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  1. Religion Michelle is a Jezebel
  2. Elections Health Care Obama Style
  3. Elections Kansas primary day
  4. U.S. Issues Missouri primary results.
  5. Elections LMAO McCain flip flops and now supports airing up tires
  6. U.S. Issues Marching Off Into Tyranny
  7. U.S. Issues And reality kicks McCain in the shins once again.
  8. General Politics Obama - 9/11 mastermind
  9. Elections Obama's Muslim Outreach Coord quits
  10. Religion NG's "Inside the Koran"
  11. General Politics Obama the weasel: Let us count the ways
  12. Elections Blah Blah Blah Dems vs Repubs.
  13. U.S. Issues Obama drops science on Las Vegas Fox News Wannabe
  14. U.S. Issues The Frustration of Maureen Dowd
  15. Economics Big Oil always bad? Not
  16. General Politics What did B.O. leave out of his autobiography(s)?
  17. Elections Public poll -- your VP guesses.
  18. Elections A *SANE* Moveon.org commercial? WTF?
  19. Misc Iraqs oil...
  20. Elections Anothers view of the Energy debate
  21. Elections Hillary...convention Contention
  22. Environment What kind of car do you drive?
  23. Int'l Issues Iraq has $79 billion surplus, spends less than 1 billion on its infrastructure
  24. Economics Is retiring early unpatriotic?
  25. Environment How far do you live from your job.
  26. Elections Suprising: McCain has a real problem with men and the white working class
  27. U.S. Issues Bush Approves Execution for Soldier
  28. General Politics The "post-racial candidate" narrative is BS
  29. General Politics John Edwards Love Child!
  30. Elections Even Democrats Love McCain!
  31. Misc Death Penalty
  32. General Politics Bad news for NObama, US close to troop removal from Iraq timeline
  33. U.S. Issues Is this true?
  34. Religion Bush close on specific timetable deal for Iraq Withdrawl
  35. U.S. Issues Obama Target of Assassination
  36. Elections Liberals Go After Black Women's Racist Campaign
  37. Elections RUMOR: Hillary to ask for Floor Vote at DNC
  38. U.S. Issues Two Carriers headed to the ME.
  39. U.S. Issues President Bill Clinton and his legacy
  40. Elections Obama Olympic ad: "The Hands That Built This Country"
  41. Elections Good Read on McCain
  42. Int'l Issues War: Russia invades Georgia
  43. Elections Iraq, Obama's positions, and how he morphs
  44. General Politics Anyone else not watching the Olympics?
  45. Elections Time: McCain's "Left Behind" slurs attempt to brand Obama as Anti-Christ
  46. Elections A group of questionable donations, all with the name Abdullah
  47. Misc Rainmodo takes Sullivan to the woodshed...
  48. General Politics Only his hairdresser knows
  49. U.S. Issues McCarthyism: The Rosetta Stone of Liberal Lies
  50. Economics Enviromania..Wall Street Journ Story
  51. Misc You've just been...
  52. amnesia is too much to ask
  53. U.S. Issues Actor John Voight's Op-Ed
  54. Elections McCains "numerous sexual affairs with subordinates" to bring a Return of the Romney?
  55. U.S. Issues Kaboom2? Cheney ordered forged Iraq/911 letter; Feith created bogus document
  56. U.S. Issues OBAMA THREAD FULL OF WIN - This is the reason the internet was created
  57. Elections McCain: Dazed and Confused
  58. Elections Obama claims that McCain would be a better President .....
  59. Elections Does Obama really like white people ?
  60. Elections Obama wins 2004 Senate, Concedes he isn't ready for POTUS .
  61. General Politics Global Poverty Act- Frightening Stuff
  62. Elections Obamas Real Tax Rates
  63. Elections Penn told Clinton to portray Obama as "foreign"
  64. Elections Lieberman ‘on McCain short-list’
  65. U.S. Issues Detroit mayor Kilpatrick & Beatty text message transcript
  66. Elections This Ad is a lie...
  67. U.S. Issues Another liberal noose-ance
  68. U.S. Issues I just received a new chain mail
  69. Elections Obama Staffer Effectively Debunks McCain Ad
  70. Elections McCain and the coherent thought
  71. Elections A Comment on Obama's Muslim advisor resignation.
  72. Elections Obama has 3x the # of Campaign Offices as McCain
  73. Elections McCain's attacks on rival fell flat with vets group
  74. Elections Repost? Maybe, but so what?
  75. Elections The Persistent Myth of the Bradley Effect
  76. Elections Bush's Judgement...
  77. U.S. Issues Wolfson: Edwards' Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination
  78. Religion Revelation and your take on it.
  79. U.S. Issues We helped in Iraq - now help us, beg Georgians
  80. Int'l Issues South Ossetia update
  81. U.S. Issues Proof that the media isn't liberal - "(Obama) should be in Myrtle Beach"
  82. Elections Wikipedia Wisdom: Did McCain Plagiarized His Speech on the Georgia Crisis?
  83. Elections Rainy Night in Georgia
  84. Economics Pelosi may stop obstructing drilling vote
  85. U.S. Issues 2/3rds of US Coporations Avoid Paying Any Federal Income Taxes
  86. U.S. Issues Democratic convention chief wants reparations for blacks
  87. U.S. Issues I'm voting Republican!
  88. Elections Obama about to announce VP????
  89. Elections Clooney advising Obama on Middle East Policy
  90. Elections Is this true ????
  91. U.S. Issues Nancy and Fancy kick off the Democratic Convention
  92. Elections Obama already making excellent choices...
  93. General Politics Republicans for Obama coalition
  94. U.S. Issues 2.3 trillion missing from pentagon | $100 billion + to Iraq Contractors since 2003.
  95. Elections Damning Video on McCain
  96. Elections Damning Video on Democrats...
  97. U.S. Issues Sign up for the military...or else!
  98. U.S. Issues New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions
  99. U.S. Issues Soldiers pay bag fee on travel to war
  100. U.S. Issues Pelosi Will never allow drilling without DemPork
  101. U.S. Issues Californian exodus
  102. Economics Bush has Destroyed the Gains Clinton Helped Make For Poor In 90s
  103. Elections Ohio voting law may be a boon for Obama supporters
  104. Economics Enquirer: Edwards still not telling the truth
  105. General Politics Breaking: Arkansas Dem Party Chairman Shot At HQ (Hospitalized)
  106. Environment Damage to the presidency, and the loss of US credibility
  107. Elections Keynote speaker at Dem convention: Mark Warner.
  108. Elections John "Country First" McCain renounces his citizenship & attacks Obama's patriotism
  109. Int'l Issues Al Qaida leader reportedly killed as Pakistan's clashes escalate
  110. U.S. Issues Powell to Endorse Obama at Democratic Convention
  111. U.S. Issues Thomas Friedman, of all people, nails McCain
  112. Legal WTF: Hispanics sue Wichita Catholic Diocese for requiring students to speak English
  113. Int'l Issues McCain: "In the 21st Century Nations don't invade other nations"
  114. Right now, who is the biggest troll in this forum?
  115. U.S. Issues The DNC Gitmo
  116. Religion The Dream Ticket
  117. Elections Pratfall courtesy of The Nation
  118. Environment Taco John's latest conpiracy fear...
  119. U.S. Issues Consumer prices rise at double the expected rate.
  120. Int'l Issues Sullivan: NeoCons Begging for Cold War II? Plus, Cheney = Putin.
  121. Elections Colmes throws Fox News for Loop
  122. Elections It's Time To Do Some Campaignin!
  123. Elections If you had a vote that would either put Bush or Obama in office...
  124. Elections 4 key states
  125. Elections Interesting Analysis of the Race
  126. General Politics 2nd Amendment video.
  127. U.S. Issues Eventually, we will all hate Obama too
  128. Int'l Issues Russian Commander...
  129. Elections Detroit Mayor told to stay away from Denver
  130. Elections Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama
  131. U.S. Issues Is your debit card costing you more?
  132. General Politics Ron Paul predicted Russia invading Georgia in 2002
  133. Economics Colbert on Offshore Drilling
  134. Elections Pelosi threatens Liebermans status in Senate
  135. Elections Obama, Putin, and the danger
  136. Elections WaPo: McCain's Focus on Georgia Raises Question of Propriety
  137. Elections McCain Raises 27 Million in July... $$100,000,000.00 Cash on Hand
  138. Misc No More MILF Deals
  139. Int'l Issues Iran training assassination squads
  140. Int'l Issues Bush is right............
  141. Elections New McCain Ad... "Taxman"... 8/15/08
  142. Elections Hillary to cast her superdelegate vote for...
  143. Elections "Unfit for Publication," an emphatic rebuttal to Corsi's claptrap
  144. U.S. Issues My name is Blah Blah and I approve this messagee
  145. Elections I-25 to close near Invesco during Obama event
  146. Elections Wow... McCain just might win! ....Current EV....275-250
  147. Int'l Issues Russia threatens Poland
  148. Highway U-50 has construction
  149. Misc MO DOT paving road on Hwy 13
  150. Int'l Issues I'm thinking about repaving my driveway
  151. Misc My eyes are burning
  152. General Politics Saturdays debate
  153. General Politics John Kerry as Obama's running mate?
  154. Elections Veep for Obama
  155. U.S. Issues Hypothetical game: Cast President Obama's cabinet.
  156. Elections *** Official Campaign Ad Thread ***
  157. Int'l Issues Georgian TV Reporter shot by sniper.
  158. U.S. Issues Obama losing the pet owner vote
  159. Elections Color Me Intrigued...
  160. Elections Rick Warren's Faith Forum Political Event
  161. General Politics The Most Trusted Man in America?
  162. Elections Obama gets big endorsement
  163. U.S. Issues Hypothetical game (2nd attempt): Cast President Obama's cabinet.
  164. Breaking: McCain may be the Antichrist
  165. Elections Sweet Baby Jesus.... John McCain is WINNING!
  166. U.S. Issues Tom Ridge says Republicans will accept Pro choice VP, do you agree?
  167. Environment Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered
  168. Elections Fascinating idea from Yglesias: abolish the Vice Presidency.
  169. Elections Obama's Christian Creds Vs. Abortion and Infanticide
  170. Religion Heirs of the Knights Templar sue the Catholic Church
  171. Economics Would abolishing the Income Tax help the economy?
  172. Elections Does McCain really want to bridge the divide here?
  173. Misc School fund raisers ? Where do you stand ?
  174. Elections McCain and the liberal block on the Supreme Court.
  175. Elections DRUDGE... OBAMA TO PICK VP IN AM
  176. Environment McCain suggests raiding Colorado's water
  177. Hey, it's been fun today
  178. Elections Uh, what?: VA Green party registers Bloomberg/Paul Ticket on VA ballot
  179. Elections Politico: McCain to name VP on Aug. 29
  180. Elections Warren Lied, McCain Wasn’t In The Cone of Silence
  181. Elections National Review: McCain preparing to pick pro-choice VP
  182. General Politics Irish backing McCain
  183. U.S. Issues How can you be so dumb?... Newt Gingrich edition
  184. Elections Barack Hussein Imitates John Kerry
  185. U.S. Issues McCain... Another Bush? Wow. CNN Article
  186. General Politics Obama sex tape?
  187. Misc mccains vietnamese children
  188. Economics Just like ****ing clockwork!
  189. Elections He's Goin Down, Down Baby......
  190. Religion Warren's question wasn't about abortion...
  191. General Politics Cover-up in the making?
  192. Elections The Smear Gap
  193. General Politics recxjake did you learn nothing from the primaries?
  194. Elections McCain sex tape?
  195. General Politics You are in charge of restructuring our Govt/Political system as you see fit.
  196. General Politics NObama, heading the wrong way. Latest poll McCain 46-41
  197. General Politics As U.S. Economic Problems Loom,
  198. Elections Patriotic? What does NObama have against the flag?
  199. Elections It's Hillary
  200. Elections Obama's "Career"
  201. Elections What "Presumptuousness" is code for
  202. Elections what happens if McCain chooses Ridge or Lieberman???
  203. Elections RNC Convention
  204. Elections Secret Service's job: secure political conventions
  205. Elections Obama's hillbilly half-brother threatening to derail campaign
  206. Elections Potential Obama VP Is Pro-War, Pro-Patriot Act Neo-Con
  207. U.S. Issues How Foreign Policy Affects Gas Prices
  208. U.S. Issues WTH, McCain agrees with reinstating the draft!
  209. U.S. Issues WTH, McCain agrees with reinstating the draft!
  210. Elections Who is being pushed into the Obama camp by the right?
  211. Misc Did everyone miss the 1200 Soldiers that re-enlisted in Iraq on July 4th, 2008?
  212. U.S. Issues Cheney Can Straight Up Ball, Yo....
  213. Environment 2008 Coolest For At Least Five Years
  214. Elections Q: How many homes does your family own?
  215. U.S. Issues WTC 7 Solved: It Was Ivins!
  216. Int'l Issues U.S., Iraq agree to troop withdrawal "timetable"
  217. Elections Take this poll and smoke it
  218. Elections Obama, Black?
  219. Elections Ouch... This is gonna hurt NObama
  220. Elections THE ONE.... Road To Denver
  221. Elections Obama starting to quickly jump on McCain gaffes
  222. Elections Luxury Real Estate Guide McCain style
  223. U.S. Issues So who is really playing the race card here?
  224. Elections Obama's Vice President
  225. General Politics You stay classy DNC
  226. Elections McCain Strkes Back... Hit Obama Hard....
  227. Elections The Original Maverick???
  228. Elections 2 GOP Sources: Romney is VP
  229. Elections I DO NOT WANT JOHN McCAIN TO WIN any more than I want NOBAMA...
  230. Environment Skeptics win one! NOAA/NCDC to hold the CCSP report
  231. Environment McCain overplays his hand...
  232. Elections For Sale: Former home of McCain's 7-10 homes - $12M, 14K sqft, $75K/month payment
  233. Elections McCain thinks Americans are lazy and won't pick lettuce for $50\hour
  234. Elections Obama and Ayers, the issue they can't make go away
  235. General Politics How many Properties do you own and how many do you live in?
  236. General Politics New Obama Ad
  237. U.S. Issues Debunking NIST's Conclusions about WTC 7: Easy as Shooting Fish in a Barrel
  238. Elections New McCain ad- 8/22
  239. Elections Obama may want to lay off on the stupid house issue
  240. Elections Its NOT Hillary
  241. Elections DRUDGE: Obama NEVER Vetted Clinton
  242. U.S. Issues Where is your cell phone at this moment?
  243. U.S. Issues Another ugly fruit fruit from the Bush-Cheney Paranoia tree;
  244. U.S. Issues Hillary could be the biggest surprise......
  245. U.S. Issues Obama stops advertising in 7 battle ground states
  246. Elections National Review: McCain a hypocrite on global warming thanks to his mansions
  247. Elections Obama has pulled ads from Alaska, Florida, Georgia.....
  248. General Politics WTF ? Attn : Denver Potheads .........
  249. Economics The U.S. Mint has stopped producing Gold Coins
  250. Elections Bayh?