerry 46)
  234. A win for the left and the right...
  235. Video Shows Supposedly Non-Partisan "Rock the Vote" Staff Demonstrating Against Bush
  236. CNN: Bush, Kerry work to clarify their stances
  237. Man knocks himself out stealing campaign signs
  238. "Army to Let Halliburton Keep Iraq Payment"
  239. Ohio voter registration fraud..
  240. G.O.P. Begins Disarming of Ohio Voters
  241. What is the quota of liberal "The republicans are cheating in registering threads"?
  242. It's what I've been saying all along...
  243. Stolen Honor Download
  244. Is this the best scumbag Dem's can come up with? More 1973 trash?
  245. NFT: How Technology failed in the Iraqi War
  246. Denise will like this..........
  247. Newsweek Stunner: Magazine Predicts Presidential Winner (Going Out On A Limb Alert)
  248. Bush Now Leading Kerry In Hawaii
  249. Story Breaking Monday About Kerry (Just Passing Info Along Folks)
  250. Zogby: "Could Undecideds Be Breaking For Bush?"