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  1. U.S. Issues Vice President Claire McCaskill? Let's talk about it.
  2. Economics OK Liberals, Fuel, Gas, etc. How high should we let it get to ?
  3. General Politics Novak: McCain to announce VP this week
  4. Misc Is this true?
  5. General Politics Michael Savage: Kids with autism are "brats" who need to "cut the act out"
  6. Elections LOL: Obama vs. Obama
  7. U.S. Issues Is McCain a crook?
  8. Int'l Issues Ethnic cleaning in Badhdad?
  9. Elections Begich leads Stevens by 8 in Alaska
  10. Elections Obama is STILL against the Surge!!! Wow!
  11. Int'l Issues AP: Iraqi backing of Obama plan irks White House
  12. General Politics So........ WTF was Glenn Beck subbing in for Larry King?
  13. Misc Need an Obamamaniac to interpret this
  14. Elections McCain gaffes pile up; critics pile on
  15. Elections Should Obama make a pit stop in Mecca?
  16. Elections Obama and his Media Girls Dress Code
  17. U.S. Issues What's the deal with B.O.'s birth certificate
  18. Elections Senate & House committees release June funding reports.
  19. Elections Fareed Zakaria: Obama, not McCain, is the "true realist" on foreign policy.
  20. Misc Obama's security in Ramallah
  21. Elections Pastors and Politics
  22. U.S. Issues Does anybody remember what John Kerry's healthcare policy was?
  23. Elections McCain up 10% in Ohio!!!!!
  24. Elections Michelle...damn girl
  25. Economics Wachovia loses $8.9B, cuts 6,350 workers, dividend
  26. U.S. Issues Would I be called a racist if...
  27. Elections BREAKING... John McCain/Mitt Romney 08
  28. Elections What does Jake really think of a McCain/Romney ticket?
  29. Elections Did Kay Barnes cost KC $60 mil?
  30. General Politics The audacity of the dope!
  31. General Politics Ron Paul to write another book as a followup to The Revolution: A Manifesto
  32. Elections Specially-appointed Gitmo judge: some evidence against Osama's driver can't be used.
  33. My problem with Obama
  34. Elections McCain makes huge gaffe and CBS is covering for him
  35. Int'l Issues Majority Sees U.S. Winning War on Terror for First Time Since 2004
  36. U.S. Issues Murtha's days numbered? Let's hope so
  37. Elections Sean Tevis: Amusing Campaign Website
  38. Environment McCain may choose Minnestoa Gov, Tim Pawlenty as VeeP
  39. U.S. Issues The Obamification of the Obamamessiah
  40. Elections Who Does He Think He Is?
  41. Economics War Bonds
  42. Elections Her?
  43. Legal They Are Cheating In Denver ...
  44. Elections War and peace and the Democrats
  45. Elections Democrats going to make an incredibly strong push for House seats.
  46. General Politics Unimportant yet amusing thread of the day.
  47. Elections My take on McCain's VP situation.
  48. U.S. Issues McCain, running alone on the issue of Iraq, misunderstands what's happened in Iraq.
  49. U.S. Issues B.O. caught lying again!
  50. General Politics Obama Is Not A Flip Flopper
  51. General Politics John Edwards Caught Red-Handed
  52. General Politics War Veterans Attacking McCain and Supporting Obama
  53. Elections Interesting sidenote: Obama's right-wing colleagues at U of Chicago LOVED him.
  54. Elections ****Official "What's McCain Doing Thursday?" Thread****
  55. U.S. Issues Both Ways Barack
  56. Elections A week after Maliki, Britain's dropped another gem in Obama's lap.
  57. U.S. Issues With American economy effin up... It looks like this may become reality.
  58. I count 7 Direckshun-started threads on the front page of this forum
  59. General Politics obama to draw close to 100,000 in berlin
  60. Int'l Issues They Zydeco Terrorist Song
  61. U.S. Issues McCain Tricks Obama Into Massive Global Win
  62. Elections The myth of a close election
  63. Elections Media Bias?!....Media Donations Favor Dems 100-1
  64. Int'l Issues What should we make of Maliki's apparent endorsement of Obama's withdrawal plan?
  65. Misc China prepares for olympics...
  66. Misc Neg rep Dave Lane for me
  67. Int'l Issues While Obama visits Germany, McCain visits a German Restaurant
  68. Elections Barack Hussein Forms Presidential Transition Team?
  69. General Politics Obama's Berlin Speech
  70. Economics Asleep at the switch...the Nuclear Switch
  71. U.S. Issues Secret Service Asks for More Money
  72. Elections BO cancels trip to see troops in Germany- says visit would be "innapppropriate"!!
  73. Elections The biggest TAX INCREASE in American History... Barack Obama
  74. U.S. Issues Serious question
  75. Elections He ventured forth to bring light to the world
  76. General Politics SNICKER: New CNN poll shows NObama losing 6 pt. lead since the Messiah tour
  77. General Politics Electoral math.
  78. Elections Solid new McCain campaign ad
  79. Elections McCain as Everyman...the rebuttal
  80. U.S. Issues This is the America we have become
  81. U.S. Issues Obama Birth Certificate Fake?
  82. U.S. Issues Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi
  83. This makes me sick!!!!
  84. Elections "Audacity of Hopelessness"
  85. Elections Military Veterans General Election Survey... McCain +19%
  86. Legal Memphis PD Chief sues to get identity of blogger critical of MPD
  87. Elections Barack Obama's foreign tour loses him ground back home
  88. Elections Who is Obama Kidding?
  89. Economics Two more banks go in the crapper
  90. Elections McCain's Daughter: Terrorist?
  91. Elections I am not running in St Paul
  92. General Politics Wis. Democrats oust delegate over McCain support
  93. U.S. Issues Israeli newspaper publishes Obama's private prayer
  94. U.S. Issues Found this article on Oil very interesting.
  95. U.S. Issues US Winning? Say it Aint' so
  96. U.S. Issues Nancy Pelosi vs. Free Speech
  97. Elections Did anyone see Obama on "Meet the Press" this morning? Obama is too stubborn....
  98. Elections The War and the Surge
  99. Elections A blog from B.O.'s official site
  100. General Politics Trinity United Choir leader was murdered back in 2007?
  101. General Politics Oliver Stones George W. Bush movie trailer
  102. Elections CAN OBAMA BE PRESIDENT?
  103. General Politics McCain is a terrible human being
  104. General Politics Scarborough sets that fat POS Olbermann straight
  105. U.S. Issues Iowans attempt to arrest Karl Rove
  106. Elections Here's another for the rumor mill: McCain to name VP Monday?
  107. U.S. Issues Ron Paul: "Some Big Events Are About To Occur"
  108. Elections Well, Obama and McCain have essentially converged on Iraq.
  109. Elections The polls mean next to nothing it this election. Here's why...
  110. General Politics One of the worst ideas ever
  111. Elections Gee... where do we get the impression that McCain is economically clueless?
  112. Elections Would Carter have won any other "normal presidential election"??
  113. Elections Interesting Read on Obama and his followers
  114. General Politics NObama/Hitler analogy: From the 'right' AND the left
  115. Int'l Issues The Surge, Real Progress, and Iraq on the right path
  116. Elections The Media's Liberal Bias Bias
  117. General Politics JFC: is anybody here familiar with Godwin's law?
  118. General Politics Can we consolidate the trash a little here?
  119. Elections McCain makes Bush sound intelligent
  120. General Politics HBO's The Recruiter
  121. Economics A letter from Senator Coburn
  122. Oliver Stone's W - A Preview
  123. Economics Poor Sucker to Inherit Over Half-Trillion Dollar Deficit
  124. Int'l Issues British Muslim students say it's acceptable to kill for Islam
  125. Elections GALLUP SHOCKER: McCain 49, Obama 45
  126. U.S. Issues Ex-insurgents want more money, or else
  127. Elections Wanting the other side to win?
  128. Environment Rep Young on drilling
  129. U.S. Issues McCain's "Audacity of Hopelessness" speech
  130. General Politics Anyone Seen This?
  131. Misc Man shot churchgoers over liberal views
  132. Religion One of the better Political tests I've seen
  133. Legal Politicizing the Justice Dept.
  134. U.S. Issues Congress is hard at work today
  135. Elections Shocker - the liberal media is harder on Obama than on McCain
  136. Misc What will happen if Obama loses?
  137. U.S. Issues Should Illegals have a Drivers Lic
  138. Elections The prayer...turns out Obama Leaked it!
  139. U.S. Issues McCain Now Admits he WILL raise taxes after all
  140. Environment Climate Change is Racist
  141. Legal H.R. 6615
  142. U.S. Issues Stevens Indicted
  143. Elections Summary of the House and Senate races, by the numbers.
  144. Elections Rumor: Obama's veep list down to three, plus one dark horse.
  145. U.S. Issues The American Prospect asks 10 foreign policy experts about the Surge.
  146. U.S. Issues The Unmatched Arrogance of John McCain
  147. Elections AP's DC Bureau Chief in talks to join Obama campaign
  148. General Politics Obama shows more true colors - hints at reparations
  149. Economics More on the mortgage bailout fiasco
  150. Economics Obama's Economics
  151. Elections I'm Voting Democrat Because... (lighten up people)
  152. Misc Al Gore.....A little levity....from The Onion
  153. Elections OBAMA... The Celeb!
  154. U.S. Issues CA - Social engineering your fat a$$
  155. Elections Reason Magazine: Tough Questions for McCain
  156. Elections Reason Magazine: Tough Questions for Obama
  157. Elections Barack Hussein's Response To Drilling Our Own Land?
  158. Elections McCain : The Low Road
  159. Misc Long ago about Clinton, updated for Obama ..
  160. Environment McCain degrades the office - drags Spears and Hilton into his attack ads...
  161. Elections Sarah Steelman on Glenn Beck this evening (Video)
  162. Elections What a Poser!
  163. Elections How Many Years in the Senate?
  164. Elections Who Speaks for McCain
  165. Elections Trip a blip, bounce a thud, what's next? The race card, stooopid.
  166. Elections What is scarey is Obama actually believes ...
  167. Elections Obama leads in 3 big battlegrounds states...barely
  168. Elections Who are you supporting and why?
  169. General Politics The hottest hotties that are hottin' it op in Hot DC
  170. U.S. Issues Obama's Arrogant Image Hits Mainstream
  171. Elections Is John McCain stupid?
  172. Economics Hey all you planeteers trying to derail Obama.....
  173. U.S. Issues What are you doing to help change America?
  174. Elections Ludacris calling Hillary a "bitch"
  175. Elections What the McCain campaign doesn’t want people to know
  176. Economics Gambling in the US
  177. Int'l Issues Navy Seals dressed up as Iranians?
  178. Elections Obama's 'emergency' economic plan
  179. Elections Jon Stewart on the Media
  180. Elections Uh-oh, NObama heckled by BLACK men at town hall...
  181. Elections Wal-Mart warns of Democratic win.
  182. U.S. Issues Another Obama ad from McCain
  183. Elections 3 Months To Go... All Tied Up....
  184. Elections Obama shifts, says he may back offshore drilling
  185. General Politics good program on CNN right now
  186. Elections Hillary declines nomination request for convention
  187. U.S. Issues GOP refuses to leave after Dems cut lights
  188. U.S. Issues Bruce Ivins: Scary as Shit
  189. General Politics Without suspicion, HomeSec can now confiscate your laptop at airports.
  190. Economics The simplicity of O-Bots
  191. Economics Exxon breaks another record (surprise!)
  192. Elections Phoney-O now says he did play race card
  193. Religion Obama is a poopy head! He goes ca-ca, pee-pee!
  194. Elections McCain Campaign pro-McCain statement watch: Day 271
  195. General Politics How an Obama presidency would impact you.
  196. Elections Obama wont do the Town Halls with McCain Now
  197. U.S. Issues "Do you see our man Ailes at all?"
  198. U.S. Issues Would you support a National High Speed Rail Program?
  199. Elections Why doesn't Obama have a bigger lead?
  200. Religion Holy Moses! PBS documentary suggests Exodus not real
  201. Elections A free concert to draw people to your rally? Shameful!
  202. Elections For Kotter: Pollsters trying to fight the Bradley Effect.
  203. Elections Wow! Obama's got my vote! NOT!
  204. U.S. Issues The scary news about the anthrax guy.
  205. U.S. Issues The State of Air Traffic Control
  206. U.S. Issues McCain suggests military-style inner-city invasion to control inner city crime
  207. General Politics Outrage! McCain wears $520 shoes
  208. Elections Obama/Bayh... tomorrow?
  209. U.S. Issues House Republicans go back on the floor Monday to talk gas prices
  210. Elections Who is pulling PinocchiObama's strings?
  211. Elections McCain not setting up any offices in Indiana
  212. Elections New McCain ad
  213. Elections Republicans agree: that Obama guy is just not credible on national defense.
  214. Int'l Issues US - Iran - Terrorists - China - Olympics
  215. General Politics How to tell if you are a 'Moonbat'
  216. Good News on a topic we can all agree on...
  217. General Politics Racial Politics
  218. Int'l Issues U.S. WARNS ISRAEL
  219. Elections Rasmussen poll has McCain ahead
  220. U.S. Issues Dems evidently rolling the die voters are stupid
  221. General Politics What is a windfall profit?
  222. Environment S.F. mayor proposes fines for unsorted trash
  223. Elections Media Grades McCain on a Curve... will that continue?
  224. Legal Windfall Profits Tax Constitutional?
  225. Elections McCain's Oil Industry Fraud Problem - After flip-flopping of offshore drilling...
  226. General Politics CNN asks: Should Obama Consider Clinton as V.P.?
  227. Elections Bill Kristol floats an interesting idea
  228. Elections The 2008 election, forecasted by the economy.
  229. Elections John McCain now leading in a SECOND National Poll!
  230. U.S. Issues Tire gauge solution- no joke
  231. U.S. Issues Kaboom! Suskind: White House ordered CIA to forge docs linking Iraq to al Queda
  232. General Politics Rasmussen: McCain in the lead
  233. Economics Obama's plan to bring down the price of milk
  234. Elections New McCain TV AD 8/5/08
  235. U.S. Issues Pelosi tells Dems in close races to back drilling
  236. Elections HuffingtonPost Story..not good for Obama
  237. Elections When the hell did Kerry develop a personality?
  238. Elections McCain makes Olympic Ad Buy- $6 Million!!
  239. Elections Wow! This Black guy gets it.
  240. U.S. Issues More on the issue of Energy and Pelosi
  241. Religion Wow! This Black guy gets it.
  242. U.S. Issues EIA: Offshore drilling will not impact price until 2030
  243. Elections Our First Lady as Mrs. Buffalo Chip?
  244. Economics gramps forgot his nappy poo!
  245. Elections Who Do You Trust????
  246. Elections Good Question: "Where's the landslide?"
  247. Elections Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad... This is Good!
  248. General Politics Obama calls the kettle black ?
  249. U.S. Issues 'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution
  250. Religion Michelle is a Jezebel