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  1. Elections NBC News: Bayh and Kaine informed they're not the VP pick
  2. U.S. Issues Should Hannity just go full out and start wearing a KKK hood?
  3. Int'l Issues Re-education through labor
  4. Elections McCain flip-flops, agayn. This time it's abortion.
  5. Elections We get it. You were a POW.
  6. Elections Obama/Biden 2008
  7. Elections Just a minor gripe about our congressional race in KS
  8. Elections IT'S GEPHARDT!
  9. Elections Biden vs. Romney, The VP Debates
  10. U.S. Issues rexcjakeswallows
  11. U.S. Issues Ambinder intrigued by the Biden selection, chews on its aftermath.
  12. General Politics NObama overplays VP pick stunt. Gives time to run Joe Ads before into event
  13. Elections McCain's New Biden TV Ad!!!
  14. Elections Obama's 3 AM Text Message
  15. Elections McCain Campaign: "Biden pick shows lack of confidence"
  16. U.S. Issues Buchanan accuses 'McCain's neocon warmonger' of treason
  17. Elections 538: Can Biden Out-Hillary Hillary?
  18. Elections Why NObama NEEDS a teleprompter...
  19. Elections B.O. sycophants: Kiss Hillary supporters goodbye
  20. Elections Biden: McCain will have to decide which of his 7 kitchen tables to sit at...
  21. Elections GOP Fight in Nevada Can Cause McCain Trouble
  22. Elections Thank You Democrats!!!...The Most Liberal, and 3rd Most Liberal U.S. Senators!!!
  23. Elections McCain/Powell 2008
  24. Elections McCain/Dole 2008
  25. Environment McCain/Paul 2008
  26. U.S. Issues Kinda scary....
  27. Elections McCain/Bush 2000-2012!!!!
  28. McCain/Jeb 2008!
  29. McCain/Gordon 2008
  30. Elections Did McCain's "Houses" blunder ruin Romney's shot at the VP spot?
  31. Misc Rick Sanchez on CNN is a true airhead
  32. Elections Kristol, Hannity, Limbaugh: These guys CARE about Hillary
  33. Elections Plagiarist Joe
  34. Elections Interesting piece from American Thinker
  35. General Politics Joe Biden III is Attorney General of Delaware
  36. Elections New McCain Ad- Featuring Hillary- 8/24
  37. Elections So, who is voting for Barr/Root?
  38. Economics Organized Crime dumping dollars
  39. Elections McCain is going to start playing POW card
  40. Elections What is McCain's message?
  41. Poop ****OFFICIAL**** Talk like Tom Thread
  42. Elections Obama Couldn't Get a Job With The CIA, or FBI....
  43. Elections Maybe I'm being unfair to McCain.
  44. Elections 74 documented flip-flops of John McCain?
  45. Elections Priceless: Fox's hour-long special on Obama, in 60 seconds.
  46. Elections The only thing about Biden that gets me...
  47. Economics B.O. is in bed with the ethanol industry
  48. Elections Time for Obama surrogates to use the 2000 South Carolina GOP Primary Blueprint
  50. General Politics How about some new Ann Coulter?
  51. Elections OOOPs: NObama gets no bounce from Biden. Remains Tied. Kerry got one with Edwards...
  52. U.S. Issues William Ayers - Obama fact check
  53. General Politics Fox News reporter "surprised" that protesters at DNC convention aren't pro-Obama
  54. Elections Obama- Clinton feud reignites
  55. U.S. Issues The Catholic Church, Abortion, and Nancy Pelosi
  56. Elections New McCain Ad- 8/25- Featuring Hillary Supporter!!!
  57. U.S. Issues The Official Biden Bounce Results
  58. Elections New RNC Ad- The Most Inexperienced Presidential Candidate Of Our Time.....
  59. U.S. Issues Now Bill is Pissed About His Speaking Role
  60. U.S. Issues Obama's Mentor Calls Hillary Supporter An Uncle Tom!!!
  61. U.S. Issues Biden slams McCain on foreign policy hypocrisy
  62. Should we Rename D.C. Rexcjake, MeMyselfI, Shtsprayer Thread land?
  63. U.S. Issues Obama and McCain!
  64. Int'l Issues Obama: Life is Beautiful?
  65. McCain: Robbing the Cradle?
  66. Economics Applause for the Fox News protesters
  67. Elections PUMAs = Hype
  68. Elections VP Candidate Biden Is No Friend to File Sharing, Net Neutrality or Online Privacy
  69. Elections ****OFFICIAL**** McCain Video Thread
  70. Elections ****OFFICIAL**** Obama Video Thread
  71. U.S. Issues The Second American Revolution
  72. General Politics Why are Convervative Commentators Such D-Bags?
  73. General Politics Evan Sayet: They really do hate America
  74. Elections ****OFFICIAL**** Democratic National Convention Thread
  75. Elections The RNC hates their nominee
  76. Elections DNC convention. Predict the bounce for NObama
  77. U.S. Issues Obama assassination plot foiled
  78. Int'l Issues THANK GOD...
  80. U.S. Issues Agenda for the opening night of the DNC has been released
  81. General Politics Be sure to watch Leno tonight
  82. U.S. Issues Manchurian Candidate
  83. General Politics Has anybody ever seen this before?
  84. Elections New Battleground Poll: Obama leads 2 out of 3
  85. U.S. Issues FDA Plots to Mislead Consumers Over Irradiated Foods
  86. Elections Michelle Obamas speech
  87. General Politics Obama gaffe, Is his daughter sharp ?
  88. U.S. Issues Stewart makes cable news his lady of the night...
  89. Elections Vets For Freedom, McCain up with New Ads today- 8/26
  90. U.S. Issues 344 to 1....
  91. Elections Why would the Dems do not want a Roll Call vote on the floor?
  92. Int'l Issues 270towin
  93. Pelosi and Biden tick off TWO Archbishops
  94. Elections Convention TV Ratings...
  95. Elections Interesting question posed by Bill Clinton.
  96. U.S. Issues A glance at the puppet strings...
  97. Misc Obama seeks to silence ad tying him to 60s radical
  98. General Politics over/under on whether Obama lives to election day?
  99. General Politics Why the hell is Mitt Romney at the Democratic Convention?
  100. Int'l Issues 60 children.
  101. Elections Hillary's speech won't work tonight and here is why...
  102. Int'l Issues The Anbar Awakenings, #1 reason for Iraq's progress, hits a snag.
  103. Elections So who is McCain down to? Who might be a left-field pick?
  104. Elections Night 2...
  105. Elections Far left's version of Fox producer guy accosts various Dem reps
  106. Elections Look at this guy. This is "eary." ;)
  107. General Politics Factcheck : The DNC was not speaking the truth tonight on McCain .
  108. Elections Obama not the focus, not good
  109. Poop How many Obama/McCain supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?
  110. General Politics Kid Rock: Entertainers Should 'Keep Their Mouths Shut on Politics'
  111. U.S. Issues Bayer on defensive in bee deaths
  112. Environment New Report Calls into Question ‘Man-Made’ Climate Change
  113. Elections Anyone see Sebelius talk?
  114. Elections Washington Post on Obama/Hillary disconnect
  115. Elections Hillary Fans will go ballistic-Now Dems wont even bother to count ballots
  116. Elections John McCain "gets it."
  117. General Politics Question for any / all democrats to answer.
  118. Elections ROFL, NObama to be Greek God ala Spinal Tap like stage...
  119. Misc Sully?
  120. Elections $50 per hour to pick lettuce...
  121. Environment Arctic ice at second-lowest level ever
  122. Elections "California Passes"?
  123. Environment Gustav heading to N.O.!!!
  124. Elections I am very proud of our country tonight
  125. General Politics Barry's good friend.
  126. Elections What the hell was Katherine Harris doing doing the roll call at the Dem's Convention?
  127. U.S. Issues Jimmy Carter is either senile or an ass
  128. Misc John McCain's favorite song is "Dancing Queen"
  129. Elections McCain/Giuliani 2008
  130. Elections Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick
  131. Elections Obama... NOT READY
  132. Elections ****Official DC Election Bets Thread****
  133. Elections ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors
  134. U.S. Issues Over Half of Americans Expect Obama to Raise Their Taxes
  135. Elections Obama Bounce Watch...
  136. Elections Obama:The Devils in His Details
  137. Int'l Issues Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war
  138. Environment Republicans, Democrats miss deadline to file presidential candidates in Texas
  139. Elections CSPAN: Obama's advisors say his speech tonight will be "workmanlike."
  140. General Politics Obot & Obots Convention Theme Songs ?
  141. Elections What's your Obama tax cut?
  142. Elections You decide?
  143. Elections McCain's going to speak to Obama tonight via commercial.
  144. Elections It's All in the Wording
  145. Elections Repubs might postpone convention due to Gustav
  146. General Politics McCain's Prickly TIME Interview
  147. Elections Congratulations Senator Obama!
  148. Elections Biden Gaffe Watch....
  149. Poop The Recxjake thread watch
  150. Poop What happened to Rex's limit of threads?
  151. Elections Excerpts From Barack Hussein's Speech Tonight
  152. Elections wow ... Bill Richardson's speech
  153. Elections McCain's Health Care Solution
  154. Elections Well, Its Pawlenty
  155. Legal Obama Speech Word Cloud
  156. Elections Romney and Pawlenty out
  157. Elections An angel has an orgasm
  158. Elections Where is your voting place?
  159. U.S. Issues Ron Paul: 'There's no difference' between McCain and Obama
  160. Environment He Chose Palin over Rudy! Bwahahaha!
  161. Int'l Issues The puppet masters behind Georgia President Saakashvili
  162. General Politics www.VPMilf.com
  163. Elections McCain-Palin ticket hits Alaska iceberg
  164. Elections Alaska Gov. Palin to be Named as McCain Running Mate
  165. Elections Look at what Hillary Clinton Supporters are saying...
  166. Elections Cheerleader question
  167. U.S. Issues John McSame goes for cheap pop with VP selection
  168. Economics Giuliani wasn't even vetted...
  169. Elections CP General Election: Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin
  170. General Politics Happy birthday, John McCain.
  171. Elections Does Palin look like Colin Powell
  172. Elections Romney and Pawlenty feel used
  173. Elections Palin: Doesn't know what the plan is for Iraq
  174. Elections Palin: On the issues
  175. Elections Conservatives: Your Enthusiasm With the Palin Selection
  176. Elections Conservatives: Your Enthusiasm With the Palin Selection
  177. Elections Liberals: Your Enthusiasm With the Biden Selection
  178. U.S. Issues Palin pleased with Obama's energy plan -- oh snap, DELETED!
  179. U.S. Issues Would you Put it in Sarah Palin's butt?
  180. U.S. Issues OMG the RNC is desperate to keep George Bush from speaking.
  181. Elections McCain/Palin raises 3 million in 6 hours....
  182. Elections The Upside of Sarah Palin
  183. Elections Sarah Palin would like to know what the Vice President does
  184. Elections Drill Baby Drill!!! I like Sarah Palin!
  185. Elections 38 Million
  186. Misc Daily Show
  187. Poop What is John McCain looking at.
  188. U.S. Issues July 16th 1992... What if Perot stays in?
  189. U.S. Issues Wow. I can not believe Bush's new Policy on Iran!? wtf
  190. U.S. Issues How many of you own firearms?
  191. The evangelical vote is on the way
  192. Elections Alaska Governor Bucks Party, Oil Industry
  193. Elections Palin on energy, Biden, and national security.
  195. Elections Rove: VP pick made looking "through the prism of a candidate, not ... of president"
  196. Elections McCain's Top Advisor: Doctors Say McCain Won't Live Out 1st Term
  197. Elections 6 things the Palin Pick says about McCain
  198. Elections The American Scene: Palin is a great choice, but she should promise not to be POTUS.
  199. Elections The Veep: A Short Play in One Act
  200. Elections Ferraro On Palin!
  201. Elections Theodore Roosevelt
  202. Elections Obama Speech and Palin pick = canceling each other out?
  203. General Politics Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it
  204. Elections Other WTF picks...
  205. Elections Palin's husband and son not Republicans
  206. Elections 538: The vagina vote is not yet flocking to Palin.
  207. Elections Polls pound Palin
  208. General Politics Where's The Bounce
  209. Elections McCain: I may postpone convention
  210. Economics Cindy McCain says she's offended at being called rich
  211. General Politics Need assistance with political perspective
  212. Elections Why Palin makes sense
  213. Elections Alaskan politicians weigh in on Palin
  214. U.S. Issues Court: Illegal for meat companies to test cows for mad cow
  215. Poop Two Douchebags, Michael Moore and Olberman
  216. General Politics Obama Running Ads Against The American Dream
  217. Elections New Zogby Poll has McCain/Palin Ticket over Obama/Biden
  218. Misc Obama on Gustav: Preparation 'appears to be good'
  219. Elections Palin was almost recalled. (But it's the reason why that matters.)
  220. Elections Palin not mother of Trig Paxson Van Palin
  221. Elections Palin ignites conservative base
  222. Elections So Much for a civil campaign
  223. Misc more mcdonalds, more hypocrisy.........
  224. Misc Sarah Palin..24 year old Hottie!
  225. General Politics Bill Maher
  226. Elections Hurricane Gustav is God's favor to the Democrats
  227. Elections Palin helps on many levels
  228. U.S. Issues New Orleans
  229. Elections The full Palin "Abuse of Power" scandal in detail...
  230. Elections McCain to give RNC Acceptance Speech by satellite from expected Gustav disaster site?
  231. General Politics Michael Moore : What a Liberal jerk .......
  232. U.S. Issues Can someone define "Police State" for me?
  233. Elections McCain finally decides to vet Palin
  234. Elections Palin: Founding Fathers & Pledge of Allegiance
  235. Elections Biden: Palin's good-looking
  236. Elections Palin is the nexus that brings McCain's gambling (craps) issues & age to forefront...
  237. Elections The real story on Palin's pregnancy scandal?
  238. Elections Palin threatens Liberal Ideology
  239. Elections "If my daughter makes a mistake, she shouldn't be punished"
  240. Elections Drill here, drill now
  241. General Politics What I've learned with the Palin Pregnancy story.
  242. Legal Mcain's wife...booz or dope you descide
  243. Who is the moderator of this forum?
  244. U.S. Issues Obama’s New Running Mate: ‘I’m a Zionist’
  245. Poop John McCain: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."
  246. Elections Obama Kills Puppies For Fun
  247. Elections Frank Luntz\AARP focus group don't like Palin as VP
  248. New Prefix Idea
  249. U.S. Issues John McCain left his wife because she lost her looks in a car accident
  250. General Politics The ****ed up Palin family is ruining our ****ed up Washington DC family