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  1. Elections Barack Obama..... The Sexist
  2. Int'l Issues City of Santuary?
  3. Elections Obama Hangin' out in my Neighborhood
  4. Elections What in Obama's past qualifies him for the Presidency?
  5. General Politics Arianna Huffington on moving to the middle
  6. Legal Texas man cleared of killing suspected burglars
  7. Elections NRA plans $40M fall blitz targeting Obama
  8. Elections Krauthammer..Obama's just a politician
  9. General Politics NObama not W. He's Coke Zero. HAHA
  10. Religion Obama hates the first Amendment, just like Dubya
  11. U.S. Issues New Scientist on Peak Oil
  12. This subforum is nearly all attack threads
  13. U.S. Issues Is this the way they will go after Obama?
  14. Religion The Audacity of Death
  15. Elections Webb: McCain Should 'Calm Down' on Using Military Service
  16. General Politics Did Obama actually say this?
  17. Elections Obama 'advisors' attack again
  18. Legal Lawsuit filed over Atlanta airport barring guns
  19. Int'l Issues http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=5275304&page=1
  20. U.S. Issues Woman dies ignored on hospital waiting room floor
  21. Environment US agrees to scrap immunity for security guards in Iraq
  22. Elections Obama/Powell ?
  23. Int'l Issues Have you ever noticed how HOT Mahmud Ahmedinejad's wife is?
  24. Elections The Flip-Flop Obsession
  25. General Politics Rudy: I'm still the best, though John McCain is No. 2
  26. Elections OBAMA- Mortgage Sweethart Deal... HAHAHA
  27. Elections While recxjake discusses Obama's mortgage loan, this trivial piece of news flares up:
  28. U.S. Issues Kansas gives tuition break to illegals
  29. U.S. Issues WSJ: How the rich will alternately fare under Obama's, McCain's taxes.
  30. Elections Obama Surrogate's Quote Of The Day....
  31. Elections Obama/Gephardt ticket?
  32. U.S. Issues Wes Clark on John Kerry... wow
  33. General Politics Fox "News" alters NY TImes Reporters' Photos
  34. U.S. Issues Obama defends Chris Dodd
  35. Int'l Issues Oh, no, not this again....
  36. General Politics Fox News -- saynomore, saynomore.
  37. U.S. Issues Mission Accomplished...
  38. Elections What in McCains's past qualifies him for the Presidency?
  39. Economics GM to file for Bankruptcy
  40. Elections ROFL...Look who was right! OBAMA to "REFINE" IRAQ Strategy! ROFL
  41. Int'l Issues Report: Iran will halt enrichment if West removes sanctions
  42. Economics PERFECT TIMEING: Analyst: Chrysler, not GM, in biggest danger
  43. Elections Is thereat least one single liberal/democrat that supports Obama?
  44. Does the Libertarian party deserve a spot at the debate podium?
  45. Tribue Thread For - ahem, shut your mouth -
  46. Int'l Issues Secret World Bank Report: Biofuel Caused Food Crisis
  47. Environment Bush Tours America To Survey Damage
  48. Elections likely voters think both candidates flip floppers, issue not as important as 2004
  49. General Politics Conservative versus liberal beliefs - a self inspection
  50. Elections 16 monts,,no wait,,,troops, oops, no, "Combat" troops..2013
  51. Happy 4th
  52. U.S. Issues Senator No
  53. Elections Why I'd love to join a campaign:
  54. U.S. Issues Take 3 odd 4th of July polls from CNN
  55. U.S. Issues It must be hell over there.
  56. Elections Only 54% of Clinton Supporters To Vote For Obama
  57. Elections NY Times: (Obama) New and Not Improved
  58. General Politics Waterboarding: Is it torture?
  59. U.S. Issues Why I'm not Patriotic
  60. Int'l Issues More Progress in Iraq (warning to liberals, cover your ears)
  61. Misc Fox News Best Broadcast?
  62. Environment Global Warming as Mass Neurosis...
  63. Economics The Bubble Economy
  64. U.S. Issues holy jesus
  65. Elections McCain to get air cover from vets
  66. Elections McCain wants Charlie Crist of FL as his VP?
  67. Misc Is America Ready?
  68. U.S. Issues OFFICIAL: You on the Issues
  69. Int'l Issues People who said that the war in Iraq was lost are still wrong
  70. Economics The Omnivore's Dilemma
  71. Elections Obama's Dirty Buddies
  72. Int'l Issues NPR: The German Health Care system
  73. Elections RNC, Vets For Freedom On Air for McCain
  74. Int'l Issues Charlie Wilson's war convinced me we need to stay in Iraq
  75. Elections 20 Amazing Facts About 20 Amazing Facts About
  76. Int'l Issues US removes uranium from Iraq
  77. U.S. Issues "...monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves..."
  78. Int'l Issues Iraq might set timetable for withdrawal
  79. Elections Obama's fundraising spin
  80. General Politics Obama has officially pissed me off
  81. Environment Zogby: Bob Barr polling at 6% nationally
  82. U.S. Issues McCain sets timetable for withdrawal
  83. Elections Obama to accept Dem. Nomination at Investco
  84. Elections McCainomics: War will reduce the deficit
  85. Elections If I Was A Crazyy Liberal... Obama Supporter.... I Would Be PISSED!
  86. Legal SF Mayor Gavin Newsome shields illegal alien crack dealers and lets them escape
  87. Elections Write-in Candidacy Kickoff - I am running for President.
  88. U.S. Issues Remember These items in November.
  89. U.S. Issues McCain up with a new minute long TV AD
  90. General Politics Congress frets as its ratings plummet
  91. Int'l Issues So What Happens if We Create a Stable, Democratic, Iran-Supporting Iraq?
  92. Environment Cheney wanted cuts in climate testimony
  93. Elections How much does running a great/poor campaign influence your faith in a candidate?
  94. General Politics Just on CNN NObama to crowd: You SHOULD learn Spanish. ROTFL
  95. Elections Will The Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up.....Change That Works For HIM!!!!!
  96. U.S. Issues PickensPlan.com
  97. General Politics MN Teen Charged For Trying to Sell Vote on Ebay
  98. General Politics What is an earmark?
  99. Elections Conservative Christian Group Invokes Slavery In Opposing Obama
  100. U.S. Issues Cheney had items deleted from Climate Change report
  101. U.S. Issues Provision to Pardon Bush of Potential War Crimes
  102. Elections I hate this time of year...
  103. U.S. Issues Obama to black kids: "You will not play in the NBA."
  104. U.S. Issues The George W. Bush Sewage Plant
  105. Elections John McCain can't run a campaign.
  106. Devolution of America: Commission Proposes Formal Role for Congress in War Decisions
  107. Economics Minimum Wage
  108. Elections McCain vs the NFL who will win?
  109. Int'l Issues AHHH!!! Iran test fires missiles in riposte to U.S., Israel
  110. General Politics Doc's gonna bail?
  111. U.S. Issues Commentary on Helms
  112. Elections Video of the Year... Hands Down... Best Ever
  113. Elections Holy Balls... Obama Is Trying To Buy The Election... 150 Field Staffers in Missouri!
  114. U.S. Issues Donald Sutherland on Obama's Evolution
  115. General Politics Jesse Jackson talking smack!!!
  116. Elections The New Republic: McCain's tax policy "incoherent," "impossible," "makes no sense."
  117. Economics There's a 7-year trend...
  118. Elections Obama video- disarming america
  119. Economics The "Don't Vote for Obama" strategy
  120. Elections McCain befuddled about his own voting record
  121. Int'l Issues Can someone defend the Czech/Polish missile defense system
  122. U.S. Issues NOPD officer punished for wearing the wrong uniform
  123. Christian Story Not Original
  124. U.S. Issues Betrayed by Obama (FISA)
  125. Elections The Same Obama
  126. Elections Obama's frequent regrets may make us sorry
  127. Economics The epitome of ELITE and OUT OF TOUCH!!!
  128. Economics should Washington let GM fail?
  129. U.S. Issues Barack to ban all guns.
  130. Elections 95,000,000 Cash On Hand!!!
  131. U.S. Issues Because it's a fun thing to do: Wexler stands against Iran blockade.
  132. General Politics Rove refuses to testify
  133. Economics Bringing Down Bear Stears
  134. Elections We are a Country full of whiners according to McCains top economic advisor
  135. U.S. Issues US needs more Peace Corp Volunteers and Less Human Targets
  136. General Politics Im trying to find the outrage thread...
  137. U.S. Issues Barack Obama: Your Children Should Learn To Speak Spanish
  138. Int'l Issues England officially neutered by Moonbattery
  139. General Politics A look into the crystal ball at the past
  140. Elections The Week That Should Have Ended McCain's Presidential Hopes
  141. Economics Another Bear Stearns? Lehman is getting crushed
  142. Elections McCain Got New Marriage License Before Getting Divorce
  143. U.S. Issues Dick Durbin and the Chicago boys
  144. Environment Good riddance Kyoto
  145. General Politics Lying Beauraweenie's
  146. Elections McCain closing gap, Rasmussen 1% for Obama
  147. Religion 61 year old librarian cited for "trespassing" for holding "McCain=Bush" sign at Rally
  148. Economics Whoa, Indymac Bank fails
  149. Elections 12% drop for Obama in latest Newsweek poll....
  150. Elections Good read: 3 reasons Obama should win.
  151. Int'l Issues More Iranian missle tests
  152. Environment T Boone Pickens : What's he doing ? Replacing America's oil needs with wind.
  153. U.S. Issues Tony Snow has died
  154. Environment Ethanol is a joke
  155. General Politics Obama in the White House? Oh the diginity of the office.
  156. General Politics A few myths about SSI
  157. General Politics Political Correctness censors free speech
  158. Elections B.O. punks out of townhall meeting
  159. Int'l Issues U.S., Iraq Scale Down Negotiations Over Forces
  160. Elections McKinney running for president as Green candidate
  161. Elections Ted Nugent's questions for the candidates
  162. Elections Egad, Egobama is a perfect term to describe the Messiah
  163. Environment US, Iraq Long-Term Security Deal Abandoned
  164. Elections Mark Sanford, VP Candidate: FAIL
  165. Elections I just had a political canidate knock on my door and hand me a card.
  166. U.S. Issues Bush's Iraq strategy becoming more and more like Obama's...
  167. Elections McCain: The Candidate For Our Times
  168. U.S. Issues Bill of Non-Rights
  169. Elections Let me break it down for ya, fellas
  170. Economics Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be bailed out by Fed
  171. Elections New Iranian Oil Field Discovered
  172. U.S. Issues MO troopers get immigration training
  173. U.S. Issues Jane Mayer to release most detailed publication yet of Bush's "American gulag."
  174. Elections New Yorker mocks "terrorist fist-jab" with magazine cover.
  175. General Politics A note from Nancy Pelosi
  176. Environment Antarctic Ice Melt IN WINTER (July)
  177. Environment Bush to lift offshore drilling ban
  178. General Politics Yet another B.O. Flip Flop
  179. Elections Why don't more Republicans want to talk about John McCain?
  180. Elections Who is the better candidate for the sickly US Dollar? McCain or Obama?
  181. Elections Obama fans: A question
  182. SHTSPRAYER = Kotter
  183. General Politics Your own personal quality of life...better or worse than in 2000?
  184. Yikes.
  185. Elections Interesting VP Discussion
  186. Elections Jesse Ventura drops out of Minnesota senate race after posting a lead
  187. General Politics Phil Gramm: Porn Investor
  188. Elections Surge meets purge
  189. Int'l Issues Obama's dishonest Op-Ed
  190. Elections Speaking of the New Yorker...
  191. U.S. Issues The Election: The Good News is...
  192. Elections Whether this is real or not it is still funny
  193. General Politics Comedians struggling on how to handle Obama.
  194. U.S. Issues The Nature of the Surge, and How It Falls Short
  195. Elections Bush Says Drill, Drill, Drill and Oil Drops $9!
  196. Environment Economic Fascism: SEC to fight short selling of financials
  197. U.S. Issues Hugh's List
  198. General Politics Democrats Are Weighing More Tax Rebates, Pelosi Says
  199. Has Frank Schaeffer ever
  200. Int'l Issues The Iron Timetable
  201. Elections Jib jab sends Bush a packin' and Obama is Snow White????
  202. General Politics Bush asserts Exec Privilege to protect Cheney
  203. U.S. Issues Now Bush's IRAN strategy becoming more and more like Obama's...
  204. Elections "Conspicuous respectfulness" can only go so far.
  205. U.S. Issues Elizabeth Dole Goes Insane
  206. Elections RNC, Cyberpistols and Professors
  207. Economics Ron Paul takes down Bernanke
  208. U.S. Issues Don't Mess with Texas!
  209. Elections McCain flips, flops, twists, reverses, does a 180 and is really confused.
  210. Elections Frank Marshall Davis
  211. Elections Obama campaign raised $52 million in June
  212. U.S. Issues Josh Brolin Vs. Southern rednecks
  213. General Politics McCain Town hall
  214. Elections Oil, in Quotes.
  215. Economics The coming tax bomb
  216. Elections Senate races are looking Bluer and Bluer.
  217. Economics Let's play compare with Senator Lavin
  218. General Politics The N Word : Jesse Jackson's ........
  219. Religion Nine House Republicans Vote for Impeachment Hearing; Measure Passes 238-180...
  220. Elections Anti-surge comments off Obama's Web site
  221. U.S. Issues WTF is Obama talking about?
  222. U.S. Issues McCain flips, twists, reverses once again within a matter of hours.
  223. General Politics In case you were wondering which networks were in the tank for Obama...
  224. Elections Who is B.O. talking about when he says "they"?
  225. Elections John McCain and Czechoslovakia
  226. U.S. Issues "A general time horizon for meeting aspirational goals."
  227. Elections New McCain TV AD
  228. Elections Some good news for the GOP: Five House seats they have a shot at.
  229. The Greatness of the Market in a Crisis
  230. Elections Bush-McCain adopting Obama's foreign policy plans
  231. Int'l Issues Iraqi PM backs Obama's troop exit plan
  232. General Politics Obama's Challenge for the NAACP
  233. Elections WSJ weighs in on candidates for Missouri Governor
  234. General Politics White House forwards praise of Obama plan
  235. Elections Obama fends off sniper fire, arrives in Afghanistan
  236. Elections hahahaha....Iraqi PM disputes report on Obama withdrawal plan...
  237. U.S. Issues Support the troops. Bring'em home and help them recover.
  238. Elections Brilliant piece on Obama's speech-giving.
  239. Int'l Issues Ready to invade Pakistan?
  240. U.S. Issues WSJ - Why No Outrage?
  241. Elections Comparing Obama and McCain Websites...
  242. Economics Interesting bit on ANWR
  243. General Politics Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win
  244. Misc NYT rejects McCain editorial; published Obama last week
  245. Elections Don't HOPE For More Energy, Vote For It!
  246. General Politics Ron Paul under investigation for campaign finance fraud
  247. Elections Obama campaign hires Muslim liaison
  248. Elections Obama and McCain to share a stage before party conventions.
  249. General Politics McCain with ANOTHER geography gaffe.
  250. Elections Not exactly a small piece of irony regarding Obama's trip abroad: